Semen Retention Power: Debunking The Prostate Cancer Myth

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 9, 2024
semen retention

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at the health benefits of semen retention. And why the so-called “science” is wrong about the recommendation to ejaculate often.

We shall once and for all attempt to debunk the media myth that men should ejaculate every day to prevent prostate cancer. And show that frequent ejaculation can actually be bad for your health.

Let’s begin uncovering the truth about this human superpower of semen retention. Or what is also known as ejaculatory abstinence, ejaculation control, withholding ejaculation, and in medical terms; coitus reservatus.

The media myth: ejaculate often to improve health

There has been a surge in the number of news articles that link frequent ejaculation to preventing prostate cancer.

This is, unfortunately, false information that could potentially have harmful effects. Most of these articles are based on one study that has not been replicated.

But men buy into it – even some tantric men I know start believing in these rumors.

Let’s hear from the professional medical website WebMD what they have to say on the subject:

“There’s no proof that ejaculating more actually causes lower chances of prostate cancer. For now, doctors just know they’re connected. It may be that men who do it more tend to have other healthy habits that are lowering their odds.


Not all studies have found a benefit. The 2016 study got attention because of its size. But some smaller studies have not shown the same good results. A few even found that some men, specifically younger men, who masturbated more had slightly higher chances of prostate cancer”

So first of all, there is no consensus, and there are even studies contradicting each other showing the exact opposite result.

Secondly, there are no scientific studies of men who practice ejaculation control in a tantric way and are living a healthy lifestyle.

Diet, exercise, and energy management play a much bigger role in the health of the prostate than anything else.

And what many don’t realize is that it’s not the orgasm with ejaculation, but rather the stimulation of the prostate, that prevents cancer. But, more on that later.

What is semen retention? It is a superhuman ability

Semen retention has its roots in the esoteric tradition of Tantra. Where they observed that the life force, known as Ojas, is stored in the semen itself. And thus preserving it would reap spiritual power and physical health benefits.

Tantra Yoga is a science in itself. It’s a science of truth by experience, and a well-trodden ancient path.

If you are into Yoga and Tantra, you already know to take some of the scientific “facts” with a grain of salt.

Because we know that it’s a predominantly left-brain perspective to try and figure out the nature of reality through the mind.

This will always fail because the truth lies beyond the mind.

Yoga is about going beyond our current state of how we perceive reality with our limited minds.

Before Wim Hof, scientists did not believe that humans could control their immune system on will.

But then the “Ice Man” comes around and proves just that by using scientific methods of testing, he:

  • Breaks one record after the other.
  • Runs marathons wearing only sandals and shorts.
  • Officially swims under the ice for 66 meters, and unofficially swims under the ice for 120 meters with one breath.
  • Runs a full marathon in the Namib desert without water consumption.

AND the biggest achievement of them all – he controls his body temperature with his mind.

This is yoga in action, not believing and shaping our reality depending on what others say.

Work on your own inner experiments.

Yoga and Tantra are about going beyond our physical limitations and animal instincts…

…to become SUPERHUMAN.

Science doesn’t take semen retention seriously

Dr. Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University published a landmark study in the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy in 1998.

In it, he describes a man who experienced six full “ejaculatory orgasms” in 30 minutes without going soft. 

“It was considered impossible in mainstream science. And though it has been 20 years since our paper, it hasn’t generated a bit of scientific interest in the scientific community since.” – Dr. Komisurak

This is an example of a scientific approach to multiple orgasms for men, so it’s not directly related to ejaculation control.

Nonetheless, it shows the stance of the medical society on these matters – one to not take seriously.

No one has studied the benefits of lovemaking without ejaculation.

This is because sexologists in the West have defined that practice as a “disorder”.

All this, even after thousands of years of Tantric and Taoist tradition proclaiming health benefits from the practice.

It seems a bit arrogant, especially without any science to back up their conclusion.

Studies disregard men’s health and lifestyle

Reuters reported this study, which disregards the diet, lifestyle, and mental health of the men examined.

And it absolutely does not take energy management and sexual sublimation into the equation. Things that are a crucial part when practicing Brahmacharya. The self-imposed yogic practice of celibacy is called Brahmacarya. It is an austere practice of abstinence performed to gain spiritual benefits. Brahmacharya involves not only ejaculatory abstinence but also abstinence from any kind of sexual activity and sexual pleasure. That includes intercourse, masturbation, and even thoughts about sexual desire and mental fantasy.

Doing ejaculatory abstinence the right way, semen will be reabsorbed by the body and converted to refined “spiritual energy”..

Thus, not causing congestion and stagnation which is the main reason for the harmful effects and health issues.

“Ejaculation frequency is, to some extent, a measure of overall health status in that men at the very low end of ejaculation – 0 to 3 times per month – were more likely to have other (medical problems) and die prematurely from causes other than prostate cancer”. – Jennifer Rider, lead study author.

What is the reason these men only ejaculate 0-3 times per month?

It sounds to me like other areas of their life are unhealthy.

This is certainly a factor to consider before blaming semen retention to be the cause of their prostate cancer.

Also, keep in mind that Yoga’s take on cancer is one of a psycho-somatic one.

Control your mind – and you will control your health. Mind over matter.

Yoga is not for everyone. It’s for people who go against the norm and want to become superhuman with superpowers – by surpassing nature.

Research on tantric men who practice semen retention are needed

 Current studies linking sperm retention to prostate cancer are not up to the mark, to say the least.

“Ejaculating at least 21 times a month significantly reduces a man’s risk of prostate cancer, new research reveals.” claims an article in the Daily Mail UK.

This is an absolutely ludicrous statement!

It’s the total opposite of the benefits that men who have worked with me have seen for themselves.

I guide the men to naturally stop ejaculating for 21-days to feel the amazing benefits it brings!

In a sense, mainstream media is measuring “apples,” while the ancient spiritualists were talking about “oranges.”

What these studies don’t account for are other lifestyle factors.

These include diet, exercise, stress, and sexual dysfunction.

If someone has erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety, it’s pretty obvious that they aren’t going to be ejaculating as often.

Besides, if they have erectile dysfunction issues due to stress, there is almost always an underlying health issue.

If not taken care of, this can turn into some form of chronic disease like cancer.

Especially if that stress is due to taxing life circumstances, their relationships or lack thereof.

I firmly believe we need intensive research into the matter.

Research with a control group of men that do not ejaculate, but who remain sexually active and have a strong spiritual practice in place.

I’m confident such an experiment would show totally different results.

But with the current medical society’s attitude towards spirituality, any such research is far from being a reality.

The top 12 semen retention benefits

It would be wonderful if the semen retention benefits were to be studied more because there are so many!

Too many to even mention them all – here I will list just a few I and my clients have experienced.

Ranging from the dimensions the physical, energetically, mental, and spiritual.

  • Increase testosterone level – supporting muscle tone, muscle gains, and slowing down hair loss.
  • More focus and mental clarity.
  • Increased life force energy and renewed youthful vitality – thus needing less sleep and waking up earlier.
  • Increased masculinity – as confidence, directness, decisiveness, and living on purpose.
  • Activates Manipura chakra – your willpower and fire essence.
  • Longevity – live longer, happier, and healthier. (see studies later in the article)
  • Becomes more creative, purposeful, and proactive in life.
  • Convert the powerful sexual energy in semen into money, business, abundance, and purpose.
  • Improve your own sexual pleasure, erection, and sexual arousal level – and rocking the world of your sexual partner.
  • More sexual stamina and sex drive – last as long as you want in the bedroom.
  • Multiple orgasm – the ability to experience energetical multiple orgasm ‘s without ejaculating.
  • Women will find you more attractive, and will naturally be drawn to your masculinity and presence.
16 benefits of semen retention

Can semen retention be unhealthy?

Now I strongly believe in the health benefits of semen retention.

However, it is essential that the fundamentals of your health and lifestyle are in alignment first.

AVOID THIS if practicing withholding ejaculation:

  • Not drinking enough water.
  • Eating an unhealthy diet and junk food.
  • Over Consuming intoxication’s – drugs, sugar, porn addiction, alcohol, and weed.
  • Sitting still and not exercising enough.
  • Having emotional blockages and lack of human connection.
  • Not practicing techniques to move sexual energy.
  • Forceful techniques like the million dollar point. (never do this!)

Male ejaculation and prostate cancer

It needs to be firmly established that lifestyle and diet play a huge role in the case of prostate cancer.

A far bigger role than simply looking at how often men ejaculate.

I would even go so far as to say that the opposite might be true.

Where I’ve noticed the power of tantric practices in my own sexual health.

I have also witnessed its benefits in countless clients, friends, teachers, and colleagues.

Here is what one of the tantric men in my Facebook group reported:

“What was considered a disease that could’ve led to infertility, requiring surgery, was healed by sexual continence and sublimation. I know personally enough men who’ve been doing it for up to 20, 30, 40 years even, without any problems. Nobody who has been practicing this for a long time has come back to complain about increased health problems (prostate or elsewhere), on the contrary.”

So let’s review…

As of now, research studies seemingly conflict with each other on vital aspects.

Even so, mainstream media continues to publicize out of context parts of the results that read as good headlines.

For that, I think the media deserve this batman meme… ?

Media vs Tantra take on semen retention

Let’s look at an example.

One study focused on the correlation between men’s ejaculation habits and low rates of prostate cancer.

Now, this is one of the most widely shared pieces of study. The press shared the study as proof with headlines such as “lower your risk of prostate cancer by masturbating!”

However, a 2009 study found the reverse correlation. The Nottingham University study quizzed 800 men on how often they had sex or masturbated.

Those who were most active while younger had a higher chance of developing cancer later in life.

So before you start trying to work on your health, you might want to take all facts and perspectives into consideration.

The Tantrikas and Taoists, on the other hand, with thousands of years of practical experience of ejaculation control, found that non-ejaculatory intercourse improves health.

High testosterone does not lead to prostate cancer

It is an observed fact that non ejaculatory orgasm practices lead to a natural surge in men’s testosterone level.

This is a plus point considering that T-levels are lower than ever before in adult men over 30 years of age.

There are of course those who claim that high a testosterone level are unhealthy.

A study on the topic showed no correlation between high levels of testosterone and increased risk of prostate cancer.

Regardless, t-levels are so low in men these days, to raise them will, in fact, balance them to moderate levels.

Balanced testosterone levels offer a myriad of benefits.

These include reduced body fat, increased muscle mass, energy, mood, and a general sense of well-being and confidence.

So I’d say good testosterone levels are a huge factor for men feeling like a “real man”.

9 steps to maintain a healthy prostate when practicing semen retention

  1. Exercise your prostate with kegels and pelvic floor contractions.
  2. Massage the testicles and perineum.
  3. Eat a healthy, sattvic, and meatless diet.
  4. Move your body daily.
  5. Sublimate sexual energy away from the genitals and lower chakras.
  6. Practice sexual transmutation.
  7. Turn your regular sexual intercourse and masturbation into tantric sex, to experience its many emotional health benefits.
  8. Stretching hip flexors and groin area to increase blood flow.
  9. DIY or receive prostate massages.

Why every man should massage his prostate

Now there is some truth in thinking that ejaculation is good for the health of the prostate.

This truth, however, lies in the actual massage that occurs during the ejaculation process.

The massage automatically happens as you experience a climax.

As you climax, you’ll notice the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the prostate that occurs.

This stimulates and “massages” the prostate gland.

If you pay attention next time, you can feel the fluttering sensation of the perineum.

And this is why neo-tantra deeply recommends prostate massages.

It allows us the best of both worlds – preserves our life force via the semen, and keeps our prostate healthy.

You can either do it yourself or get it done professionally.

I understand that the subject of receiving massages may be taboo for a lot of men.

Many guys probably stay away from such recommendations to avoid being called gay or be seen as a weirdo.

This could even be a reason why doctors prescribe ejaculation instead of prostate massage – to avoid the taboo men associate with it.

We need to start by trying to break the ice around this topic.

I’m happy to see that it has actually reached the mainstream media.

Sex Expert, Dr. Jennifer Berman talks on Conan Talk Show on how to massage the prostate:

Ejaculation as an addiction conditioned by society

Let’s get real deep for a moment.

Ponder over this question:

Why does sexual intercourse have to finish with an ejaculation each time?

Who has determined that it is something natural? – if not our fixation on sexuality and porn.

In porn, it’s a MUST to ejaculate at the end of each movie.

Without it, the actors might not get paid as much.

Hence the nickname “the money shot”.

And the more glorious and impressive the cumshot is, the more it is focused on and displayed on the screen.

And so, the more dopamine triggers in the male’s brain who watches.

So in an overindulged sexualized society that puts ejaculation on a pedestal – it’s no wonder we think it’s natural and get hooked on frequent ejaculation and porn addiction.

Women are also affected by this conditioning

This goes for both women and men.

Some women might feel nervous and insecure if the man does not seem to “finish”.

Because the idea of ejaculation is so ingrained in the brain, she might start believing she’s not good enough.

Combine this with the huge cultural stigma and shame around sexuality.

Something that persists even in our technologically advanced era whether we like to admit it or not.

Let’s face it, most of us learned about sex from porn videos, not from our parents or schools.

The sex-ed in schools today is a joke, and only teaches about STI’s and condom use.

Any sexually active adult can tell you these are not even the basics of conscious sexuality.

Think back to when you were a teenager.

Trying to quickly masturbate before you could get caught.

What do you think years of hurried, stressed, and shameful masturbation leads to?

I can tell you from my own experience and that of many clients.

It leads to teaching your body to ejaculate quickly and often so as to become prone to premature ejaculation.

It also teaches you to associate orgasms with ejaculation.

Orgasm vs. ejaculation

When that bridge between orgasm and ejaculation feels like one and the same, it’s hard to notice that they are two separate functions of the body.

The orgasm always occurs a few seconds before the ejaculation.

Gentlemen, you know what I’m talking about. If not, see for yourself next time you get close to the point of no return.

Furthermore, ejaculation can happen without having an orgasm or even being aroused.

For example when receiving a deep tissue massage, prostate stimulation, wet dreams, and so on.

So orgasms and ejaculation are clearly not one and the same.

Thus remains the possibility for any man to separate the two, and start to extend the gap between them, more and more.

The origin of the urge to ejaculate

In nature, apart from a couple of species, we see animals having sex for the sole purpose of procreation.

It’s only humans who do it for pleasure.

Humans are also the only species that are aware of themselves and can contemplate the meaning of life.

Thus the difference between the animal kingdom and the human kingdom.

Nature has designed animals to get sex over with as quickly as possible.

Think about rabbits rapidly having sex for a few seconds to produce offspring.

For animals, it is simply about creating better odds for the survival of the species.

The quicker the male ejaculates – before the female runs away, gets distracted, or a threat appears – the more likely it is the female will carry the offspring for the next generation.

And thus life will continue.

We can observe the intelligence of nature in the survival of the species function that is built inside all male brains: to quickly be aroused with a fast release.

This is inherent in our animal instincts as humans as well – the reptilian brain.

And so begs the question, do you believe your true self to be closer to the animal kingdom or to the spiritual realms? What are you striving for?

We’ve already explored that yogis are extraordinary human beings cultivating supernatural powers.

Such as surviving longer than humanly possible without food and water and in extreme weather conditions.

So you will have to make up your mind in which camp you want to believe in.

We are all continuously evolving beings, and evolving away from the animal kingdom.

Towards the higher human potentials.

This is what is referred to as spiritual evolution.

Male sexuality vs. female sexuality

Let’s try a thought experiment for a moment. Imagine if you…

  • had never been conditioned by sexual shame and porn in your entire life.
  • would have been taught at an early age to be aware of your sexual energy so you could move it around in your body.
  • were taught about women’s sexuality, that they need an emotional connection to open up sexually, and a minimum of 20 minutes to just get aroused.

How do you think you would approach women and the sexual act differently?

Women don’t need to get pregnant every time they have sex, right?

So why do men have to try to impregnate their seed, every time they have sex?

What if the things we learned about sex are lies?

That it’s not sinful but sacred, and not supposed to be over with quickly but enjoyed as long as you want?

And what if there is a difference between having sex for pleasure and producing offspring?

Sexual pleasure vs. reproduction

I find it’s interesting to observe that humans can have sex for pleasure alone.

Why do we have this function of sex just for pleasure?

We are clearly gifted with this ability, but in my opinion, we do not use it to its full potential.

But rather still tend to use it in a barbaric, animalistic way. Which is not wrong per se.

However, if women need 20 minutes just to get aroused, it makes no sense that men should ejaculate within 3-7 minutes, right?

That’s the average time men last in bed.

You don’t need to be a math teacher to see that the numbers just don’t add up.

So, I would suggest that sexual pleasure is different from making babies.

The same way ejaculating is different from sexual energy, pleasure, and orgasms.

And if we would’ve been taught this in school, we might have been conditioned to last for hours in bed and accept multiple orgasms as the norm for men.

That teaching might have given men the ability to choose to engage in either…

  • Ejaculating for making babies to create a family, or
  • Having sex for connecting and having fun with another human being without any goal or agenda.

Every man deserves the semen retention power

What if I was to tell you that it’s not too late to decondition ourselves as men, no matter what age and race.

That we can learn how to gain control over our sexuality and the conscious choice to choose what to do, and when to do it.

In my experience with my clients, this is a very liberating moment.

Since it creates certain confidence in gaining that control and having that skill in our tool belt.

It’s not about bragging about how great we are in the bed or using it to manipulate women.

The real reason is that it helps us overcome all the shame, guilt, and sexual repression over the past few years, decades, or even a whole lifetime.

That is causing troubles in relationships, marriages, sexuality, and parenting.

Even though we enjoy outward success, it feels like something is missing in life.

To get to that point is the freedom every man deserves to experience in this lifetime.

That’s why I have dedicated myself to help men get there.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

How often should I ejaculate?

When practicing semen retention, “how often am I allowed to ejaculate”, you may ask.

Let’s start by looking at what the Taoist tradition recommends when it comes to ejaculation frequency.

Please note that I write this for your information, my personal recommendation is to ejaculate once every 21-90 days. Science has now also backed up that 21 days of not ejaculating will raise the testosterone level by 145.7%, see my video here for more info on that.

image of emperor tang quote from principles of taoist wisdom

Emperor Tang poetically proclaimed the following statement:

“If the man has a sexual relationship with a woman and his seed is preserved, his vital essence is strengthened.

If he succeeds this a second time, his sight and hearing will improve.

The third time, all his physical disorders disappear.

The fourth time he will begin to perceive inner peace.

The fifth time his blood circulates with great strength.

The sixth time he achieves sexual mastery.

The seventh time his thighs and buttocks will become firm.

The eighth time his whole body will radiate excellent health.

The ninth time his life span will increase.”

In the traditional texts of Taoism, we can gather four different recommendations of how often a man ought to ejaculate.

1) The numbers method:

Ejaculate 2-3 times every 10 sexual encounters, regardless of age or season.

2) The seasons method:

Spring: every 3 days.

Summer: every 15 days.

Fall: every 15 days.

Winter: no ejaculation at all.

Bonus tip: a relationship also has its seasons.

3) The age & strength method:

<20’s: Twice a day for the strong, once for the weak.

30’s: Once a day for the strong, every other day for the weak.

40’s: Once every 3rd day for the strong, once in every four days for the weak.

50’s: Once every 5th day for the strong, once every 10th day for the weak.

60’s: Once every 10 days for the strong, once every 20th day for the weak.

>70’s: Once every 30 days for the strong, never for the weak.

4) The age method:

<20’s: Once every 4th day.

30’s: Once every 8th day.

40’s: Once every 16th day.

50’s: Once every 21st day.

>60’s: Once every 30th day.

Note: Men whose Life Force Energy is extraordinarily strong must not repress themselves for too long.

What happens to sperm motility when practicing semen retention?

 All this talk about controlling or stopping ejaculation completely, might provoke the question – what happens to the sperm?

As it turns out, sperm that isn’t ejaculated is simply reabsorbed back into your body.

The longer you go without any emissions, the more used to it your body becomes and starts to reabsorbs any excess semen.

And eventually, the body stops producing excessive quantities of semen.

If this is done for a long duration of time the sperm motility might be affected. And if you’re planning on creating a family and get a woman pregnant, you might need to stop semen retention to build up the sperm motility again.

Become superhuman and defy nature with semen retention

Remember that energy rules over matter.
That’s why it’s said that pranayama (breathwork) practice is 10x stronger than the asana (body posture) practice.
Advanced adepts of brahmacharya have reported changes in the whole reproductive system.
Sperm production slows down or even stops, sperm count in the semen dwindles.
The idea of tantra is to go beyond the limitation of the physical dimension and do the impossible, and what many people consider as supernatural.
It can be to…

  • hold your breath for longer than possible,
  • stop or slow down your heart rate to the bare minimum,
  • alter your autonomic nervous system on command,
  • increase the body temperature with the mind,
  • fast without food and water beyond what is considered possible to sustain life.

The yogic list of supernatural powers is long.
And on this list, we have semen retention.
But to be fair, mastering ejaculation control is a huge task for men.
The addiction to the feeling of ejaculating and the innate biological function is tied to the ancient old reptilian brain that just wants to fuck and reproduce.
To overcome and conquer something so deeply programmed in us, is no small feat.

Too much frequent ejaculation can shorten your lifespan

New research on worms and study on crickets has shown that the more the males ejaculate, the shorter their life span.

These studies also indicated that the ejaculating males were experiencing adverse effects on their immune system.

They were more prone to bacterial infections and saw a decrease in energy levels.

This seems to indicate that it takes a tremendous amount of energy for our bodies to constantly produce sperm.

Far more than scientists have ever thought of before.

In a man, one ejaculation contains ~250 million sperm cells that take about 64 days to fully regenerate.

Our bodies are like a 24/7 factory, constantly producing sperm from the resources of our bodies.

This surely takes a toll on the body.

During sperm production, a lot of stem cells and blood are required to transform into semen.

And thus it takes an enormous amount of energy and physical effort to replenish from an ejaculation.

If you were to ejaculate on a weekly basis, you would be in a constant state of ejaculation hangover.

That’s what semen retention can help to solve.

More and more studies are coming out that prove what the ancient tantrikas had already discovered thousands of years ago.

This is especially true regarding what they said about consciousness, and how it’s being discovered through quantum physics today.

Now, these above studies have not been conducted on humans yet.

So it does not prove it’s the same for men, but I think it’s just a matter of time before similar results are seen within human beings as well.

In the meantime, these studies are yet another step towards scientifically proving the validity and health benefits of semen retention.

The Indian mystic, Sadhguru, talks about the powerful potential stored in semen in this video:


What’s the best semen retention technique?

Okay, we talked about how great the art of ejaculation control is. Are you convinced yet? Ready to start to practice a semen retention technique?

Alright, I’ll share with you the best and most important technique: the practice of sexual sublimation, or sex transmutation.

Here are my top 3 best sexual sublimation techniques:

Click the links to get my detailed instructions on how to perform each of them.

Of course, my most powerful technique called the Life Force Activation is reserved for my students only for obvious reasons. But also because it is extremely powerful and needs supervision. Most men feel ‘electricity’ in the first week of practicing it.

I have premature ejaculation, is semen retention possible?

The good news is, yes! Semen retention can actually help you to overcome premature ejaculation.

But it might require a little bit more effort and practice. It’s good to have a mentor or coach to guide you and not do it yourself.

The most important thing if you ejaculate prematurely is to strengthen the pelvic muscles, called the PC muscle.

You can do this by the practice of kegels and Mula bandha. For a comprehensive guide on how to perform the pelvic muscles practice, please see my article.

There is freedom in ejaculation choice

Understand that controlling your ejaculation is not about rigidity – it’s about freedom.

Freedom of choosing when to ejaculate – what I call ejaculation choice.

When both you and your lover are ready, then you can choose to climax together.

The frequency is up to you depending on what you feel is right for your body and system.

A lot of men are suffering from premature ejaculation and come before they are ready.

To be able to extend a couple of minutes to 2 hours of lovemaking, or however long you feel like, is liberating.

Semen retention is freeing yourself from the bond of compulsions and impulses.

Listen to the intuition of your body, but don’t be fooled by the animal instincts of the reptilian brain.

It’s a subtle art of learning to decipher between the voice of the heart and the one of the mind.

Advanced semen retention – letting go

Control is not simply about ejaculating or not ejaculating.

It is about connection through making love.

And not thinking about working your muscles, contractions, moving energies, controlling this or that.

All these techniques are just the initial step that is needed for the spiritual adept to get to the advanced stage…

The stage of letting go.

Let go of the control of the ejaculation and also let go of the desire to ejaculate, and merge yourself in the lovemaking with your partner.

Here, together, you will reach a place that is beyond your physical body and beyond ideas about controlling yourself.

It’s about total surrender and letting go.

Ultimately this is what the path of semen retention is leading to.

Use the techniques and tools to master the art of abstaining, but at some point let that go as well.

Merge in love and expand in consciousness.

Sex is about being connected and opening in love and experiencing the divine together.

It’s not about reaching a certain goal or having a goal-oriented mind – which can easily happen when first beginning the semen retention practice.

How to overcome wet dreams and nocturnal emission?

The great yogic master Sri Swami Sivananda points out in his book Practice of Brahmacharya, that there is a difference between voluntarily “copulation” and having a nocturnal emission.

He states that men are losing more vital energy when it’s a voluntary act.

Since he was practicing brahmacharya the celibate way – he equals sex (copulation) to ejaculation.

He also advocates against any type of sexual lust and desire, since it is a major distraction for spiritual awakening.

But, according to neo-tantra – brahmacharya could, at least in theory, be maintained while being sexually active.

So, an adept would rather distinguish between sex and ejaculation, since the tantric man can have sex without losing his precious ojas energy by the practice of semen retention.

Swami Sivananda on wet dreams and ejaculation:

“A sexual act shatters the nervous system. The whole nervous system is shaken or agitated during the act. There is an excessive loss of energy. More energy is wasted during coition.

But it is not so when emission occurs during the dreaming state. In a wet dream, it may be the outflow of the prostatic juice only. Even if there is a loss of the vital fluid, there is not much draining.

The actual essence does not come out during wet dreams. It is only the watery prostatic juice with a little semen that is discharged during nocturnal pollutions. When nocturnal emission takes place, the mind which was working in the inner astral body suddenly enters the physical body vehemently in an agitated condition.

That is the reason why the emission takes place suddenly. The night discharge may not stimulate sexual desire. But voluntary copulation, in the case of a sincere aspirant, is highly detrimental to his spiritual progress.

The Samskara created by the act will be very deep, and it will intensify or strengthen the force of the previous Samskaras that are already embedded in the subconscious mind and will stimulate the sexual desire. It will be like pouring ghee in the fire that is slowly getting extinguished.

The task of obliterating this new Samskara will be uphill work. You should completely give up copulation. This mind will try to delude you in a variety of ways by giving wrong counsel. Be on the alert. Do not hear its voice, but try to hear the voice of the conscience or the voice of the soul or the voice of discrimination.”

Wet dreams may increase when sleeping on stomach

According to this study, and in my own experience, sleeping on your stomach may increase the risk for wet dreams. So if you want to avoid nocturnal emissions, don’t sleep on the stomach.

“The results indicate that sleeping in the prone position may promote dreaming of sexual, erotomaniac, and persecutory material, such as themes involving “having a sexual relationship with a big wheel or celebrity,” “being smothered, unable to breathe,” “being locked up,” and “being tied, unable to move.”

How to manage blue balls/epididymal hypertension?

Some men will experience blue balls or what is medically known as Epididymal Hypertension when first practicing semen retention. This is caused due to a build-up of pressure in the testicles. Often because you pushed yourself too close to climax and the point of no return. Don’t panic if this happens to you, it is not dangerous but can be very uncomfortable. But with practice this pain will be lessened more and more.

If acute and unbearable pain occurs you can do one of the following epididymal hypertension techniques:

  • Take a cold shower or apply an ice pack directly onto the balls.
  • Exercise: do 20 burpees on the spot.
  • Chug a gallon of water and ‘clear the pipes’ through urination (Steffo’s special innovation)
  • Ejaculate if everything else fails, but then you defeat the whole purpose of semen retention.

What about retrograde ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation is when you have gone beyond the point of no return and ejaculate into the bladder instead of out through the penis. It can seem pretty misleading because you can’t see any seminal fluid coming out, so you might think you have successfully practice retention. But this is not true.

If you practice semen retention correctly, you are not supposed to have retrograde ejaculation. Because it will count as a mistake and you have to reset.

You can spot if you had a retrograde ejaculation by examining the urine afterward. Collect the first pee after having sex in a transparent glass. If the pee is murky you had a retrograde ejaculation and seminal fluid has entered into the bladder.

Is nofap the same as semen retention?

NoFap is the widespread movement of completely avoiding porn, masturbation, and orgasm (PMO). Even though I think it’s great to get a grip on your porn addiction and excessive ejaculation habits, I don’t agree with all of it. Nofap could potentially be harmful if used to suppress your sexual energy. You could dry up the power and juice as a man. 

In tantra, we explain how semen retention separates between orgasm and ejaculation.

Orgasms are great and healthy, as long as it is a non ejaculatory orgasm. If you learn how to have an orgasm without ejaculating you can have the cake and eat it too.

This is achieved through the practice of conscious masturbation and tantric sex. Where you can experience multiple orgasm, male full-body orgasms, and other spiritual types of orgasms.

Are you ready to master semen retention and end premature ejaculation?

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