No Benefits To NoFap? The Truth About Real Masturbation

by Benefits To NoFap

What is no fap and are there any real benefits to nofap?

Semen retention seems to be this year’s big craze.

A quick Google will tell you that No Fap is a growing movement of young men that are taking a pledge to put a lid on their sexual energy. The approach they are taking is about abstinence. Basically, this means stopping having sex, stopping watching internet porn, and stopping masturbating. Just do a search on #nonutnovember or #nofap on Youtube, Reddit, or Twitter. You will get tens of thousands of hits.

But just because there is a lot of information out there doesn’t mean you should trust it all. In fact, I have seen so much potentially harmful no fap content online, that I really felt the need to try and set the record straight. I recently posted a video about the real benefits to NoFap on my YouTube channel, and it was clear from the comments that there is a lot of confusion and fear out there around this issue.

Guys need to know the answers to some key questions. What are the health risks of no fap? Can no fap damage your mental health? Is no fap good for you? Hopefully, this blog will help guys thinking of practicing semen retention to understand how to do no fap in a healthy way.

What does no fap mean?

No fap is a modern term (check out an urban dictionary), but it is referring to something as old as mankind. In very basic terms committing to no fap is like taking a medieval vow of chastity. Whether you call it fap, jerking off, wanking, masturbation, or doing the five-finger shuffle, the point is the same. To get back in control by cutting sex and masturbation out of your life.

No sex. No masturbation. No porn. But is it no fap the right thing to do?

Well, that depends on how and why you are doing it. I think any guys starting a nofap journey and going down the road of semen retention need to have their eyes open. There can be positives to no fap. But if it is done in the wrong way, for the wrong reasons, then it can actually be harmful to sexual health, physical health, and mental health. Male masturbation is a healthy part of sexual behavior. Is it really something that you should banish from your life?

What are the benefits to nofap?

Nofap users believe one of the nofap benefits is that it gives control back to men. Stops them from being slaves to their sexual desire and allows them to achieve mental clarity. Sexual abstinence they claim also leads to increased testosterone levels. We know that testosterone in men has a big effect on mood, happiness, and motivation. It is also often linked to muscle growth and sporting performance. No fap advocates will often identify this as a key benefit to the practice.

No fap also has a crucial role to play when guys are dealing with a pornography addiction or sex addiction. The rise of online pornography has created a world where all of us are just a click away from hardcore porn. That temptation is difficult for some guys to manage, and they find excessive porn use and excessive masturbation taking over their lives. Once porn use starts interfering with other aspects of your life – your job, your relationships, your family, you can become a slave to your testosterone. You are a porn addict and you need to take action. Quitting porn by going cold-turkey in that situation makes a lot of sense. Sometimes it is the only way to break the porn addiction cycle that you are in.

No Benefits to NoFap. What Are the Benefits to NoFap?

Why no fap? The answer is not to stop masturbating

However, I believe that by focusing on a simple solution to a complex problem, no fap misses a bigger point. What I always advise guys is to try and understand the reasons behind sex addiction. Not just to go cold turkey.

For instance, lots of guys I have helped are basically using masturbation as a numbing tool. It is not about sexual pleasure. It is simply a way to detach themselves from the real world and from real feelings. If your solution is just no fap, then it can just be a sticking plaster that doesn’t address the underlying problem. The answer is not to stop masturbating. It is to seek to understand and address the issues that are making you seek ways to escape from the world.

Is no fap a good thing? Why mastering your sexual energy is better

I often get accused of being against no fap. Nothing could be further from the truth. Guys being in control of their sexual power is itself a good thing. Semen retention can absolutely be an important part of that.

But I do have issues with the way that it is done. It has to start from the right place, not just an outright ban. That is not control. It is an admission that you lack control. You are saying that you cannot live in harmony with your sexual energy.

In that context, no fap is about surrendering. It is saying that you don’t trust yourself as a man. It is saying that your testosterone and sexual energy are too powerful to be trusted to be an integrated part of your life. That is not a good thing. Far better is to find a way to harness and control your sexual energy as an important and affirmative life force in your life.

Nofap side effects: is no fap bad for you?

No Benefits to NoFap. NoFap Side Effects: Is No Fap Bad for You?

If done incorrectly semen retention can have damaging side effects on your mental and physical health. Going months or even years without ejaculation in the wrong way can lead to nofap side effects such as:

  • Tension in the hips
  • Backache
  • Pain in the balls and pelvic floor
  • Social anxiety
  • Swollen prostate
  • Wet dreams
  • Sexual dysfunction issues further down the line such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

In mental health terms too, no fap can lead to feelings of frustration and agitation. Remember, you are also cutting off access to an essential part of who you are as a man. Sexual energy is not about what you do in the bedroom. It is also something that can drive other areas of your life.

But done correctly, semen retention is entirely healthy, despite the unfounded scare stories about things like prostate cancer.

No fap challenge

In some ways, I totally get it. The no fap movement is an understandable, rational response to the way that internet pornography has damaged male sexuality. The sexual energy that men naturally have is something powerful and special. But the internet has reduced it to unrealistic choreographed moments, that have nothing to do with sexual connection, self-discovery, and masculine power.

This has led to an explosion in porn addiction and excessive masturbation. In response, I understand why some guys are saying “enough is enough”. It is about taking back control, about saying that with willpower alone you can be in charge again.

But that journey can be hard alone, so guys do what guys do. They do what guys always do. They create groups online. They discuss it. They share their journeys. Trade hints and tips on how to make no fap a success. No fap Reddit. No fap Facebook. No fap Twitter. All full of guys challenging each other to throw off the hold that sexuality seems to have on their lives.

No nut november

This finds expression in challenges like #nonutnovember, where guys commit to going a month without ejaculation. This is a really growing phenomenon. But this sort of masturbation abstinence is where I have a problem.

By seeing sex in the same way you might see smoking or drinking, your starting point is that sexual energy is harmful. That it is a dangerous, toxic thing that needs to be controlled. No Nut November is not about harnessing and connecting with your sexuality. It is about imprisoning it. It is saying that you don’t trust it, so the only way to live with it is to put it in chains.

No Benefits to NoFap. No Nut November

This is the wrong starting point. Sexual energy is a powerful enduring, and beautiful thing. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for sexual energy then you wouldn’t be reading this at all. All of us came into the world in the same way and that journey to where we are now started with sexual energy. Dismissing sexual activity from your life and denying the positive power of sexuality strips something totally essential from your life.

Sexual activity is not a dangerous thing to be banished. It is something that can add light, color, and joy to your world. This is something that any scientist will tell you. When you orgasm, your brain releases a surge of dopamine. Dopamine receptors then receive this, affecting emotions and the human reward system. Basically, as humans, we are all hard-wired to find sex and orgasm pleasurable. No month-long internet challenge is ever going to change that.

How to fap the right way and gain maximum nofap benefits

That is not to say that sometimes in the modern world, sex and sexuality cannot become distorted and problematic through compulsive sexual behavior. I completely accept that. Toxic sexuality can be a real thing. But dealing with it by trying to banish sexual activity is really not the answer.

When it comes to semen retention, I believe that the focus needs to be less on denial and more on control. And when I say control, I mean real control – not the illusion of control that comes from putting yourself in chains.

That starts with you embracing and truly understanding the way that your sexual energy works. This is something that is often misunderstood. Check out the free training I put together on male sexual energy that helps guys get the relationship they want by understanding the spiritual and scientific basis for this. If it helps you to understand the way that your own sexual energy affects you and other people, then it will be time well spent.

Spiritual benefits to nofap: separating orgasm from ejaculation

My experience helping men all over the world to understand and harness their sexual power has taught me that there is a different way to do no fap that starts from an entirely different place. And this time it isn’t this year’s internet craze. It is something that men have practiced for thousands of years.

It starts with a shift in spiritual, not physical behavior (what I describe as ‘sacred spirituality). This occurs when the mind and body are in harmony.

One of the key ways to achieve a truly healthy, sustainable, no fap is to begin to tease apart the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. You probably think they are the same thing. Most guys do. But they really aren’t.

One of the main pillars of tantric practice is to be able to separate these two things out. I’ll put it as simply as I can. You can orgasm without ejaculation. With tested, ancient, proven practices you can harness your sexual power and choose exactly when, or if, you ejaculate. This allows you and your partner to experience more intense sexual pleasure, whilst also retaining your semen if you choose to.

This is what I call “spiritual no fap.” It is about the mind and the body working in harmony. It is about men stepping up and taking control of their sexual energy, not denying it.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.
So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

Tantric masturbation

One of the starting points for this is tantric masturbation. The critical thing here is to focus not on ‘getting over the line’ with a single orgasm. It is more about truly exploring the different sensations in your body. By working out what sensations best work for you, you can develop a deeper, more enduring relationship with your sexual energy.

Think of tantra like a road trip or a quest. It isn’t the destination that matters. It is the journey. Once you change your thinking about the relationship between ejaculation and sexual pleasure, then no fap stops becoming a challenge. Instead, it becomes an essential part of who you are as a man, and as a lover.

What is the difference between no fap and semen retention?

Once you understand the difference between orgasm and ejaculation, then you can also understand the difference between nofap and semen retention.

Some people use these terms interchangeably. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you practice semen retention by mastering your sexual energy, there is no enforced abstinence. You are still free to make love and masturbate. It is just that you do so without ejaculating.

If this is a new concept that might sound difficult. It might even sound like torture. But that is only because your brain has been trained to see orgasm and ejaculation as the same thing. They are not.

Believe me, this is not about a denial of pleasure. Done correctly you will get more pleasure than you imagined possible.

But mastering your sexual energy requires time, guidance, and support. That is why I came up with the ‘semen retention challenge’ to help guys learn from and support one another on this journey.

Semen retention challenge

If you want to embark on a more sexually healthy way to do a nofap challenge, join my semen retention challenge. We include and accept sexual intercourse and masturbation. It’s just done without ejaculating.

The 30-day semen retention challenge is hosted in my Facebook group The Tantric Brotherhood. We do it together as a community. This helps keep up the motivation and keep one other accountable.

As a student from The Tantric Man Experience 9-week mentorship program recently wrote:
“30 days of semen retention. That’s the biggest accomplishment in my life. And that’s coming from a porn addict and compulsive masturbator. I’ve so much energy it’s overwhelming.”

My nofap before and after photos

My journey of real nofap and semen retention has been life-changing. I am a totally different man that I was before. Look in the eyes of the younger version of myself in the nofap before and after photo below. You might tell, I was stuck as a little boy in an adult body. And as they say, an image speaks more than a thousand words. Here you can see the real benefit to nofap and tantric semen retention.

NoFap before and after photo

The top 5 benefits to nofap the real way

To summarize, here are the top five benefits to nofap when done the tantric way:

  1. Increase testosterone
  2. Sexual mastery
  3. Separate orgasm from ejaculation
  4. Masculine maturity
  5. Unleashing masculine potential and love life

Healthy no fap

As I said at the start, no fap is not a bad thing but it needs to be done in a healthy way, and for the right reasons. The key to this is shifting the way that you think about sexual energy and finding ways to truly incorporate it into your life. Guys who do this are not just able to perform better in bed, they are also able to draw women to them or repair a relationship that feels to be drifting. My life’s work is to help guys understand this, which is why there is free training on my site. This provides a great starting point for anyone thinking about practicing semen retention in a healthy and sustainable way.


What are the benefits to nofap?

No fap can help some men feel in control of their sexual desires. It is also a helpful tool in dealing with sex addiction or porn addiction.

Why don't I feel any benefits to nofap?

Not all men respond in the same way to semen retention. Also, if done incorrectly nofap can damage your sexual, physical, and mental health.

What is with no nut November?

No Nut November is a key focus for nofap users. Think of it as the movement’s awareness month. People make the commitment not to ejaculate for the full month.

Does nofap work, or is it actually bad for you?

Semen retention can help some men but it needs to start from the right place. Otherwise, done incorrectly, it can actually be harmful.

What are the nofap benefits?

Advocates of nofap say it makes them feel more in control. They also often claim that it gives them a sense of clarity and focus in other areas of their life.

What are the actual benefits to nofap?

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that suggests masturbation is harmful. Similarly, there are no studies state that avoiding masturbation offers any clear benefit.

What is the future of nofap?

Who knows! If the world adopts it then the human race is doomed to extinction though! Seriously, there is definitely a future for men thinking more about how to be in touch with their sexual desire. Nofap is part of that conversation, but it certainly is not all of it.

What is wrong with masturbation?

Nothing is wrong with masturbation, as long as it isn’t compulsive or being used as a numbing tool to avoid connecting with real feelings.

Can nofap help with erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction has many causes and many solutions. But the key thing that can help is reconnecting the brain and body, and developing a different understanding of how to harness your sexual energy. Nofap is a very blunt tool to achieve that.

What are the nofap side effects?

The side effects of doing nofap the wrong way can lead to everything from physical sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction and lack of libido. All the way to mental conditions such as stress and agitation.

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