The Masculine And Feminine Energy Quiz

Take The Masculine Feminine Test

People often assume that men always have strong masculine energy and women always have strong feminine energy.

But it is not that straightforward.

Masculinity and femininity are not absolutes. In fact, every person has a mixture of masculine and feminine energy. Falling back on gender stereotypes tells us nothing about the energy that any individual has. That is why taking a masculine and feminine energy quiz is so important. 

Let me say right away too, that this has absolutely nothing to do with your gender role, sexual orientation, or gender identity. It is perfectly possible to be a heterosexual feminine man or a heterosexual masculine woman. It isn’t that one is “good” and the other is “bad,” or one is “strong” and the other is “weak”.  Feminine power is every bit as strong as masculine power. They are simply different.

Masculine and Feminine Energy Quiz

What Are The Divine Masculine And Divine Feminine?

The roots of understanding the difference between male and female energy can be found in ancient belief systems. This is because the divine feminine and the divine masculine are polarities that exist in nature. The sun and the moon. The brain and the heart. The Earth and the spirit.

These natural forces exist in relation to one another. When they are in harmony everything just works. But if they are out of balance then that leads to friction.

In a relationship, it can also lead to a sense of disconnection with a partner. That sense that you are “speaking a different language”.

This is because a dominant feminine trait is to see all conversations as being about love and emotion. In contrast, a key masculine trait is to focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, or setting and achieving goals.

That question of balance and polarity is also absolutely key to attraction. Just as magnets can attract or repel one another, so different energies can pull people towards you or drive them away. 

My masculine and feminine energy quiz can really help you understand how these energies work and use them to help attract a new soulmate or reconnect with your current partner. Take the masculine feminine test and discover how your own energies are balanced.

Is Your Dominant Energy Masculine Or Feminine?

Whatever our personal gender identity is, all of us have a mixture of energies. It is also true that most men tend towards dominant masculine energy and most women dominant feminine energy. The problem is that in the modern world people often end up diluting this energy. This means that they often lose the very thing that made them attractive to their partner in the first place.

That is why taking a simple masculine and feminine energy quiz can be an important first step. It helps you understand yourself and identify the dominant energy that you have. It can also help you understand the feminine sexual essence, and help you find a soulmate or reconnect with a partner.

Take The Masculine Feminine Test

Guys need to understand their internal balance of masculine and feminine energies. This is particularly true if they are struggling in their relationships. It can be the key that unlocks a deeper spiritual connection with a new or existing partner.

To help men do this, I have put together a quick and easy Masculine and Feminine Energy Quiz.

It looks at the things that motivate you. It asks about how you approach everyday tasks. It looks at the sorts of behaviors that you display in romantic and sexual relationships.

The masculine feminine test only takes a few minutes to complete. At the end of it, you will discover what your dominant energy is. I will also give you some free hints and tips on how that might be impacting your intimate relationships.