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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Men Make with Women & How To Avoid Them

The mistakes men make with women is connected to what men complain most about in their relationships. According to the Gottman Institute with a backing of 3 decades worth of research studies on relationships, the two most common complaints men have when it comes to...

A Brief History Of The Chakra Origin

This article will explore the chakra origin, if the chakra rainbow colors is a myth or not, and go through a brief history of the chakras. (References at the end.) Have you ever wondered about the chakra tradition, the interpretations of the chakras when mentioned in...

How To Experience A Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm

When a person experiences a full body orgasm they are left feeling ecstatic and light-headed, a sort of natural high. It can range from being a very strong sensation that involves your whole being to a much more subtle gentle feeling.