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Updated on Mar 24, 2024
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Take The People Pleaser Quiz Now

Are you wondering if you’re caught in the endless loop of saying ‘yes’ to everyone else? 

Then, dive into my people-pleaser quiz. You’ll uncover the truth behind it all and whether or not you’re the nice guy stopping yourself from living your dream love life.

Have you ever found yourself bending over backward, sacrificing your joy just to paint a smile on someone else’s face? 

Or maybe you’ve noticed how hard it is to draw the line. So, you’re left simmering in resentment, battling anger, or sinking into depression. 

Does that sound like you? 

If so, I have a solution drawn from ancient tantric practices to help you transform and finally live out the life you sought.

But it all begins with acknowledging the truth and understanding the reality of your situation. 

Find out by taking the ultimate nice guy quiz on the internet: 

How Accurate Is This People-Pleaser Test?

I communicate clearly when there is a conflict

This quiz accurately depicts whether or not you’re suffering from the nice-guy or people-pleasing syndrome

The questions listed are based on research and personal experiences. With a few or all of these questions, they might hit home. You might resonate with them and even quietly whisper to yourself, “sh*t, I do that pretty often.”

Regardless, this ultimate quiz helps you realize if you’re part of the population of people-pleasers. 

Who Is The “Are You A People-Pleaser” Quiz For?

The people-pleaser quiz can be done by anyone. But truth be told, I designed this specifically for men. 

As men, it’s paramount to live your life fully authentic. 

We know this. Still, not everyone takes action on this—many fear expressing their true selves. 

Most times, you’re afraid of what the people around you think. Friends, family members, coworkers—the list goes on. 

And that’s normal. However, it’s concerning when it reaches a point where you’re letting others determine how you choose to live your life. 

So, are you a people pleaser or too much of a nice guy? 

A study showed that at least 40% of men have people-pleasing tendencies. Are you one of them?

Find out by taking the free quiz now—it only takes up to 7 minutes! 

I say Im sorry whenever I might offend someone

Are You A People Pleaser Or A Mr. Nice Guy With No Healthy Boundaries?

People pleasers sacrifice themselves out of fear. 

Mr. Nice Guy is the one who avoids confrontation and decision-making. They seek validation from friends and everyone else around them. 

Both of these have a lack of self-esteem. They over-commit in an effort to be liked by others—their worth is dictated by the people around them. 

However, people pleasing is not simply about being a ‘nice guy.’ 

It is about allowing your happiness and interests to consistently take a back seat to those of others in daily life. That can be a friend, an important person at work, or in your romantic relationships.

Some people wrongly believe that putting other people’s needs first is the right thing to do. But often, there is a natural consequence.

If you have people-pleasing tendencies or exhibit people-pleasing behavior, it can affect your relationship, mental health, and how you live your life.

And men often don’t even know they are doing it. It is a pattern that they slip into and then have a hard time breaking. It is a habit borne of insecurity and the absence of self-love.

Why is people pleasing bad?

The problem is that a typical people pleaser puts everyone else’s interests before their own. This might sound like kindness, but it is seldom a positive thing.

And, when it comes to relationships, it can be a MAJOR problem.

Women want a man with leadership ability. Someone decisive and unapologetically lives as their authentic selves. 

You might think that the way to keep your woman happy is always saying yes to her every request. But this creates a growing resentment that can lead to an increasingly toxic relationship.

This doesn’t just affect relationships with a loved one. It can affect your work, too. If your boss asks you to stay late or take on a task you don’t want to do, a people pleaser’s instinct is to always say “yes” to avoid conflict or confrontation.

But for other people to respect you, the first step is learning to respect yourself. 

That is about having a clear sense of your desires, priorities, and personal boundaries. Then, it is about feeling able to articulate these in a consistent, clear, and respectful way.

Why is being the nice guy bad?

Embracing the nice guy persona might seem noble. In reality, you’re not doing anyone any justice. 

Being the nice guy means never prioritizing your feelings or needs. Sure, it’s altruistic. However, you could end up sabotaging relationships and personal growth. 

In a romantic context, being the nice guy means eroding mutual respect and desire. 

Women want to be with a man capable of taking the lead and asserting themselves to make decisions confidently. No one wants to be with a pushover who sacrifices himself too much for the pleasure of others. 

The core issue at play is the failure to establish boundaries. 

What Are The Signs Of A People Pleaser?

Here are some of the top signs of people pleasing:

  • Constantly worrying about disappointing others and overly concerned with people’s opinions
  • Never confronting others or calling them out on their BS due to not wanting to disappoint or hurt others
  • Being helpful to an extreme extent to the point it overshadows personal needs and happiness
  • Sacrificing personal happiness out of fear, with a pattern of never saying “no” or setting boundaries
five ways to stop people pleasing

Take the people pleasing quiz

We all sometimes worry about disappointing people and care what people’s opinion of us is.

This is something we are told in childhood. To be polite. To avoid disappointing people or hurting people’s feelings.

These behaviors sometimes become ingrained over time. They can impact our sex personality and lives in a range of ways.

having others approval is important to me

Of course, showing empathy for others is often good, except it can go too far.

This is because you may end up compromising your happiness through fear. You never say what you genuinely want or mean because you fear confrontation or upsetting a loved one.

What Are The Signs Of A Nice Guy?

Here are some of the top signs of the nice guy:

  • You prefer to keep the peace at all costs, even if it means not addressing any clear issues 
  • Decision-making is almost impossible for you because you want to know what others would be happy with, even if you might know what’s best 
  • You commit way too much and take on more than you can handle 
  • Seeking validation is part of your daily routine, relying heavily on approval and appreciation from others to feel valued

I also summarize the signs in my YouTube short clip below:

Take the Mr. Nice guy quiz

Are you compromising too much to help someone else be happy at the expense of your happiness? 

Do you struggle to set healthy boundaries? 

Is this leading to resentment, anger, or depression? 

If so, it’s clear there’s an imbalance in your masculine and feminine energy.

Find out by taking our quick and easy People Pleaser Quiz.

Next Steps: Take The “am I A People Pleaser” Quiz And Be Honest About Your Own Desires 

The genuine desire of wanting to help others is paved with good intentions. 

But there’s a point where it becomes too much. 

It’s time to regain control. Stop people pleasing and move towards healthier boundaries and self-respect. 

Are you ready to uncover where you stand? 

Take my ultimate people-pleaser quiz now. Your personal transformation journey has already begun! 

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