40 Subtle & Body Signs A Woman Is Sexually Attracted To You

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Aug 11, 2023
signs a woman is sexually attracted to you

We’re shattering women’s mysteriousness today.

That’s right — it’s high time we lift the bewildering veil for men on the intricate signs a woman is sexually attracted to you.

Too many men waste weeks or months obsessing over whether there’s a spark when she’s been giving him the signs all along!

After this article, you’ll know the gestures and indicators to bolster your intuition. We’ve also included the reasons why these signs indicate sexual attraction.

So, to read a woman’s body and subtle cues in a way you never thought possible — read on.

What is sexual attraction?

girl kissing the boy on the cheek

Sexual attraction is a physical, emotional, and psychological response to a person, which creates erotic intimacy. In this definition, we’re enlisting the expertise of highly regarded relationship experts, therapists, and doctors.

According to relationship expert Esther Perel, sexual attraction is not just about physical appearance but also about “the mystery, the ambivalence, the unknown” that can make someone alluring. In addition, she states, “Sexual attraction is about an energy exchange, a hormonal and chemical cocktail that creates a certain charge, a spark, between two people.”

Dr. Jenn Mann, a licensed marriage and family therapist, adds that sexual attraction can be influenced by many factors, including “confidence, intelligence, and sense of humor.” She states, “There are a variety of different factors that can lead to sexual attraction, and it’s not just about physical appearance.”

What makes a woman sexually attracted to a man?

woman whispering on the mans ear under the snow

Attraction is both complex and powerful. Women are most likely to feel attraction toward a man whose behaviors closely match those of an integrated man. This includes:

  • Confidence
  • Self-assuredness
  • Charm
  • Humor

It is important to note that every woman is different, and what one woman finds attractive may not be the same as another. And recognizing a soul mate connection is important for a man or woman to find the right person.

Can a man sense when a woman is attracted to him?

Yes, but he can’t just rely on if she’s giving him prolonged eye contact.

When a man builds his masculine energy, he often has a strong gut feeling about whether a woman is attracted to him.

The awareness and intuition allow him to read the subtle physical and behavioral giveaways objectively. These include extended eye contact, smiling, laughing at jokes, and physical touch — we’ll get into the finer details later.

Not all men are equally attuned to these cues. And while there’s no foolproof way to know for sure if a woman is attracted to you without directly asking them — the signs below will give you a strong indication of whether there’s a spark to build a sexual or romantic relationship.

20 subtle signs she’s sexually attracted to you

man and woman talking in a coffee shop

Here are the 20 signs that she’s attracted to you sexually. And if you’re looking to build a sexual or romantic relationship, then it’s time to acquire the skills to get a girl to like you.

1. She asks personal questions.

Subtle hints of her possible sexual attraction lie in the kinds of questions she asks. For example, asking about your relationship status or weekend plans is a likely sign she’s eager to get to know you better.

2. She seems to go out of her way to talk to you.

You meet her at your regular morning coffee shop run and in the park for your evening run. Of course, you might just have similar habits and body clocks — or she’s looking forward to seeing you throughout her day.


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3. She gives you compliments, especially about your appearance.

This is an obvious sign that she’s sexually interested in you, especially if these compliments are accompanied by one of the physical signs a woman is sexually attracted to you below.

4. She laughs at your jokes and shows interest in what you have to say.

Both men and women highly regard a sense of humor when dating. However, as the Times Magazine mentions, men favor women who laugh and their jokes, and women favor men who make them laugh. So if a woman laughs at your jokes, she could be sexually attracted to you.

5. She responds quickly to your messages or calls.

woman checking her phone with blue casing

This is a no-brainer — relatively quick responses are a good sign that sexual attraction is in the water for you both. Especially if, throughout an evening, you basically send essays back and forth.

6. She shares personal stories about herself with you.

Intimacy isn’t just how or when she speaks to you — the depth of the conversation has a lot to do about how safe she feels around you. Vulnerability is a massive component of intimacy and a sign she’s showing she’s sexually attracted to you.

7. She makes plans to see you again in the future.

In a casual conversation, she’ll often finish with a plan for you to meet again.

8. She tries to make you laugh or smile.

She’s starting to build sexual chemistry with you through jokes and messing around.

9. She acts differently around you than around other people.

man talking to a woman wearing a hat

Look to see how she behaves in the broader context of people in her life. For example, if she is more engaged, or even if you sense she might feel awkward or nervous around you, it is often a real sign she’s attracted to you.

10. She shares personal stories or experiences around relationships or intimacy.

Women tend to be cautious about the intimate details of their life. If she’s drawn to you and letting you into more personal aspects of her life, all these signs point towards attraction.

11. She remembers details about you and brings them up in future conversations.

She remembers that your dog was under the weather and checks in on how his vet visit went. Or she knows just how you like your coffee. When seeking signs a woman is sexually attracted to you, become aware of all the little details.

12. She compliments you or expresses admiration for your qualities.

couple playing chess

Sexual interest isn’t just physical, especially for women. A study of 68,000 participants on what women want detailed that “personality comes out on top, with 88.9% of women considering “kindness” a very important trait in a partner. Close behind were “supportiveness” and “intelligence,” which were chosen by 86.5% and 72.3% of women, respectively.”

13. She uses a lot of emojis or other cute symbols in their messages to you.

This isn’t necessarily a clear sign. Many women use emojis to talk to everyone — their neighbors, family, and friends. However, if she’s throwing in kissy faces and winks, then she’s giving you signs that she’s into you.

14. She shows interest in your work or career.

She’s interested in your goals because when women start catching feelings, they can begin to imagine their life with this person. For many women, having drive, focus, and ambition is a real turn-on.

15. She shares her food or drinks with you.

woman eating vegetarian food

I don’t know about you, but I won’t share my food with just anyone. So if she’s offering you to try a spoon of lunch, it could be one of those subtle hints she wants you closer.

16. She sends you flirty or suggestive texts or messages.

Some of you are looking for what to say on Tinder to attract her. If she’s sending GIFs or long messages, then it’s pretty obvious that she’s open to exploring a connection with you.

17. She seems nervous around you.

Everyone expresses their feelings differently, and some people may be more reserved or shy than others. According to a research paper on perceived nervous reactions during initial attraction in Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology:

“Participants reported that they did, indeed, experience a cluster of anxiety-related physiological and behavioral reactions during an initial encounter with someone they found highly attractive.”

They also noted how “appearing nervous and awkward during an initial encounter with an attractive other may seem counterproductive for future mating success.”  

Humans aren’t called complex creatures for no reason!

18. She uses your name often in conversation.

This subtle sign shows that she feels sexual attraction toward you. However, before jumping to conclusions, check to see if she frequently mentions her friends’ names when chatting also.

19. She seems to be paying attention to you, even in a group setting.

Is she drawn to you in a sea of people? Then, it’s likely that physical attraction is afoot.

20. She playfully teases you.

It’s not just men that tease when they’re physically attracted to someone. Messing around jokes and gentle, good-natured teasing means she’s probably trying to get your attention.

20 physical body signs she’s attracted to you

These signs are specifically designed to see if her body language suggests sexual interest in you.

1. Her pupils dilate when she looks at you.

woman with gray eyes looking intently at the camera

The “love hormones,” namely oxytocin and dopamine, impact pupil size. When you experience sexual or romantic attraction, your brain receives a surge of these chemicals, leading to an enlargement of your pupils.

2. She blushes around you

Of all the signs of sexual feelings, blushing has got to be the most well-known and a key indicator that she’s sexually attracted to you.

3. She will often lean forward when you speak.

Body language cannot be underestimated when determining if a woman is sexually attracted to you. See if she angles her body towards yours and also learns other ways to decode female subconscious communication cues.


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4. She arches her back.

Back arching can indicate strong sexual interest, as it accentuates a woman’s sexuality and her curves. As always, though, we recommend having quite a few of these signs as indicators for proving that she’s interested.

5. She mirrors your body language.

Mirroring is one of those sure signs that she’s interested in you romantically. Lack of physical signs of attraction could mean you’re struggling in the friend zone. It’s worth examining whether you’ve got a Mr. Nice Guy syndrome and learning to stop being a people pleaser.

6. She plays with her hair.

While playing with her hair can be a way to signal attraction, know that some women play with their hair out of nervousness or even boredom! So I’d suggest looking out for more nonverbal indicators to check out if she’s flirting with you.

7. She maintains eye contact.

couple talking happily in a cafe

Every rom-com you’ve watched will show prolonged eye contact as the changing point in friends to lovers. For many, subconscious urges are at play, making it hard to draw their eyes away.

8. She touches or plays with jewelry or clothing.

Look to see whether she’s touching and caressing her attire or if she’s fidgety. The former shows positive emotions and interest, and the latter is that she’s uncomfortable or nervous.

9. She points her feet towards you.

According to body language expert Joe Navarro in his book What Every Body is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People.

“Feet, as an extension of the legs, often reveal the direction in which a person wants to go, physically or otherwise. When we are attracted to someone, our feet tend to point towards them, as if they were magnetic north on a compass.”

10. She laughs or giggles nervously.

Sexual tension can make people very nervous. As you’ve probably heard, excitement and nervousness are just two sides of the same coin. Spend time getting to know her and see if her nervous laughter turns more relaxed and genuine.

11. She licks or bites her lips.

woman biting her lower lip

Lip biting is one of the most common signs a woman is sexually attracted to you. When a woman bites her lips, it could be a sign of strong desire, yet some women do so when anxious.

12. She fidgets with her hands or feet.

As you’ll have gathered from this list — fidgeting is a component of attraction for many. However, the rush of emotions, and the fear of messing up the initial stages of flirting, can make people understandably shy.

13. She raises her eyebrows, or her eyes widen.

If you spot your date amidst a crowd of people, pay attention to their eyebrows. A quick and abrupt lift of the eyebrows, known as the “eyebrow flash,” indicates sexual interest. Observe this gesture carefully, as it usually lasts only one-fifth of a second and could easily be missed!

14. Showing off their neck or collarbone.

woman feeling the hand around her jaw

Body language expert Traci Brown says the significance of a woman touching her neck may mean she is “calling attention to a sensitive area—and lengthening it.” It’s possibly another way of saying, “I’m sexy” through confident and open body language.

15. She tilts her head to the side.

Not only is this adorable and sexy, but it is a classic sign of interest, and not necessarily attraction. It usually indicates interest in women, but it becomes a good indicator of attraction when used frequently with other signs and gestures.

16. She rolls her hips.

Women’s hips are naturally wider than men’s, and a woman who is interested in you may move her hips in a more pronounced way. If a situation arises that you’re walking behind her — and she knows this – see how she walks. The swaying of her hips is a signal that she has dialed up her divine feminine energy, as it accentuates the fullness of her hips and buttocks.

17. She crosses and uncrosses her legs while looking at you.

Spend time noticing how often she changes position. If she doesn’t move and you are deep in conversation, that’s one thing. However, women are often drawing attention to their attractive qualities around someone they feel sexually aroused by. For example, she may wear heels and cross legs to emphasize her sexy pins.

18. She rests her hand on your arm or shoulder.

man smiling at the woman with sunglasses on her head

Physical contact such as this hints that she wants to get even closer!

19. She improves her posture when talking to you.

Perhaps she lengthens her spine or thrusts her chest forward. But, again, she’s showing you her best self in these situations.

20. She touches your arm.

Physical touch is critical to creating the first sparks that lead to a romantic relationship. She might be nervous and pretend that any contact is just an accident. However, if she initiates touch multiple times and likes to sit close to you, take this as one of those signs a woman is sexually attracted to you.

Conclusion: Want to be the man who draws women in?

couple laughing by the lake

By now, you’re well equipped with signs a woman is sexually attracted to you. You have insights into nonverbal cues and body language gestures that showcase her interest in you.

If that’s all you need to know for your dating life — great!

However, there’s a lot more to dating than reading the signs. A lot of women are waiting for a man who is in his integrated masculine. A confident, assertive man can take the lead and blow her away in bed, all through intense connection and love.

I’m Steffo Shambo, a relationship and dating coach who has helped hundreds of men find their dream partners. And here is my free masterclass for you to find and keep the woman of your dreams.


How do you know if a woman is attracted to you sexually?

Specific cues such as repeated eye contact, lip biting, making time for you, and even teasing are all signs of sexual attraction.

How do I know if my colleague is attracted to me sexually?

A colleague interested in you sexually will ask about your personal life, seek you out during coffee breaks, and maybe even use body language cues to show her interest.

How do you know if a girl finds you physically attractive?

She may lean close to you when talking, improve her posture or even laugh or giggle nervously around you.  


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