Swadhisthana Chakra: 15 Sexual Secrets Of The Sacral Chakra

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Jun 11, 2024
Swadhisthana Chakra

If you know one thing about tantra yoga, it’s this:

Swadhisthana chakra is the powerhouse of sexual energy.

Swadhisthana, in Sanskrit, means to take pleasure in, or the dwelling place of, the Self. Literally, it is translated as:

  • Swa: means Self.
  • Adhishthana: home or dwelling place

In this article, we’ll explore the 15 sexual secrets of the sacral chakra. Learn how to boost sexual vitality, manifest your desires, and become even appear more attractive to women by harnessing the power of the Swadhisthana.


What is the Swadhisthana chakra?

swadhisthana chakra secrets

The Swadhisthana or Svadhisthana chakra, also known as the sacral chakra, is your center of sensuality. Here’s a quick recap of the details surrounding this energy center:

  • Color: Orange
  • Frequency: 606 Hz
  • Body part: Sex organs and the kidneys
  • Location: Just above the root of the penis or clitoris (not to be confused with Manipura at the level of the belly button/navel)
  • Element: Water
  • Lotus: Six petals
  • Bija Mantra / Seed Mantra: VAM
  • Animal: Makara (small crocodile)
  • Six realms: Hungry ghost realm
  • Age of formation: 8 – 14 years (just as the sense of self is developing)
  • Aspects: Procreation, family, fantasy, creative expression, sexuality
  • Sense: Taste
  • Vayu: Apana
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Kosha: Pranamaya

Here’s the article if you’re looking for more insights into the chakras.

What are the benefits of a balanced sacral chakra?

swadhisthana chakra balanced sacral chakra

When in balance, signs of balance in this chakra include:

  • Experience an abundance of joy: pleasure reaches into all aspects of life. When truly in balance, the person savors life to its fullest.
  • Creativity: a person is able to tap into self-expression with ease. Any time one takes raw materials, physical or mental, and transforms them, they are harnessing their creative energy.
  • Emotionally intelligent: balance in this chakra allows emotions to process in a really healthy way. Emotions flow as they understand their transience.
  • Sexually passionate: this sexual arousal is dripping in affection, fluidity, and radiance. Swadhisthana lovemaking is harmonious as the partners enjoy a beautiful, dance-like flow during sex. 
  • Radiates warmth, confidence, and generosity, and;
  • Ability to express true desires.

What are the symtoms of a sacral chakra imbalance?

A sacral chakra imbalance is not a pretty sight. 

Generally, this chakra causes the most issues; given that it’s the predominant chakra of our world.

If you think about it, water is the element of Swadhisthana. Water covers 70% of the surface of the earth. What’s more, it also makes up a similar percentage of the mass of the human body. 

Swadhisthana imbalances become a volatile source of frustration as it’s our natural state of being as humans to be open to our joy, pleasures, and desires. As with all chakras, they can be either blocked or overcharged.

These are a couple of common issues and symptoms associated with either a blocked or overcharged sacral chakra, including:

  • Addictive or compulsive behaviors: alcohol, drugs, unhealthy substances, eating disorders, workaholicism, or any other substance abuse.
  • Sexual dysfunction: such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed or inhibited ejaculation, and low libido.
  • Fear of change and fear of judgment
  • Confusion: not knowing what you’re supposed to do; feelings of irrationality, confusion about sexual partners, compatibility, and karmic blindspots.
  • Emotional instability/ mood swings: a closed chakra can make you feel detached from your emotions. One that is overcharged makes you feel like a slave to the tide of your feelings. Many with a sacral chakra imbalance often repress their emotions.
  • Stomach conditions: ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, indigestion, IBS, as well as others
  • Kidney issues
  • Lower back pain

How are sexuality and the Swadhisthana linked?

When the sacral chakra is fully activated and balanced, a man feels an abundance of pleasure, sexual vitality, and joy in his sex life. Essentially, it opens you up to more sexual pleasure as well as connection with your partner. 

How sex presents through Swadhisthana?

Swadhisthana sex is not the wild, roughness of Muladhara, the root chakra. 

Muladhara sex is carnal, earthy, and animalistic. Even the poses, such as doggy style, make for very little emotional intimacy and a lot of force and friction. 

Swadhisthana sex is built around pleasure and flow. The water element comes into play here. Missionary is a typical pose for Swadhisthana with plenty of movement through the hips. Kissing, connection, and passion are paramount in this love-making style. 

Both partners crave to taste each other, and get lost in the intense romance of the act. Also common is fantasizing and having fun with roleplaying. Again, sacral sex is a playful, flowing, and vibrant experience.

How to balance the Swadhsithana?  

It’s all well and good to know on an intellectual level about Swadhisthana. However, the important part is to live a life that balances the chakral energy.  Here are the steps you can take to bring the water chakra into balance:

Daily life solutions

  • Going to weekly dance classes— particularly improv or Salsa
  • Being center of attention in social surroundings 
  • Taking the leader role in a group
  • Spending time in water
  • Self-grooming: finding a “personal style”
  • Storytelling in front of others, or sharing a story with friend
  • Going to improvisation acting classes

Yogic Solutions:

  • Shalabasana (grasshopper pose)
  • Matsyasana (fish pose)
  • Shitali Pranayama (cooling breath)
  • Sublimating kundalini practices to remove excess energy from swadhisthana

Read through the entire article, to gain more insights into how you can bring true balance and vitality to the Swadhsithanic energy in your life. 

Tantric wisdom: 15 secrets of the sacral chakra

secrets of the sacral chakra

* Svadhisthana chakra with the deities inside the lotus.

1. “Black sheep” syndrome is a Swadhisthana imbalance.

The imbalance arises when we identify with the world of Swadhisthana.

The black sheep syndrome is when a person gets lost in thinking their suffering is more severe than anyone else. Ultimately, they find themselves lost in a cycle of self-pity, awfulizing situations, and low frustration tolerance. 

black sheep staying near the lake

A huge issue these people struggle with is over-identifying with the world of the sacral chakra. These people will believe that, 

  • I am my emotions.
  • I am my mind.
  • I am my sexuality.

When identified with any of the above, you’re on a one-way road to suffering. As long as you’re attached to these surface-level identifiers, you will be at the mercy of your emotions, thoughts, and sexual urges.

Moving out of this space takes a lot of observation. Observing the thoughts and the emotions over time will help you sit in the center of the Self as a conscious man.

2. Our world is built to serve our sacral energy.

In modern-day life, most people’s awareness is at the level of the Swadhisthana and no higher. Romance, nightclubs, online dating— our world is built around the energy of this chakra. 

People are sold the shadow side of this beautiful energy which is why the collective sacral energy center is at an imbalance

3. Low libido can be a sign of a blocked sacral chakra.

Man sitting on the bed with his girlfriend

One of the biggest secrets of the sacral chakras lies in its solution to a major struggle in many men’s lives.

If you’re experiencing low libido or even low vitality in general life, this is a sure sign that your sacral chakra is out of balance.

Think about it— this is your center of sexuality and creativity. The role of the genitals IS sex and creation.

Engaging in a tantra yoga practice can help you to increase your libido and create balance in the sexual organs.

4. Swadhsithana transfroms lust from a sinful to a beautiful act.

In tantra yoga, lust is never seen as a sin. On the contrary, it is a beautiful emotion.  

The immense power of lust is a union of Shiva and Shakti— the divine masculine and feminine energies. The union can be used as a vehicle to love and even Moksha.

However, sex made through Swadhisthana energy is not carnal mindlessness. Raw, rough, animal, earthy and primitive— these are the characteristics of the Muladhara, the root chakra.

Since this chakra also governs many of our emotions, tenderness and sensuality are at play. After sex, there tends to be eye gazing, melting into each other’s arms, and strong feelings of romance arise.


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5. Craving sex in water shows sacral chakra connection.

Men or women who have a desire to have sex:

  • Under a waterfall 
  • In the ocean
  • In a waterbed

Show strong swadhisthanistic tendencies. They crave and are far more stimulated by this flowing type of sex.

happy couple in love kissing hugging wrapped in a towel

It feels delicious and juicy bonding through the water element. Emotion, romance, and connections flow. As you can imagine, the lovemaking isn’t the hardness of the Muladhara, but more undulating. 

Your bodies move together tenderly. For example, Missionary Pose is a classic Swadhisthana pose. Both partners press into the pelvic area, and it’s all smooth, rotating, round movements.

The man and woman’s bodies dance together in a flow. There is a lot of clitoral and g-stop stimulation for the woman. For the man, the pleasure stems more from the penis rather than the perineum.

6. It’s the seat of creative power.

God Vishnu with Kaula consort Rakini & Bali

* The deities of svadhishthana chakra: God Vishnu with Kaula consort Rakini & Bali.

The Swadhisthana, out of all the energy centers, is the one that harbors passion, enthusiasm as well as creativity.

If it becomes blocked, a man will likely feel creatively stunted, along with at least a few other negative qualities mentioned above, such as fear of change and mood swings.

Creativity during sex is what keeps things electric— you want to have her on her toes, awaiting the next wave of pleasure.

The funny thing is that a lot of men will try to think their way out of this. The secret lies in getting back into the body and its ancient wisdom.

Likewise, if the sacral area is overactive, the person will struggle with staying in the real world.

They’ll often be obsessed with fantasy worlds, such as video games or porn. Because of this, they’ll find it challenging to stay present during sex.

So, given that the sacral chakra is linked to the water element— you need to find a flow. The positive qualities of self-expression, artistry, passion, and sexual desire come from:

  • Moving away from overly strict regimes and routines
  • Embracing the tides of real life
  • Finding your creativity

7. Taste is the sense of the Swadhisthana.

The tongue is an organ of taste but also a sexual organ. 

Swadhsithana expresses itself here as a desire to taste, tongue, caress, and kiss their partner. Sex here involves plenty of kissing. They want to taste each other and experience the pleasure of tasting the other’s fluids. 

The style of the kiss is soft and sensual, with plenty of tongue action. Think French kissing— lips passionately gliding over the soft wetness of their partner’s.

8. Mantras are powerful in healing the sacral chakra.

Sanskrit syllables ba bha ma ya ra la.
* Svadisthana chakra petals with Sanskrit syllables: ba, bha, ma, ya, ra, la.

Many mistake mantras to be synonymous with an intention.

Instead, a mantra can be broken down into:

  • man,” which means mind, and
  • tra” means transport or vehicle.

Therefore, a mantra is a transporter of the mind. The powerful vibrations create shifts and a deep state of meditation.

If you want to tap into and strengthen your sexual energy— chanting will do that for you.

Chanting VAM, the seed mantra of this chakra helps bring balance and well being to a blocked chakra as the hertz of “VAM” resonates with the lower belly.


Also, for the Swadhisthana, the mantra Adi Shakti is helpful in finding that flow by creating with the divine primal divine forces:

Here is the Sanskrit and English translation of the chant:

Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo

Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo

Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Namo Namo

Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo

I bow to the primal power.

I bow to the all encompassing power and energy.

I bow to that through which God creates.

I bow to the creative power of the Kundalini, the Divine Mother Power.

9. Hip opening poses balances the sacral chakra.

hip opening tantrik yoga

Hip-opening yoga poses work predominantly in the pelvic area and into the second chakra.

These poses serve to tap into your sexual and creative energy. Before beginning, take time to experience Shitali Pranayama (the cooling breath). Inhale through the mouth, curling the tongue, and exhale evenly out through the nose.

Hip-opening poses are also excellent for releasing stored or suppressed emotions. What’s more, physically releasing any tension in your hips and groin helps shift any stagnant energy you may be holding around sex. 

Here are some suggestions of poses that shift and balance sacral energy:

  • Seated pelvic circles
  • Wide-legged forward fold (Prasarita Padottanasana)
  • Saddle pose (Supta Virasana)
  • Side lunge (Skandasana)
  • Lizard Pose (Utthan Pristhasana)
  • Pigeon pose (Kapotasana)
  • Butterfly pose (Baddha Konasana)
  • Corpse pose (Savasana)

By opening into your pelvis and hips, you can bring life force healing as well as sexual vitality into your life.

Learn more about which yoga asanas cultivate thriving sexuality in this article.

10. Sensuality alone does not create love.

In the after throws of sex through the Swadhisthana, lovers often feel compelled to say, “I love you.” However, this is not true love. 

Love does not come today and goes tomorrow. The romance created through the second chakra is not love. Love is a spiritual quality that does not leave through temporal changes— it even transcends life and death. 

On the other hand, the heady emotions that come from this type of sex fill both with feelings of attachment. And out of these attachments come expectations. So, take this lovemaking for what it is. 

But if you’re looking for a fulfilling long-term relationship, you need to send the lovemaking up through the higher chakras. Otherwise, the relationship will become poisonous— jealousy, loneliness, and frustration will creep in. 

11. Natural sacral foods can even make men more attractive.

cutted mango

Sacral centering foods tend to be quite sweet and, you guessed it, orange in color. 

So think:

  • Carrots
  • Mangoes
  • Oranges
  • Orange peppers
  • Peaches
  • Apricots, and
  • Sweet potatoes 

These foods are high in carotenoid beta-carotene, which from a recent Behavioral Ecology study has shown to make men appear more attractive and enhance facial color

Essentially, this is a proven, natural way to make women find you more attractive!

Foods rich in omega-3s, such as salmon, are also a healthy way to balance this chakra.

12. Music meditation to charge the swadhisthana chakra.

Music is a powerful conduit for energy transformation. No one can deny a song’s ability to bring up emotions, which can be both a cathartic and enlivening experience. However, music also has a profound effect on the body’s subtle energies.

The song below resonates down in the Swadhisthana, at the level of the genitals. Play this song, sitting with a lengthened spine, and put on your headphones while focusing on the sacral center just above the root of the penis/clitoris:

13. Fantasizing can be harmful or harmonious.

Fantasy can bring an element of delicious anticipation to sex. 

If both partners are in on the role-playing— the imagination, creativity, and excitement embrace all of the positive qualities of this energy center. It preserves a relationship and keeps things exciting. 

However, it’s a different story if you’re fantasizing about having sex with another person during the act. This removal from reality shows you’re bored enough to dissociate from what is supposed to be an extremely pleasurable experience. 

Know that this is not tantra. 

Instead, it is fantasy abuse. This fantasy comes from a very impure space. If you’ve been lovemaking for a long time and begin to envision sleeping with other people, it’s not doing your relationship any favors. Dhyana mudra meditation can help you to find your center. A mudra is a hand seal that helps to settle the mind and redirect prana where it’s needed in the body.

proper mudra dhyana

*Dhyan mudra: hand seal of the svadhisthana chakra

Picturing banging another woman during sex is a sign that either you need to find balance in the sacral chakra. Or, perhaps, the attachment you share with your current partner needs to be released. There is no benefit to clinging uselessly to a relationship where you feel no desire for the other.

14. Movement is an incredible way to connect.

One of the best ways to remove blockages and create sacral chakra healing is to move into the physical body.

Gyrating through the hips and lower abdomen while taking deep exhales is an innate way of moving energy through the sacral chakra. You’re directing the prana in the body into the sacral center through the Apana Vayu— the downward flow of energy in the body.

So next time you and your partner are in the act, emphasize sending your energy and breath into the pelvis. Again, be sure to accentuate the rock of your hips.

Getting out of the head enables you to attain mental balance and self-confidence. This is because the body’s wisdom reveals a rising consciousness within.

15. Focusing on Swadhisthana helps with erectile dysfunction.

During sex, when the mind is agitated and runs at 100 miles an hour, one crucial thing happens: the energy flow is cut off from the lingam (the penis) creating sexual problems.
Worrying about whether you’re going to be able to get it up or not will prevent arousal from flowing through the body and into the pelvis. In these moments, try to focus on anything except getting an erection. 

Focus on kissing her, talking to her, stroking her, and massaging each other. You need to relax into your true nature. 

Also, you will need to work on the Muladhara chakra to build potent arousal that will overpower the mind.

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How can you concentrate on the Swadhisthana chakra?

There are many ways. One suggestion is to focus on breathing an orange light down into your genitals during meditation. Chanting the seed mantra of “VAM” also aids in sacral chakra healing.

What does the sacral chakra control?

In essence, it governs our ability to feel emotions, joy, pleasure, and desires. It’s also the source of creative energy and sexual vitality. Another area that this chakra governs is your emotional balance. Know that if any chakra is blocked, over time, it will likely cause imbalances in other chakras.

What blocks the sacral chakra?

Shame is a big factor in blocking the sacral chakra. It stunts our ability to savor even the slightest taste of pleasure without guilty emotions arising.  So, too is spending not enough time in the body and too much in the mind. Finding balance in the sacral chakra is a process that leads to a life of far less stress and more abundance.

What are some Swadhisthana chakra yoga poses?

Here are some suggestions of poses for sacral chakra healing: seated pelvic circles, wide-legged forward fold, low lunge, side lunge, lizard pose, and pigeon pose. In addition, hip openers cultivate fluidity and space in your lower abdomen, low back, hips, and pelvis.

Where is the Swadhisthana chakra in the body?

Swadhisthana is located in the pelvis and is related to the reproductive organs as well as the kidneys. Specifically, it is located right at the level of the pubic bone.

What are the swadhisthana chakra affirmations?

Here are some sacral chakra affirmations to help you find balance:

  • I embrace and savor pleasure in my life.
  • I allow my emotions to flow through me like water.
  • Creativity flows through me endlessly.
  • I am living a pleasurable life.
  • I embrace and own my sexuality.
  • Limitless joy is my birthright.
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