The People Pleaser Quiz: Find Out If You’re A Mr. Nice Guy

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Jun 13, 2023
people pleaser quiz

Take this people pleaser quiz if you’re not sure if you’re a people pleaser.

Do you compromise too much to help someone else be happy at the expense of your own happiness?

Do you struggle to set healthy boundaries? Is this leading to resentment, anger, or depression?


Find out by taking the ultimate People Pleaser Quiz on the internet:

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Are you a people pleaser or a Mr. Nice Guy?

Being a people pleaser is not simply about being a ‘nice guy.’

It is about allowing your happiness and interests to consistently take a back seat to those of other people in daily life.

That can be a friend, an important person at work, or in your romantic relationships.

Some people wrongly believe that putting other people’s needs first is the right thing to do.

But often, there is a real consequence.

If you have people pleasing tendencies or exhibit people pleasing behavior, then it can affect your relationship, your mental health, and the way you live your life.

And men often don’t even know they are doing it. It is a pattern that they slip into and then have a hard time breaking.

It is a habit borne of insecurity and the absence of self love.

So, are you a people pleaser or too much of an mr nice guy? A study showed that at least 40% of men have people-pleasing tendencies. Are you one of them?

Find out by taking our quick and easy People Pleaser Quiz.

What are the signs of a people pleaser?

We all sometimes worry about disappointing people and care what peoples opinion of us is.

This is something we are told in childhood.

To be polite.

To avoid disappointing people or hurting peoples feelings.

These behaviors sometimes become ingrained over time.

They can impact our lives in a range of ways.

Of course, showing empathy for others is often a good thing, but with a chronic people pleaser it goes too far.

This is because, if you are a people pleaser, you end up compromising your own happiness through fear.

You never say what you truly want or mean because you are scared of confrontation or upsetting a loved one.

Why is people pleasing bad?

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The problem is, that a typical people pleaser puts everyone else’s interests before their own.

This might sound like kindness, but it is seldom a positive thing.

And, when it comes to relationships, it can be a MAJOR problem.

Women want a man who can show leadership and, decisiveness.

You might think that the way to keep your woman happy is always saying yes to her every request.

But this actually creates a growing feeling of resentment, that can lead to an increasingly toxic relationship.

This doesn’t just affect relationships with a loved one.

It can affect your work too.

If your boss asks you to stay late or take on a task that you don’t want to do, a people pleaser’s instinct is always to just say “yes” to avoid conflict or confrontation.

But for other people to respect you the first step is learning to respect yourself.

That is about having a clear sense of what your own desires, priorities, and personal boundaries are.

Then it is about feeling able to articulate these in a consistent, clear, and respectful way.

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