Testicle Breathing – Why You Should Breathe With Your Balls

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Sep 20, 2023
testicle breathing

Testicle Breathing is the subtle art of contracting and lowering the crown jewels. In the pursuit of mastery over your sexual energy, it is one of the primary tools.

Today I will outline what exactly testicle breathing is. I will explain how it can benefit men not only physically, but also emotionally and energetically. If you have no idea how to ‘balls breathe’? No worries! I’ll give you in-depth, precise instructions for how to do this practice. This is taken directly from my tantric brotherhood coaching program for men. Therefore it’s usually for paid clients only! 

Start with the testicle breathing instructional video, and then keep reading for this exclusive content.

What is testicle breathing?

Testicle breathing is also known as Scrotal Compression or Testicular Breathing. It transforms raw sexual energy into higher energy. This energy then nourishes the spine, the nervous system, the brain, and other organs.

This practice results in a tremendous increase in the energy of the brain and nervous system.

Testicle breathing is an easy and effective exercise that trains a man to be sensitive and in tune with the subtle energy within his testicles. Testicle breathing uses the mind and breath to move internal energy via muscle contractions.

When a man is unaroused, the energy in the testicles is in the cold Yin state. Testicle breathing guides this cold energy from the testicles up the spine and into the head. Here, it stimulates and activates the pineal and pituitary glands.

What are the benefits of testicle breathing?

Dr. Joe Dispenza has researched ancient yogic knowledge. This is what he said about these kinds of exercises:

“When we inhale through our nose, and at the same time squeeze our intrinsic muscles, we accelerate the cerebrospinal fluid into the brain.

As we follow the movement of energy to the top of our head, then hold our breath and squeeze, we are increasing intrathecal pressure.

The increased pressure moves the cerebrospinal fluid from the fourth ventricle through a small canal into the third ventricle (arrows) . At the same time, fluid traveling around the cerebellum (arrows) compresses the crystals of the pineal gland.

The mechanical stress that is applied produces an electrical charge in the pineal gland, creating a piezoelectric effect.”

This movement of cerebrospinal fluid maintains health and proper functioning of the nervous system. It also works to ‘flush’ the brain from ‘brain junk’. Combined with creating an electrical charge in the pineal gland, this boosts brain function, neural capacity, memory and attention. It can also keep us in a more spiritually enlightened state of mind due to its impact on the pineal gland. This is due to the pineal gland (supposedly) being the source of consciousness, mystical experiences and connecting us with the etheric.

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Health conditions that may benefit from testicle breathing

In addition to nervous system health and brain function, the additional benefits of testicle breathing are far and wide.

I believe that testicle breathing is so important for male health that it should be taught in schools instead of cr*ppy sex education that we all know is useless. When you read the following list of benefits, you’ll see why!

BIG disclaimer here. I am not a medical professional. I am NOT proclaiming that testicle breathing can cure or treat ANY health condition. The following list is simply taken from anecdotal evidence from my clients, teachers, classmates and other practitioners. 

If you have a serious health condition affecting your crown jewels, you should absolutely see a doctor. Ball breathing should just be used as a supplementary aid to your recovery programme.

Now that is out of the way, let’s get to it! Here is a list of just some of the possible health benefits of testicle breathing:

  • Boosts blood supply and blood flow to the penis – helping with better erections, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • Possibly effective in the treatment or prevention of testicular cancer
  • Relieves inflammation and swelling associated with epididymitis
  • Helps with testicular pain
  • May contribute to overall health of the testes
  • In young males, can possibly induce the descent of an undescended testicle or fix a retractile testicle
  • Can diminish chronic groin pain.

testicle breathing

Testicle breathing after 30-days of non-ejaculation

Men who have not ejaculated in thirty days or more will see quick results from testicle breathing.

Men who have not learned to control their ejaculation as yet will not reap as many of the benefits from this exercise.

I understand that it can be daunting when first attempting to control your ejaculation.

But once you get the hang of it you will see that it’s actually super feasible. Semen retention is also a hugely beneficial and rewarding practice.

Honestly, you’ll even start to enjoy it!

This will greatly increase your success in lasting 30 days.

You might struggle with ejaculation control, or you might have an addiction to ejaculating frequently.

Worse yet, you might suffer from premature ejaculation.

It is common in a man’s life at some point, and studies suggest that around one in every three men suffers, or has suffered from premature ejaculation (PE).

Having worked with hundreds of men with those issues, I know how devastating it can be.

It can greatly affect your confidence, relationships, and vitality in life.

Find yourself in the same boat and are committed to working on solving these issues.

Start by watching my free training , and let’s see if we’re a match to work together!

We can then craft a game plan on how you can master the art of ejaculation control.

The benefits of testicle breathing

  • Energizes the testicles with fresh pranic life force.
  • Removes stagnant energy in the pelvic floor from sitting too long and wearing tight undergarments.
  • Increased testicular health and general male sexual health.
  • Increased perception of subtle energy in the energy body.
  • Removes sexual frustration, stress, and tension.
  • It helps to control sexual energy by moving it upwards.
  • It rejuvenates the kidneys, prostate, and other organs.

testicle breathing

Testicle breathing instructions

The best way to get started is by freeing your testicles. You want them to hang freely and away from tight clothing. So you can either do it naked if you’re in a warm climate or you can wear loose-fitting clothes without undergarments.

Start breathing in and out through the nostrils. Visualize pranic energy flowing down into the testicles as you inhale and up into the brain as you exhale. Picture the movement along the central channel parallel to the spine.

As you inhale, you’re also squeezing on the Mula bandha , the root lock. But this is a gentle squeeze that comes from the mind rather than from physical exertion.

While exhaling you release the contraction of the pelvic floor and lower the testicles. This is all done while internalizing with the eyes closed.

The best way to practice it is to do it standing, and the second-best is to be sitting down as explained below.

testicle breathing4

Testicle breathing sitting exercise

  1. Sit on the very edge of a chair with your testicles and scrotum unsupported.
  2. Your weight should be entirely on the buttocks and feet, and not on your perineum
  3. Inhale deeply through the nostrils and lift the testicles with your mind and root lock.
  4. Visualize energy moving down to the testicles.
  5. Exhale and lower the testicles.
  6. Visualize how the energy is moving along the central channel up to the brain.
  7. Repeat this 9 times and you will start to feel the activation of your sexual energy within the lower body.
  8. After 9 rounds, inhale deeply and hold your breath while doing the Big Draw.
  9. Visualize you drawing bright white energy upwards.
  10. Relax, take a few recovering breaths, and you will notice the effects.
  11. That’s one set, now repeat for 3-6 rounds.

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Testicle breathing standing exercise

Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent.

Shake your hips to loosen the scrotum and let it hang freely.

Inhale deeply through the nostrils into the lower abdomen. Lift the testicles with your mind and root lock.

After 9 rounds take a big inhalation and hold the breath while doing the Big Draw.

The big draw technique

Known as the Power Lock for men in the Taoist tradition, the Big Draw differs slightly from Tantric circles by way of practice.

The idea is to draw aroused sexual energy up to the higher chakras and energy centers of the body. And thereby, transforming sexual energy into spiritual energy – a higher form of Shen.

You can use this by yourself or with a partner.

How to practice the big draw

  1. Begin to contract the root lock close to the sacrum, Mula Bandha.
  2. Contract the muscles of the anus, Ashwini Mudra.
  3. Contract the muscles of the abdomen, Uddiyana Bandha. Pull the navel against the spine.
  4. Contract the throat lock, with the chin down towards the chest, Jalandhara Bandha.
  5. You have now entered the famous Granthis – the three main knots of the human body, which is the key to awaken Kundalini.
  6. Press the tongue to the roof of the mouth, i.e. the soft part of the pallet.
  7. And lastly, roll your closed eyes up, locking towards the third eye, in the middle of the forehead.

Practice these movements one at a time until you are able to combine all of this into one swift motion.

Start from the bottom and do a wave-like motion from bottom to top, in a repeated manner. This will release a tremendously powerful Kundalini energy shooting into your brain.

The most important thing is not to focus on perfecting your movement to 100%. Instead, it’s how you feel and how you experience the energy that matters most.

So try playing around with it until you find a way that feels natural. Try not to overly fixate on the different ways this technique is being taught in different teachings. Tantra is an experiential path, and your experience is what matters most.

This practice is safe to perform anytime throughout the day. However, please don’t use it together with The Million Dollar Point technique that some teachers would recommend. The MDP can be devastating for your health and sexual functions.

How often should I practice testicle breathing?

You may do this practice with rounds of 9 breaths and 1 big draw, for 3-6 sets.

It can be done at any time throughout the day, but especially when the energy is stagnated, or you are feeling frustrated.

You can practice it while standing in line, on a flight, on the bus, or even while making love!

When to practice testicle breathing?

You can do it at any time throughout the day, especially when you feel negative feelings of irritation coming up from sitting down at your desk all day.

As mentioned above, it’s especially good to do while on a long-haul flight.

Because it’s so discreet, you can get up during the flight and stand up in the aisle in order to practice! No one is ever going to even realize what you’re doing. 🙂

And of course, you can practice testicle breathing when you are making love. Try to do it when you feel you are close to ejaculation.

This will help to calm you down and to charge your brain with that powerful sexual energy called Jing Chi in Taoism. Thus it will help you preserve your seed – the youthful elixir stored in your testicles.


Now over to you, have you experienced the benefits of testicle breathing?

Or do you feel inspired to start practicing after reading this?

Share your observations, and how it goes, in the comments below!

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What does testicular heaviness feel like?

Heaviness in the testes can feel like a sensitivity to pressure in the right testicle and or the left testicle. It should not involve severe pain. It often feels like a prolonged dull ache. If you are suffering from long-term heaviness in the testicles, you should go to your GP for a physical exam. Occasionally it can be indicative of a testicular lump. So it’s good to get checked out.

What is ball breath used for?

Testicle breathing (or ‘ball breath’) has a variety of purposes and uses. Primarily it helps with the sublimation of sexual energy. It can also help to relieve congestion and clumps in seminal ducts. This regulates prostate function and sperm health. ‘Ball breath’ can also boost the health of the blood vessels, preventing a blood clot from occurring – and quite possibly saving you from a trip to the emergency room!

Can testicle breathing help with sexually transmitted infections?

No. This one is clear cut. If you have a bacterial infection that is sexually transmitted, you need antibiotics. A simple breathing exercise is not enough to kill bacteria. If you have any symptom of an STI, go straight to your doctor

Are there any risks associated with testicle breathing?

Testicle breathing is generally very safe. But if you experience any chest pain, abdominal pain, you should stop straight away.

Is testicle breathing a treatment for testicular cancer?

It isn’t a treatment per se, but it can be part of a rehabilitation or overall cancer care plan. If you have a diagnosis of testicular cancer, it is very important that you get the proper medical care. Exercises such as testicle breathing should be supplementary.

What is the spermatic cord?

The spermatic cord is surrounded by fascia, which gives it a cord-like quality. It is made up of blood vessels, ducts and nerves that connect the testicles with other areas of the body.

Can testicular breathing benefit epididymis health?

Absolutely. One of the top benefits of testicle breathing is boosting the flow of sperm inside the seminal ducts.

What is orchitis?

Orchitis is inflammation of one or both testicles. Testicle breathing has been shown to possibly help in reducing this inflammation. Therefore it can reduce the pain associated with the condition.

What happens during an orchiectomy?

During testicle removal surgery both testicles (but not scrotum) are removed. The scrotum will likely be inflamed for several weeks. This is extreme and should only be carried out in medical emergencies. One example of this is testicular torsion that cannot be rectified and has led to necrosis (tissue death) of the testicle(s). Testicular torsion can be diagnosed by testing the cremasteric reflex.

How can testicular failure be treated?

This depends on your definition of the word ‘failure’. In extreme cases, medical interventions are necessary. But if the problem is mild, practices such as testicle breathing can be hugely beneficial.

Has anyone successfully done testicular breathing?

Yes! Many, many, many people. My clients have had huge success with it and I cannot recommend this practice enough. It should be taught in schools!

Can testicle breathing help with varicocele?

Yes. Testicle breathing improves blood and seminal flow.

What are the main symptoms of testicular cancer?

A testicular lump or swelling in the lymph nodes are two of the most common symptoms of testicular cancer. If you have either, visit your GP right away.

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