Sexual Transmutation: 7 Best Ways To Channel Sexual Energy

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Jan 2, 2023
sexual transmutation

If you want to apply the same driving force to your life goals as to getting laid, then you NEED to read this article about sexual transmutation.

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No wall too high, no river too wide

Have you ever stopped to consider that there might be another – better, more worthwhile – outlet for your sexual energy?

If so, then well done! For this sets you apart from the majority of men. Most men have been blindly f*cking away their precious life force energy for years. Without ONCE stopping to question it.

But this outlet is nothing more than this. It is simply an outlet. An indulgence. If they were using sexual transmutation, then they could put this energy to much better use.

Typically, a man feels the desire to be with a woman sexually. Then, he goes after her like there is nothing in the world more important. 

Men have moved mountains just to sleep with a woman. There is no wall too high and no river too wide that can stop him from getting to his prized female.  

(Which shows just what human beings are capable of when we put our minds to something – right?)

But after a quick orgasmic sneeze, the desire is fulfilled. His life force energy is drained. And it’s back to the couch to watch Netflix whilst scrolling Tinder for the next conquest.

The same goes for masturbation. We want to c*m. So we spend hours searching RedTube for the perfect porno. We jerk off aggressively for a few minutes. And then after shooting our load, life force is drained. Sexual impulse vanishes. And it’s business as usual again.

I’m not casting judgment here. This is how we have evolved to behave. But it is a nasty addictive cycle. One that most men in the world are trapped inside of.

There IS, however, a better way. A more worthwhile outlet for your sexual energy,

This better way is sexual transmutation. And today, we’re deep-diving into it. 

First off, let’s look at what sexual transmutation actually is.

What is Sexual Transmutation? 

Sexual transmutation vs sublimation

Now, let’s be clear. Sexual transmutation is NOT the sublimation of sexual energy. 

I’ve discussed sublimation before. Sexual transmutation and sublimation ARE related. But they are different practices. 

The yogis use sublimation to raise the sexual energy upwards. 

This involves going from the lower energy centers (like the root chakra or sacral chakra) to the higher ones (like the third eye chakra). It is one of the fundamental aims of yoga.

Sexual transmutation transforms energy

Sexual transmutation is different. With sexual transmutation, sexual energy is not being used as it is. 

Sexual energy is being changed. 

Transmuted, from something sexual to something more refined. 

This energy can then be used for different purposes. Some people uncover powerful creative forces via sexual transmutation. Others feel more life force energy. 

Converting heavy energy to lighter, creative energy

Most commonly, people who practice sexual transmutation are looking to transform heavy and dense sexual energy into lighter, more fluid creative energy.

Whatever the purpose, people find that their motivation increases when they start transmuting their sexual energy.

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Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich

This is precisely what Napoleon Hill talks about in Think and Grow Rich

There is a very mysterious chapter in this famous book. The tone is quite different from the rest of it.

In this chapter, Hill mentions sexual transmutation. He mentions the role sexual transmutation plays in achieving material success.

Napoleon Hill discusses sexual transmutation abstractly. There are no steps for how to do it. But it is discussed heavily. In black and white. Right there on the paper. 

Do you need any more proof that sexual transmutation exists?

The benefits of sexual transmutation

As hinted towards by Napoleon Hill, sexual transmutation is the key to unlocking your TRUE creative potential.

If you can learn how to channel your sexual energy via sexual transmutation, you can create your ideal life. 


Because sexual energy is the most potent life force on the planet. 

Everything that exists, does so because of sexual energy. 

Via sexual transmutation, sexual energy has immense, unrivaled potential.

Once you have learned, refined, and practiced sexual transmutation, you can achieve incredible benefits, including:

  • Enhanced creative abilities and creative effort
  • Realizing your dreams 
  • Improved physical energy
  • Better physical expression
  • Ability to control your sexual desire, instead of always acting on impulse
  • Less frivolous sexual contact. More meaningful lovemaking
  • Having a better, more healthy relationship with work and money
  • Healing chronic fatigue and other illnesses associated with low physical energy levels

As you can clearly see, the benefits of sex transmutation are not to be underestimated. If you can master this art, the world is truly your oyster.

The darker side of sexual energy

But the flip side to this coin is that sexual energy also holds immense potential to ruin us

Most people waste the potential of their sexual energy with pointless indulgences and addictions. They waste time, money, and creative abilities. 

This is because they are NOT transmuting their precious sexual energy. They are frittering it away.

Their lives remain mediocre. And their brains and behaviors are ruled by their sex drive.

If you want to achieve greatness, you must harness your sexual energy and your sexual desires. 

Once you do, you can then move on and begin to fulfill ALL of your human desires, instead of simply spending your life chasing sex.

Is abstinence necessary?

sexual transmutation

As I’m writing this, I can hear you yelling this question. 

“Do I have to abstain from sex?!”

And the answer is no… Kind of.

You don’t have to abstain from ALL sex. But you do have to abstain from SOME sex. 

You will need to learn how to make an informed decision. To distinguish between the voice of your rational mind and the deafening noise of your cock.

You can make love as much as you want. But ejaculatory orgasms are off the table. And it is all about the energy behind the intention.

It’s a skill that will come with time.

sexual transmutation

Build your dream life via sexual transmutation

And once you put that time in, you can build your dream life.

Through sexual energy transmutation techniques, you can free yourself from the mental prison of our lust. A life of abundance, prosperity, and joy can be yours. 

Sexual transmutation is the KING of all sexual energy practices. 

When you practice sexual transmutation, creative energy will fill the space where sexual thirst previously controlled and dictated your every move.

You can use this new creative energy to build the business of your dreams. 

Or, you could design a stunning home, or create beautiful pieces of art. 

When you are using sexual transmutation to channel your sexual energy, the possibilities are endless.

Sexual transmutation can also help you to bring about optimal physical health

You can feel charged with spiritual energy, creative ability, financial prosperity, mental clarity, sexual expression, material success, and even your dream relationship!

The 7 best ways to channel sexual energy for sexual transmutation

Alright, enough talk about what sexual transmutation can help you to achieve. I’m going to do what Napoleon Hill didn’t do in Think and Grow Rich… 

Let’s take a look at the 7 best ways you can use to start channeling your sexual energy and practicing sexual transmutation today.

1. Semen retention as your basic foundation

The first tool that you need to become aware of for sexual transmutation is semen retention. 

This is a foundational practice. Without this, nothing else can happen. 

As a man, semen retention holds the key to regaining your power and your control.

To any man who has been c*mming regularly throughout his life, this concept will, of course, feel very foreign. 

The idea of not ejaculating can sound insane. And impossible. But it is actually a very beneficial practice. And more men are doing it than you might think…

… Semen retention has been around for millennia. 

It has been around for as long as tantra.

When men ejaculate, they lose a great deal of their life force energy. The ancients called this ‘jing’. 

Ever had sex for the first time in a while, shot your load, and felt depleted and drained for days afterwards? 

I’m sure that you have experienced this. 

On a less extreme level, this loss of energy is what causes men to roll over and fall right asleep after sex in the evening (women hate this, by the way).

Semen retention cultivates creative energy and creative potential

Hence you can cultivate huge amounts of physical and creative energy by consciously retaining your semen. 

The energy slump that would usually drive you straight to the couch? Holding you back from stoking the fires of your dreams and goals? No longer does so. This is what Napoleon Hill is really getting at in his book.

So, the first step you can take towards sexual transmutation today is stopping your ejaculatory orgasms.

2. Inverted asana and tantra yoga

sexual transmutation

Once you can retain semen, you can start transmuting sexual energy. This is where tantra yoga for men and inverted asana come in.

With sexual transmutation, we are moving energy away from the genitals and converting it into less dense energy. Hence why, inversions work well.

A simple inversion to start with would be a headstand. If this is too advanced for you, try shoulder stand or a standing forward bend.

3. Nauli Kriya 

Kriyas are traditional yogic practices explicitly used for cleansing.

Of these, nauli kriya is used to change your vibrational state. It is also a potent mood booster. A few rounds of nauli kriya, and you will be in a completely different mental space.

As such, nauli is an effective way of transmuting sexual energy.

Any time you are feeling bombarded by sexual desires, you can call upon nauli kriya to cleanse yourself of it. 

Not that sexual thoughts are anything dirty or to be ashamed of. But for the purpose of this article, they are a distraction.

Nauli will help shift sexual desires, freeing up your precious mental space for higher purposes.

4. Cultivating energetic orgasms

Once you start semen retention and using sexual transmutation, you might feel a bit deprived. Despite being depleting, there is just something about shooting our load that is just satisfying for us men. Isn’t there?

Well indeed, there is. No sperm = no babies. Mother Nature had to ensure the survival of the species somehow. And therefore she wired the brains of all men on Earth towards ejaculatory orgasms. That is how we make babies, after all. 

But you CAN override this and experience something even MORE pleasurable. Much more, in fact…

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How to experience energetic orgasms

I have written an entire guide on how to experience energy orgasm here. I suggest you read it if you want to start practicing sex transmutation.

Disclaimer: energetic orgasms do not give you the same feeling of release as ejaculatory orgasms. But they DO last much longer, and their ripples can be felt throughout the entire body.

Via sexual transmutation, these imploding orgasms shoot the energy up the spine and to the brain. They are not depleting like ejaculatory orgasms. By cultivating imploding orgasms you can also strengthen your connection to the subtle energy body. 

Energetic orgasms are incredible. You can have one after the other. And in doing so, become one of the few multi orgasmic men

Semen retention and sexual energy transmutation don’t require you to give up sex. You just change your relationship to it. Particularly with regards to how you experience orgasm.

5. Letting go of addictive behaviors

Addictive behaviors block sexual transmutation. 

I’ve already mentioned indulgence a few times in this article. And it really lies at the heart of this work. 

The choice is yours. You can pointlessly indulge and live a mediocre life. Or you can exercise self-restraint, and be part of the top 1%.

And I’m not just talking about indulging in women here, either. 

The list of life’s pointless indulgences is neverending. Porn, weed, alcohol, negative thoughts, junk food, video games, gambling, shopping. And on and on… 

sexual transmutation

You’re not just losing your time when you indulge in or obsess over these things. You are frittering away your precious energy, too.

With sexual transmutation, you put your spiritual evolution first. Sexual transmutation demands that we choose success over sex! 

Kiss goodbye to ALL of your addictions

And along with sex, all of our other addictive habits must go, too.

This means that you place your desire to be a better man over your addictions.

If you do not, you will never achieve sexual transmutation. 

Being successful, a good husband/father or a community leader are far more worthwhile ways to spend your energy than pointless addictions.

Addictive behaviors only give us satisfaction in the moment. 

A quick dopamine blast. And then the craving sets in again. 

A very UNfulfilling way to spend your life, if you ask me.

If you want to start using sexual transmutation? Then you must kiss goodbye to your addictive habits today.

The maturity factor

If you are reading this and below the age of 40, then you have an even bigger task ahead of you. 

BUT, the rewards of sexual transmutation will be even higher. For you have even more time ahead of you to achieve greatness…

Most men tend to be ready for this work once they hit 40. 

sexual transmutation

Before this, there is simply too much temptation, coupled with not enough restraint.

6. Redirect your sexual desires, indulgence, and lust into your dream goals 

Most men have not been taught that the roaring flame of their sexual desire could be put to better use.

Although I have mentioned this 1000 times in this article already, I haven’t put it into practical terms.

Talking about redirecting your sexual energy is all well and good. But doing it involves a few steps. 

First, take note of an addictive impulse as soon as it comes up. Notice, but don’t judge.

You will feel yourself wanting to act on it. Take note of that urge. 

sexual transmutation

And then, stop in your tracks.

Observe the sensations that are present within your body.

… Your heart might be racing. Palms slightly sweating. You could feel hot, shaky, and agitated. 

Identify the invisible force that is trying to pull on your strings as if you were a puppet. 

This puppeteer is trying to pull you out of alignment. He wants you to live a life of slavery. Slavery to your uncontrollable desires. And your wayward sexual energy.

You must muster the strength to cut those puppet strings. 

The first few times will be immensely difficult. It will take every ounce of mental grit that you have. 

But after the first few times, it will become easier. 

Your brain will eventually forge new neural pathways. And the world of sex energy transmutation will open to you.

Testicle breathing 

And if you are struggling to resist the allure of your sexual desires? You can sit quietly and try testicle breathing

This is a meditative technique. It will help to distract you and transmute the sexual energy.

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7. Chakra exercise

A practical exercise you can use to transmute sexual energy is the chakra exercise. 

First, create some feelings of sexual stimulation. These will naturally occur in the genitals.

sexual transmutation

Once you can feel the physical sensations related to arousal, use the power of your mind to move the energy up each of the chakras

Start with Muladhara. Feel the earthiness. Then move up to the sacral chakra. Feel the watery pleasure there. Next, it’s the navel and feeling the fire. At the heart, the air. The throat, the spaciousness. The third eye is clarity. 

When you reach the crown, you can channel the energy. Use it for manifestation purposes.

The chakra exercise trains you in two things. Moving energy and tuning into the subtleties as energy changes form.

8. Become a tantric man

The final and most important step is also a culmination of all the steps above.

And that is becoming a tantric man.

For a tantric man, the ability to transmute sexual energy is innate. Tantra has a huge emphasis on energy. You really can’t be tantric without being able to transmute it.

Becoming a tantric man is not an easy path. It is no shortcut to sexual transmutation. 

But it is hugely rewarding. You will gain vitality, sexual prowess, massive willpower, and much success within ALL of your endeavors. This is due to your ability to apply laser-sharp focus and direction to your goals.

sexual transmutation

Becoming a tantric man is not some hocus pocus thing. It is something that I have dedicated my life to.

I started practicing tantra and transmuting my OWN sexual energy with a very average job and income.

Now I’m earning more money than I ever could have imagined.

And it’s happening to my clients in The Tantric Man Experience too.

My client Jon’s business skyrocketed after he started practicing sexual transmutation. The world had just gone into lockdown. But Jon’s profits soared higher than they had ever been before.

And there are many more stories like Jon’s. You can see for yourself here.

Become a tantric man and achieve your dream life via sexual transmutation

Via tantra, you can fabricate the life of your dreams. You can achieve enormous spiritual growth. You’ll uncover immense creative energy inside of you.

All you need to do is cut the chord binding you so tightly to your sexual impulses. And embark on the tantric path.

As a tantric man, sexual transmutation will come naturally to you. 

You can choose which endeavors you spend your energy on. Decisions will be made based on what they bring to you. This is a far less depleting approach than simply the fulfillment of sexual urges.

Becoming initiated into the tantric tradition integrates the masculine and feminine energies inside. 

sexual transmutation

You will have the grounding and direction of the masculine. Coupled with the manifesting power and energy of the feminine. 

Together, these two forces are unstoppable.

Whatsmore, an integrated tantric man is extremely attractive to women. Relationships flow with grace and ease… Since many of the conflicts we experience in relationships occur due to a lack of integration.


It can be very difficult to master your sexuality and fix your relationship alone. 

There is nothing like feeling supported for your goals. 

Every great man who ever existed had a mentor by his side. Just like Napoleon Hill, whose mentor was the first millionaire in the world. 

You can also have a mentor in your energy towards sexual mastery and abundance. Find out more by taking my free masterclass for men here.


What happens if you don’t transmute sexual energy?

If you don’t transmute sexual energy, you will remain a slave to your sexual desires. Your life will be ruled by your sex desire. It will be hard to achieve material success. This is due to your whole life being determined by your sex drive.

Can you feel sexual energy from someone?

If you are sensitive, you can tune in to the subtle frequency of sexual energy. It can become palpable. Even when you are not around them physically, you can feel the sex desire coming from them. This comes hand in hand with developing a spiritual practice.

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