Top 22 Tantric Masturbation Techniques For Sacred Solo Sex

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Sep 19, 2023
tantric masturbation

You’ve heard of the powers of tantric sex. But what of tantric masturbation, aka conscious masturbation?

Wanking, jerking off, charming the snake. Masturbation is an act with shame firmly stamped all over it.

So, can solo tantric sex play enhance your sex life? Or is sex only powerful and meaningful when done in union with others?

As a tantra educator, I’ve been asked this question — and more like it — many times. Read on to learn precisely what tantric masturbation is and how it awakens your sexual self.

What is a tantric masturbation practice and tantric solo sex?

Tantric masturbation removes all shame, sleaziness, and soullessness from masturbation. It is a spiritual encounter with the Self.

Masturbation is often regarded as the last resort. Only turned to when there’s no one but yourself with which to get hot and sweaty.

The truth is that Tantric masturbation is beneficial not only for those looking for love. In reality, people in relationships have much to gain from regular self-pleasure experiences.

It comes down to being more mindful in the bedroom. It’s time to feel into the more subtle energies. To tap into the intimate, deep connection that only amplifies during sex.

What are the benefits of tantric masturbation?

woman bending her back on a stool wearing lingerie

Tantric solo sex practice is not some secret occult power or a fancy name given to self-pleasure. I’m disclosing with you now that tantric masturbation helps people improve their sex life.  It is the gateway to sexual healing for many, many people.

Tantric masturbation can reduce and reverse sexual shame, sexual numbness, and sex addiction. People who self-love tantrically know their own bodies. By giving themselves pleasure, they can better communicate sexual needs in a relationship. Also, those who practice tantric masturbation techniques are far more adept at diving into a deep, hot connection with others.

Tantric masturbation can help to create many benefits in your life, including:

  • Stronger orgasms
  • Spiritual growth
  • Health benefits
  • Strengthens personal identity
  • Increases the ability to achieve orgasm and multiple orgasms
  • Increased self-care and self-love, which enhances inner peace
  • Higher levels of self-compassion
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor
  • Can help alleviate anxiety and depression

How to perform mutual tantric masturbation

Watching your partner pleasure themselves is a gift from the Gods. If you haven’t tried it before, here are three positions to get it on and drive each other to the edge.

  1. Lap lovemaking — One partner sits comfortably on the bed while the other sits on their lap. The person on top leaves just enough space for their lover to reach down and pleasure themselves. Feel each other’s breath speed up and that sexy heat build.
  2. Cow-girl — men are visual creatures. This is a surprise to no one. The woman brings herself pleasure with her ass, back wreathing in satisfaction. This will send sexual energy surging through her partner’s entire body.
  3. Straddle — both partners sit on their heels, facing each other. Feel free to place pillows between your legs for comfort (and more sensation for the ladies!). Tease each other with your eyes, body, and energetic release.

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What’s the difference between normal masturbation and tantric masturbation?

Standard masturbation feels worlds apart from the embodied bliss that is tantric masturbation.

A regular masturbation session is focused on one thing and one thing alone: getting off.

While some benefits might come with standard masturbation:

  • Releasing steam
  • Relieving stress
  • Aiding sleep
  • Energy release

However, tantric philosophy reveals how it drains your energy and takes away your full life force and power. So, substituting regular masturbation with tantric masturbation should be a top priority. Essentially, with normal peak orgasms, you’re draining energy.

For women, this common masturbation involves a clitorial peak orgasm, with rarely any connection to the entire body.

For men, too frequent mindless ejaculation can even be hurtful to a man’s confidence, zest, and manifestation power in the long run.

The Tantric principles revolve around embodiment. In Tantra, we’re removing goals and working with sexual energy in the body therapeutically. Genitals are not the only focal point — secondary erogenous zones are also explored.

Thus, men delve into semen retention, which is a crucial part of tantric masturbation with so many benefits. Meanwhile, both sexes can experience different types of orgasms. And not just the explosive peak orgasms that many think are the only kind!

Tantra masturbation also steers away from overstimulating vibrators. Many who experience conscious masturbation can’t believe the level of expansiveness and liberation.

How to practice tantric mastubation?

woman in white panties touching herself

My 12 best steps for practicing tantric masturbation consciously:

1. Create a sacred self ceremony

To practice Tantra is to practice intense awareness. What do you want out of the self-love session?

2. Set the scene

It’s just you in the room, which means that every effort you make is to maximize your pleasure. Put on relaxing music and light sensually scented candles. Anything that shifts your mind and body into a state of erotic receptiveness.

3. Make it playful

Dive into a racy state of mind and seduce yourself!

4. Be mindful of shame  

Begin to uncover and heal masturbation shame.

5. Breath and body connection

Use the breath and body to slow the mind. Many people find tantric sex out of a desire to not feel sexually numb anymore. Slow down the breath and draw your awareness deep into each and every sensation.

6. Move out of fantasy

Fantasy can be pure inhibited joy and sensual creativity in pleasurable sex. Yet, tantric practices focus on the experience of sex in the present moment. Body awareness in tantric masturbation can take time. Breathwork and creative touch keep you alive to your sexual pleasure.

7. Add a mirror

This extra visual element creates surprising intimacy for solo pleasure.

8. Create sound

Opening the throat with sound also opens the pelvic region, increasing sensation.

9. Be truly conscious of sensations

Tantric sex play takes the pressure off so you can focus on different sensations.

10. Learn about the chakra energy centers

This is a revolution for lovers — get to know the body’s energy centers, and you’ve got a treasure map of pleasure at your disposal. The swadisthana chakra, or orgasm on the chakras, is a great place to start!

11. Remove the finish line

Orgasm isn’t the end goal. This makes the whole experience more playful and nuanced.

sexual response cycle

12. Rest in the resolution

Take time to savor the physical and metaphysical sensations coursing through your own body. Here lies the resolution phase of the sexual response cycle.

Skipping it in tantric masturbation is equal to leaving before breakfast the morning after. So treat yourself well and soak up the hum of oxytocin and dopamine.

5 male masturbation techniques

banana and oranges

During a male tantric masturbation session, the biggest piece of advice is to slow down. During solo sessions, this maximizes the potential for self-discovery. Other than that, here’s how to navigate a more powerful and erotic experience.

1. Explore your entire body

When most men masturbate, they go straight to jerking off. Yet, the ancient spiritual practice of Tantra has other ideas. They lead to heightened spiritual clarity, more powerful orgasms, and a more sensual life.

Move away from the lingam and spend time with your secondary erogenous zones:

  • Enjoy pleasuring your nipples — yes, they are erogenous zones for men too!
  • Stroke along the lips, neck, abdomen, inner thighs, and inner groin. Make touching your body a spiritual experience!
  • The abdomen — particularly the line from the nipples down to the pelvis. Play with this area brings a surge of primal pleasure.

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2. Use your non-dominant hand

Your non-dominant hand doesn’tdoesn’t just feel novel as it’s less dextrous. This makes for a slower rhythm and pressure, so you can enjoy stoking your sexual fires gradually. This approach also helps if you’ve become numb through sensation. However, if this is your main issue, it’s worth checking out the NoFap method.

3. Try some new tantric masturbation techniques

Try some techniques we’ve explored in our lingam massage article, all of which are suitable for solo masturbation. With these, you can learn to direct erotic energy through the whole body.

4. Play with edging

Once you feel an orgasm coming during a conscious masturbation session, cool the experience. Feel how your body relaxes and channels the sacred swadisthana energy from the balls up to the crown of the head. Edging is the secret to mastering your sexual energy and not becoming a slave to it.

Pro tip: A Fleshlight sleeve might help your edging practice.

5. Balls

Testicle massage is a holistic and ancient practice that harnesses erotic energy. It can tackle many male health issues and help increase low libido.

The primary erogenous zones for men include both the lingam and the balls. Some techniques to experience pleasure on a whole new scale include:

  • Focus on the seam at the center of the balls
  • Cupping your balls
  • Tapping the perineum, shaft cupping or;
  • Drawing your balls away from your lingam.

Use this time to honor your balls and their sacred sexual prowess.

5 female techniques to practice tantric masturbation

Here are some tools for your self-love kit if you’re seeking more than just an orgasmic release. A profoundly blissful experience awaits!

woman touching a pink daisy with her two fingers

1. Reframe masturbation

Far from “rubbing one out,” practicing tantric masturbation amplifies your own pleasure. Move from the pressure of achieving orgasm to experiencing bliss and incredible self-awareness. Unfortunately, my female clients have more shame to untangle around masturbation than men. So please take it in stages to reclaim your pleasure.

2. Breast massage

Women (and men) have the ability to orgasm just through nipple stimulation. Breasts are magnificent regions for sexual activation, too often overlooked during masturbation.

Learn all about breast massage in the video below. See what it does for your pleasure, sexual satisfaction, and overall well-being!

3. Explore different techniques

You might find yourself in auto-pilot mode during self-pleasure. You know the quickest way to orgasm, but the problem is this removes the chance for play and exploration. Yoni massage article, try diagonal strokes around the clit, or even tapping your clitoral hood.

4. REMOVE the pressure to orgasm

Separating orgasm from Tantric masturbation elevates your capacity for pleasure. Each flicker of sensation, each wave of delicious tension and release are to be savored. Reaching the big-O, particularly under time constraints, undermines what you can experience sexually.

5. Explore your relationship with sex toys

For some women, toys are highly liberating. Investing in intensifying their sexual experience is remarkable. I am definitively pro-toys for this aim. However, many women find overusing toys makes pleasure with a partner more difficult. The same is true with manual masturbation. So, to draw toys into a tantric practice, find a relationship with toys that is empowering and freeing. In essence, find a balance that works for your sex life.

So, to draw toys into a tantric practice, find a relationship with toys that is empowering and freeing. In essence, find a balance that works for your sex life.


So, we’ve uncovered one of the most hidden, underdocumented aspects of tantric sex: tantric masturbation.

The benefits of tantric masturbation go far beyond a temporary mood boost or stress reliever in your free time.

Tantric masturbation is an immeasurably healing practice. But to transform your sex life — you need the wisdom teachings. And for that, you need an experienced teacher who can guide you to becoming a high-caliber man.

Suppose you want to take your self-love to the next level. You want to be an incredible partner adept in the subtleties of tantric sex. In that case, here’s your free training to expand personally, spiritually, and sexually.

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