The Masculine And Feminine Energy Quiz (Take The 5-Min Test)

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Updated on Sep 2, 2023
Masculine And Feminine Energy Quiz

Take The Masculine-Feminine Test

Welcome to our masculine and feminine energy quiz. If you want to find out what your leading energy is, then you are in the right place.

Maybe you think men always have dominant masculine energy and women dominant feminine energy?

That may be your intuitive sense, but it is a big oversimplification.

Every person has a mixture of masculine and feminine energies.

Taking time to mentally review your leading energy can give you a big-picture sense of your dominant energy. It is a great alternative to just relying on personal judgment.

Before we start, keep three things in mind:

  1.   Having dominant masculine or dominant feminine core energy is nothing to do with your gender or sexual orientation.
  2.   You can be a “heterosexual feminine man” or a “heterosexual masculine woman”.
  3.   Feminine power is just as strong as masculine power. They are just different.

Take a deep breath and dive into our quiz. 

What are the divine masculine and divine feminine?

divine masculine and divine feminine

Ancient belief systems understood the differences between male and female core energy.

The divine feminine and the divine masculine are polarities that exist in nature.

  • The sun and the moon
  • The brain and the heart
  • The Earth and the spirit

When these natural forces are balanced, everything just works. But, if they are out of balance, that leads to friction.

For instance, have you ever experienced a stressed-out family member or had a partner who felt distant? Well, this imbalance of energies may have been the root cause.

Understanding polarities

Understanding how these different energies work together is a powerful tool in relationships.

In a relationship, an imbalance of energies can lead to a sense of disconnection from a partner. You might have experienced it yourself. That sense that you are “speaking a different language” to your partner.

Why polarity is the key to attraction

balance and polarity

dominant masculine energyThat question of feminine vs. masculine energy balance and polarity is also key to attraction.

Think about the way that magnets can attract or repel one another. Well, different energies can also pull people towards you or drive them away.

My masculine and feminine energy quiz can help you understand how these energies work. It can help you attract a new soulmate or reconnect with a current partner.

Take the masculine-feminine test and discover how your energies balance.

How are masculine and feminine energies different?

When exploring masculine vs feminine energies it’s important to acknowledge that your dominant energy affects absolutely everything you do. It is not just about relationships. It is also about how you approach a challenge or navigate a difficult decision.

Imagine you had a particular project to complete. How would you approach it?

Someone with dominant masculine energy might write a to-do list or produce a strict plan. If tired, they may decide to make a focused start tomorrow to concentrate on the task.

Structured, planned, and goal-focused. These are all features of masculine energy.

However, the dominant feminine approach would be more intuitive.

They might try one approach, and if that didn’t work, try another. They might not stay focused. 

They would be more experiential. Do what feels right.

Masculine and feminine energy in practice

Think about it this way. If you had to assemble some flatpack furniture, would you dive in straightaway? Or would you read the instructions first and make sure you had everything you needed to hand and enough time to complete the task?

The first approach is about intuition and experimentation. It suggests dominant feminine energy.

The second approach is about reasoning and planning. It suggests dominant masculine energy.

Do you see the difference?

Our emotional and behavioral reactions in our personal and work domains are powerful markers of our energy. 

Finding your leading energy can transform your relationships. That is why quizzes like this one are so vital.

Do you have a dominant masculine energy — or is your feminine?

Whatever our gender identity is, we all have a mixture of energies. This is true for any man or any woman. 

It is also true that most men tend toward dominant masculine energy, and most women have dominant feminine energy. 

And too often, people end up diluting their leading energy or getting stuck in the shadow  — so they need to uncover an imbalance.

Uncover light or dark feminine energy test and likewise for male leading energy. When they do this, they often lose the very thing that made them attractive to their partner in the first place. For instance, a guy who moves away from his natural masculine energy could end up just being a people pleaser in an unhappy relationship. 

Taking a simple masculine vs. feminine test is an essential first step in understanding how reverse polarity could impact your life.

It helps you understand yourself and identify your dominant energy. That can help you understand the feminine sexual essence and focus on addressing relationship issues.

This can help you find a soulmate or reconnect with a partner.

Next steps: take the masculine-feminine test

Masculine and Feminine Test

Men need to understand their internal balance of masculine and feminine traits. This is particularly true if they are struggling in their relationships. It can be the key that unlocks a deeper spiritual connection with a new or existing partner.

To help men do this, I have put together a quick and easy quiz.

It looks at the things that motivate you. It asks about how you approach everyday tasks. It looks at the sorts of behaviors that you display in romantic and sexual relationships. It explores how you relax, how you listen to other people, or how you engage with your friends.

The masculine-feminine test only takes a few minutes to complete. At the end of it, you will discover what your dominant energy is. 

I will also give you some free hints and tips on how that might be impacting your intimate relationships.

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