Transcendental Sex Meaning: What Is Transcendental Sex? Is It Real Or No?

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
transcendental sex meaning

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head when thinking about the transcendental sex meaning?

Yeah, me too.

It sounds like something Yoda would advise if he suddenly got his groove back and decided to moonlight as a sex therapist.

But stick with me here—it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

And let me clarify: this is not a myth. This is real.

Essentially, this is about turning your bedroom into a spiritual hotspot. The goal is to connect with your partner on a level so deep that even your ancestors might blush.

This article isn’t just a guide; it’s your roadmap to discovering how getting busy can also mean getting spiritually enlightened.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, I promise to keep this article as enlightening as it is entertaining.

What Is Transcendental Sex? The Transcendental Sex Meaning

Transcendental sex is when you go past the physical realm. Your consciousness reaches a spiritual level during sexual activity. 

The transcendental sex meaning is that you connect deeply with your partner. This occurs through the connection of sexual energy and lifeforce. 

Now, this isn’t possible with a casual hookup or fling. You must honor every part of your partner—her body, mind, and spirit. 

Every touch and movement you make must be sincere. Without putting your conscience into it, you won’t experience this. 

After all, we’re talking about a state of heightened awareness here. There are lots of factors at play. 

Now, transcendental sex is very closely related to tantric sex. 

In tantra, lovemaking is a small microcosmic act of the macrocosmic shiva (consciousness) and shakti (prana energy). 

These merge in “lovemaking” and have birthed the universe in the Big Bang explosion. 

We could make the analogy that when the man and woman climax together in an explosion, it’s like a mini version of that. 

Even on an atomic level, the positive protons merge with the negative electrons and create the nucleus. So, it’s all the same, from the most significant cosmic events to the most minor atomic events and the human dimension.

If we can go from standard sex to conscious tantric sex, then we can tap into this reality. 

And from there, you can start to have transcendental sex experiences. It’s available for everyone interested and willing to do the practice.


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Transfiguration in tantra: tapping into the cosmos

It’s pretty tricky to understand transcendent sex without understanding the concept of transfiguration. 

So, I’ll dive into a bit more detail. 

Transfiguration means to transform something mundane into something refined. 

Transcendent sex is essentially about transfiguring each other as a couple while making love. 

You see the divine in your woman as you look into her eyes and make love to her. This allows you to tap into Shakti. 

You no longer see your woman as a physical flesh or person but more as a goddess. When this is reciprocated, your woman will also see you like a god. 

Once this happens, you tap into that state of transfiguration. This leads to the merging between Shiva and Shakti—the energy field between you unites. 

And you can feel it. It’s almost like total oneness, and you feel a sense of enlightenment. In tantra, it’s what we might call the “stillness of the mind.” 

And that’s the unique thing about tantric sex (or transcendental sex). 

That same place you get to when you’re deeply immersed in meditation? You can also get there through sex. 

To summarize, transcendent sex is the merging of two human flesh bodies into a more refined spiritual experience. It’s no longer a case of a man and woman having sex—that physical dimension disappears. 

It’s not a matter of putting your penis inside your woman. You’re not just in a physical body making love. 

There’s total unity in mind and soul. 

The merging of two souls is essentially transcendent sex

The unity of two souls happens in tantric lovemaking. And that’s pretty much what transcendent sex is. 

Now, I know it sounds fascinating. 

But the truth is, it’s rare. It doesn’t just happen out of the blue and isn’t given to you by grace. 

You have to put in the work and dedication. 

For others reading this, you may have some doubts. How accurate is this? 

Truthfully, scientific evidence is limited. But there are hundreds (if not thousands) of men who have reported on the experiences of a divine sexual experience. 

My client, Alexander, is one of these men who felt this fantastic experience.  

Don’t believe me? Watch my case study interview with Alexander below: 

The Benefits Of Transcendental Sex

Transcendental sex has numerous benefits.

A deep sense of safety, trust, and passion strengthens the emotional bond between partners. It allows you to draw out each other’s natural masculine and feminine energies.

This transformational power can bring a new perspective to life. It can even lead to spiritual healing.

Couples practicing transcendental sex have reported the following benefits:

  • Better communication
  • Stronger connection and compassion
  • Positive, lasting changes in their relationships
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
  • The ultimate expression of sexual unity, bringing profound inspiration and a sense of merging with the life force
  • Overcoming sexual traumas
  • Lead you and your partner into a path of self-transformation

Transcendental sex is far more than a fleeting moment of bliss for ordinary people. It’s life-changing. You’ll understand its true extent when you have experience with the divine.

Side Note: I also discussed in more detail how sacred sexual experiences have the power to heal. If you’re interested in how this works, watch my short YouTube clip below:

Let’s Clarify: Transpersonal Psychology And Transcendent Sex

Transpersonal psychology studies individual experiences. This is focused on when the sense of identity goes beyond the person. You begin encompassing broader aspects of humanity, life, or the cosmos.

In this context, transcendent sex is seen as an expansion. It cuts past the typical personal levels. It’s a journey to the spiritual side of our being.

transpersonal psychology and transcendent sex are similar terms

Going on this journey means exploring altered states of consciousness. This can bring us beyond our everyday understanding of ourselves and the world.

Transcendent sex experiences can include feelings of the following:

  • Uniting with a partner
  • Becoming one with a group consciousness
  • Connecting with the universe
  • Out-of-body experiences

In other words, these are divine experiences. This can have a massive impact on people. Not only can it lead to sacred sexuality, but also complete transformations.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

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A Look Into A Real Case Study: Jamie Wheal

Alright, let’s look at a real case study.

Jamie Wheal is an expert on the topic of flow states and biohacking. He is the author of the book Recapture the Rapture.

In short, Jamie’s extensive research led to a discovery. He found profound results after 12 weeks of sacred sexual practice.

Groundbreaking results revealed that the ancient arts of tantra and sacred sexuality led to massive changes. I’m talking about changes that surpassed all the best and modern drugs available.

Natural practices proved to be more effective than all other psychedelic drugs and biohacking tools when it came to getting into a flow state.

See the graph below from the Recapture the Rapture website. This showcases the before and after results of the partners’ flow state.

you must have sexual energy control and balanced masculine energy for transcendental sex

You Must Have Sexual Energy Control And Balanced Masculine Energy For Transcendental Sex

Before you can genuinely experience transcendent sex, there’s one thing.

As a man, a balanced masculine core is necessary. This is a must. Otherwise, you may not experience all the full benefits of transcendental sex.

Now, there are a few activities that can help you do this:

All of this can help you connect with your inner self.  

Remember, a balanced masculine core isn’t just about a good physique.

It involves more than physical exercise. Your emotional and spiritual well-being are important factors, too. This contributes to forming a sacred partnership and experiencing transcendent sex in its proper form.

How To Have Transcendental Sex

Having transcendent sex is not about a quick, one-time magic trick. It’s about deliberate, mindful steps.

Here’s a summary of how to have transcendent sex:

  • Clear your mind, focus
  • Become aware of your energy levels and chakras
  • Get your breathing right
  • Take your time and try different types of activities
  • Look deep into her eyes
  • Move with intention
  • Focus on spiritual connection

Let’s dive into each step below.

its possible for couples to experience transcendental sex

1. Clear your mind, focus

Your mind is where it all starts. Clearing it is essential. You must focus purely on the present moment.

Reaching beyond the physical dimension is challenging without fully immersed in the present.  

So, before anything, empty your head. Get into the right frame of mind.

It might also help to set up an environment that creates the mood. The right atmosphere is essential.

2. Become aware of your energy levels and chakras

The next step towards transcendent sex is becoming aware of your energy.

But unfortunately, most people’s chakra levels are blocked.

It’s not their fault. No one teaches us about these things in school. Modern society and Western culture are significant factors.

Moreover, we normalize incredibly harmful things. I’m talking about things like porn.

Compared to life in ancient times, we live incredibly comfortably. We can usually get anything we want without much effort.  

Hungry? Use a delivery service to get your food. Bored? Turn on Netflix and binge-watch a series.

Living comfortably isn’t bad. However, it can keep us inside our comfort zone.

And not stepping outside your comfort zone hinders your growth. Consequently, this prevents you from committing to sexual transmutation and spiritual practice.

3. Get your breathing right

Breathing plays a crucial role in transcendent sex. Tantric breathwork is a powerful way to create sexual chemistry.

Be in sync with your partner. Inhale and exhale consciously. Be intentional about every breath you take. This can be done during sexual activity and as part of a daily routine in your own time. I’d highly recommend it.

Meditation is one way to improve your breathing ability. Tantric yoga is another way to speed up your progress.

4. Take your time and try different types of activities

Transcendent sex should not be seen as a race. It’s a journey.

Taking your time during intimacy allows for a deeper connection. It’s also how you experience heightened sensations.

Savor the moment. Appreciate every second. Enjoy every touch, gaze, and breath.

In other words, lose yourself in the moment. Be fully present and engaged with your partner’s feelings and desires. This is how you open up yourself to a transcendent experience.

Remember, transcendent sex is not primarily for the orgasmic experience. It’s for deepening your emotional bond with your partner.

That said, try using activities that allow you to tap into each other’s sexual energy.

Here are a few activities worth adding to your list:

sex is not a race to see who finishes first

5. Look deep into her eyes

Gazing into your partner’s soul is underrated.  Deep eye contact while lovemaking opens up the path toward an altered state.

Make your partner feel seen. When you look into your partner’s eyes during sex, the intimacy intensifies.

You’re not just looking at them, you’re sparking a connection. In tantric terms, I’m referring to sexual polarity.

6. Move with intention

F*cking your girl mindlessly isn’t the same as moving with intention.

If you treat sex as merely a physical act, then that’s all it can be. But putting your soul into it makes it more profound. You’ll allow yourself to reach a stage where every touch feels more sensitive and pleasurable.

Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve spent many years studying this.

In some cases, you might even experience an energy orgasm. You can check out my separate guide about energy orgasms here!

7. Focus on spiritual connection

Lastly, concentrate on everything you have going on. Coordinate the energies within you and the energy from your partner.

I know this is hard. Again, that’s why I say this requires a lot of practice and discipline.

Recognize the spiritual side of your sexuality. Draw out your masculine core and connect with your partner. With enough dedication, this leads to sacred sex and union.

Two bodies aren’t just coming together. It means two spirits connect.

Don’t Forget To Communicate With Your Partner Beforehand

share whats on your mind with your partner

Communication is a success factor for almost every endeavor you pursue.

Have you discussed your thoughts on spiritual practice with your partner? Has she ever heard of transcendental sex before?

Did you answer no on both my questions? If so, I’d suggest talking it through with your partner.

Let her know what’s on your mind. This isn’t just about expressing your desires. It’s also an opportunity to listen to your partner’s needs and build trust.

Remember, trust and understanding are the foundations for transcendent sex. Communication is a core component of this.

Conclusion: Transcendent Sex Is A Spiritual Practice

And there we have it! We’ve trekked through the lush, mysterious jungles of the transcendental sex meaning.

Now, you know how transcendent sex can transform the mundane into the magical.

When I first learned about this, it hit me like a tonne of bricks. Why didn’t I search up about what is transcendent sex sooner?

But hold on. I must mention one more thing before you pack your bags and set off into the sunset.

And that’s to watch my free relationship training video. It teaches you all the essential steps to bring your love and sex game to another level. Most importantly, you’ll learn to spiritually connect with your partner.

No need to wait. Take action today. Let the adventure begin!


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

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What does transcendence feel like?

Transcendence feels like a sense of awe. Imagine a feeling of your soul elevated. Physically speaking, you’ll experience emotions such as serenity, bliss, and joy. It can also bring about feelings of calm, peace, and inspiration.

Can sex be a spiritual experience?

Yes, sex can be a spiritual experience. Sex becomes more than just physical pleasure when you connect deeply with one another.

What is spiritual lovemaking?

Spiritual lovemaking is conscious sex. It’s not the same as mindlessly pounding your woman. This is when the pleasure goes beyond just a physical orgasm. You create a positive energy connection throughout the mind and soul. It involves honoring your partner and being deliberate in your actions.

Is sex a spiritual experience?

Sex can indeed be a spiritual experience. Modern hookup culture has made sex seem more like a commodity. In reality, sex is extraordinary. It’s special. After all, sex means to connect with your partner. Whether the sex is spiritual in your own experience or not depends on your approach.

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