17 Best Tantric Sex Positions to Unlock Your Chakras

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Sep 28, 2023
tantric sex positions

Tired of the same old Netflix and chill routine? It’s time for something more soul-shaking: tantric sex.

We are opening Pandora’s box here because the 17 tantric sex positions in this article are absolute game-changers to your sex life.

Each position is guaranteed to open up not just your legs but each chakra level so they’re twerking in cosmic harmony.

Quick spoiler alert: the OG tantra didn’t even talk about sex positions. That’s a neo-tantra thing.

If you’re looking to blame the ancient texts for a boring sex life, think again.

And for those of you mixing up the Kama Sutra with tantra, stop right there. They’re as different as Netflix and Chill are from actual Netflix… and chilling.

So, buckle up as we get down to sacred business!

What are the best tantric sex positions?

Here are my top picks of the best tantric sex positions to make love to each of the seven main chakras:

  1. Root Center: Anvil Legs-on-Shoulders
  2. Sacral Center: Missionary
  3. Navel Center: Riding Woman On Top
  4. Heart Center: Reclined Doggy Style (skin-to-skin)
  5. Throat Center: Scissors Position
  6. Third Eye Center: Yab Yum
  7. Crown Center: Lying in stillness (genital-to-genital)


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These are the best positions to activate the chakras starting from the bottom to the top. Afterward, we’ll explore a few more alternative sex positions.

1. Muladhara chakra: anvil legs-on-shoulders

Muladhara Chakra

The anvil legs-on-shoulders stimulate the Muladhara chakra. This means it’s a grounded, firm, and stable position.

After all, it’s a deep, steady animalistic pounding on the Root. Ensure to warm up enough before doing this position to avoid discomfort or pain.

How it works is that the guy leans forward while his partner straddles him. She places her legs on his shoulders, often resting against a cushion.

Both partners should be comfortable with the man being in the dominant position.

This position allows for deep sexual intercourse. It’s also one of the most tribal sex positions in the book.

Moreover, it elevates intimacy and the spiritual bond between both partners as they can hold strong eye contact in this position.

2. Svadisthana chakra: missionary

Svadisthana Chakra

Missionary activates the sacral chakra, otherwise known as the Svadhisthana chakra.

This lets the water flow within you, meaning it’s a powerful position for exploring juicy sensuality and romance since it’s the focal point of your sexual energy.

The missionary position naturally encourages the woman to open up for the man to enter. The result? It helps open up the svadisthana chakra by fostering eroticism and desire.

Those new and exploring tantra will find missionary a great place to start for probing into their partner’s spiritual level.

It’s a popular position that’s also a classic tantric sex position. But instead of mindlessly f*cking, reinforce the spiritual connection by being conscious of each move you make.

3. Manipura chakra: riding woman on top

Manipura Chakra

This is a sex position that empowers the woman.

She is the one in control of the angle and speed. Whether she wants to ride you faster or slower and more intimately is entirely up to her.

The Manipura chakra is activated here because the riding woman on top allows deep penetration.

It lets both partners open up the third chakra located around the navel.

And because it’s a dynamic position, the woman should try to hit the cervix with the penis to better activate the Manipura chakra.

4. Anahata chakra: reclined doggy style

Anahata Chakra

Unlike the usual doggy style, the reclined doggy is more relaxed. That’s because she’s lying flat with a pillow or cushion for her stomach to rest on.

The man is still in control and penetrating from behind. He is the one who determines the tempo. But make no mistake.

This position allows for deeper intercourse, meaning you could even hit the G-spot.

Now, the reclined doggy style unlocks the Anahata chakra by bringing your energy inside to open up her heart to you. 

If a man can reach under and hold her breasts without losing balance, the position becomes even more powerful when it comes to unlocking the Anahata chakra.  

5. Vishuddha chakra: scissors

Vishuddha Chakra

Both partners lie on their sides, intertwining each other’s legs. Hence, the name of this sex position since it’s almost like two open scissors against each other.

The scissors position activates the Vishudda chakra. This links to your means of communication and self-expression.

Aside from oral sex, you can activate the Vishudda chakra through sexual intercourse with this position.

6. Ajna chakra: yab yum

Ajna Chakra

The Yab Yum is a traditional tantric position for sex. It deploys the third eye chakra (ajna chakra), which is all about intuition and spiritual awareness.

She will sit on top of the man with his legs crossed. Then, she’ll wrap her legs around him for a tighter grip and to allow their sexual energies to sync.

Since you’ll be face-to-face, it’s an intimate position that nurtures a deep connection.

Hold strong eye contact. Gaze into each other’s eyes and breathe as one to intensify the emotional bond.

7. Sahasrara chakra: lying in stillness

Sahasrara Chakra

Lie in stillness with the penis connected to the vagina. This position unlocks the Sahasrara chakra, which can seamlessly connect from the third eye chakra.

Now, this is located in the crown of your head.

Here’s how this position works:

  • Both partners lie flat on their backs, with the woman resting her legs on top of the man’s legs.
  • Place your arms on the side with your palms facing down.
  • Focus on your breathing to loosen up your mind and body.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

10 bonus tantric sex positions to build a spiritual connection

Here are 10 more tantric sex positions to try with your partner:

  • The spoon
  • Relaxed cowgirl
  • Hail the queen
  • Prone bone
  • The snake
  • The goddess
  • The butterfly
  • Hot seat
  • The mermaid
  • The padlock

8. The spoon

The spoon

This is a sideways sex position that requires a big spoon and a little spoon. Both partners face the same direction.

The man is the big spoon, who lies down on his side and penetrates his partner from behind.

The spooning position a sensitive move for relaxation and intimacy. I highly suggest doing this position as a stress-relieving sex position.

9. Relaxed cowgirl

Relaxed cowgirl

This is a position that offers mutual control. Either partner can take the lead with the relaxed cowgirl.

You can gaze into each other’s eyes and kiss intimately. The woman sits atop the man, facing him with her stomach against his.

However, the man can also take control by thrusting from underneath.

10. Hail the queen

Hail the queen

Drive her crazy using this pro sex move to make her orgasm. However, this is not a position for sexual intercourse. It’s for oral sex.

I personally love this position to add spice in the bedroom. Your wife or girlfriend pretty much sits on your face.

She spreads her legs so that she can ride your mouth. Use your tongue to please her in this position.

You could also use your hands to grab her butt while she’s on top of you.

11. Prone bone

Prone bone

The prone bone position allows for deep penetration. It creates emotional security because you’ll be close to your woman.

Plus, it’s a position that makes sexual intercourse feel tight and pleasurable as you’ll be near her g-spot.

Like a tantric massage, your woman would lie down on her front. You would then penetrate from the back while she’s in a relaxed resting position.

12. The snake

Snakes can be deadly, and so can this position when it comes to intimacy with your partner.  

The woman sits on top of the man, facing each other. Then, she’ll lean back slightly while holding your ankles for support so that she’s in a relaxed position.

The man will also grip her ankles.

The snake position is quite different compared to the other tantric sex positions in this article, but it’s great for taking things slow!

use the snake position for light intercourse and strong eye contact

13. The goddess

This tantric sex position gives the woman complete control. It’s a position that empowers her natural feminine energy.  

Like the cowgirl position, she will sit atop her man. However, she’ll be squatting as her partner lies down.

Both can face each other to make eye contact. The man can also touch her breasts, ass, and legs while she’s in control.

When I need a few moments to recover my own sexual stamina, the goddess never fails to disappoint!

the goddess is similar to cowgirl except she squats like this

14. The butterfly

Do you love the feeling of the missionary position? Then you’ll love this.

The butterfly is a sex position variation of missionary. The physical position itself is almost the same.

However, the difference is that the man is standing while his partner’s body lies on the edge of the bed with her legs resting on his shoulders.

15. Hot seat

This is like the reverse cowgirl position, except the man is sitting down. In other words, the woman will be on top of the man with her back facing him.

As a guy, seeing your partner from behind doing her thing is bliss. It’s a different experience worth trying, especially if you’ve never done it from this type of angle before.

Relax when sitting in the hot seat because you’ll be in for a ride!

the hot seat sex position lets you see her from behind

16. The mermaid

The mermaid isn’t the most straightforward position because it requires some flexibility. Here’s how it works:

  • The woman lies face-up on the edge of a bed, desk, or countertop.
  • Place a pillow under her butt for a bit of a lift.
  • Raise your partner’s legs up in the air.
  • This position allows for deep penetration and a snug fit.

Adjust the angle based on what you and your partner enjoy the most.

If you’re struggling with the mermaid, I suggest reading my top tantric yoga poses guide. You’ll learn to improve your balance by awakening the Muladhara chakra.

the mermaid sex position requires some flexibility

17. The padlock

Again, this position is like a missionary. But there’s a minor difference.

The padlock is where the man inserts when his partner is on the edge of the table or bed. While he stands, she leans back.

Her hands rest behind, lying flat. During sexual intercourse in this position, she’ll also have her legs wrapped around you.

the padlock sex position

The essence of a tantric sex position

Tantric sex is different mainly because of the focus on sacred sexuality and spiritual lovemaking by moving energy up through the chakras.

You’re not just raw dogging her mindlessly. It’s all about making love with intention.

Being mindful of your partner’s sexual energy to align chakras and balance the masculine and feminine energies is key.

Even if you’re completely new to the concept of tantric sexuality, adopting some of the basic principles will bring your sex life to another dimension.

Sex chakra personality quiz

However, there are different types of sexual personalities.

Understanding your own unique sexual traits will help you learn about your own chakra archetype.

If you’re unsure about your sex personality type, complete this 5-minute bedroom personality quiz to find out!

Spiritual connection

A spiritual connection is formed by activating the chakras during sexual intercourse. This is what the tantric sex positions are designed to do: unlock your chakra levels.

However, sex isn’t the only way to unlock one’s chakra.

There’s more to it than sex. Other factors include practicing specific breathing techniques and yoga poses to reach your higher spiritual self.

Mindfulness and presence

Being present in the moment is essential. You can’t expect to build a deep emotional connection when your mind is elsewhere.

I often stress about creating the right atmosphere so that you and your partner can better embrace each other’s intimacy.

Is tantra the same as kama sutra?

No, they’re not the same. The tantric practice revolves around mastering one’s spirituality and sexuality. Sex is only a small part of this.

There are other factors involved, such as meditation.

Whereas Kama Sutra focuses on finding equal union in a relationship. It offers guidance in nurturing romantic bonds.

But similar to tantra, it’s an ancient practice that originates from Indian literature text.

Conclusion: Tantra levels up your sex life and sexual energy

Physical pleasure is not the primary purpose of tantric sex.

It’s exploring the spiritual dimensions of intimacy with your partner to build a deeper connection with her.

This is why tantric sex positions offer a completely different experience compared to the usual Netflix and Chill routine.

Well, there’s only one real way to find out. Try a couple of these positions with your partner and see how it goes!

But if it feels like your sex life is falling apart since your wife or girlfriend is:

  • Never in the mood to have sex with you
  • Not giving you the respect you deserve
  • Losing trust in your ability to perform as a masculine leader

Watch my free relationship masterclass to restore your relationship’s trust, passion, and intimacy.


What are the basic tantric sex techniques?

The yab yum is a basic tantric sex position to try. Another basic technique is eye-gazing.

Face your partner and look deeply into each other’s eyes. Start at a slow pace and pick it up as you go.

Savor every sensation and engage all five of your senses.

What are the soul-connecting sex positions?

All tantric sex positions, such as the anvil legs-on-shoulders and scissors, connect with your partner’s soul.

However, the more popular sex positions that are soul-connecting include missionary, reclined doggy style, and relaxed cowgirl.

How do we have sacred sex?

You must have one partner to open up a portal to the spiritual dimension where you can unify with the divine.

However, sacred sex is a process of self-realization and sexual healing.

And this is unattainable when sex is merely seen as a way to get off rather than a more meaningful purpose.

What is a tantric pose?

A tantric pose activates one of your chakras—for example, the Svadhisthana chakra through missionary.

Aside from sex positions, there are tantra yoga poses for activating different chakra levels.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

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