6 Ways To Create A Tantric Relationship, Consciously

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What images spring to mind when I mention tantric relationships? Probably images related to polyamory. Gang bangs and threesomes. A man striding down the street with two women clasping his hands. Romantic dinners for three, or four, or five..?


Tantra and polyamory


The idea that tantric relationships are by nature always polyamorous is an assumption based on misleading information. Recently, tantra has become a bit of a buzzword that is thrown around. It has been attached to things that don’t necessarily reflect its true essence.  Nor do they grasp the amount of effort involved in being ‘tantric’. Many people who prefer to be in non-monogamous relationships claim to also be tantric. This is often because they are looking for a way to justify their lifestyle choices to those around them who may not understand, or disapprove of this way of relating.

It is important to point out that I am not knocking open relationships here. I am merely pointing out the fact that tantra has mistakenly become synonymous with polyamory.

Polyamorous relating and tantric relationships do share some attributes. Both require an open mind. They require an attitude that prioritizes personal growth over ego and top-notch communication skills.

There is no need to be with multiple partners when you are in a tantric relationship.

When my clients mention that they are interested in trying polyamory? I remind them that it is easier to evolve spiritually when you are only committed to one person. That is – inside of a monogamous relationship. Relationships are not easy. They take time, attention, energy, and constant work. Many relationships struggle on a constant basis, even when there is deep love between two partners. 

I say to my clients who are having issues with their partner and wanting to experiment with polyamory as part of a tantric relationship: if you can’t hold down one harmonious relationship, how do you expect to hold down several at a time?

Tantric relationship



What makes a relationship tantric?


What makes a relationship tantric is not how many partners you can have at one time. It is not how many dates you can go on per week with other women. It is not triggering your partner’s jealousy through fraternizing with other women.

… What makes a relationship truly tantric is your level of consciousness.

You are both making a shared commitment to each other’s personal growth. You are agreeing to use the relationship as a shared practice to spiritually evolve.

In a truly spiritual relationship, we hold unconditional love as our pillarstone and our guide.

That way, when conflicts arise, or when we are feeling upset, angry, jealous, or triggered by our partner – we use our feelings as an invitation to communicate, express, grow and heal.

When we unconditionally love and are unconditionally loved, there are no expectations or demands. Unconditional love – as romantic as it sounds – is not easy to achieve. It is a constant practice of swallowing pride, compassion, empathy, understanding, and forgiveness. 

Two partners who unconditionally love each other might well cause each other pain and suffering from time to time. At the same time, they understand that often it is our own wounding and trauma that actually causes the pain. It is not necessarily the actions of their partner. They also understand that sometimes we act out of and because of pain. They have compassion and understanding for all of the above, which leads to forgiveness, empathy, and acceptance.


6 steps to make your relationship more conscious and use unconditional love as your guide


Do you want to bring more unconditional love into your relationship? Do you want to experience greater levels of harmony and understanding between you and your partner? 

If the answer is yes, here are 6 of my best tips for building a conscious tantric relationship:

Tantric relationship


1. Know your true self

Do you know yourself? Like, really know yourself?

Do you know what all of your needs are? Your wants, priorities, must-haves, deal-breakers, likes, dislikes, fetishes, turn-ons, challenges, shortcomings, and absences?

You would be surprised how many people don’t know these things. Yet they still enter into relationships. They expect their partner to understand and attend to each one of the above fully. How can they expect their partner to know them on this level if they don’t even know themselves?

Having self-awareness about what you do and do not want/need from a relationship is absolutely crucial. Once you have this awareness of who you are and what your own needs are, you can then communicate them to your partner.

False expectations can cause issues in relationships. Many people find themselves either trying to change their partner, or with a partner who is trying to change them. 

When you know yourself, you are more able to stand solid and resist this kind of manipulation and change tactics. 

Learn about who YOU are. You are certainly much more than your job title, your ego, your emotions, and your thoughts.

We spend such a large proportion of our lives nowadays working at a computer, scrolling social media, or mindlessly chatting to our friends on WhatsApp. All of this is fine. It is part of the 21st Century human existence, but it doesn’t help us to know ourselves.

Get to know your own soul on a deep level by spending uninterrupted, undistracted quality time with yourself. Do the things that you love to do. If you don’t know what they are – try out some new things.

Open a book. Meditate. Watch a thought-provoking movie. Walk in nature. Paint. Play music. Anything that gets you more acquainted with the unique tapestry of you.

Once you have gotten to know yourself better, you will be able to make better decisions when it comes to choosing a partner. You will be better able to identify and communicate your own desires. Trust me – a man who can communicate what he wants is really, really sexy.


2. Develop emotional intelligence.


This is a big one.

We are taught so much in school-related to academic intelligence. Despite this, we are never taught how to develop our emotional intelligence. 

Why is this a problem? It comes back to communication again. If we aren’t aware of our own emotions, we aren’t able to communicate them. If we aren’t able to communicate our emotions? Our partner might feel that we are disconnected, absent, or doing something we shouldn’t be doing – like cheating.

This creates distance and tension within a relationship. Especially if it goes unspoken. Both of you will be able to feel the pull from each other, but the reasons for why will remain unclear and unsaid. 

Speaking as a man, TO an audience who are mostly men, I can attest that emotional intelligence is harder for men to acquire than for women. 

Women are naturally more emotional creatures. We men on the other hand are conditioned and taught from a young age to swallow and hide our emotions.

Thankfully, it is possible to develop your own emotional EQ. You simply need to give yourself the time and space to sit with, feel into and identify whatever feelings are arising.

Tools such as meditation, journaling, and mindfulness, are wonderful techniques for building emotional intelligence. The truth is that most of us spend our lives in such a constant state of hurry and distraction that we barely give a second’s thought to how we are feeling inside. These practices force you to slow down. By doing so, you will automatically gain a deeper understanding of how you are feeling.

Tantric relationship


3. Know and speak your boundaries


Another buzzword: boundaries.

One of the hardest things to do is to face the fear of speaking your own truth. 

We get so caught up in how it will make the other person feel that we forego our own comfort or happiness for the sake of them. This often leads to feelings of violation, disappointment, and even resentment.

If certain language, behaviors, attitudes, or actions are not OK for you, it is important to express them to your partner. 

If you don’t, you are depriving them of the chance to adapt and adjust. 

This will lead to conflict. Another thing I always say to my clients… Human beings are not psychic!

Find out what your boundaries are and practice communicating them in a healthy, non-demanding way. 

Remember that relationships are a constant cooperation and require compassion and kindness. Use lots of ‘I’ statements, eg. ‘when this happens, I feel that….’


4. Put the needs of the relationship above those of your own


It is also important to recognize that the relationship itself has needs. These are outside of and separate from the needs of the individuals inside of the relationship.

Today, it is constantly pushed on us to value our independence. We are told to love ourselves and put ourselves first. 

I personally believe this to be a flawed way of looking at things. Whatsmore, I believe it to be terrible dating advice.

This way of operating will eventually bring a relationship to its knees. Relationships are about cooperation and compromise. Relationships should emphasize selflessness rather than selfishness.

Sooner or later, both partners putting themselves first all the time is going to lead to disappointment, hurt, and feelings of being let down.

Shift the priority and the focus from ‘what can I get from the relationship’ to ‘what can I give to the relationship’.

By doing so, you will paradoxically find that all of your needs are met.

Having a conscious relationship is about creating a third entity. You and your partner as one.

That third entity must be treated like a child. It must come first. It must receive priority, attention, and utmost care. 

When it does, the relationship will become conscious and above average. It will exceed both of your expectations and more.

Tantric relationship


5. Be disciplined and take action towards what you want in life


One of the most important elements to a spiritual relationship is both partners having intent and purpose in their lives. Unfortunately, a lot of us are held back from ever fulfilling our purpose by fear.

Reaching our goals isn’t attained by sitting around and waiting for our goals to reach us.

Reaching our goals requires action.

Sometimes the heart and the mind disagree with one another. Despite the heart desperately wanting something, the mind kicks in and overrules. The mind’s fearful cries of ‘what if’ and ‘it’s not the right time’ stop us from having what we desire the most.  

Usually, this is because the mind is worrying and fretting about the things that could possibly go wrong. Despite the fact that they will probably never happen, the mind simply cannot let go.

This kind of thinking keeps us small. It keeps us trapped in a narrow-minded fear-based mentality. It stops us from reaching for our goals. 

In order to reach those goals, we need to shift the focus to that of a wide-angle lens. 

When our heart wants to do something (for example, make a YouTube video about something we’re passionate about), we focus on all of the good things it can do for us (share our passion with the world, inspire someone, express our creativity, help people) rather than the small number of unlikely, negative outcomes (being laughed at or receiving a negative comment).

Do you feel that you are being held back from reaching your goals due to fear? If so, you might want to work with a coach or a mentor for some professional help with overcoming limiting beliefs.

6. Heal any sexual shame and sexual trauma

Think you don’t have sexual shame or trauma? Think again.

Even for those of us who (like myself) have been working on it for years, shedding sexual shame and trauma is a life’s work. 

We are constantly peeling off layers of the onion skin. After all, sex has been shamed, demonized, and slammed within society for lifetimes.

Since childhood, we are conditioned and taught to hide our sexual organs and genitals from the world. We are told not to touch ourselves ‘there’ and that sexual interactions and ideas are somehow perverse.

How comfortable would you be talking about your sex life with your parents? Probably not very. If this is the case, I would guess that you still have some sexual trauma and shame to shift.

Becoming comfortable in your own sexuality will open up so much in terms of your next relationship and the heights to which it can go. 

When there is true intimacy within a relationship, sex has the power to shape, change and heal us. There are really no limits as to how far it can go.

But when there are blockages, it cannot do its magic work. 

One step I often give to my clients who are dealing with sexual shame is to stand in front of the mirror, naked, every day. You would be surprised by the number of people who are deeply ashamed of their own bodies. This is so damaging. In order to fully embody our own erotic nature, we need to first own ourselves as an erotic being. Accepting your naked body is the first step.

The next step would be to masturbate in front of the mirror. Do you think you could get turned on by the sight of your own reflection giving yourself pleasure?

If not, it might be time to start doing it…


Come back to unconditional love


After all of this, maybe you are wondering what the point is of having a tantric relationship?

It really comes back to unconditional love.

When there is unconditional love, the relationship stands a much better chance of standing the test of time.

Relationships are not easy. As the last year of the pandemic has shown us, life can sometimes throw large, unexpected hurdles our way. But when two people are fully invested and committed to their path of growth? There are few obstacles that cannot be overcome.

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