Best Tantra Workshop Guide: How To Prepare For A Men’s Tantric Workshop

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
tantra workshop

The ancient art of tantra isn’t just about steamy bedroom antics.

No, far from it.

Tantra isn’t just a one-way ticket to sexual pleasure. We’re talking about connecting the mind, body, and soul here. That’s what a tantra workshop is about.

A tantric workshop means bringing yourself to a journey of self-transformation. It’s the journey that brings a huge sigh of relief and helps you feel alive by having an internal awakening.

Whether you’re a curious newbie or a seasoned adventurer, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, I’ll hand you front-row seats to everything you need to know about preparing for a tantric workshop.

What Is A Tantra Workshop?

A tantra workshop is an opportunity to understand yourself on a deeper level. It’s a place of exploration and discovery.

You’ll learn and experience tantric teachings for yourself. 

At a more classic tantric workshop, you’ll work on a few physical movements through tantric yoga. You’ll also learn meditation and breathing techniques to harness your masculine energy

Moreover, you’ll learn to visualize your energy. This is an advanced technique, but achievable with commitment and discipline.

A tantric retreat and workshop give you a valuable experience—both for men and women. Except, there are a few differences:

  • Tantric Retreat: Longer, more immersive, and more in-depth. It’s like unplugging from the world for 7-10 days, similar to a vipassana meditation retreat.
  • Tantric Workshop: Usually shorter, anywhere from a couple of hours to 3 days. And if it’s a full day, the schedule is usually less packed, with breaks in between, and filled with interactive activities and also teachings.
there are lots of tantra workshops that you can join

You’ll go through various activities in these tantra classes alone or with a partner. Some of the everyday activities include the following:

  • Conscious breathing
  • Tantric yoga
  • Harnessing inner energy

Solo practice works, but working with a partner is also a delightful experience.

You can do things like a sacred spot massage and body touch with a partner. These can feel pretty exciting and intimate to do.

Sacred spot massage, meditations, body touch, and practices to cultivate energy and connection are just the exciting components that await you.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

Where did tantra begin?

Tantra is a fascinating topic. Its origins stem from India, which beautifully included elements from Hinduism and Buddhism.

Over centuries, Tantra has evolved. It even inspired the contemporary Neo-Tantra movement.

However, there tends to be confusion. I wrote all about it in my ultimate Tantra guide.

That said, it’s worth noting some of the critical aspects:

  • Sacred sexuality
  • Personal growth
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Energy work
  • Meditation hacks

These elements are often emphasized in modern Tantra practices.

Here’s a short video clip where I explain what separates Tantra Yoga from other practices:

Tantra today: from sacred ritual to modern practice

Today, Tantra is still around. It’s good to say it’s alive and well and won’t go anywhere.

Why? Because now more than ever, we need it. Many of us don’t realize this.

Tantra has tuned into the modern world by helping people learn to accept themselves and their experiences.

Modern Tantra uses ancient rituals, allowing people to do some of the following:

  • Connect with the divine
  • Add meaning to life
  • Ignite intimacy and sexuality
  • Feel intense pleasure and orgasms
  • Build deeper relationships

Unveiling Tantra: More Than Just Sex

Tantra is often misunderstood as being solely about sex.

Yes, tantric sex is a thing, but that’s not what tantra is all about. That’s far from the truth.

There’s more meaning to tantra than just sexual intercourse, ejaculation control, and stronger orgasms.

tantra is not just all about sex

The reality of tantra?

It’s about realizing your truth.

You’ll learn to find alignment with the heart, spirit, and a sense of goodness. This comes through rigorous passion and personal development work.

And that’s precisely what a tantra retreat and workshop is for.

It’s also why they emphasize practices like:

  • Tantra yoga
  • Energy work
  • Meditation
  • Non-sexual partner exercises

These spiritual practice techniques make tantra an essential part of one’s spiritual path.

How To Prepare For A Tantric Workshop

Here are my top recommended steps to prepare for a tantric retreat and workshop:

  • Know your intentions
  • Understand the basics
  • Come with an open heart, soul, and mind
  • Be physically ready
  • Be emotionally ready
  • Set up the right environment

Preparation is fundamental. Without preparing yourself, you won’t get the best results.

1. Know your intentions

What do you want to achieve from a tantric workshop or tantric retreat?

This is a question you must ask yourself authentically. There should be a goal that you genuinely want to achieve.

It could simply have to do with wanting to know your inner and sexual self. Or perhaps you just want to know how to unleash your full potential.

Another driver for some of you is wanting to change yourself to fix your relationship.

Whatever it is, knowing the reason why you can commit will help you stay consistent.

So, before entering nature and committing to a tantric workshop, find the silver lining in your heart.

2. Understand the basics

It’s worth learning a bit about what you’re getting yourself into.

In other words, understand the basics of tantra. Knowing this can help you better understand what you’ll get out of a tantric program.

If you’re unsure where to start, I’ve got your back. You can listen to an in-depth conversation I had about the misconceptions of Tantra below:

3. Come with an open heart, soul, and mind

You’ll have a good experience when you just attend a tantric workshop.

But you would have an even better experience if you attended with an open heart, soul, and mind.

Be coachable and open to unconventional methods. Tantra isn’t precisely what you might think it is. It’s completely different from today’s practices, especially with modern therapeutic techniques.

However, tantra can do wonders. Entering with an action-taker mindset will help you see the best personal growth results.

4. Be physically ready

By physically ready, I don’t mean to work yourself off at the gym and get jacked before a tantra session.

What I’m talking about is getting yourself ready for any physical activity.

Get yourself a comfortable set of clothes. A T-shirt or vest with shorts is more than good enough.

Moreover, keep away from alcohol. Drink lots of water to hydrate the body and mind. Be in good physical condition to engage in the workshop activities with your best effort.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

5. Be emotionally ready

Be prepared to confront your shadow. The shadow holds you back from reaching your full potential as a leader.

Most times, your shadow also causes you to be emotionally unavailable.

Being emotionally ready means you’re all set to embrace yourself: the good and bad things.

But make no mistake.

You’re in the perfect place because a tantric workshop will guide you through to a place of comfort. It just requires some self-awareness and deep reflection.

6. Set up the right environment

Lastly, find yourself in the right location.

There are lots of tantra workshops available. However, did you know you could also practice tantra just as effectively from the comfort of your own home?

What matters is that you have a safe, comfy, and private space.

Your back garden might be more than good enough in many cases.

Or even in your living room at home. But you can add a cherry on top. How? By lighting up a few candles and playing some soft background music.

Tantric Academy: The Top Men’s Tantra Workshop

tantric academy

Are you looking for the best masculine mentorship program that teaches modern tantra? 

Well, look no further than The Tantric Man Experience. This is where hundreds of men see transformations in their lives. This workshop takes a holistic approach, giving you the ultimate recipe for success. 

You work with the best from home compared to the typical in-person workshop. 

The program is not limited to men because of location. You can access the online resources provided anywhere and go at your own pace. 

Now, you’ll be taken on a journey to see a transformation across five key areas: 

  • Mental
  • Sexual
  • Energetic
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

This is the place to master the ability to deepen intimacy, understand yourself, and explore your sacred sexuality. 

More importantly, you’ll be able to gain unshakeable confidence with the skill of controlling your life force energy.

And if you don’t already know the power of sexual energy, I suggest watching my short YouTube clip below:

What To Expect In A Tantric Workshop

You can expect to engage in the following:

  • Tantra yoga
  • Conscious breathing
  • Visualization

These practices aim to help you connect with your inner self and deepen your personal understanding of tantra.

Besides that, you can also expect yourself to get closer to overcoming your blockages.

expect to face your emotional blockages

The role of tantra yoga

Tantra yoga is more than just the movement. You’re not only building flexibility, but it also gives you the chance to do the following:

  • Connect with your inner energy through tantra meditation
  • Experience enlightenment
  • Gain clarity for visualization
  • Channel your sexual energy
  • Dissolve mental and physical barriers to growth

Conscious breathing

The concept of tantric breathing might sound silly to some of you. I know, it’s simple. Yet, it’s so effective.

Controlled inhalation and exhalation play an important part when balancing energy within the body. It’s also a technique for keeping your emotions in check.


Visualization is a powerful tool. It requires a lot of practice and commitment.

With intense focus, you can get there. The outcome? You’ll have the ability to manifest your reality and tap into your chakra levels.

Beyond The Bedroom And Tantric Sex

You can apply Tantra in more ways than just the bedroom. It’s also applicable in all of the following areas:

  • Social life
  • Love life
  • Professional life

The self-awareness you gain allows you to see the beauty in everything and the potential of your inner voice.

I’m saying that you won’t only see the benefits during the workshop.

You’ll also see the benefits in your daily life. The concepts you’ll learn can be applied to almost everything you do.

Finding Your Path: Picking The Right Tantric Workshop For You

Choosing a suitable tantric workshop means mulling things over like the following:

  • What you want to achieve
  • Purpose of the session  
  • The framework of the workshop
  • Location

A carefully planned workshop covers all bases. It should keep you together and help you reach mental, physical, and emotional growth goals.

Besides those, don’t feel limited just because of the location factor.

Remember, there are online tantra workshops available. Working on these from home can be just as effective.

you can practice tantra and take notes effectively from home

Tantra Tai Chi: Deepening Intimacy And Strengthening Relationships

Tantra tai chi enables you to build stronger relationships and spiritual connections.

Intimacy retreats and workshops are an ideal setting to explore the sensuality that Tantra has to offer.

And no, this doesn’t always have to be with a partner. It can even mean building a stronger relationship with yourself. When we talk about results, this means finally becoming the leader with unshakeable confidence you were meant to be.

Conclusion: Master Your Masculine And Sexual Energy

Think of a tantra workshop as a class and your gateway to personal growth. It empowers you to reach a spiritual awakening.

Let’s put it this way.

A tantric workshop is like being handed the keys to a secret garden where every turn reveals a new path to self-discovery and connection.

But did you know?

You won’t get the best results by simply just showing up. If you show up with purpose and show up like you mean it, you’ll have what you need to make lasting changes.

If you’re still sitting there and not taking action, begin by applying for the Tantric Man Experience. This is a workshop designed not just for any man but for the man ready to unlock his full potential.

There is no need to keep waiting for that “someday.”

The adventure of a lifetime is a decision away—all from the comfort of your home.

Leap forward. Start crafting the life you’ve always dreamed of. Your future self will be eternally grateful.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.


What happens at a tantra workshop?

You’ll go through various activities in these tantra classes alone or with a partner. Some of the everyday activities include the following: conscious breathing, tantric yoga, harnessing inner energy. However, if it’s a modern new-age tantric workshop, it’s vastly different. You will be all touchy, crying on the floor and rolling in cuddle puddles.

What are the seven steps of tantra?

Many tantric retreats or workshops may promote such steps, but the reality is that there are no official seven steps to tantra. In the Tantric Man Experience workshop, you could refer to the FLT method as a 5-step process of tantra. This is because of the five levels of transformation you’ll work through.

What is tantra training?

Tantra training means practicing the teachings related to Tantra.

In other words, it relates to nurturing the soul. This is achieved by integrating the mind, body, and spirit. It requires rigorous training and self-awareness.

What do you do at a tantra retreat?

You participate in tantric yoga, meditation, tantric massage, energy activation, eye gazing, and more. You’ll work on making a personal transformation with yourself or with your partner.

What happens at a tantric workshop?

Participants will engage in exercises and practices focused on spiritual growth. The aim is to forge a more profound connection with yourself and others. Such activities to achieve this include meditation, breathwork, movement, and guided rituals. There is an emphasis on emotional openness and intimacy.

What is involved in a tantric session?

A tantric session typically involves energy movement and exchange exercises. The aim is to heal emotional wounds and blockages. This may be guided by visualization, chanting, and ritualistic elements.

What is a tantric retreat?

A tantric retreat is a program for people to delve into the art of Tantra. These retreats typically include teachings on spirituality, sexuality, and personal transformation. This is for the sole purpose of raising self-awareness and healing emotional blockages by connecting with the divine.

What are tantric love techniques?

Tantric love techniques include slow, sensual touch, synchronized breathing, and mindful presence. There are also lingam and yoni massage techniques not only for pleasure but also for building intimacy. All these love techniques help you connect more than just the physical body. Your sexual energies get in tune. Ultimately, this leads to a better sex life.

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