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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Men Make with Women & How To Avoid Them

The mistakes men make with women is connected to what men complain most about in their relationships. According to the Gottman Institute with a backing of 3 decades worth of research studies on relationships, the two most common complaints men have when it comes to...

A Brief History Of The Chakra Origin

This article will explore the chakra origin, if the chakra rainbow colors is a myth or not, and go through a brief history of the chakras. (References at the end.) Have you ever wondered about the chakra tradition, the interpretations of the chakras when mentioned in...

How To Experience A Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm

When a person experiences a full body orgasm they are left feeling ecstatic and light-headed, a sort of natural high. It can range from being a very strong sensation that involves your whole being to a much more subtle gentle feeling.

9 Bad*ss Books to Master Conscious Masculinity

To go within and discover oneself sometimes requires help and inspiration from outside. A push in the right direction, a mentor or sexual empowerment coach could do it, a Tantric masculinity workshop or men’s circle could help—or, as old-school as it may seem in the digital world, a book could be just what we need.

The Secret World of Tantric Hatha Yoga

Expert advice on exactly what Tantric Hatha Yoga is and how it can benefit you both mentally and physically including empowerment, confidence and self-love.