Why Is Kundalini Yoga Dangerous? 10 Dangers You Must Know

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
why is kundalini yoga dangerous

So, you’re wondering why is Kundalini yoga dangerous. Also, you might be trying to assess whether the rewards of this practice outweigh the risks.

To be frank, Kundalini yoga is the most dangerous type of yoga because it’s the most potent. Play with fire, and you will get burnt.

The kundalini yoga benefits and dangers we’ve outlined are real. Many of them might be completely unexpected such as Kundalini danger #5.

So, that’s why it’s essential to be respectful and use common sense with Kundalini.

We’ll take you through the different faces of Kundalini. From there, you’ll have the knowledge to decide if this is the practice for you.

What is the meaning of Kundalini?

The Sanskrit word translates as “to coil.” It’s the feminine principle energy, also known as Shakti. Lying dormant, it coils 3.5 times at the base of the spine like a snake.

We can understand this Sanskrit term far more clearly as this:

Kundalini is the fundamental life force of existence.

You are reading this article intently and with awareness — this is Kundalini.

So although it can be mystical, it also exists all around us. And being able to harness Kundalini brings a person closer to Source.

What is Kundalini energy?

chakra points in a human body

Kundalini energy is the fundamental life force of the universe. Shakti Kundalini herself. More powerful energy than prana or chi.

Once uncoiled from the base of the spine, Kundalini allows for the free flow of energy. This rises up through the chakras, leading to an expanded state of consciousness.

Kundalini works to uncoil the snake from the base up to the crown to become connected to the divine essence.

What is Kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga is the most potent form of yoga since it works to awaken the dormant life force energy. This energy often lies dormant, resting at the base of the spine in the Muladhara Chakra. Symbolized as a coiled serpent.

Kundalini yoga stirs and awakens this slumbering energy. It raises the Sushumna Nadi, the central channel, towards the crown, Sahasrara.

Shakti energy lies at the root. And it meets Shiva at the crown. Kundalini grants this ultimate union of Shiva and Shakti to take place. A Kundalini practitioner’s goal is to stir enough energy up the spine through yoga for this union. This is the path to samadhi, the yogis’ version of enlightenment.

What are the origins of Kundalini?

To clarify, we are exploring classical Kundalini yoga. This tantric tradition is around 1500 years old.

Although we don’t know the exact origins of Kundalini Yoga, the term “kundalini” appeared in the Upanishads. But these sacred Vedic texts just namedropped Kundalini in India around 500 BC.

The text contained zero insights on what it was or how to use it. The tantras were the ones to reveal the subtle energy system to the world. They uncovered this map of the etheric body.

Tantra was basically a body science that mapped out all the energy centers and channels and how to use them.

This is the yogis’ energetic biology system. So ultimately, Tantra brought how to practice with Kundalini to the world, together with the chakras, nadis, and prana.

The reason for it not be mentioned much anywhere is because it was considered a secret practice, only for the elite of ancient secret society, that must be taught and learned only from a master who chooses a worthy and ready disciple. The common man was not prepared for this.

Tantra was an oral tradition, meaning it’s hard to trace back to its true origins, before written history. And so, many scholars believe the origin is probably much older than their first mention in the ancient texts.

In this article, we’re not addressing the brand of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Guru Jagat (Yogi Bhajan) introduced this style to the west in 1968.


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What is a Kundalini awakening?

Kundalini awakening is an energetic activation and chakra activation. Both of these can help a practitioner reach samadhi through a regular sadhana.

However, the nervous system can get fried from spontaneous Kundalini awakenings. An unprepared body can lead to dangerous outcomes. Thus fundamental yoga practice and preparation are always recommended.

man doing yoga in white pants

During a Kundalini awakening, energy rises from the Muladhara (root chakra) to the Sahasrara crown chakra. No less than 114 chakras exist in the body. Understanding the chakras and their origin is a powerful part of the process. And so, the spiritual awakening journey from the root to the crown widely varies.

How does a Kundalini awakening happen?

The process of awakening can be spontaneous, or it can stem from a rigorous practice. This is unlike popular forms of western yoga such as Hatha yoga where asanas and balance between the body and mind are harnessed. Kundalini has a far greater emphasis on the spiritual aspect of yoga.

Many teachers will advise students not to force an awakening through an intense sadhana. Georg Feuerstein explains in Tantra: The Path of Ecstasy:

“If you don’t first open the central channels of the nervous system, raising the serpent power along the axial pathway is not only impossible, but also very dangerous to attempt, for instead of entering the central channel (sushumna nadi) it is likely to force itself in to the ida or the pingala nadi, on either side of the central channel, causing immense havoc in the body and mind.”

What is a Kundalini meditation?

Kundalini meditation is a spiritual experience that moves personal energy through the body. The intention is to get out of auto-pilot mode, activate Kundalini, and access the power of mantras.

Also, Kundalini meditations are a rich and rewarding practice for couples who want to experience epic sex.

Kundalini meditation step-by-step

As mentioned, Kundalini yoga needs to be done with the proper guidance and supervision of a true master teacher of Kundalini yoga.

man wearing white shirt and pants in a lotus position

This is suitable for a softer approach to experiencing Kundalini divine energy without attracting too much too soon.

  1. Begin by sitting comfortably, finding ease and length through the spine.
  2. For the first five minutes, attune your awareness with your breath, letting relaxation wash over your being.
  3. Next, place your hands in Anjali mudra (prayer hands at the heart), allowing your chin to drop slightly. Spend five minutes performing a basic breathing meditation to relax your mind. Keep a hazy downward gaze with the eyes almost closed.
  4. Draw all your awareness now to the ajna chakra (also known as the third eye chakra), located between the eyebrows.
  5. Recite the following Kundalini mantra: Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru — this Kundalini chant is really brought to life by Snatam Kaur
  6. This mantra stimulates the Kundalini for healing and activates the neutral mind.
  7. Once chanting is finished, breathe into the stillness and silence for 5 minutes.
  8. Next, come into Viloma pranayama for five minutes, also known as “against the wave” breath. Inhale, and draw the navel towards the spine. Segment the breath into four pauses between each segment.
  9. Repeat for the exhale. Breathe in parts. When breathing in, breathe in in 4 individuals inhales. And then breathe out on another four individual exhales.  
  10. Seal the Kundalini meditation practice by taking deep breaths in and out. Relax your being.

Why Is Kundalini Yoga Dangerous?

woman with white turban doing yoga

Of all the ancient yogic schools developed in ancient Vedic times, Kundalini is widely thought to be the most powerful. And so, it’s also one of the most dangerous forms of yoga.

In the west, many want a direct highway to everything. And so, many look for the “next day delivery” form of transcendency.

People read a Kundalini yoga book and want to try it themselves. All without the proper guidance and preparation of the body, mind, and energy system. Unfortunately, guiding yourself through this process alone can lead to negative experiences.

However, for safe passage through the practices of  Kundalini — knowledge and understanding are CRUCIAL.  

You need to have an advanced awareness of the map of the energy body — what I call the “energetic cardiovascular system.” Otherwise, you’re repairing completely in the dark, and that’s where things can go wrong.

This path can force be one you were either unprepared for or didn’t really choose for yourself. And this is especially dangerous if done without expert guidance.


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10 Kundalini yoga dangers

Kundalini calls for commitment, focus, and understanding. Dimensions of life change so rapidly, and you need to change your life to keep up with these changes.

Why Is Kundalini Yoga Dangerous? Here are some of the potential reasons:

  1. Nervous system upheaval — Kundalini can burn you if you do not adequately prepare your nervous system.
  2. Feelings of going crazy — many feel as though they’ve “lost their mind” in the sense that their mind is quiet. The ego has been dealt a lethal blow during a Kundalini awakening.
  3. Relationships change and even end — it’s almost impossible to relate to those without experiential knowledge of what you’re going through during an awakening. This is one of the practice’s only potential long-term adverse effects, as you may have desired for this relationship to last.
  4. Dismantles your social structures — you can initially feel like a stranger in your own life.
  5. Lost in bliss — Kundalini energy feels pleasant, even euphoric. And it can be tempting to completely detach from reality.
  6. Exhaustion —Kundalini awakening tends to have a solid physical practice. But the mental and spiritual aspects are also highly rigorous.

    why is kundalini yoga dangerous

  7. The dark night of the soul —having this experience is not inherently dangerous in itself, but it can be an intense experience if not fully prepared. Having the right guru or teacher for support and guidance is vital.
  8. Sacrifice — this type of yoga requires extreme focus and dedication. Saying that, this is another one of the perceived Kundalini yoga dangers, as many of you will agree that sacrifice is necessary for growth.
  9. Can cause mental and emotional imbalances — if Kundalini energy is not directed and released correctly, it can become trapped in the body and create inner turbulence.
  10. More sensitive — since Kundalini increases awareness and sensitivity to yourself and the world. This leads to a strong and innate drive for truth and a desire to seek out greater connection with your divine nature.

10 Kundalini yoga benefits

So, we’ve explored why Kundalini yoga is dangerous — here are some of the benefits.

man in stretch arms yoga position

  1. Awakened intuition — dedication to a Kundalini practice provides a connection to spirit or a higher power.
  2. Compassion —  Kundalini is a beautiful practice. Practitioners feel their emotions completely and live with compassion in the world.
  3. Strength and willpower — this yoga type refines the mental and physical body.
  4. Awaken spiritual sex  — Kundalini can increase sexual arousal by activating the sacral chakra.
  5. Unleashes creativity — Kundalini awakening bursts with creativity to help people fulfill their dharma.  
  6. Can help mental health issues — the shift in dormant energy brings balance to negative emotions. This 2018 study shows that Kundalini can help those with anxiety.
  7. Unity — traveling through the energy centers leads to oneness with universal conscious energy.
  8. Slows down aging — Kundalini yoga is shown to slow down the progression of cognitive impairment in aging populations.
  9. Relaxation — Kundalini benefits include reducing stress and anxiety through meditation and breathing techniques.
  10. Bliss — and even attain enlightenment as energy flow moves freely around the body and no longer lies dormant. This benefits the practitioner with a surge of bliss and ease in their being.

Practicing Kundalini yoga safely

man lifting his body yoga pose

If you’ve read this far and feel Kundalini is the right path for you — then it’s crucial to find a teacher.

However, this teacher needs to be the real deal. They need to have an in-depth and experiential knowledge of the Kundalini tradition. Have a talk with them about their approach to teaching. What method do they use? How do they support the student through any uncomfortable pranic shifts?

These questions will give you a good idea of whether they can support your spiritual path.

If you want to learn how to control and awaken your kundalini safety, learn it from the source of the tantric lineage, then perhaps consider tantra yoga. I have an entire article on the true story of Tantra if you’d like to know more.


By now, you’ll have a basic knowledge of what traditional Kundalini is, that it’s not about Kundalini Yoga taught by Yogi Bhajan. And also an understanding that Kundalini yoga is dangerous because of its powerful and potent energy. So if you want to play with fire, you need to know how not to get burned.

Yet, you might not know of the original Kundalini stemming from another ancient practice of yoga. One tailored to people who wish to enhance their career, love life, and social life. And not draw you away from all that.

This is Tantra.

Tantra is a practice to become the master creator in your life. Here is the free training to fill your life with confidence, passion, power, and purpose.


Is it safe to practice Kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga is only safe with a master teacher who can guide you through the portal. Besides that, this practice can lead to negative experiences as it brings up a lot of raw, potent energy.

What happens when you open Kundalini?

When Kundalini awakens, life is never truly the same. This energy certainly feels new. For some, it is pleasant, even blissful. Yet, for others, the energy can be unbearable at first, and can even cause shaking or spasms.

What happens when you do Kundalini yoga?

Some students will find greater access to their third eye. Others may find a connection to their bliss body. Each practitioner has their own experience.

Is Kundalini yoga safe for beginners?

Many will say it is not. Students need to undergo purification before entering into a Kundalini practice. Kundalini practices and yoga techniques can force the life energy to shift too fast. Also, the Kundalini energy can jerk a practitioner into an awakening.

Why is Kundalini yoga so hard?

Those who have practiced Kundalini yoga will know that it reaches into all the koshas (bodies). It does this through meditation, pranayama, mudra, mantra, and asanas for a well-rounded sadhana. Repeating this will move energy around the physical and mental, and spirit bodies.


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