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I created 2 free tantric training videos to help you live the love life of your dreams.

If you’re a single man that wants to attract your perfect woman, the “attract love” masterclass is for you. 

And if you’re a partnered man that wants to reignite the passion in your relationship or marriage, the “reignite love” masterclass is for you.

Discover the secrets to epic sex, love, and relationships today with one of the top relationship experts.

intimacy coach for men

I’m Steffo Shambo, the intimacy coach for men. If you made it to this page, this is your portal to experience epic love and passion with tantric training.

As a man, you’re driven to achieve greatness in all areas of life.

Maybe you’ve finally got the career you’ve been working hard for, and maybe you’re proud of how far you’ve come as a professional. 

But it’s different when it comes to the path of love and intimate relationships.

Maybe you’re single and struggling to attract your dream woman…

You’re struggling to ask out that one woman you’ve had your eye on. You know you’re always settling for less by going on dates and sleeping around with women that are available rather than going on dates and sleeping with the women you really want… 

Or maybe you’re in a broken relationship or marriage that feels like it’s doomed to fail. The spark you once had seems like it’s disappearing…

And in either situation, you might be asking yourself:

  • Why can I never date the women I want?
  • Why does the relationship keep going in the exact opposite direction?

Perhaps you’ve even tried everything – from online dating apps and pick-up lines to self-help books and relationship therapy – nothing seems to work. 

You’re always back to square one and you begin to feel like there’s something wrong with you because you keep having a bad experience. Maybe you think you’re not good-looking enough, funny enough, or successful enough…

And worse, you start pointing fingers. 

You feel like you’re a victim of society because you’re not being accepted for who you are… 

Now, let me tell you the truth.

It’s not your fault.

No one’s actually taught us how to build a fulfilling love life…

Our modern culture lacks sexual education

Society simply hasn’t taught us men how to embody our masculine energy to create deep connections with women and build the love life you desire.

In fact, we’re barely taught anything about emotional intelligence and are expected to “get it” through our own personal experience when some of us have never been in relationships with women before… 

And therefore, we don’t always have that wisdom that women love to see in a man. 

You hear things like “real men show no emotions” or “be a man.”

Yet when you decide to take action using the advice you hear online doing what the world says you should do, you still somehow end up with the exact opposite results that you hoped for…

Again, it’s not your fault because no one really breaks it down for you. 

And chances are, no one’s walked you through the 5-step process that I teach in my free masterclass which I spent decades of trainings on to find the answers. 

That’s why I’ve made this masterclass free

Because you deserve to take in this knowledge so that you can live your life full of confidence, passion, power, and purpose. 

Above all, you deserve the love life you’ve always wanted. 

This free masterclass can quite literally change your life.

You don’t have to find a relationship coach near you – just grab a pen and paper and pay attention for the next 60 minutes. 

In these free tantric courses, you’ll learn a unique 5-step model for turning your sex life around. It’s the fastest and most effective method to start experiencing epic sex, love, and relationships.

Attract love: single men that want more dates with their dream woman

single man talking to two women

See a beautiful woman walking by that you want to approach but you freeze up not knowing what to say

Perhaps the thought of having sex fills you with fear because you’re worried that you can’t get your cock hard or that you’ll c*m too soon – and you never want to have to hear the words “it doesn’t matter” and see that her eyes tell a different story…

Maybe you envy other guys because you feel that they’re not as attractive as you are, yet they still somehow get with the type of women you’re never able to get with. Then when you try to use the dating advice they give you, it never seems to work…

And maybe you’re struggling with a porn addiction (which quickly drains you, considering how powerful sexual energy is) that leaves you feeling guilty, empty, and lonely. Still, you can’t break out of the vicious cycle of pleasure…

Imagine you continue living life on this thread. 

You never say what you really want to say, you’re afraid to stand up for yourself because you don’t want to upset anyone, and you always lay at night thinking about what you could’ve or should’ve done…

And the only way you know how to cope with the feeling of loneliness is with small talk, unhealthy addictions, or meaningless one-night stands.

Deep down, you long for a meaningful relationship but you’re convinced you’ll never find it in this lifetime…

You’re not alone.


The new way of dating with authenticity and integrity 

The new way of dating with authenticity and integrity

What if I said there’s a way to break free from all of this, finally live a life of confidence, and finally get the relationship you’ve always wanted?

If you’ve been single or lonely for years longing for a genuine relationship, this masterclass is for you. 

I created this masterclass specifically for single men who want to transform social and dating lives, and finally get the woman of their dreams. 

Now, why did I create this masterclass?

Because nothing pains me more than to see men going through the motions feeling uninspired, hopeless, and full of regret. 

I’ve been there myself, and I wouldn’t even wish this on my worst enemy…

You deserve to be with the woman of your dreams. You deserve to experience the joy, deep intimacy, and connection that comes with fulfilling relationships. And you deserve to feel confident and purposeful in all areas of your life. 

And quite frankly, you deserve to be happy. 

But if you keep doing what you’ve been doing for the past few years, I can guarantee that you’ll only continue to get the same results. 

After completing this masterclass, you’ll know how to attract your dream woman and start building a satisfying relationship with true intimacy using this unique 5-step system.

As an intimacy coach, I’ve helped men overcome their biggest fears and insecurities in the bedroom and beyond… 

I’ve also helped men develop a stronger consciousness so that they can connect with the women they’ve always wanted and live an authentic lifestyle true to themselves. Not by using traditional therapy or counseling methods, but by using ancient tantric practices.

Become a warrior that makes women naturally want to win your approval


  • Settling for less.
  • Being stuck in the friend zone. 
  • Envying other people’s relationships. 

And no more wishful thinking and regrets about the love life you could’ve had because now’s the time to start building the love life you should have – the life that you deserve. 

You don’t have to do much on your end except click a few buttons and pay attention for the next 60 minutes. 

You don’t even have to search for local coaching programs near you – simply plug and play. 

Let’s finally get you closer to building a fulfilling relationship and living the life that most people can only dream of. 

Register for this free masterclass below and start attracting your dream woman!

Disclaimer: This is not the same as manipulation techniques or strategies from pick-up artists. I’m going to teach you how to build your dream relationship as an authentic man without pretending to be someone that you’re not. 

Jake’s results after developing a deep understanding of his sexual energy 

“I ended up going on three dates with three different women! I believed I would never find a woman. For the past 10 years, I did not go on any dates. What happened through the program was a transformation about my personal view of my life, sexuality, relationships, and intimacy.”

Jake Frankel

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Reignite love: men that want to fix a broken marriage or relationship

Reignite love relationship masterclass

Your partner looks at you with the eyes of a corpse. 

The spark clearly isn’t there anymore.

After a long day of work, you come back home for even more work because the relationship isn’t what it’s supposed to be. It feels like she’s depleting your life force instead of being there for you…

She once felt safe with you but that’s no longer the case – she’s rejecting you no matter what you do…

You argue over the smallest things. Every conversation turns into a debate. There’s always something to disagree with. 

You can never share any honest ideas even if it’s for her own benefit because somehow, you end up arguing about each other’s personal values and beliefs, so it makes sense to avoid having those conversations…

But now it almost feels like you can’t have a normal open conversation with her anymore.

She constantly challenges your masculinity and sees you as less of a man. She no longer trusts you as much as she once did…

It feels as if your partner has withdrawn both her affection and sexual appetite towards you…

You’re both completely disconnected and never on the same page. 

You know you’re in a troubled relationship yet every time you try to talk to her about it, she tells you everything’s alright but her face says otherwise – it looks like she’s in pain and almost ready to give up… 

The little voice inside your head gets louder…

The little voice keeps telling you that you f*cked up. It reminds you every day right after you wake up and right before you fall asleep…

And it makes you think:

“Where did things go wrong?”

Perhaps you made the wrong decision to get with her in the first place…

You might even feel that it’s impossible to bring back the intimate life and emotional connection that you once had.

And you’re almost convinced that you’re not good enough for her since you can no longer make your wife happy or excited…

It’s bad enough that it’s affecting your own health and wellbeing. 

It might even be bad enough to the point that it leads to unhealthy distractions like alcohol and porn…

Now, it feels like it’s only a matter of time to see how long you can both last before deciding to split up or divorce because that seems like the only logical choice…

I hear you… It’s brutal.

Save your relationship or marriage from the depths of despair with tantric training

If you could relate to any of the above, then this free tantric training relationship video is for you. 

I’ve been there myself and I wouldn’t even wish this on my worst enemy…

I created this masterclass specifically for men that want to turn their marriage or relationship around so that you can win back your partner’s intimacy. 

And why did I create this masterclass? 

Because nothing pains me more than to see men going through the motions feeling uninspired, hopeless, and full of regret. 

You deserve to have that relationship you’ve always wanted from the beginning. You deserve to experience the joy, intimacy, and connection that comes with a fulfilling relationship. And you deserve to feel confident and purposeful in all areas of your life. 

And quite frankly, you deserve to be happy. 

But if you keep doing what you’ve been doing for the past few years, I can guarantee that you’ll only continue to get the same results. 

As an intimacy coach, I’ve spent years coaching men and helping them go from being in a sexless marriage on the brink of divorce to being in a marriage full of passion with enhanced pleasure and a deep desire for sex.

After completing this masterclass, you’ll know how to save your marriage, step into your masculine frame, and restore the love, trust, and respect using this unique 5-step system. 

The healing effects of tantra: embody your masculine energy and balance sexual polarity

The healing effects of tantra

If you want to:

the tantric main exp icon
Wake up every morning knowing that your woman loves you from the bottom of her heart and knowing that every day only continues to get better…
the tantric main exp icon

Relive the butterfly feelings you once had with your partner when you both first started dating…

the tantric main exp icon

Win back your wife’s trust and sexual desire and make her look your way with a new hunger and passion on a deeper level…

the tantric main exp icon

Reach a new level of confidence that makes you unrecognizable to the people you know and all they can think about is what got into you…

the tantric main exp icon

Overcome bedroom performance issues and have an amazing relationship that everyone would be jealous of, secretly wishing they had what you had…

Then you’re in the right place. 

You don’t have to do much on your end except click a few buttons and pay attention for the next 60 minutes. 

You don’t even have to search for local coaching sessions near you – simply plug and play. 

Don’t settle for a sexless marriage or a lackluster relationship. 

Register for this free masterclass below  and start rebuilding the sexual intimacy and emotional depth in your relationship today!

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with spending years in therapy or forcing your partner to take part in a counselor’s office only to get mediocre results and be reminded of the pain you’re going through. My free training will walk you through an actionable step-by-step method to win back her trust and passion.

Austin’s sex life transformation 

“We hit a breakthrough out of nowhere. We ended up having sex 3 times in one week. And it was different sex, it was good sex that was emotionally healthy for both of us. I was just amazed at the change.”

Austin Sams

Read more about my client success stories here

Become the True Master Creator of Your Love Life Starting Today

One of the common challenges I’ve often found as an intimacy coach for men was this: what held the most extraordinary people back from reaching their full potential was themselves. 


  • You’re not worthy enough 
  • There’s nothing you can do
  • You have to cope with this for the rest of your life

You have the power to change your relationship situation single-handedly. You haven’t done so already because you just didn’t have a proven step-by-step plan… until now. 

These tantric courses are free, yet the returns are HUGE.

I promise you, it’s going to be one of the most valuable 60 minutes you’ll ever spend working on your love life.

You’ll have the steps you need to truly become the master creator of your own life…

But it’s entirely up to you. 

Take action today and finally get the clarity you’ve been searching for to turn your love life around, OR stay where you are and keep doing what you’ve been doing to get the same results.

Choose “attract love” if you’re single and looking for a meaningful relationship. 

Or choose “reignite love” if you’re in a sexless marriage or a troubled relationship. 

See you inside. 🦁

Your men’s intimacy coach,

Steffo Shambo


What does an intimacy coach do?

An intimacy coach helps individuals and couples (both men and women) improve their physical and emotional connection with their partners. They’ll assist you in addressing any personal concerns or challenges that you have related to relationships and personal growth. 

What is a love and intimacy coach?

A love and intimacy coach is a professional that guides you in building a passionate relationship or marriage. They clarify the steps to developing more confidence and creating fulfilling relationships. They’ll also give you actionable advice to improve communication in your romantic life.

What do you need to be an intimacy coach?

Emotional intelligence is vital. One needs a strong understanding of relationships, human psychology, and sexuality. Formal qualifications are helpful but not essential. What’s more important is having the skills and knowledge to provide actionable steps in an empathetic way that helps clients improve their love life. It’s also vital to have the ability to make clients comfortable enough to open up their emotions.