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Sexless Marriage Effect on Husband

The sexless marriage effect on the husband is real. It hints at a deeper issue with your love life. The best way to fix it is to do the inner work by…

Jealous Women 1

This ultimate guide will teach you how to deal with jealous women without lashing out at them. Learn to do it the right way, the masculine way.

what happens if you block sperm from coming out

Here’s what happens if you block sperm from coming out: you won’t achieve ejaculation control. It’s also harmful because it can lead to conditions...

when to walk away from sexless marriage

These signs indicate when to walk away from sexless marriage. 1. You’re losing your sanity and sense of self-worth. 2. Affection and compassion...

premature ejaculation exercises

Here are my top premature ejaculation exercises to go from being a sprinter to a marathon runner: 1. Kegel exercises 2. Breathing exercises...

are capricorns good in bed

Are Capricorns good in bed? Here are the top reasons Capricorns are amazing lovers: 1. They’re committed to pleasuring you. 2. They can pace…

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