How To Experience A Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm

by Tantric Energy

What is a Full Body Energy Orgasm?

The main distinction between a sexual orgasm and an energy orgasm comes from limitations. A regular peak orgasm is limited to feeling pleasure in one part of the body (i.e. the genitals). An energetic orgasm is not. Rather it is an expansive feeling that can be felt throughout the whole body. Whatsmore, it can but doesn’t have to be part of a sexual encounter.

A person is left feeling ecstatic and light-headed. It’s a sort of natural high. This can be a very strong sensation. When strong, it consists of multiple orgasms. It covers the expanse of your whole being. All the 5 ‘bodies’. It can also be much more subtle. The range varies a great deal. Someone might experience a subtle energy orgasm one day. The following a very strong one.

In order to experience this, it’s necessary to develop your sense of orgasmic perception. You need to think and feel from a new perspective.

To get started, you should understand The 5 ‘bodies’ of yoga called “Pancha Kosha” and they consist of:

  1. Physical body 
  2. Energetic body 
  3. Emotional body 
  4. Mental body 
  5. Spiritual body

All five are superimposed on top of each other. The physical and the energetic compose the whole body. Whilst the emotional and mental compose the subtle body. The spiritual is the cosmic body – the most refined. Energy can originate from and move through any of these bodies. 

In order to experience and feel this energy? We first need to train ourselves to see things from a new perspective.

Redefining An Orgasm

Most of us are familiar with the traditional orgasmic experience. A 5-20 second peak orgasm. Centralized to a single part of the body. It is a feeling of a quick release. We must broaden that view to include more subtle, pleasurable sensations. Such sensations may not necessarily come to mind when thinking of an orgasm.

They might include the goosebumps you feel when caressed lightly. Or perhaps a sensual whisper near the ear. But these sensations don’t have to be physical. Think about the experience of witnessing the sunset on a tropical island for the first time.

To increase your sensitivity to subtle sensations, you must first decrease your thirst for overstimulation. The modern world has produced this with the amount of instant gratification available to us at the push or tap of a button. Mindfulness practices such as meditation can help a great deal with this.

Once you have increased the sensitivity of the energetic body, it is time to move on to the physical. Kegel exercises can help with this as they strengthen the pelvic floor. Having a strong pelvic floor is imperative for sexual health and sexual function, and any kind of energy work. 

Cast aside your previous assumptions about genital orgasm. Realize that an orgasmic, ecstatic experience can be separate from a sexual experience.

Of course, sexual energy can also be involved in an energy orgasm. The two are not mutually exclusive. What I want to do with this article is dispel your beliefs about sex being a necessary precursor for an orgasm. Although they certainly can and DO happen at the same time, they don’t have to.

The cervical orgasm vs the energy orgasm

For a man, an energy orgasm is quite unlike any sexual orgasm he will ever have.

For a woman, an energy orgasm is similar in essence and flavor to that of a cervical orgasm. It’s just without quite so many muscle contractions.

More mystical in essence than other kinds of female orgasm, the cervical orgasm is an ecstatic experience. The energy orgasm too is blissful and spiritual in nature.


Know Thyself – Know Your Energy Centers

Want to enter a new chapter of your orgasmic life? If so, you must first learn at least the basics of the chakras.

This won’t just help you to experience energy orgasms. It will heighten energetic sensitivity throughout your entire body. Knowledge of the chakras will help to increase your bodily awareness in all directions. To someone who wishes to practice sacred sexuality either with or without a partner – sensitivity to energy is of paramount importance.

Much of the time during lovemaking we are so focused on achieving orgasm that we miss out on all of the subtleties of sexual pleasure. With the destination of a screaming full body orgasm as our goal, we pay very little attention to the little delights along the way.

The basics of the chakra system

The chakras can be understood with a partially scientific explanation. This being that we have energy centers, located in cardinal points throughout the body. These points are all locations where nerve bundles happen to coalesce.

Thus, all of these points on the body, (a) have more comparative active neural energy, and therefore (b) are located where we are physically tied to or “feel” strong emotions. Eg. a headache in the forehead, arousal in the genitalia, fear in the stomach, etc.

Several books have been written about the chakra system. Many with contradicting information. The books I have found to be most accurate to yogic tradition are unfortunately not the most popular in bookshops.

These include: “Chakras” by Harish Johari and “The Serpent Power” by Arthur Avalon.

These books provide a detailed insight into the Chakras.

The most important thing to know about chakras is their location and how they “feel” in the body.

First and foremost, a common misperception is that the chakras are located in the spine.

The spine actually houses an energy channel called “Sushumna Nadi”. Sushumna Nadi is more or less “the central energy channel”, to which the chakras are attached by an “energy string”, or Nadi. However, the actual disc-shaped chakra is in front and just outside the physical body. It is at a distance of approximately 2-3 centimeters. This corresponds with the level of the energetic body.

The Different Chakras

1. Muladhara: the root center, located at the perineum, feels grounded and heavy.

2. Svadhistana: the sacral center, located just above the pubic bone, feels watery and sensual.

3.  Manipura: the naval center, located at the navel, feels fiery and dynamic.

4. Anahata: the heart center, located in the middle of the chest, feels loving and intimate.

5. Vishudda: the throat center, located in the suprasternal notch of the throat, feels spacey and ethereal.

6. Ajna: the third eye center, located in the middle of the forehead, feels clear and sublime.

7. Sahasrara: the crown center, located on top of the head, feels like bliss and ecstasy.

How to Experience Energy Orgasm

As you learn to control the flow of energy traveling through the body and the chakra system, you might encounter some of these subtle feelings. You can even have orgasms on the different chakras. A so-called “chakra orgasm”.

For example, an orgasm on Manipura might express itself as a sudden burst in uncontrollable laughter. While an orgasm on Svadhisthana might involve a lot of tears. An orgasm on Muladhara might invoke raw screaming and shouting.

There are valid and time-tested guidelines that can greatly help you navigate through the process of an energy orgasm. Ultimately though, it all falls on how you are able to experience it. Do not stress over the details. Instead, focus on your own embodied experience and discover your truth.

Learn to fully be present at the moment with all your senses. Breath, movement, sound, taste, smell.

Preparing for the journey

In preparation for this journey, you first need to forget everything you previously knew about orgasms. Or thought you knew.

You definitely need to forget everything you ever saw in porn. Porn leads to unrealistic expectations about sex, men, women, penises, vaginas, and ESPECIALLY orgasms. Cut down on your porn intake. If you can, quit porn completely.

Releasing Energy Blocks

To start – ensure there is a free flow of energy. The free flow can only occur if the body is free from constraining energy blocks.

These blocks can occur on both a physical and energetic level. Yoga Asanas and bodywork practices can help with physical blocks. Pranayama and breathing practices (such as the underrated testicle breathing) can help with the energetic level.

When the preparatory work has been done, your body will feel more open and relaxed. You then have the foundation set to start experiencing an energy orgasm yourself.

Breathing Exercises

To cause a stir of orgasmic energy in your body, start with breathing exercises.

Take deep breaths all the way down to the stomach and core of your body, all the while moving your body in swirling motions, and using your mind to direct the energy.

A key point to remember; energy follows thought – energy flows where your mind goes.

Use the power of your mind to move this energy up to the heart. Bridge the sacral chakra with the heart chakra. This will result in a deeper experience where erotic sex is united with connected intimacy. (For this reason, if you have sexual intimacy issues, working on your energetic field might be a good place to start healing them.)

When this union occurs, the pleasure of the energy orgasm will increase 10 fold.

It can now radiate out from the heart, shooting out to the peripheries of the whole body.


Energy Orgasm


Once this connection has been established, you can stay here for a while. Stay here until you feel you are capable of moving to the next level. The next level would move higher up to the throat chakra.

At this stage, it’s important to be expressive with sounds. Don’t hold back on expressing yourself or your pleasure. That can also be a limitation to how well you will activate the energy orgasm. To make this stage easier you can chant mantras, hum consonants, or even say the name of the chakras.

Speaking loving words to your partner will also work.

Side-Effects Of Releasing Your Energy

Releasing energy constraints do sometimes result in unwanted side-effects that can manifest themselves in different ways; crying, anger and irritation, old forgotten memories can surface.

This is because emotions and memories are bottled up, and when tension is released, these emotions shower the body.

It is important to be available for that experience, to accept it and let yourself feel it.

If you truly immerse yourself into the moment, you will find it lasts no longer than between 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.


Energy Orgasm


For example, if you feel sadness arising, maybe seemingly out of nowhere, embrace this feeling by getting into it.

If you need to release it by crying it out, let yourself do it.

If you find yourself in this purifying moment remember that it is short-lived, and part of the process.

View this as a way to shed unwanted layers, diving in to discover your one truth.

The more layers you shed, the closer you get to your true sexual expression.

The more you open up and allow the universal life-force energies to flow through you, the more joy and happiness you are channeling into the world.

What If I Feel Nothing At All?

Patience is key when it comes to experiencing energy orgasms. You might get lucky and have amazing sensations from the get-go, or it might take a few times to get it right.

Practice makes perfect.

Or more accurately; practice makes progress.

Focus on doing the preparatory work and you will soon find yourself well on your way. This profound healing experience is well worth the effort and patience.


Energy Orgasm


Women tend to naturally tap into these subtle feelings of energy.

Women are usually more connected to the emotional body and use more of their right-brain hemisphere.

Whereas men tend to find it as difficult as learning a new language since they are more focused on logic and problem-based reasoning.

Men are also exposed to the social conditioning of the machismo culture where boys are thought to “man-up” since a very young age.

This results in a lot of adult men being distant from their emotions on a subconscious level.

Being aware of these issues and accepting them is the first step in trying to overcome them in order to better contemplate your relationship with your own emotions.

As such, for some people, it might take consistent practice to develop this skill.

From my experience, anyone can get to a place of emotional content, where not only are they truly able to experience powerful energy orgasms, but also experience blissful enhancements in all pleasurable activities.

Even if they are the most walled-off, block-headed, masochistic person alive.

Full Body Energy Orgasm

The video below is an absolute must-watch that I made to give you an idea of what an energy orgasm could look like.

Take a moment to watch and share your own experience with energy orgasm in the comments below.

Good luck with your ecstatic adventures!

P.S. If you are a man that wants to learn how to tap into your life-force energy, to 10X your pleasure, power, and purpose, or you want to be able to remove all blockages that are keeping you from feeling the energy, and transmit an energy orgasm to your partner, make sure to watch free tantra training for men here.


How do you raise your kundalini energy?

Through specific techniques from tantra. Light tapping or stimulation of the base of the spine can raise the kundalini. Extremely stressful experiences can also cause kundalini to rise. If you want to work on raising your own life force energy, you must first heighten the sensitivity of your energy body.

How do you perform tantric breathing?

Breathe deeply, into your core. Meanwhile, move your body in a swirling motion – like a whirlpool. This is a meditative practice that can cause a lot of energy to move through your root chakra and solar plexus.

Is sexual arousal needed in order to achieve an energy orgasm?

No. Energy orgasms can happen with or without sexual arousal. Even if you have been practicing tantric sex or sacred sexuality for a while, you need to drop all of your previous ideas and assumptions about orgasm. The energy orgasm is totally different from a traditional female orgasm (clitoral or G spot) or a male orgasm.

Can you clear up the difference between an energy orgasm and a valley orgasm?

The valley orgasm from Taoist philosophy is a kind of energy orgasm. An energy orgasm does not, however, necessarily have to be a valley orgasm.

What is sex magic and how does orgasm play a part in it?

Sex magic is a ritual whereby an orgasmic state is invoked and used to manifest one’s deepest desires. This orgasmic state does not need to be sexual.

I don’t have an active sex life right now! Can I still experience an energy orgasm?

Yes! You can absolutely start having energy orgasms without an active sex life. In fact, if you want to start working with and transmuting sexual energy then it is actually preferable to do so alone. This can be a beautiful tool for self-healing, self-discovery, and self-love.

Can having energy orgasms help with healing erectile dysfunction?

In some cases, yes. Energy orgasms cause your sexual energy to flow throughout your entire body. Some men have tried and failed to heal erectile dysfunction by addressing mental and physical issues. If this is you, opening up your energy pathways could be the final piece of the puzzle.


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