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My greatest joy is to see my clients change their lives.

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Since 2017, I have had the privilege of successfully working with hundreds of guys from all around the world. These men worked very hard, perfectly followed the Tantric Man Experience’s step-by-step formula and techniques, invested their heart, time, and energy, and overcame several challenges to succeed. Don’t presume your results will look the same. Your typology, neurotic holding patterns, relationship dynamics, and energy configuration are unique, so your results will be unique.

I’m very proud of all of them,

Steffo Shambo

Victor Leme

Brazil, Software Engineer

From being shy and never dated before and being addicted to porn, he went to manifesting 6 dates, receiving nude pics, and sexting with 4 women in only 9 weeks.

“I feel full of confidence and energy, no more shame and fear of rejection. I feel I can do anything, like a lucid dream, I can shape my own life like a superhero. For my this is invaluable, now I can be authentically myself, no pick-up artist tricks or manipulations.”

victor before and after transformation

Freddy Herre

Germany, Entrepreneur

Before TME:

  • Only 1 date in his life and 5 years of being single.
  • Living as an inauthentic people pleaser and anxious about dating women.
  • Shame and fear around sexuality.
  • He did not respect his boundaries or know he had them.

After TME:

  • Dating multiple women and having sex for the first time in years.
  • Not overthinking anymore and feeling like an authentic man.
  • Feel relieved and free as the anxiety is gone.
  • Finding his purpose to start a podcast.
  • Feel worthy of love and confidence in dating women.
  • “It changed my whole life, my view on women, self-worth, and self-confidence. My life has just started!”


Slovenia, Girlfriend Of Aleks

Before TME:

  • Her boyfriend was lying about using porn, so she could not trust him not to go with another woman.
  • She felt her boyfriend was a lying, untrustworthy, and needy boy.
  • She felt like an object for his sexual needs and desires.
  • If nothing changed, she was sure the relationship was going to end.

After TME:

  • She felt her boyfriend started to change from day one. He became more loving and manly and had more willpower.
  • He now understands and feels her better.
  • She feels much safer around him and can feel he is the trustworthy man of her dreams!
  • She started enjoying lovemaking with him.

Aleksander and Ula

Slovenia, Entrepreneur

He Became The Man Of Her Dreams! From Boy To Man

Learn how Aleksander went from not being a man enough, to stopping his porn addiction, becoming trustworthy, and moving in together with his girlfriend.
And his girlfriend saying: “You are now the man of my dreams!”

Michael Coussement

Netherlands, Webdesigner

From being triggered, defensive, and separated from his wife to holding space, being present, and moving back in together in only 9 weeks.

Listen to how Micheal used vulnerability and presence to save his marriage. “After week one I really noticed how I showed up,” he tells me, “And my wife noticed too,” he says. “During week three she would lean more into me. Really feel more vulnerable and surrender.”

Austin Sams

USA, Arizona, Entrepreneur

From a love-starved marriage to wife wanting to have sex 3 times in 1 week.

“By the end of the 9 weeks, we hit a breakthrough out of nowhere. It was not out of nowhere because I was doing the hard work and she was noticing that. She said: “Hey, I don’t know why I feel this way, but I want to have sex with you. In the last week, we ended up having sex 3 times in one week. And it was different sex, it was good sex that was emotionally healthy for both of us. I was just amazed at the change.”

These are all real clients.

No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they say.

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