Multi Orgasmic Men: How To Become One Of The 3% In 9 Weeks

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Sep 20, 2023
Multi orgasmic men

Learn how to control ejaculation and become a multi orgasmic man.

We have all heard about the female multiple orgasms and the multi orgasmic woman.

Women can have one orgasm and then another, another, and another. Even if the clitoris becomes overstimulated and needs a break, she can go on to have a G spot or cervical orgasm.

Women can have more intense, full-body orgasms that often leave them shuddering and contorting with pleasure for up to a couple of minutes.

This is of course fantastic and deeply sexy to observe in a woman. Every man loves to watch his partner writhing around with waves of orgasmic pleasure rippling up and down her spine.

But it can leave some of us feeling a little short-changed.

Traditionally, the view on male orgasm is that it is short, lesser in intensity, and confined to the genital area. It is also seen to mark the end of intercourse since the man ejaculates and loses his erection.

Therefore, men are typically seen to be limited to only one orgasm at a time. 

The purpose of lovemaking from a male stance, therefore, seems to be purely for reproductive purposes.

Seems a little unfair, right?


I am here today to tell you that we need to rip up this ‘traditional’, highly constricting view on male orgasm.

Any and ALL men CAN become multi orgasmic and experience deep sexual pleasure – just as women can. It simply takes a little work from your end.

Don’t believe me? I’m telling you, it’s possible. And I’m going to tell you how you can do it in this article. Read on to find out. You’ll thank yourself for it later, I promise…

Mantak chia and the million dollar point: don’t try this at home

No discussion of male orgasm would be complete without an honorary mention of Mantak Chia. Through his groundbreaking book, The Multi Orgasmic Man, Chia has helped men across the world to enjoy sex in an entirely new way.

But if you have read this book, or plan to do so, I need to give you an extremely important warning.

This warning relates to the million dollar point method, also known as the three finger technique, advocated by Chia in The Multi Orgasmic Man. Chia suggests this as an ejaculation control method.

I have written an entire article (that actually went viral) about the million dollar point danger, but I will sum it up here with three very simple words: DON’T do it.

If you do, you are putting yourself at risk of prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and even impotence. Trust me, it’s really not worth the risk. If you want to learn about how to control ejaculation safely, just keep reading. I’ll get to it, since it’s highly relevant to this topic.

The million dollar point warning

Can men even have multiple orgasms?

Men can certainly have orgasms, but it’s not what most people think.

Most people tend to believe the male orgasm to be purely of the ejaculatory type.

It is almost unheard of for any man to be able to have successive ejaculatory orgasms – no matter whether he is an ascended master in his tantric sexuality practice, or a beginner in the field.

This is due to the refractory period – the space of time that elapses between ejaculation and a man being able to get an erection again.

The refractory period happens for ALL men. There is no way around it.

So for this reason, men who want to become multi orgasmic need to take a different path. This path reconceptualizes orgasm. It bypasses ejaculatory orgasm and moves on to a totally new paradigm of pleasure – one in which a man can have non-ejaculatory, energetic orgasms.

It’s not just tantrikas or practitioners of Taoist sexuality who can experience non-ejaculatory orgasm. All men have the ability deep within. But sadly only 3% of them are mastering it.

The journey to male multiple orgasm is not an easy one. It requires precise focus, energy work, ejaculation control and a lot of practice.

Most men are simply not willing to put in the time. It can take 6-12 months to reach multiple orgasms. (Although many of the clients whom I have mentored have cut that down to only 9 weeks. More about that later.)

What does science say about male multiple orgasms?

Unfortunately, science has not done much qualified research around tantric sexuality.

A few studies on multi orgasmic men and men’s sexual pleasure have been carried out. I will briefly discuss them below. But I would like to add the important disclaimer that if these studies HAD been done using tantric men, the results would likely have been very different.

This study concluded that few men (of the ones studied) are multi orgasmic. These findings simply verify my words at the beginning of this article: we all have the ability, but very few (less than 3%) are using it. To quote directly, the study reads that “few men are multiorgasmic. Various factors may facilitate multiple orgasms: practicing to have an orgasm without ejaculation.”

It’s not dissimilar to lifting weights in the gym. If you have never lifted before and attempted to start out with a 50kg barbell, you probably won’t have much luck. 

But if you start from the beginning and train, you can eventually work up to it. We all have the ability to lift heavy weights, but it needs to be nurtured and given time, effort, and focus.

Another study took data from 21 multi orgasmic men and found that a nonejaculatory orgasm can occur prior to as well as after an ejaculatory orgasm. To quote the study “It is possible to have a series of orgasms. Men reported that detumescence (the subsiding of an erection) does not always follow an orgasm.”

So, it’s not just some woo woo, tantric or Taoist nonsense. Science has proven that men CAN have multiple orgasms. Albeit very few men. But I argue that this is not due to biological inability. It’s due to not having put in the hard work necessary.

The benefits of becoming a multiorgasmic man

If it’s such hard work (and it is) to become a multiorgasmic man, then why bother?

Well, as with many things in life, you reap what you sow.

If you build your sexual strength to become multiorgasmic, you will:

1. Experience more intense, longer lasting orgasms, outside the confines of ejaculation

With a non-ejaculatory, dry orgasm, there is no refractory period. Nor is there loss of erection or sexual arousal. This leads to a much enhanced sexual experience. Dry, energy orgasms are longer and more intense than the ejaculatory kind of orgasm.

Eventually, you will be able to experience full body orgasms, not unlike the female orgasm.

2. Instead of draining yourself through ejaculating, preserve your previous masculine Ojas energy

When a man ejaculates, he loses ‘ojas’, ‘jing’ or life force energy. This is accompanied by (or perhaps observable due to) a drop in the male sex hormone testosterone.

When a man experiences a dry orgasm or multiple dry orgasms, there is no energy lost in this way.

Practicing non-ejaculation allows you to redirect your sacred life force energy up towards your higher, less dense chakras. On a physical level, this brings abundant energy, health, wellbeing, and longevity.

3. Become a better lover and leave your woman more satisfied in bed

Although men and women have different biology, the basic principle for experiencing multiple orgasms isn’t all that different.

Once you have mastered this fine art, you can guide your partner through the process.

I can guarantee that a woman will never forget the man with whom she first experienced multiple orgasms and that he will hold a dear place in her heart forever. Whether you break up the next day or stay together forever, it’s a deep bond that’s created.

So many women experience unsatisfying, selfish, bland, and boring sex. There is really no bigger way to imprint upon a woman’s life than improving her experience of sex, and opening her eyes to the infinite ocean of ecstatic delights that lie before her.

4. Open the door to natural psychedelic states of consciousness

A large number of my friends, former classmates, and clients have described having profound, spiritual experiences once they mastered non ejaculation and ejaculation control.

It’s incredibly common to hear reports of altered states of consciousness, feelings of bliss, and the witnessing of God.

Many men describe these experiences as similar to those they have had whilst on psychedelic drugs.

Who needs ayahuasca or magic mushrooms – just get jiggy with it instead! Do you need any more encouragement for learning how to control ejaculation?

5. Deepen the connection with your partner by becoming a multi orgasmic man

Once you start having more sacred sex, of which dry orgasm is a big part, your connection with your partner will reach unparalleled levels of depth.

Experiencing such profound sexual ecstasy, whilst merged, together, as one – is something truly special. You may not be able to put words to it, but you will both feel, remember and carry it with you forever.

So, if you’re struggling with a loss of spark and passion in your marriage, relationship, or even if you are single and lonely, this will help you call the love back in. Joining the 3% of multi orgasmic men and learning how to control ejaculation is sure to turn your love life around.

After all, sexual energy is the most healing energy on the planet.

What does a male multiple orgasm feel like?

A common conversation I have with wannabe multi orgasmic men is about expectations.

Most men come to me expecting to experience the same intense release as they experience during the few seconds of ejaculation.

But in doing so, they are very mistaken.

By focusing on the short, intense burst of a ‘genital sneeze’, they are missing out on the much larger, deeper, albeit more subtle orgasm.

Therefore, before you ask what it feels like to experience this kind of orgasm, I ask you to redefine your idea of what an orgasm actually is.

To help, you can focus on the orgasmic qualities in what we would normally see as normal and mundane aspects of everyday life…

… The experience of touch, nature’s wild and raw beauty, the gentle stroke of a feather, a stunning sunset, etc.

Fully immersing yourself in a multi sensory landscape within your everyday life is an important step for becoming more orgasmic and sensitive to pleasure in the bedroom.

For me, this kind of energetical orgasm feels similar to the rising of kundalini energy. I experience it as a cooling sensation, creeping its way up my spine and up to the back of my neck, head and down the front of my face. Usually, I get goosebumps on my arms. There is a strong pulling sensation as energy moves upwards towards my crown chakra.

Hear it from my clients who have become multi orgasmic men

But don’t just take my word for it! You can hear what my clients Jon, Aad, and Patrick have to say about it themselves – right from the horse’s mouth. They never thought they would become multi orgasmic men or control their ejaculation with such precision, but all three of them did – and quickly.

Jon describes it as “it’s blissful. If you have seen Godzilla, it feels like a beam from my crown, growing and happening over and over and over again. It’s pretty much unlimited within the time I want to spend doing it”.

Aad describes it as a “tingling, vibrating sensation, that can go really throughout my entire body. From my fingertips, legs and head. I mostly feel it at the back of my head, and it really starts as a vibrating tingling, very strong sensation. I can just sit here with my laptop and I can really feel it crawling up my spine, and enjoy this feeling. It’s amazing once you know what this feels like. You can do it all day, every day.”

Patrick says of multi orgasmic men, that “I always did think that these people were special, but never thought I could be one of them. I’m able to move my energy, stop my ejaculation. It’s easy. You don’t have to worry anymore. It has allowed me to enter into a new level of life.”


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

Video: what does multiple energy orgasm look like?

Want an even more graphic, and this time visual representation of what it could look like? Of course, everyone experiences multiple orgasms differently, but the below videos will give you at least some idea.

Click here for a video example of how the male multiple orgasms could look.

And here is my video demonstration of how the female multiple orgasm could look:

How to become one of these multiorgasmic men

I’ll go into much more detail on most of these steps below. But, in a nutshell, these are the steps you need to take if you want to become one of the 3% of males on Earth that are multi orgasmic men.

  1. Learn how to control your ejaculation
  2. Practice semen retention for an extended duration. I recommend starting with 30 days. (P.S. Join my free 30-day semen retention challenge in my Facebook group.)
  3. Incorporate tantric techniques, such as breathwork, Kegels, and pelvic floor exercises. These strengthen the PC muscles. 
  4. Separate orgasm from ejaculation. In both body and mind.

How to control ejaculation: 5 proven methods to stop you from coming

Your first port of call with ejaculation control will be to overcome premature ejaculation. After that, use the methods below to stop ejaculating at all.

1. Take long, deep belly breaths into your diaphragm during sexual stimulation. 

Multi orgasmic men breathe from their belly during sex. 

This style of breathing stimulates parasympathetic nervous system receptors located deep in the diaphragm. Delaying orgasm requires focus and attention. It is therefore essential to be calm, clear, and relaxed.

2. Practice the start-stop technique, and edge yourself to ecstasy

Multi orgasmic men and women both use ‘edging’. Edging is a tantric technique used to practice the delay of orgasm.

Both simple and effective, edging involves masturbating up until 80% arousal level. Or, until you are right on the ‘edge’ of the point of no return. Then stop. And then you start the stimulation again. Stop. Start. Stop. Etc.

The point of edging is to get you used to your personal ‘point of no return’ and managing your sexual energy. Edging is therefore a vital method for building the self-restraint needed to postpone an ejaculatory orgasm and to master ejaculation control.

3. Sublimate your energy upwards from groin to crown

If you really want to work with ejaculation control, you MUST start working with your sexual energy.

Picture the wave-like motion of an energetic current traveling from your balls to the crown of your head.

Focus on this image.

If you notice any distractions coming in, give them a moment or two of your attention and then let them slip away.

4. The scrotal tug for ejaculation control

In addition to the methods above, there are a couple of important manual ejaculatory control methods for multi orgasmic men. These can be helpful at the beginning of your journey when you need a little helping hand (get my pun?).

The first is the scrotal tug.

Before you try it, you need to get acquainted with your point of no return. Knowing this about yourself is crucial for multi orgasmic men. Learn to recognize the sensations present for you when you are approaching this point. 

Then, when you approach it, you can stop and perform the scrotal tug.

Since your testicles are required to pull up close to the body in order to shoot out semen, pulling them away from your body can delay ejaculation.

To perform the scrotal tug, make an OK grip around the base of your scrotum with your thumb and index finger. Then, tug it down and firmly away from the body.

The scrotal tug technique for ejaculation control

5. The squeezing method

An alternative to the scrotal tug is the squeeze method.

It’s a simple one. Just place two fingers under the penis, with the thumb on top. Then, squeeze firmly. Hold the squeeze until you feel the arousal subsiding.

If you have a partner, they can help by squeezing the penis in this way for you.

There are three different spots you can squeeze: the head, just below the head, and the base. Try them all and see which one works best for you.

Unlike the MDP, both of the above methods are safe ways of practicing ejaculation control, and neither one leads to retrograde ejaculation. If you really want to learn how to control ejaculation, they’re great tools to get you started.

Delay ejaculation with the squeezing method

The masculine multiorgasmic potential chart

In case you need some more persuasion to get going with the methods above, the chart below is a good tool for you to recognize the full potential of the multiorgasmic man.

It shows the massive disparity in experience between a ‘genital sneeze’, ejaculatory orgasm, and the true potential of what a man can experience – altered states of consciousness.

This is the masculine sexual potential chart from The Multi Orgasmic Man.

At the bottom left is zero arousal. After this, most men get aroused rather quickly. Their arousal quickly builds until a peak at ejaculatory orgasm. This is followed by a refractory period when arousal goes down to zero again. At this point, men switch off from sex and lose interest entirely (whether or not their woman is satisfied or still aroused!).

In order to reach the higher orgasmic states – those of multiple energy orgasm – the chart clearly shows that multi orgasmic men need to bypass the point of ejaculatory orgasm (the point of no return) by coasting just below it, and then continuing up.

Just underneath the point of no return are PC and prostate contractions, which begin and can be noticeably felt BEFORE ejaculation. Although it should be noted that they are not as strong as the convulsions that accompany an ejaculatory orgasm, and there is not the same feeling of release. This feeling of release does not seem to be possible without ejaculation.

The masculine multi-orgasmic potential

The multiorgasmic self-pleasure ritual

Once you have familiarized yourself with the art of delayed ejaculation, you can start experiencing multiple orgasms.

The best way to start it alone. This way, you have full ejaculation control. You can graduate onto experiencing multiple orgasms with a partner once you have familiarized yourself with the process, sequence of events, and sensations.

Here is a self pleasure ritual I put together for my clients to practice.

  1. Create a comfortable sensual private space.
  2. Lubricate and massage your penis and your whole body. It is very important to include your belly, chest, arms, and not only the penis.
  3. Use slow strokes and a soft grip. Skip the porn and even the fantasy, and focus on your bodily experience instead.
  4. Try to get aroused from the inside out. Feel your body. Feel your sexual energy awakening and stirring. Do this by using sounds, moans, hip and chest movements, and deep belly breaths.
  5. As you feel yourself getting close to the point of no return, stop, breathe, and contract your perineum and PC muscle using the kegel exercise.
  6. Visualize and “pull” energy up the spine, focusing on top of the head. Roll your eyes upwards to help.

After you have experienced energy orgasms multiple times without ejaculating, you can now stop. You will probably feel blissed out, loved, nurtured by this feminine healing energy. A sense of peace will envelop you. Bathe in this blissful energy and relax in savasana.

The multiorgasmic couple

Many women’s fantasies involve writhing and shuddering in delight with their partner, over and over again.

Once you have mastered the techniques in this article, you can turn fantasy into reality by becoming a multi orgasmic couple.

The first and most important step toward doing this is to throw out the porn. Porn is unhelpful at best and at worst, porn addiction can ruin an otherwise loving and healthy relationship.

Porn-style pounding also needs to be thrown out of the window. Rewire your brain and body to be turned on by slower, gentler, more rhythmic lovemaking.

Keep the thrusts short and shallow for a long time during the beginning.

When it’s time for deep penetration, make sure your woman is properly ready. A huge number of women are not even aware of the fact that they are repeatedly allowing themselves to be penetrated deeply before they are ready. Thus they are experiencing pain and discomfort. Any kind of pain is a major obstacle to experiencing multiple orgasms as a couple.

The thrusting technique

The thrusting technique involves thrusting inside of her nine times at a very shallow level. It is followed by one deep thrust.

Alternating between shallow and deep won’t just help you last longer. It will also make your woman go crazy with excitement. She will yearn for your cock and beg you to go deeper inside of her.

The deep thrust pushes all of the air out of her vagina. This creates a vacuum, in which the shallow thrusts intensify.

NOTE: don’t withdraw your penis completely out of her. This does not feel pleasant. It breaks the vacuum and the seal. Instead, pull out so that you are about an inch or so inside of her.

Even though I say nine shallows and one deep, don’t make it into a mechanical mantra. Find a natural rhythm to this that is sustainable for longer stretches of time.

The shallow and deep thrust technique

A multiorgasmic couple is unshakeable

Once you manage to open this treasure chest, there is really no limit to the ecstasy it can bring. Not just into your sex life, but your everyday life and relationship too. When a couple is having amazing sexual intimacy, there are a few obstacles they can’t withstand.

How you can become a multiorgasmic man in just nine weeks

Do you want to become a multi orgasmic man and control your ejaculation nine weeks from now? Just like my clients Jon, Aad, and Patrick amongst many others did?

With the ripple effect that prolonged states of sexual ecstasy and altered states of consciousness have upon your everyday life, you can save your marriage or attract your dream relationship.

Ready to start? Watch my free training now.


Can a man have multiple orgasms?

Hell yeah! A man can absolutely have multiple orgasms. But they won’t be the bone shattering orgasms women get from clitoral stimulation. They will be subtler in nature.

If using a sex toy, can both male and female partners have multiple orgasms?

Yes. The use of a sex toy is a great way to ensure heightened sexual pleasure on both sides. Be aware of vibrators though, since they can cause desensitization.

Does having a strong PC muscle help with multiple orgasms for men?

Yes. A strong PC muscle is very important for mastering multiple orgasms for men. The stronger the PC muscle, the more able you are to sublimate sexual energy.

Is it normal to come very quickly after very little sexual stimulation?

It is common but not normal. If you come very quickly after little stimulation, you may be suffering from premature ejaculation and porn addiction.

What is retrograde ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation is a very rare problem in which sperm goes backwards, into the bladder, instead of out through the penis. This is not recommended and not healthy.

Does prostate stimulation always lead to a prostate orgasm?

Not always, it takes practice to get comfortable with this kind of stimulation. If you are relaxed and turned on, it can produce a very intense orgasm.

What is prolactin?

Prolactin is a hormone that is produced after a man ejaculates. It causes a feeling of detachment from your partner and a loss of interest in sex, amongst other things. Furthermore, it blocks erection. So basically it’s an antagonist of oxytocin, connection and multi orgasms.

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