Dial Up Your Feminine Energy To Attract A Man And Dream Relationship

by Feminine Energy


What is your first reaction when I tell you that it is not your looks or your charisma that first attracts a man to you? If not this, then what?! Well, it is your feminine energy. In this article, we will look at feminine energy. We will discuss what it is and why it often becomes suppressed in the 21st Century. I will give you techniques for enhancing and bringing forth your feminine energy. I will also describe how feminine energy inside of a relationship works and how you can use it to enhance your relationship. If you are single, I will explain how you can use your feminine energy to attract a good man.


Introduction To Feminine Energy


In the current day and age, we are bombarded by images of beautiful women. It is easy to compare. Society has led us to believe that in order to attract a good man you need to be physically beautiful.

This is in fact not the case. Men are actually attracted to women because of their potent, unique and tantalizing feminine energy. They may be unaware of this themselves. A man may believe that he is feeling attracted to a woman because she is good looking, but actually he is drawn to the energy she gives off. It is this that makes a woman stand out from the crowd to a man.

Feminine energy can seem like quite an abstract, airy concept at first. When we take a closer look, however, we will see that actually the concept of feminine vs masculine energy both inside and outside the context of a relationship makes perfect sense. 

If you are still unsure as to what I am talking about, don’t worry – just keep reading. In this article, we will examine ‘feminine energy’. You will learn how to use your own feminine energy to attract a good man, and have your dream relationship. This can deepen your connection, strengthen the bond and turn up the temperature on your sex life.


What Is Feminine Energy?


What is it?

Stripped down to its most fundamental and basic core, feminine energy is love. The feminine rests in the energy of love, whilst the masculine rests in the energy of consciousness.

The feminine is the Mother. She is the creator, giver, and bearer of life. She is the carer, the maternal figure who loves unconditionally and wholeheartedly. 

The feminine is dynamic, flowing, and always moving. A woman who is said to be in her feminine is in a state of flow. This can even be reflected in the way that she dresses. Think of clothing that is said to be feminine. Usually, it is draping, soft, and flowing – just like feminine energy. 

Imagine the image of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. The gentle look in her eyes, the overflowing unconditional love for her child. The soft, flowing drapes of her white and blue robes. The Virgin Mary is a perfect representation of the archetype of the feminine.

A woman who is truly embodying her feminine essence is a woman who is following her heart. She is acutely intuitive, walking into the unknown with complete and utter faith. She surrenders to the infinite possibilities that life has to offer. She creates. Through her creations, she is able to express exactly what is happening at any given moment. She can move back and forth between states rapidly. She is fluid and soft but simultaneously fierce and passionate. She is an emotionally sensitive creature. She is grounded inside of all of her forms – her sensuality, her emotions and her truth.

feminine energy

Feminine energy vs
masculine energy


Sexuality expert David Deida describes how feminine energy is centered around values such as love, kindness, and partnership. Contrastingly, masculine energy values organization, structure, routine, achievement, and rigidity. This does not mean that all men are simply achievers and all women are simply givers of love and partnership. Human beings are by nature multi-faceted. A man can be more in his feminine energy and a woman more in her masculine. We can also spend our lives transitioning between the two. Usually, however, we favor one or the other.

A woman who is working 10 hours a day in a busy corporate office role is probably operating from her masculine side. She could be managing a team of staff, delegating tasks, and holding a lot of responsibility. She is likely to be emulating the same kind of rigid, controlling, demanding energy at home. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this. Plenty of women boss it at work, boss it at home, and live happy lives. 

This kind of behavior can however cause issues in a relationship. Do you recognize yourself here? Are you single and struggling to find the love and attention of a good, high-quality man? Or, are you inside of a long-term relationship that has lost its spark? If yes to either of these questions, you could benefit from examining your femininity a little more closely. By dialing down the masculine and dialing UP the feminine energy, you can become more attractive to ALL men. Simply through the power of your feminine energy, you can improve your current relationship or attract the man of your dreams.


Dialing Down The Masculine, Turning UP The Feminine


Let’s go back to the example of the woman above. It’s a common realization that in order to climb the career ladder and get to the top, you might need to step on some toes. She might even annoy some people along the way. We don’t come to work to make friends, right? She is emotionally uninvolved in her work. She has a packed out calendar. Each week presents a new set of meetings. She conducts 1:1’s with each of her team in which she is setting tasks, working with timelines, and delegating. She has personal and team targets to meet. All of this requires a lot of organization and careful time management. She relies on logic and method in order to get things done. A woman like this is very much in her masculine. Logic, order, structure, achievement, emotional detachment, and organization are very masculine traits.

This attitude might well get her ahead in the workplace. However, if this carries over into her relationships or her dating life, it can cause issues. This woman may exert the same level of control, logic, and leadership inside of her relationship. This is likely to cause tension, arguments, and a loss of spark between her and her partner. If a woman carries the same energy as her partner, they will energetically repel each other and clash. If she is searching for a high-quality male partner, she is unlikely to have much success! 

Why is this?! It is because, in order to have the healthiest relationship and to be attractive to the best men, we need polarity!

feminine energy


What Is Polarity?


The idea of polarity between a man and a woman boils down to a very basic and Universal principle. Opposites attract.

When there is polarity between two people, we experience the meeting of both yin and yang energies. There is mutual cooperation and balance. There is sexual chemistry. Lovemaking is intensely passionate, steamy, and wild.

A masculine man will experience feelings of deep attraction, desire, and lust towards a feminine woman. Men can taste, touch, sense, and feel this essence that she carries. He might not be able to explain the reason, but he won’t be able to keep his eyes, his mind, or his hands off her.

Inside of a relationship, when feminine energy is balanced with masculine energy there is harmony. There is flow, smoothness, and intense attraction. The masculine is looking for that which it lacks. This is to be found inside of the feminine.


How To Dial Up Your Feminine Energy To Become More Attractive Or Improve Your Relationship


The workplace is a hugely masculine-dominant space. Women often need to dip into their masculine side in order to be financially independent and successful. However, women can simultaneously surrender control in their personal life. It is possible to boss it at work and still show up for your partner with vulnerability, sensitivity, tenderness, and love.

Is this speaking to you? Do you think you could do with switching on a little more feminine energy? Luckily, energy can never be created or destroyed. Your feminine energy is inside of you. You just need to activate it. To do so, try some of these techniques


3 Techniques To Dial Up Your Feminine


1) Get comfortable with your emotions! 

Inside of the workplace or when dealing with clients, a cold, emotionless, detached attitude is deemed most appropriate. When it comes to your personal life, however, you should leave this belief at the door. 

The masculine is naturally colder and more rigid than the feminine. A masculine man is attracted to a sweet and loving, nurturing, and feminine woman. 

During a conversation with your partner, try and sink into a little more softness and vulnerability. If you have had a rough day or are worried about something – tell him about it.  

If you are meeting a man for the first time, instead of reeling off a list of your achievements and selling yourself, show a little of your softer side. Get personal and tell your date a meaningful story about yourself instead.

2) Stop gossiping!


Think back to the archetype of the feminine we looked at earlier – The Virgin Mary. Do you think she was one to gossip and talk s**t about people? Absolutely not. The feminine is associated with unconditional love and kindness – there is no place for gossip inside of these values.

Instead of engaging with your partner or date in unkind, pointless gossip, focus on the positive, and say good things about others instead. He will definitely see you in a different light.

3) Learn to go with the flow


This is possibly the most important and relates back to one of the main qualities of feminine energy – motion.

The masculine is stillness whilst the feminine is motion, flow, and dynamism.

Nothing is less attractive to a man than a woman who is rigid, controlling, and detail-oriented. Inside of your relationship and your dating life, try to lean away from organization and control. Instead, try to lean into open-mindedness, spontaneity, and seeing the bigger picture. Let go of that which you are unable to control and most importantly – TRUST. After all, the Universe has a plan for you, so stop getting in the way and relax a little.

feminine energy




In this article, we have seen how feminine energy works. We have seen how it can help to attract a good man. We have discussed how to harness our feminine energy inside of a relationship and use it to raise polarity and restore balance.

We have seen how feminine energy can easily become suppressed from having to spend the majority of our lives inside a very masculine-dominant workplace. 

If you implement the advice in this article and manage to drop more into your feminine, you can improve your relationship or attract a man. Not just any man either – a high quality, masculine man who honors you, protects you, and wants to devour you in bed.

If you are reading this article because you are in a relationship and you have lost the spark, try the above tips for revitalizing and increasing polarity. If things are still not right between you, it could be time to accept that you need to end the relationship and move on. If this doesn’t feel like an option and you really want the relationship to work, you could suggest to your partner that he completes my free online tantra training for me.

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