The 5-Step Method to Single-Handedly Reignite the Passion, Trust, & Connection in Your Relationship

(even if your partner is not on board!)


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Use the holistic method in this free tantric relationship training video to master your masculine confidence, purpose, and sexuality. So you can single-handedly reignite the love, trust, and passion in your marriage…

(Even if you’ve been in relationship therapy or couples counseling, and nothing worked!)

5 Steps You Wished You Knew Sooner to Restore the Love, Trust, and Passion With Your Partner

man hugging woman in the kitchen
Imagine this:

  • Your wife or girlfriend has complete faith in you, respects you for who you are, and can’t get enough of you…
  • Every day you and your partner feel the butterfly feelings in your stomach and the connection between you only continues to grow…
  • You know how to channel your sexual energy to increase your libido, purpose, and drive in life…
After learning the five steps in this free masterclass, you won’t have to imagine any of this anymore…


Because it’ll become a normal part of your romantic life.  

And with these five steps, you’ll have a clear roadmap to having a supportive relationship. You will know what you must do to live the love life you desire with your significant other.

In This Masterclass, You’re Going to Discover…

How to develop rockstar confidence that will change the way your woman looks at you, even if she’s been rejecting your approaches for years.

Why divorce lawyers HATE this method for the same reason that my clients love it – it helps when therapy and marriage counseling did not.

How my clients guide their partner to a place of unconditional love, without compromising and being the “people pleaser” and letting her wear the pants.

How to rediscover the butterfly spark that was once there when you first got together, even if you have been drifting apart for years.

How being your most authentic self can power you to a deeper, spiritual connection with your partner… more than you’ve ever imagined possible.

AND… learn how to do ALL of this while staying true to yourself. This method will help you be a masculine leader, and to step forward as the man you know you should be.

This Free Masterclass For Partnered Men Is Especially For You If You’re Struggling With…

Deep-rooted fears and insecurities that affect the way you behave in your relationship. This is often related to why your woman sees you the way she does.

Years of therapy treatment and marriage counseling that’s led to little to no results than what you hoped for. You’re tired of this cycle of disappointment considering the amount of time and money you’ve spent.

Being a pushover and not leading the way for your woman. She doesn’t respect you for the person you are and she keeps telling you that she never feels seen or heard.

Rekindling the passion and connection in your relationship. Nowadays, you’re both treating each other more like roommates than romantic partners.

Breaking free from the facade you put on every morning in hopes of improving the trust with your partner. This actually does more harm than good and prevents you from having a healthy relationship. 

Reclaiming your masculine qualities and leadership role to navigate through your marriage or relationship challenges. You feel emasculated and not worthy enough to have a basic relationship with her anymore.

Around 50% of Marriages Will End in a Divorce

couple divorce
Around 50% of couples that get married for the first time in the United States are likely to end in a divorce, according to NCBI

Now, that’s a pretty shocking statistic…

It’s normal to have relationship issues at least once. However, it’s not normal to argue on a regular basis.

You might’ve noticed that there are maladaptive patterns of conflict…

You noticed that there’s a problem and you might’ve tried having an honest conversation with your partner about it…

But somehow, the conversation always ends in another argument…

So, you make the decision to seek relationship counseling or a licensed therapist. 

You sign up for online therapy and have a few phone calls. Or, you attend your first few sessions with a relationship counselor in your local area…

The individual and couples counseling sessions don’t go to plan. You decide to try getting advice from other clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, or even another relationship counselor…

Despite all the effort you’ve invested in traditional therapy, nothing seems to work.

Even after visiting many therapists, you’re still facing challenges with your partner.

Then when it seems like the marriage isn’t getting anywhere, divorce comes into mind…

Break this vicious cycle of couples counseling and relationship therapy

stop settling for mediocre

If you find yourself stuck and want to break this vicious cycle, I created a free masterclass that shows you a different method to do exactly that. 

My framework is built with tantric practices. It is not the same method as standard therapy…

Now, I don’t exactly hate online counseling or premarital counseling…

It’s just that traditional therapy often takes years to see the best results. But, not all of us have that amount of time to save the relationship or marriage

Many of my own clients have even told me that going to couples therapy actually made things worse… 

This tantric training is not the same as online relationship counseling services

reignite the passion and restore the trust

You’ll learn the steps to restoring the trust and romance with your partner by unlocking your full potential as a masculine leader. 

These are the very same steps that divorce lawyers would hate to reveal…

This method does not rely on family therapists (if you’re separated and have kids) and it does not rely on individual counseling. 

In fact, this course isn’t to teach couples to find common ground…

I created this course specifically for men in broken relationships or marriages. 


Because you have the ability to single-handedly change your situation.

It’s not the therapist’s job to fix your relationship…

Ultimately, the outcome depends on you.  

All that’s needed is for you to become the right person in the relationship or marriage…

By doing so, you’ll build a stronger connection and safe space with your partner like never before. She will respond to you naturally in the way you want (without using any shady manipulation techniques)…

In other words, I’ll be teaching you a healthy way to rebuild your connection with your partner by first transforming yourself. 

You’ll know how to resolve conflicts in your marriage and family, even if you’re facing serious problems such as traumatic childhood experiences, substance abuse, and infidelity with past business partners… 

This free masterclass training will help you improve communication skills and understand partner empathy levels so you can win back her trust. 

My Holistic Approach to Fixing a Troubled Relationship

Steffo Shambo, Men’s Relationship Coach
I am Steffo, the founder of The Tantric Man Experience, the #1 masculine mentorship program in the world. I help partnered men reignite the passion, trust, and connection in their marriage or relationship in a matter of weeks. I am on a mission to guide men toward intimate, meaningful relationships and end their struggles with their sexuality, so they can finally become integrated men, fathers, brothers, husbands, and leaders.

Aleksandar’s relationship transformation

“I didn’t have polarity with my girlfriend. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I studied a lot of things but this was the most profounding for me as a man to transform.”

- Aleksandar Taskov, Slovenia, Entrepreneur

How the Free Course Works: The 5-Step Process

The 5-step method I’ll be revealing is all you need to re-spark your marriage or relationship without spending years in therapy. This knowledge will give you the confidence and leadership to win back your wife’s trust, even if it’s been worn down through fears, insecurities, and infidelity. 

It’s a powerful strategy that’s changed my clients’ lives (including my own) and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share it with you today. 

Here’s exactly what you’ll be getting out of this 5-step process. 

Phase 1: Seize Control of Your Troubled Relationship

Seize Control of Your Troubled Relationship
The first stage is about seizing control of your situation by accepting this one harsh truth. 

This prevents you from having a solid foundation that allows your relationship to flourish… 

I won’t be sharing the same advice you typically hear from other coaches, therapists, and relationship counselors. That’s because I know from first-hand experience that you don’t have years to commit to get results (and even then, the outcome is minimal and not always guaranteed). 

This is the fastest, most effective, and most natural strategy that I know of in the 21st century. It’s helped my clients go from losing their partner to winning back their trust and intimacy. 

But without accepting this one truth, nothing is expected to fix your situation… 

… And you might even run back into this same problem over and over again no matter how many new relationships you get into.

Phase 2: A Common Mistake That Prevents a Healthy Relationship

A Common Mistake That Prevents a Healthy Relationship

After accepting the truth, I’ll now show you how to get your partner to respond to you in the way you want. 

This has nothing to do with love languages or manipulative techniques…

In fact, this is not a curriculum on psychology where I teach you a quick fix to resolve conflict in your relationship. This part that I’ll be teaching puts more emphasis on active listening and understanding your partner’s needs. 

However, you might be making a fundamental mistake that many of my clients have made (including me) before joining this program…

Without correcting this mistake, the marriage will remain sexless and the connection between you and your partner will die out. 

And this eventually leads to a breakup or divorce…

In short, I’ll be showing you the importance of fixing this mistake you’re probably making that’s preventing your woman from being the type of person you imagined she would be in the relationship. 

Phase 3: The Alternative to the Gottman Institute and Traditional Therapy

The Alternative to the Gottman Institute and Traditional Therapy
I shouldn’t be sharing this technique with you because many of my clients have paid me for my expertise to understand this framework…

But I decided, fuck it. 

I want to help YOU transform your relationship or marriage. 

Above all, my mission is to help men lead a fulfilling love life and become the leader they were born to be…

And that’s why I decided to share my unique strategy in this free masterclass. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours of research developing this…

This is a framework I developed from the lessons that came along with my failures in my personal experience. It teaches my clients how to completely transform their own personal, business, and love lives. You’ll know what you need to do to reignite the passion and trust without falling back to square one.

Apply each of these principles, and you’ll never have to worry about not being able to have a sustainable love relationship with your partner.

Phase 4: Relationship Sacrifices

relationship counseling

Sacrifices must be made to get the result you want. 

Albert Einstein said it best: 

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

That’s why I’ll be showing you what you must change to close the distance in your relationship or marriage. 

This is an ongoing learning journey that’s applicable to all aspects of your life. 

Not only will you save your relationship, but you’ll also deepen the connection with your partner so that your future together only continues to get better and better. 

Phase 5: Develop Strong Conviction to Get the Results

In the final part of this free masterclass, I will show you how to be certain that you can get the results. 

Even if you did have all the tools and relationship wisdom from a marriage consultant, it doesn’t always work out…

And there’s one BIG reason for that.

In other words, I’ll be showing you how to ensure you’re getting the right support so that you’re making real progress EVERY, SINGLE, DAY

This is the final and most important part that holds everything together.

Reignite the Spark Without Having to Seek Relationship Counseling Together

man kissing woman's neck

I created this free masterclass to help you achieve and rediscover a healthy relationship. 


By guiding you through the emotional and mental roadblocks getting in the way of your love and sex life. 

This free masterclass will help you turn your situation around through 3 things:

Having this realization will help you take the reins of your relationship and make you more desirable to your significant other. You won’t have to seek therapy and attend couples counseling together because you’ll learn how to single-handedly reignite the spark with your partner. 

Additionally, you’ll learn how to channel your virility and boost masculine confidence naturally so that you can become a different version of yourself both in and out of the bedroom.

This is My Life’s Work Made Up By Years of Studying the Art of Tantra

This five-step tantra training class is specifically for men in a lackluster and troubled relationship.

I built this framework with Tantra yoga study and practice…

You’ll get years of lessons in a single free online training video that’s less than 1 hour long…

No need to visit a coach in real life or join coaching programs around your local area whether that’s in Los Angeles, Fort Worth Texas, San Jose CA… and so forth.

As a brother and love life coach, I want to help you restore your relationship from the brink…

I personally wished that I knew this sooner to not only transform my own love life faster but to also help more men transform their own love lives earlier too… all without spending thousands of dollars and hours on a relationship therapist or counselor. 

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. I made this free so that you have no more excuses to not turn your relationship around.

Sign up for this free masterclass below and get the step-by-step formula to reignite the passion in your relationship or marriage! 

Michael’s marriage transformation

“It was very clear that if something didn’t change, we would just get separated and get divorced immediately. Or, we could ignore the problem and then maybe one of us would get an affair… Good news is that we decided to stay together. We’re transitioning back into living together.”

- Michael Coussement, Netherlands, Webdesigner

Join this Free Relationship Training to Win Back Your Partner’s Love, Trust, and Passion

This training is for you when your relationship or marriage feels like it’s doomed to fail.

I created this masterclass especially for those of you that can relate to any of the situations described below:

  • Every day feels like you’re distancing yourself from one another and there’s nothing you can do about it…
  • You’re always depleted of energy because you argue over the smallest things, which somehow ends up leading to a fight over personal values and beliefs…
  • You want to win your wife back even though you’re both separated and have kids…
  • She constantly challenges your masculinity and sees you as less of a man…
  • You’re unsure how to step up as a masculine leader to win back your wife’s trust even though the trust has been worn down through things like infidelity…
  • The little voice inside your head keeps telling you that you’re not good enough as a man because you can no longer make your partner happy or excited…
  • You haven’t had sex with your partner in more days and weeks than you could count – the intimacy is no longer there, which makes you turn to drugs or porn to cope…
  • You’re overwhelmed by your duties as a father and husband, which takes a toll on your mental health. You’re not sure how you got to this point but the confusion leaves you feeling lost and hopeless…
  • You fail to satisfy your partner in bed. You’re struggling with porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation…

If any of this sounds like you, this is going to be one of the most integral relationship training videos you’ll ever sign up for

I’m going to walk you through the solutions to all of these problems one by one. You will have a crystal clear roadmap for owning your confidence and mastering your mojo so that you can restore your partner’s love, trust, and passion… the same way my clients did like Aleksander and Michael. 

This 5-step method clarifies the path to revive the intimacy, trust, and connection with your partner…

Once you’ve filled the gaps, the relationship will only continue to get better.

Dave’s connection with his wife

“The date really stood out to be just what I imagined. It was exactly what I wanted to manifest. It revealed to me that this is possible with everything in life. I was so happy as I met her, shining towards me, talking to her… And just in 2 hours, we were in arms loving each other, having a beautiful time together.”

- Dave More, London, UK, Management Consultant

Sign Up to Improve All Your Intimate Relationships Without Spending Years in Therapy

I can’t stress this enough: I don’t want you to miss out on this unique opportunity.

More importantly, I don’t want you to think it’s too late and that you’ll have to settle for less because there’s still hope…

This is the only framework and continuing education you’ll ever need to reignite the passion with your partner. You will know how to strengthen your relationships with loved ones and families, even if you’ve been apart for many years. 

Unlock the 5-step method to turn your marriage or relationship around. Sign up now before it’s too late! 

I sincerely hope to see you on the inside to become a relationship KING 👑

Reminder: this training video is completely free, no strings attached. There are no hidden fees – all you have to do is sign up and pay attention for the next hour! And if you stay until the end you’ll be rewarded a special opportunity for a free consultation. 


What does relationship counseling do?

It’s led by a couples therapist, and they’ll offer many techniques and guidance to help couples overcome a presenting problem in their relationship or marriage. You’ll get support and insights from a trained therapist with aims of restoring the trust and intimacy between you and your partner.

Can counseling help a broken relationship?

Counseling can help a couple fix their relationship or marriage. It will help you and your partner feel connected since counseling sessions are where you’re encouraged to emotionally open up to one another. 

However, counseling isn’t 100% successful and doesn’t guarantee success. Whether or not the underlying problem is solved typically depends on the commitment of both partners. This differs from my tantric training program because my 5-step method shows you how you can single-handedly save your relationship or marriage. The tantric framework you’ll learn in my masterclass walks you through the steps you can take to restore the trust, passion, and intimacy by yourself without having to play the blame game.

What is the difference between relationship counseling and couples therapy?

Relationship counseling isn’t limited to romantic relationships. It’s for your social life in general. This means relationship counseling also offers support for improving family relationships, friendships, and work relationships. On the other hand, couples therapy is specifically for improving a relationship or marriage with a significant other. 

What are the different types of relationship counseling?

Here are the different types of relationship counseling:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: focuses on rewiring negative thought patterns and behaviors.
  • Emotionally focused therapy: nurturing the emotional bond between partners.
  • Imago relationship therapy: helping one’s partner overcome unresolved issues from the past.
  • Gottman method couples therapy: improving the interactions and foundation of a relationship.
  • Solution-Focused brief therapy: finding practical solutions to achieving relationship goals.
  • Holistic relationship coaching: this is a unique approach that I’ve personally built over 10+ years of experience from studying the art of Tantra. This involves the energetic dynamic between the masculine and feminine energy, the spiritual level, and using sexual energy as a catalyst for transformation. My clients and I often see much faster results with holistic relationship coaching compared to the other types of relationship counseling mentioned above.

What is relationship training?

Relationship training aims to improve the personal connections and bonds between different types of people in your life such as family members, business partners, friends, or your significant other. Healthy communication skills and empathy are key, which is what relationship training helps you develop. 

What is relationship building?

Relationship building is about nurturing your trust with others. Through mutual understanding and authenticity, you can improve your relationship with different people. It does take time and effort, but it’s all worth it in the end because it can lead to a more fulfilling social life. 

What makes a successful relationship?

Both partners must have mutual respect and trust for each other. Both should also support, prioritize each other’s happiness, and be willing to compromise for one another. They commit to creating a happy life together and building a lasting bond. Effective communication is key, as well as empathy and intimacy.