21 True Soul Connection Signs To Recognize A Real Soulmate

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Aug 11, 2023
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If you’re tired of trying to find your partner based on your preferences for blonds or guitar players — it’s time to start searching for your soulmate.

Life is short. The longer you spend it with your kindred soul —the better!

The sex is more ecstatic, the understanding and support are unparalleled, and the simple moments are even sweeter.

So let’s help you find the REAL one. Not just the one for now.

#10 is one of the biggest green flags that you’ve found your soul mate!

What is a soul connection? PLUS soulmate definition

You’re going to read a lot of waffly definitions of what a soul connection is across the internet.

And that’s because this is quite an esoteric term. You cannot transmit this phenomenon to readers without a proper connection to the spiritual world.

A soul connection is NOT just an intense attraction. Attraction is of transitory nature — in long-term romantic relationships, it needs to be stoked and kindled.

Soul contracts are a powerful and transformative experience. They bring immense joy, comfort, guidance, and fulfillment to your everyday life.

They are rare. And more often than not, both souls need to have undergone Svadhyaya (self-study). Through this, they unpeel layers of conditioning. Know that inner work creates a better chance for the soul to recognize its soul partner.

Definition of a soulmate

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A soul mate shares a searingly, achingly beautiful spiritual connection with their kindred spirit. This includes their emotional, mental, and spiritual layers. Both souls are flooded with unconditional love, mutual understanding, and potent energetic interplay. It goes beyond surface-level attraction.

Soul mates complement and support each other to rise into and fulfill their soul purpose. Finding your soulmate involves raising your self-esteem so you can come into your soul’s alignment.

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate vs. Karmic Relationship

Twin flames, soulmates, and karmic relationships are wildly different spiritual connections.

Twin flame

A twin flame is what you’ll see most in movies. Think raw sexy attraction, a desire to pull each other to the ground and rip your lover’s clothes from their body.

What is also true of a twin flame is it burns so hot that it eventually goes out. It’s most often an intense 3-month fling filled with plenty of arguments, fights, cold shoulders, and even trauma activation. Don’t expect it to be a sustainable or healthy relationship in the long run.

Soul mates

Next up, we have soulmates — that most passionate and deep, soulful connection. There is an understanding, knowing, and abundant respect and love. These transcend time and space, along with a deep sense of spiritual alignment and trust.

Karmic relationships

Finally, karmic relationships are rooted in unresolved past issues or traumas.

Both partners bring intense emotions and conflicts to the table making. Their experience of the relationship is not healthy. Many people find themselves in this relationship before finding their soul mates.

Karmic relationships help each other realize what they are truly seeking in life. Once and for all, they take positive action to become the path-forger in their life. In essence, karmic relationships teach essential life lessons. This helps resolve past karma or issues. But they tend not to result in a long-lasting or positive connection.

While all three types of relationships involve intense emotions and connections, the underlying dynamics and long-term potential differ.

What does a deep soul connection feel like?

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A deep soul connection feels utterly profound and intense. It’s a bond that awakens instantly.

Two people are drawn far beyond the realms of physical attraction or surface-level attraction. You’ll recognize a deep soul connection when you feel completely understood by this person. Again, this intangible understanding and meeting of souls go beyond words. It’s a deep knowing of the true essence of your dear one’s soul.

Soul connections or kindred spirits are on the same wavelength, transcending time and space. Because of this, your relationship has a sense of agelessness. And a strong sense that your soul ties date back to another time. In essence, many soul partners have met before in a previous life.

The masculine and feminine energies of both souls uplift the other. For a man to find his soulmate, it’s vital that he develops his masculine energy so he can steadily hold the divine feminine in his woman.

Other everyday experiences associated with a deep soul connection include:

  • Feeling a strong sense of empathy and compassion towards the other person.
  • Feeling a deep sense of trust and safety in their presence.
  • Feeling a sense of spiritual alignment or resonance.


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5 signs your soulmate is thinking of you

Stay curious and open to these signs that your soulmate has got you ont their mind:

  1. Intense emotions: You may suddenly feel intense emotions, such as joy, love, or longing, for no apparent reason.
  2. Synchronicities: You may start noticing a series of synchronicities, such as seeing repeating numbers, hearing the same song, or encountering the same animal repeatedly.
  3. Dreams: You may have vivid dreams about your soulmate, or they may appear in your dreams unexpectedly.
  4. Physical sensations: You may feel a tingling sensation, warmth, or pressure in certain parts of your body, or you may feel a sudden jolt of energy.
  5. Telepathic communication: You may feel as if you can communicate with your soulmate telepathically, receiving thoughts or messages from them without any physical or verbal communication.

21 deep soul connection signs to recognize a real soulmate

Here are the 20 most effective signs out there to recognize your soulmate.

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1. You’ve spent your whole life looking for them

Often, you won’t even be aware of this search to discover your soul mate. However, it’s common when you’ve found them that you’ll realize your own soul was on a journey this whole time.

2. You feel as though you knew them in a past life

Soul connections often run through many lifetimes. So having a sense that you’ve met in a past life, even getting visualizations or flashbacks of them in a bygone time, is a sign that they are your other half.

3. You sense your life would be brighter and more beautiful with them in it

Many reports meeting their soul mate blew their entire life into full-blown color. You’ll feel drawn to share life’s ups and downs with this person — simply because each individual experience is more beautiful with them sharing it with you.

4. You finish each other’s sentences

Thinking the same things is a common sign that you are kindred spirits. You feel connected to them on a spiritual and energetic level which is why there’s so much more communication between you both under the surface.

5. They understand you on a level that nobody else does

This is called the soul level. It’s not something anyone can prepare you for. It can feel vulnerable at first, as you will never be more understood or exposed than with some who loves and understands your soul.

6. Your attraction goes far beyond the physical

Yes, you’ll want to wrestle each other to the bedroom on the regular — but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

7. They challenge you in a positive way to reach your full potential

On the journey to reaching your full potential, friends and even a family member can help you overcome certain things. A soul mate will break and rebuild the world’s systems to ensure you succeed. And you would do the same for them.  

8. You feel complete when you are with them

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Soul mates are not the same soul. No — you are two souls in two bodies. And yet, you feel belonging, and even self-love abound as your relationship with this person flourishes.

9. You trust them deeply

Your romantic relationship is forged with trust. Neither person feels the urge to keep the other in check. This leads to massive freedom within the relationship as both partners feel secure.

10. Loyalty is effortless for you both

Imagining dating someone else once you’ve met this person feels preposterous for soul mates. Even if you’ve not even been on a first date yet! The intense and natural energy of profound soul connections makes cheating extremely unsavory.

11. Time with them is healing

Having a soul connection with someone salves the wounds in your being. Likewise, you want to be there for them in any way you can. Neither of you is trying to fix the other. Instead, your presence, love, and patience are remedies in themselves.


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12. You forgive and accept each other’s flaws and mistakes

No one is perfect — not even in the eyes of their soul mate. However, these soul connections blow feuds and bickers to dust. You can clearly see how much love and commitment you pour into the relationship.

13. You feel completely comfortable and at ease in their presence

When you’re on a soul level, the silences, the adventure, the early mornings, and the late nights are moments of comfort. We all know that life is filled with discomfort, but your relationship is a haven.

14. You’ve noticed spiritual growth since meeting them

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Life experiences hold a different energy now. Co-workers and family members notice you are more enigmatic, grounded, and full of life. Many find a spiritual connection to Source because they feel it through their soul mate.

15. You are yourself around them without fear of judgment

It makes sense that an intense connection brings grace and understanding with it. There is nowhere to hide your quirks in these kinds of relationships. And that feels wonderful, raw, and freeing.

16. You feel a sense of peace and calmness in each other’s presence

Look into your own state of being when considering if you’re experiencing a soul connection. A feeling of tranquility and rightness can feel alien for those who’ve previously associated love with trysts and push-pull.

17. You complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses

This is a big sign! The universe always seeks balance. Soul partners are no exception. For example, you’ll often find that one soul mate is highly organized, and the other is more whimsical and free-thinking.

18. Your love-making is unfathomably deep

naked couple having sex

Only through soul mates can humans experience their souls intertwining during sex. This sexual union is the ultimate expression and dance of love that draws you into new realms of awareness and bliss.

Combine this with attaining sexual mastery, and your love life becomes a thing of myth and legend.

19. You have a deep level of communication, even without saying a word

It is a life-changing gift to experience the silent communication of a soul mate relationship. So often, no words are needed to express the subtle emotions the other is experiencing.

20. You communicate through the seat of the soul

Communicating or disputing something with your soul mate is always from a place of integrity and compassion. When life gets complicated with your backs pushed up against the wall — your true love for this soul means you always choose kindness when expressing yourself.


Now you know how to spot your soul mate and work out the different types of soul connections.

You’ve begun to feel the utter bliss of sharing your world with a soul mate.

And if you’ve decided — this is it; this is what my life is missing!

You’re ready to find or keep your soulmate for the long haul, even when things get tough.

Then it’s time to watch my free training to learn how to become an awakened man who can find, attract, and maintain an incredible soulmate connection.


Do souls recognize each other?

Yes, on a deep unconscious level, if both partners are not awakened yet. If both partners have much self-work done, they’re more likely to recognize the connection.

How do soul connections happen?

Likely, through divine consciousness. Soul connections form through connection on a higher level and experience spiritual intimacy.

How do you know you have a spiritual connection with someone?

You’ll know when nothing else on earth compares to the connection, joy, and love you feel for this person.

Soul connection vs. Soul mate: What’s the difference?

When understanding soul connections, know they often develop more gradually than a soulmate which tends to be instant.

What is a soul teacher?

Soul teachers come into your life to challenge you to grow. As a soul student, you can take this challenge and overcome it, or another soul teacher will often try to teach you the same lesson. This keeps happening until you recognize it’s time to change your life.

What are soul ties?

Soul ties, or soul crossings, is a bond between two people at a deep emotional, psychological, or spiritual level. It’s more than just a feeling. Soul ties form not just through sexual intimacy but other forms of emotional or spiritual connection. This could be close friendships, family relationships, or even through trauma or abuse.

What is a soul family?

Soul families are a group of individuals who share a deep spiritual connection. Like that of a family, even if they are not related by blood or marriage.


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