I help lovers to master
life-force energy and
to unleash the full
masculine potential

Hey, nice to meet you. I’m Steffo Shambo and the founder of The Tantric Man Experience. My passion is to help men step into their highest power. The greatest joy I know is to see my clients succeed and achieving the best love life possible, that they always dreamed about. My mission is to empower men to live a purposeful, passionate and epic life.

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Men Make with Women

The mistakes men make with women is connected to what men complain most about in their relationships. According to the Gottman Institute with a backing of 3 decades worth of research studies on relationships, the two most common complaints men have when it comes to...

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A Brief History Of The Chakras

This article will explore if the chakra rainbow colors is a myth or not - and go through a brief history of the chakras backed up with references at the end. Have you ever wondered about the chakra tradition, the interpretations of the chakras when mentioned in your...

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“It meant a paradigm shift in life.”

“I am more confident, more horny, more masculine, more yogic, more disciplined, more loving, and more clear on my mission.”

“This is an absolute must for any man, looking to find his place in this world.”