Best 7 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Rejection And The Effects

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Aug 11, 2023
Fear of Rejection

Every successful man has experienced the fear of rejection at some point in his life. Men have learned to be strong, independent, and courageous by nature. However, due to the complexities of human nature, achieving this is not always an easy journey. Rejection is what made him overcome his fears and try harder to accomplish his goals.

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Why is fear or rejection such a common feeling among men?

Most men tend to be oblivious to their own truth. Fear of rejection from women derives mostly from personal insecurities. If you knew what it is you want, need or looking for, would you be afraid of rejection? Men tend to fantasize that they will never be rejected by women, which is simply a manifestation of their insecurities. So, what are the factors that make fear of rejection such a common issue among men?

  • Rejection confirms your deepest fears. You might be thinking that you are not feeling loved, that you are destined to be alone forever, or that you are not worthy of someone else’s love.
  • You are afraid to experience pain. Rejection makes you feel hurt. The fear of having these kinds of feelings makes you prefer staying away from people rather than approaching them.

Understand fear of rejection

To overcome your fear of rejection, you need to understand better how it affects your life. What are the signs that indicate your fear of approaching women and your lack of sexual confidence?

1) You feel overwhelmed by the dating scene

If you are experiencing fear of rejection, a first date looks like a constant struggle and worry of whether the girl next to you likes you or not. Instead of focusing on getting to know her, all you do is stress and worry about how she perceives you.

2) You experience approach anxiety

Approach anxiety is a common issue among men suffering from fear of rejection.

3) You pretend to be someone you are not

You might think that not showing your true self will save you from being rejected by women. You portray a different version of yourself, which can make you feel inauthentic.

4) You have become a people pleaser

By becoming a people pleaser, you have the feeling that people will like you more, even if you take on too much, more than you can handle. Find out if you are a people pleaser by taking this quiz.

5) You avoid confrontation

By avoiding confrontation, you don’t speak up for yourself and don’t ask for things you want so that you avoid rejection.


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7 ways to overcome fear of rejection

If you are experiencing the above behaviors in your everyday life, fear of rejection from women is a strong feeling you are having. To overcome your fear of rejection, there are several steps you need to follow:

1) Understand that it’s just not about you

In about 90% of rejection instances, it is not personal. Circumstances and our inner world always affect the course of our lives. There could be a million things happening to that woman while you talk to her. These are completely irrelevant to you and your personality. Unfortunately, we can’t control external factors. You need to learn how to let go and always keep in mind that it’s not about you. Don’t let fear of rejection become a self fulfilling prophecy and end up with you rejecting others so that they cannot reject you.

2) Be yourself and be authentic

When approaching a woman, you need to do so with your authentic self clearly visible. Do not preoccupy yourself with concerns about whether she will like you or not. In the event of a perceived rejection, you will not feel so good. You need to approach the situation from the standpoint of YOU also assessing whether the woman is right for YOU. Can you have an adventure together? Can you make each other laugh? Could you spend time with this person without being unduly irritated by each other? Regardless of the outcome, you’ll know you have succeeded, simply because you found out the truth.

3) Always remember that it has happened to everyone

Rejection is a part of life and everyone has faced it more than once. Remember, you are not the only one who has experienced rejection by women, it has happened to everyone. This thought might help you fear rejection less.

4) Acknowledge your feelings

Rejection comes in all shapes and sizes; everyone is experiencing it in a different way. Before addressing your feelings, you need to thoroughly validate them and acknowledge them so you can move forward. This practice will allow you to understand how rejection makes you feel and help you connect deeper with yourself.

5) Every rejection is a lesson

Every rejection you experience in your life should be a lesson. A lesson of how it makes you feel, and of the opportunities it provides in regards to self-growth, development and healing.

6) Face your fear

As mentioned above, 90% of the times you approach someone and it doesn’t lead anywhere, it has nothing to do with you. This argument should help you face your fear of rejection. If it’s not about you and it has to do with external factors, what are you afraid of?

7) Stop talking negatively about yourself

Negative self talk reinforces the thought that everything was your fault. In reality, it has nothing to do with you. You need to remind yourself what you are worth and what you are capable of. Other people’s opinions should not matter.


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What if you only experience rejection?

If you are one of those men who only experience rejection and come home empty-handed every time they approach a woman it’s because you don’t show the real YOU. You might be adopting pick up techniques that don’t suit your personality. 

Potentially you are using cheap lines that have nothing to do with who you are. You choose not to address your low self esteem or acknowledge your feelings. You worry too much about other people’s opinion of you. This shows a lack of personal responsibility as well as self-awareness. Stay true to yourself. Be authentic, original, yourself and kind. When you do, you will be a true king.

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How to initiate sex without fear of rejection

A common question many men ask me is how to initiate sex without fear of rejection. Men who are suffering from fear of rejection are scared and hesitant to initiate sex. Some are experiencing erectile dysfunction as a result of this. They are too afraid of rejection to ask for sex with their partner or even to initiate it. They feel shame and a great deal of negative emotion when their advances don’t produce the desired result.

You might be thinking, ‘I don’t want to experience a future rejection’ or ‘I am really bad in asking for sex’. This can easily spill over into an irrational fear of initiating sex.

BUT, this shouldn’t be the case. Sex is about a deeper connection within your most intimate relationships. This person is with you because they see something in you that attracts them. You don’t have to ask for sex, there are other non-verbal ways you can initiate a sexual interaction with your partner.

  • Try a tantric practice that will lead you to a deeper connection.
  • Don’t wait for the perfect conditions. Trying to create the perfect vibe will take time and might lead to you or your partner losing motivation.
  • Discover what outcome you seek from your sexual experience and make it happen. Do you want to connect with your partner, release stress, or have a full body orgasm ? Each man seeks different things from his sexual encounter.
  • Remove the blame and shame. Stop worrying if you are sexy enough, good enough, or fit enough – it’s not about you, it’s about intimacy.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. As said earlier, you cannot control external circumstances. Acceptance of this is key.

What is considered a successful outcome when it comes to fear of rejection?

Success can mean different things to different people. Men put a lot of pressure on themselves to be successful. This is especially the case with dating and relationships. Some might think that success with women is not to experience romantic rejection. Perhaps for others it is the number of women they have dated. Others might think that success is when their girlfriends are more attractive than their friends’ girlfriends.

There are various conventional approaches to what success is. Some might say that success is determined by women. This is because they choose which guys they think have what they are looking for. Another approach considers success as a matter of wealth and appearance.

It is up to you to determine what you consider as a success with women. Defining your success is of high importance. Your behavior and approach will be relevant to what you need to do to achieve your goal – success. If you choose the wrong definition of success you will figure it out down the line. All your efforts will just go to waste. Therefore, don’t define success in a quantitative way.

Choose qualitative metrics that will maximize your personal happiness and result in a healthy relationship with yourself. Your relationship with yourself should not hinge on your success in hitting on a stranger. It should depend on the quality of your intimate relationships.

A qualitative metric will make perceived rejection irrelevant. You will not become trapped by the whirlwind of negative emotions that can come along with rejection. Rejection won’t bring you into a state of social anxiety or cause you to avoid social interaction for fear of being rejected.

Your personal definition of success

Once you identify what success means to you, your approach will take a completely new turn. You’ll stop waiting for women to select or validate you, and instead, you will start seeking those women you think will make you happy and help you achieve your goal.

Fear of rejection will take you backward and won’t help you become the man you are meant to be. You need to define what you consider as success with women and start working towards your goal. You will learn how to overcome your fear, acknowledge your feelings, and finally unleash your inner king. My free training will help you release your emotional baggage, one of the main causes of fear of rejection, and guide you through a spiritual journey that will help you achieve a deeper connection with your partner.

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What is fear of rejection?

Fear of rejection is when we are afraid of being turned down or receiving a ‘no’ from another human being. Fear of rejection is very common among males when it comes to approaching women. It is usually accompanied by low self confidence.

Why are you afraid of rejection?

The most common reason for being afraid of a perceived rejection is a lack of self worth and self confidence. Many human beings base their self-esteem on other people’s opinion of them. This can result in an inability to be one’s authentic self due to an irrational fear of not being accepted for that authentic self.

Why do you fear rejection so bad?

Some people live their life fearing rejection so much that it results in self-ostracism. The reasons for fearing rejection are usually low self esteem, negative emotions about oneself and past experiences of rejection. These usually come from emotional pain experienced during childhood. When we are abandoned or rejected by one or both parents, this can lead to an intense fear of romantic rejection when we are an adult.

Is fear of rejection normal?

Yes. Fear of rejection is totally normal and very common. No one enjoys being rejected. It is only when fear of rejection causes social anxiety or really dents your confidence that it stops being normal. Feeling held back from having a romantic relationship due to intense fear of rejection is not normal. At this point it is worth approaching a mental health professional to help you.

Why do humans fear rejection?

Human beings fear rejection because (in some person’s life) it triggers a feeling of inadequacy. This can lead people to avoid any social interaction that might involve being rejected. This is often deeply rooted in abandonment experiences from childhood. Someone can live in fear of revealing their true self and being rejected for it. Unfortunately, this often turns into a self fulfilling prophecy. The person rejects others for fear of being rejected themselves. They are isolated and alone. This social exclusion (which they brought onto themselves) perpetuates the cycle and feels like rejection proof.

Why do you find rejection so hard?

Rejection can feel deeply personal – especially if you are a people pleaser. Rejection inside social situations can bring on feelings of shame and induce negative self talk.

How can fear of rejection affect your life?

The worst thing about fear of interpersonal rejection is that it can result in actual ostracism. When our worst fear is rejection, it can lead to us rejecting others before they have a chance to reject us. This is a protective mechanism we put in place to shield ourselves from the pain of a future rejection. But it leaves a isolated and alone. When we are isolated and alone, our worst fears are confirmed. We believe we are not worthy of intimate relationships, and we continue to reject anyone who comes close.

What role does rejection play with social anxiety?

Fear of rejection can lead to social anxiety when it becomes extreme. Social rejection is so deeply feared that we refuse to put ourselves at risk of experiencing it. We put a wall around ourselves. This wall shelters us from the intensely painful emotion associated with rejection. In these cases, people become afraid of every social situation. They fear rejection is around every corner. When fear of rejection becomes social anxiety, rejection therapy is very useful.

What are the signs of rejection in a relationship?

If your partner is declining your calls and spending less time with you, this may be a sign that they are beginning to reject you.

What is behind the relationship anxiety?

Relationship anxiety happens when we fear our partner’s imminent departure. This can feel like a black cloud and can appear in the body as actual physical pain! The key to overcoming relationship anxiety is acceptance that your partner may well leave you at any time. And you will still be OK. With acceptance of the impermanence of everything in life, we can find true freedom. In some cases, relationship anxiety can be completely irrational. In these instances, reassurance from your partner or seeing a therapist can also help.

What do guys do when they feel rejected?

Some guys will experience a massive blow to their confidence, and vow never to approach another woman again. Others will approach the rejection with acceptance. These men have a healthy relationship with themselves. They acknowledge that it is unrealistic to never be rejected by a woman, especially if he is a stranger to her. As their self-esteem is high, they will not be deterred in future.

What does rejection do to the brain?

Some recent research into the science of rejection has shown that social rejection can lead to feelings of anger, depression, anxiety and sadness. More research into depression and sex has shown that depression can drastically reduce libido. Therefore it is important to accept that both rejection and these negative feelings are natural. Do not end up in a situation where rejection makes you depressed and depression kills your libido. Rejection should not deter you from future situations in which rejection is possible.

What helps you deal with rejection?

Having high self worth is essential. Remind yourself that there are billions of people on the planet. These people are all very different and it is impossible for every one of them to accept and/or want you. Rejection is often impersonal and has nothing to do with you. In these cases it is due to the inner environment of the person doing the rejecting.

How do you handle rejection gracefully?

Remember your dignity. Never beg or plead another person to accept you. Thank them for their honesty and move on.

How does cognitive behavioral therapy help with rejection?

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help with blocking negative thoughts and behaviors associated with rejection. It helps to prevent future avoidance of situations that could involve rejection.

Is rejection a good thing?

Yes! Rejection can be a healthy and much-needed reminder that we are human and flawed. It can also help toughen us up for future inevitable rejections.

Why do guys take rejection personally?

Rejection can feel incredibly personal to a man. Especially if it takes place in front of other people, rejection can dent a man’s self-worth, pride and ego.

How do you cope with rejection when it happens?

Remind yourself that rejection is rarely personal. Often it has more to do with the other person than us. Remember all of the people who did NOT reject you. Compare that number to the people who did reject you. It will most likely be much bigger!

How do you survive rejection in love?

Accept that it is an inevitable part of life. It also opens us up to other opportunities and people. If we were never rejected, we might be deprived of the chance to meet someone even better for us!

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