How to Fix a Broken Relationship in 16 Simple Steps With Tantra

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
how to fix a broken relationship

Your love life might feel like a theme park adventure, except you’re stuck in the “Tower of Terror” with no end in sight. 

No one likes staying on the dizzying drops forever. So, let’s swap it out for some smooth sailing.

I’m here to give you a free one-way ticket to knowing how to fix a broken relationship.

In other words, it’s the ticket to return to the happy destination where your love life belongs. This is coming straight from the vault of tantric wisdom. 

That drop where you’re screaming for your life will soon become a romantic ride where you can whistle a love song with your partner blazing in passion.  

Now, let’s get that love train back on track with this ultimate guide! 

7 Obvious Signs That Your Relationship Is Hanging On A Thread

Let’s first make it clear whether or not your relationship is on the brink of collapse:

  • Trust issues
  • Repetitive conflict
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Lack of empathy
  • Complacency
  • Constant disappointment 

Pay attention to these signs and be ready to take action.

experiencing one or more of these signs indicate a troubled relationship

1. Trust issues

The foundation of any positive relationship is trust. Without trust, it only breeds doubt, which grows into further negativity. 

A relationship full of trust is only possible when you’re a reliable man. Otherwise, your partner is more likely to not rely on you when she’s in a pinch or feeling upset about something. 

That said, every relationship is still a two-way street. This means that all couples must be committed to working together to build a stronger relationship. 

2. Repetitive conflict

Do you find yourself always arguing with your partner? 

Or every time you have a conversation on a topic you disagree with, you feel yourself getting defensive for no apparent reason? 

Well, the constant conflict will wear any healthy relationship down. No one likes to fight or argue daily, especially over the smallest things. Disagreements over everything will eventually lead to a lack of mutual respect. 

If you and your partner find arguments to be a normal part of your life, it’s time to focus on compassion. 


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3. No more sexual intimacy

Look, you might not want to admit it because it seems shallow. But the reality is that sexual intimacy is a fundamental part of a happy relationship. 

No form of sexual intimacy could make either partner feel like they’re not good enough or that they’re doing something wrong. It could also be a sign that there’s a flaw within the physical attraction and emotional connection in the relationship. 

However, it’s also a considerable concern if the passion was never an issue at the start but died out as the relationship continued. 

4. Feelings of isolation

A relationship is made up of two romantic partners. Yet, broken relationships are where one or both partners feel alone. This happens because of an emotional disconnect. 

One obvious sign that you’re dealing with isolation in a relationship is if you feel like you can’t open up to each other. If you live together, she would feel more like a roommate rather than a romantic partner. 

5. Lack of empathy

Emotional intelligence is an ingredient to cook up a recipe for a successful relationship. Take this away from the puzzle, and you get an unhealthy relationship dynamic that can strain the bond between couples. 

Now, being open-minded to your partner’s perspective is essential. Moreover, it’s key to make an effort to understand your partner’s pain. 

6. Complacency

getting too complacent affects the romance in your relationship

Getting too comfortable is what leads to a lack of effort. This is an ingredient that poisons the foundation of your relationship. 

When partners get too complacent and stop putting in the effort to show their love for one another, it only leads to dissatisfaction and a weakened bond. Besides a dying relationship, this could even be the harvest of an abusive relationship. 

Any relationship worth saving requires an investment in time and effort into supporting each other. 

7. Constant disappointment 

Finding yourself constantly let down means one or both of the following: 

  • You have high expectations
  • You’re fixated on the mistakes she makes

What good men will we be in the relationship if we’re only there to judge and criticize our partners? Although it’s important to have standards, focusing on only the negatives will strain the relationship. 

What you focus on is also reflected in your actions. So, if you only focus on the negatives, you’ll only release negative energy. It then becomes a cycle of resentment and frustration. 

If both partners are constantly disappointed in one another, they’ll eventually reach a tipping point. 

How To Fix A Broken Relationship: 16 Steps Men Can Take To Restore The Love

These 16 steps are all you need to know how to fix a broken relationship. Some of these steps include teachings from Tantra, such as the following:

  • Cultivate your masculine energy to spark polarity
  • Harness your feminine energy
  • Master your sexual energy
  • Nurture a spiritual connection

These are the only steps you really need. Still, we’ll go through everything you need to do to rebuild the bond you once shared with your partner and take it to even greater levels. 

1. Acknowledge your reality 

First and foremost, you must acknowledge your reality. 

Staying in denial and pretending nothing’s wrong means you’re only preparing yourself for a later calamity down the road. 

Once you understand the situation you’re in, you must take full ownership of your actions. 

It’s essential for you to realize where you went wrong and what contributed to the relationship’s problems. Only then will you be able to transform all the negatives into positives and steer the relationship toward a happy love life. 

2. Forgive yourself and your partner

failing to forgive prevents you from being able to love your partner

The past is a chain that’s holding you back. Move on by forgiving yourself and your partner. Allow yourself to work toward a fruitful relationship. 

Not many people even realize that they’re holding themselves back from making huge transformations in the relationship. They’re still hanging on to burdens that are preventing them from rebuilding the love, trust, and understanding with their partner. 

We all have made a mistake at some point along the way. Permit yourself to move on so that you can build a brighter future. 

3. Concentrate on empathy

Listen more than you speak. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. 

Empathy is only possible by genuinely caring about the other person and listening to them express themselves. A lack of empathy will deteriorate a relationship faster than expired milk. 

In case you didn’t know, most therapists double down on empathy to resolve relationship problems. 

One study reported that empathy is a direct factor in relationship satisfaction. That’s why many therapists and counselors focus on empathy when helping couples address problems in their relationship. 

You don’t always have to say something back. Just listening to her is more than enough to show her you care. Even if you don’t understand them, realize that your partner is in pain and make it clear that you’re there for her. 

4. Give her space

Your partner might need room to breathe, yet you might keep barging into her safe space uninvited. 

Despite the good intentions, don’t force yourself upon her. Let her take her time. She’s not always ready. 

If you keep insisting, regardless of how she feels, she won’t be fully mindful and present when you converse. And it’s not because she doesn’t care, but simply because she needs space to think for herself first. 

Instead of demanding her time whenever you can, let her naturally come to you. 


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5. Cultivate your masculine energy to spark polarity

Your masculine energy is what draws out the femininity in your partner. This means you can create polarity to attract your partner. However, this only works when you’ve cultivated your inner masculinity. 

The problem with most modern men is that they’re less open to challenging themselves. I mean, why would they when they have most of the things that they need? 

What I’m getting at is that most men would rather stay in their comfort zone rather than go out into the unknown. This prevents them from reaching their full potential. 

6. Harness your feminine energy

Your feminine energy is equally important as your masculine energy. 

However, an imbalance in masculinity and femininity can lead to relationship problems. Failing to harness your feminine energy stops you from forming deep, meaningful relationships with others. 

7. Focus on improving communication

Effective communication is the heart of a strong relationship. 

Many times, couples will fight over a simple misunderstanding. When this keeps happening over a period of time, it causes both partners to shut themselves out. 

Practicing verbal and nonverbal communication is an essential step for all couples. Whether it’s to fix a broken relationship or build a stronger emotional bond, honest communication is vital.  

8. Keep your relationship problems private

outside energy can interfere with your relationship negatively

Yes, it’s important to have a support system. However, that doesn’t give you the excuse to make your relationship problems public. Getting others involved will only further complicate the process of rebuilding the trust with your partner. 

One trusted friend or family member is okay. Better still, talk it out with a couples therapist or coach. If other family members are involved, a family therapist could be a good option. 

9. Re-establish your boundaries

One reason why the relationship may have gone sour in the first place is that you kept stepping over each other’s boundaries. 

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to discuss your expectations. This lets you know what you shouldn’t do as well as what you could do to increase your partner’s satisfaction. It also allows you to be her safe space once again. 

10. Make time for your partner

In some cases, both partners are simply too busy with things like work to spend quality time with each other. 

Although this might seem obvious, it can still lead to feelings of isolation because you’re ultimately no longer spending time together. 

A healthy relationship is only possible by spending quality time. These don’t have to be extravagant dates. But even just going on a walk or doing intimate activities like a tantric massage can mean a lot. 

11. Show compassion regularly

Show regular displays of affection and compassion. 

I know it’s common for modern men to be afraid of revealing their soft side to women. The truth is that it actually adds up. Why? Because it releases oxytocin, a love hormone that’s released when one feels happy. 

You can show compassion by doing something as simple as hugging or showing appreciation for her. 

12. Improve your sex life

Breaking up over sex might seem shallow. However, sex is an important factor in a happy love life. Good sex makes both partners feel good about themselves while strengthening the bond between them. 

Here’s an excerpt of a study conducted by NCBI

“Sexual satisfaction proved to be a main predictor of relationship satisfaction in both sexes. For women, interpersonal closeness was additionally important, with a sense of closeness found to be even more important than sexual satisfaction for women cohabiting with their partners.”

But some men avoid sex for a few reasons…

Men avoid sex mostly because of sexual dysfunction. This includes the following conditions: 

Aside from the physical causes of sexual blockages, most men struggle with the psychological causes. This is usually because of negative past experiences. 

13. Master your sexual energy

The ability to channel your sexual energy is quite literally a superpower. It gives you the focus and determination to tap into your full creative potential. This energy could be translated to other areas of your life, which can lead to self-transformations. 

If you master the ability to channel your sexual energy, your partner is almost guaranteed to sense a difference. Showing her this commitment to transform yourself for her will help you forge a stronger sense of trust. 

14. Nurture a spiritual connection

Granted, going from a toxic to a spiritual relationship takes some work. Heck, any goal that’s worth achieving is going to require a significant commitment. 

Nurturing a spiritual connection with your partner means taking your relationship to another level. After all, you’re transcending the physical dimension by reaching into the realms of spirituality. 

The outcome? You’ll create a deeper bond like no other, which leads to a more satisfying and loving relationship. 

15. Appreciate your partner’s flaws

embrace every part of your partner including her flaws

No human being is perfect. Even though we know this to be true, some of us are in the mindset that our partner must be perfect for us. 

A successful relationship isn’t just about being able to appreciate the positives. It’s also about being able to appreciate the negatives. What’s also equally important is being grateful for the small things. 

16. Seek professional help

Failing to improve your relationship no matter how hard you try? Then, it’s time to seek professional help. 

You could consider going to couples therapy or counseling to help identify the underlying issues that lead to conflict. Both counselors and therapists are trained professionals who can offer guidance. 

Another alternative is to consider working with a relationship coach

How To Prevent A Broken Relationship In The First Place

Here’s how to prevent a broken relationship: 

  • Practice self-awareness
  • Make yourself emotionally available to her
  • Do regular relationship check-ins

Addressing relationship issues before they arise is the best solution. 

Practice self-awareness

all successful relationships requires self awareness from both partners

Maintaining long-term relationships demands self-reflection. Without this, it leads to a lack of emotional intelligence. 

The consequence of this is poor management of negative emotions. Therefore, you may end up sabotaging the relationship, not realizing what you’re actually doing. 

Make yourself emotionally available to her

You can make the relationship work by being emotionally available

Allow your partner to express her feelings freely by supporting and making her feel comfortable. And to avoid a one-sided relationship, emotional intimacy should be expressed from both sides. Not just from one partner. 

This openness sets you up for an honest conversation. 

Do regular relationship check-ins

Adding relationship check-ins to your routine. It’s good for both you and your partner’s mental health. Additionally, you’ll get the insight you need to understand your partner’s feelings in the relationship. 

Having conversations about the ups and downs of your relationship ensures that you’re both on the same page. 


Hopefully, you found this article helpful with all the actionable advice we’ve unpacked. 

Remember that fixing a broken relationship isn’t like slapping duct tape on a leaky pipe in the Titanic. 

No, it takes more than that. I would go so far as to say that knowing how to fix a broken relationship is art. Why? Because it demands transformation in your character and becoming a better man—seeing that transformation through is beautiful from start to finish. 

With some patience, dedication, and a sprinkle of Tantra, you’ll bring back the good old loving days rather than settling for daydreams.  

Do you still feel like your relationship is getting caved in? I suggest checking out my free relationship masterclass. This is the ultimate alternative to therapy that gives you all the essential tools to repair your relationship, no matter what kind of issue you’re dealing with.


Can a broken relationship be restored?

It’s definitely possible to restore a broken relationship, no matter how damaged it seems. With the commitment of both partners, you’ll be able to bring the love back to where it was when you first started dating. 

What is the best way to fix a broken relationship?

The best way to fix a broken relationship is to acknowledge the situation you’re in and take full accountability. Then, focus on becoming a better partner to transform the relationship.

In your partner’s eyes, she’ll see the effort you’re putting in for her, which will make her naturally respond to you. From there, the next step is to make room for quality time.

What are the signs of a broken relationship?

The most obvious sign of a broken relationship is when you’re dealing with trust issues and constant conflict.

If you’re unable to have an open conversation because it leads to fights, it’s a sign you’re in a rocky relationship. Moreover, increasing distance and a lack of intimacy are clear indicators. 

How do you know if a relationship is fixable?

A relationship is fixable as long as your partner is still willing to be with you. If your partner no longer wants to be with you and isn’t willing to respond to the changes you’re making, then it might be time to consider calling off the relationship. 

It might even be time to call it quits when you’re doing more harm to each other’s mental health than good, even after seeking professional support. 


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

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