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Unleash Your Full Masculine Power, Passion, And Potential So You Can Attract Your Dream Woman Or Save Your Relationship In Only 9 Weeks.

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Steffo Shambo, founder of the Tantric Academy of
Sacred Sexuality, presents…

Tantric Man Experience™

The #1 sex, love and relationship program in the world for men who want to…

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Save your marriage from the brink of divorce, even if your partner has one foot out the door, or attract your dream woman, even if you’ve been single for years.

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Boost your masculine confidence naturally so you can become the man you always wanted, who creates the love life of your dreams, even if you feel like you’re not good enough or don’t deserve true love.
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Master your sexuality, so you can experience earth-shattering multiple energy orgasms, drawing her to you with feminine hunger and desire, even if you’re just lasting a few seconds in bed right now.
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Find your purpose, so you become a masculine leader and role model with intense energy and ambition in life, instead of a leaf blowing in the wind, even if you’re trapped in an average lifestyle right now.

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Don’t follow the conventional way of dating and marriage; society is failing to teach us how to be a modern man, and how to handle love.

There is a crisis in masculinity, the devastating statistics speak for themselves…

Researched stats of how many men will

The old way is telling men that all they need to fix their love life and relationship is…


Spend years in relationship therapy and see a marriage counselor (with a partner that must participate), with no practical way forward, instead, you will just endlessly talk about the past hurt and pain over again.


Try to please her by doing things around the house, dishes, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and maybe then she will return the favor by having pity sex with you.


Read self-help books and search for answers on Google and YouTube, winging it by yourself and relying on free advice from friends.


Go to the gym and get in shape, and believe that will miraculously save your love life.


Learn shady and manipulative pick-up techniques that hide who you really are.


Think positive and repeat affirmations and true love will somehow fall from the sky.


Buy more cookie-cutter online courses, which you somehow never seem to get round to watching.


Go on more date nights and expensive dinner dates.


Analyzing what is not working day in and day out, leading to frustration, confusion, and an inability to take action.


Self-medicate or work longer hours to cope with the pain, but end up just suppressing your emotions.


Weather the storm of your woman, or isolate and stay single and bitter.

….do all this and MAYBE you’ll fix your relationship and love life!

Does this make sense


You don’t need to spend years in therapy with little to no success or lay awake at night not knowing the right solution.

There is a new, proven way that ditches the guesswork and replaces all that hard “cross your fingers” work.

It is a step-by-step system that is simple and powerful…

reprogram mind

Reprograming Your Mind

Sexual Mastery

Master Your Sexuality

Balance Polarity

Balance Your Polarity

Heal Trauma

Heal Your Emotional Trauma

Save Marriage Attract Partner

Save Your Marriage / Manifest A Partner

Our process is not complicated, there’re only 5 simple steps, and the bottom line: IT WORKS.

Our students quickly see the difference between this program and what they’ve tried in the past.
Where therapy, self-help books, and cheap cookie-cutter online courses have not worked, our program does.

And once you start applying the holistic method, you’re going to have everything you need to become the man who saves his marriage or creates his perfect love life with the woman of his dreams.

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The “secret sauce” that makes The Tantric Man Experience™ different from any other program you have previously seen is…



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The FLT Method is the fastest and most powerful way to attract your dream woman or to save your relationship because it works on our entire being simultaneously.

It provides a holistic transformation that impacts every part of you.

It’s a transformational tool that can be used for the average joe in the real world, no matter your skin color, political views, religious background, sexual preference, cultural upbringing, or level of self-development.

FLT has been shaped by Tantric Science and uncovers the hidden secrets of the 1000-year old, tested and proven transformational techniques

in a modern and straightforward step-by-step method.

Using my 10+ years of personal and inner experience in this field, I have distilled only the best and most potent practices
To create a unique and rapid method for men to discover the love life of their dreams.

This is how I discovered the 5 Level Method:

The chimera min



The first step is to remove your blind spots and limiting beliefs about yourself and women, stop the blame game and ditch the victim mentality.

Replace these with new empowering programs in your subconscious mind.

And that will lead to a fresh start in your life.

It’s like giving a pair of glasses to someone who has terrible eyesight – you change the perspective and outlook upon life forever, with more clarity, focus, and color.

Here’s how Jake reprogrammed the limiting belief that kept him single for 10 years:

FLT Sexual level



The second step is to master your sexuality by controlling your sexual energy and cultivating your male sexual essence.

This will help you overcome your sexual dysfunctions, such as low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, porn addiction, and low sexual confidence.

Even if the conventional methods of creams and pills have failed you previously.

This will increase your passion, presence, and awareness, allowing you to experience and share mind-altering multi-energy orgasms with your partner.

Here’s how my students experience sacred sexual union and energy orgasms in the bedroom:

FLT Sexual level



The next step is to increase your vitality and manifestation power through the Life Force Activation practice.

With this practice, you will learn to harness, transmute, and direct energy into financial abundance and authentic masculine confidence.

And to balance between your inner masculine and feminine energy.

Only once you have balanced those energies within yourself will you see them reflected in the balance of polarity within your relationship.

This will reignite the passion between you and your woman.

Not the other way around! It is an inside job 😉

This is when you start to experience the magic of masculine and feminine energy in harmony.

Here’s what my students manifest when they activate their life force energy:

FLT Sexual level



Become an integrated man by connecting your cock with your head and heart.

Once that integration is complete, you’ll experience “the holy trinity” most men are missing out on.

Living their life stuck in their heads, or disconnected from their emotions, or acting out unhealthy sexual behaviors.

Bridging the gap between these three power places will make you an integrated heart warrior living with his heart open and high emotional intelligence (EQ).

Healing your relationship to the feminine and childhood wound will reset your connection to the women in your life.

Master your emotions so you can hold space for your woman’s emotions while not getting triggered by them.
She will feel seen and heard by you.

And thus, you can take the masculine leader role in the relationship and lead her with gentle yet confident love.

Here are my students talking about their somatic healing on the emotional level of trauma, shadow, and childhood patterns:

spiritual level couple relationship connection



When you create an agreement to use your relationship as a tool for self-development and spiritual evolution, it will deepen the soul connection and intimacy between you and your current or future woman.

Achieving that level of connection is the ultimate goal for any relationship.
You will be able to merge spiritually, leave the ego behind, and stop repeating self-sabotaging behaviors.

Unconditional love will become your default state, rather than just being a place you visit once in a while.

Listen to 3 of my students who single-handedly turned their troubled relationships into a deep spiritual connection:

Here’s what’s inside the
9-week mentorship

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Exclusive lifetime membership to the Tantric Training Academy. Here you’ll find everything you need to transform in our 9 weeks of modules and training.

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Live Q&A calls and Virtual Men’s Group with Steffo Shambo and the brotherhood.

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4 one-on-one calls with a team of expert marriage and relationship consultants, and world-class love, relationship, and sex coaches. On those calls, we’ll dive deep into what’s standing in the way of your dream and freedom. This is done in a customized and tailored process to your exact situation.

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Access our private VIP brotherhood group, where you can connect with high-caliber and conscious men, just like you, for accountability and support. It’s a safe place to be heard and celebrate your wins!

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Weekly accountability support calls, where you will feel like you have men in your life to support you and keep you accountable for realizing your higher self. You’ll feel like you found a new heartfelt extended family to count on.

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Initiation to my secret exercise of 28 minutes of daily practice, called the “Life Force Activation”. This practice is life-changing. Students rave about this practice as likening it to putting on truth goggles, experiencing life as going from VHS to Full HD.

Here’s my student Jamie talking about his life-changing experience with the Life Force Activation Practice:

This is NOT an online self-help course or merely sex coaching.
But instead, it is a step-by-step blueprint, where we take your hand and guide you to the other side. All you have to do is be committed and coachable and follow our steps.

Ready to unleash your inner lion? Here’s the next step…

Inner lion

This program is not for everyone, and that’s fine.

There are thousands of cheap online courses and self-help books out there that everyone can access.

But here, we only work with the most committed and decisive men in the world.


The Tantric Man Experience™ is the 🏆 Rolls Royce of men’s love and relationship coaching programs.

With world-class support and mind-blowing client results, you will not find anything better on the planet.


BUT you need to be struggling with your love life or relationship if we are going to be able to help you.

If your love life is excellent already, please do not apply for a spot in the program.

And lastly, if you’re not ready to invest your time, energy, and resources into transforming yourself into the next level, then please do not continue.

You are applying to be part of an ultra-premium transformational program.

We don’t give out the details of the investment of the program until we are certain you’re a fit for the program.

That can only be determined during our Love Breakthrough sessions.

But know if you are looking for a “free” or “cheap” cookie-cutter online course – The Tantric Man Experience is not for you.

We only accept (and expect) the highest level of commitment, coachability, and resourcefulness from all of our students.

If this sounds like you, then go ahead and click the button to get started.

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