How to Reprogram your Subconscious Mind

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Men face several issues in their relationships; they cannot communicate their feelings to their partners or show their vulnerabilities. These issues often make them appear far, uninterested, and sometimes mean.

This is because several beliefs and stereotypes have been drilled into everyone’s brain. Men aren’t allowed to express how they feel, showcase their emotions, or express vulnerability from a young age. Instead, they are taught to be strong, masculine, and distant. Many relationship experts have noted that men choose to stay in broody, distant characters because they assume women like it.

One of the best ways to free yourself from such conditioning is reprogramming your subconscious mind. Now, you may want to know how you can do that, which is why we’re glad you’re here. We’ve put together some ways you can reprogram your subconscious mind. Let’s explore.

Remove blind spots & limiting beliefs

Most books on masculinity will tell you what women want and how you can be a strong stereotypical man that gets everyone’s approval. The first thing you have to do is unlearn these beliefs. You need to clear your mind of all these notions society has built around what men should be like and what women want from men. Explore yourself, and become your own person!


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Ditch the victim mentality

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Another toxic trait that can affect your dating and love life experiences is playing the victim. Most people start playing the victim in tough situations to find an easy way out – the same people practice this in romantic relationships too.

Various relationship consultants have emphasized the fact that it’s important to own up to your own mistakes and then move forward in hopes of remedying the problem instead of resorting to the blame game.

Think empowering thoughts

You don’t just want a good love life; you also want to make sure you are a whole person on your own. The most important thing to do is think empowering thoughts. Remind yourself about your achievement, skills, and other things that make you feel empowered.

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Steffo Shambo

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