The Best Sexual Marriage Quiz For Men (Take The 5-Min Test)

Steffo Shambo

Updated on May 9, 2024
sexless marriage quiz

If you want to understand exactly where your relationship is and find out the best way to fix it, then the quickest, easiest thing to do is to take the Sexless Marriage Quiz.

It takes less than 5 minutes and, at the end, your results will show you exactly where your marriage currently is.
You will then get some tailored tips for your specific situation that can help bring intimacy back into your marriage.

The Sexless Marriage Quiz

Has the spark disappeared?

Is your relationship lacking the physical intimacy that it had at the start?

Or do you have a great sex life with the same level of sexual attraction, love, and desire that was there the very first day you met your partner?

Take my Sexless Marriage Quiz and find out if the spark has really gone forever, or whether you can get it back.

Is a Sexless Marriage Normal?

The fact is, that one of the most common areas of tension for couples is sex. Speak to any counselor, sex therapist, sex educator, or divorce lawyer and they will tell you exactly the same.

Couple’s lives get busier. Jobs. Kids. Housework.

Every night” becomes “once a week.” That becomes “once a month.” And before you know it you are in a sexless relationship. Birthdays and anniversaries at best.

Sound familiar?

One of the lies that people tell themselves in this situation is that “this happens to all couples”. That sexual desire fades.

For a husband and wife to have a strong, sexually active relationship that truly endures is too easily dismissed as “unrealistic expectations.”

I will tell you straight, it does not need to be like that.

All relationships change over time, but that does not mean that sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy are off the menu for married couples in a long term relationship.

Sex is a vital part of any relationship. Of course, there are challenges that couples will face over the years that can cause relationship problems. Low sex drive, intimacy issues, erectile dysfunction, sexual compatibility, or even infidelity. All of these can impact on sexual frequency. But all of them have answers too.

How to Keep Intimacy Alive

In fact, for some couples, the change is not about a reduction in desire or levels of sexual activity. It is about a man and a woman growing together sexually as a couple, developing a level of emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy that their friends envy.

This is the old husband and wife you see sitting on park benches holding hands, eyes twinkling. How can you ever become one of those couples?

What do they know that you don’t?

Seriously, I bet they haven’t had one session of sex therapy, couples therapy, or marriage counseling in their lives. How have they kept that level of connection and intimacy through a lifelong relationship?

How to Fix a Sexless Relationship

For anyone in a sexless marriage, the first question they ask me is “is this it forever?”

To be able to answer that, I have to understand the exact situation that they are in.

That is why I have developed a simple quiz that is absolutely free for anyone to take.

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