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Updated on Mar 24, 2024
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Take The Ultimate Love Quiz For Men Today!

Have you ever wondered if you’re the hero or the villain in your love story?

If so, you’re in the right place to get the answers you came for.

I created a short 5-minute love quiz for men. With this, there’s no need to search on Google for another “Am I sabotaging my relationship quiz.”

Perhaps you’re unknowingly casting spells of doom on your romantic life, leading your woman and the relationship to demise.

Or maybe your intuition is trying to tell you something important.

Either way, there’s one surefire way to find out. I suggest taking my self-sabotage quiz to overcome any love block or self-sabotaging relationship.

Is This Short Quiz About Your Love Life Accurate And Legit?

Many quizzes are grounded in research and relationship expert knowledge.

Rest assured, this love quiz is no different.

As a tantric relationship coach with over 10 years of experience, I’ve designed this quiz to shed light on your relationship dynamics. This will help you get a better understanding of yourself and your relationship.

Who Should Take A Love Quiz?

The beauty of such quizzes is that they’re designed for everyone!

Both men and women of all ages are welcome to take a relationship quiz. It’s perfect for better understanding your attachment styles and blindspots.

Rest assured. A self-sabotaging quiz, in particular, is your ultimate guide.

However, the quiz I created is designed specifically for men. With this, you’ll discover if you’re harming your relationship consciously or subconsciously. This will also give you a deeper understanding of your romantic and close relationships.

And by the end, you’ll realize if you’re doing more harm than good.

But one thing I can say is this. Regardless of the outcome, there are still ways you can fix and improve your situation.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always require both partners to overcome the most formidable relationship hurdles. 

In most cases, the man taking the right actions is enough to create a profound transformation. 

But let’s not talk about solutions just yet. We first need to understand the reality of your relationship. 

That’s why taking this quiz is crucial to understanding the depth of your current situation. Only then are you able to best determine the most effective steps moving forward.

love quiz am i sabotaging my relationship quiz

Unlock the secrets of your love style

There are nuances in everyone’s love style. Knowing this is almost like unlocking a secret door to your heart where there’s a path to endless personal growth.

It’s about discovering how you experience and show affection. And knowing this can lead to breakthroughs in your romantic life.

This goes beyond just a journey of self-discovery. Understanding your love style can help you appreciate others with their strengths and flaws.

What Does It Mean To Sabotage A Relationship?

Relationship sabotage is when your actions and behaviors harm your relationship.

Sabotaging a relationship can happen intentionally or unintentionally. However, it often stems from a place of insecurities.

From cheating to holding grudges, many things can erode trust.

as they say you cant love someone else if you dont love yourself begin in touch with your own needs is crucial to your relationship with others

The self-sabotage quiz

The self-sabotage quiz is a tool I designed to help men reflect on their behaviors and identify patterns affecting their romance.

I built this quiz with the intention of making you pause and think. You’ll find that you’ll have a few realizations as you answer some of the questions.

I also included a range of different scenarios.

From people-pleasing experiences to uncertainty—all the main things are there. Not only are these backed by research, but they also come through personal experiences.

Are You In A Self-sabotaging Relationship?

Here are some common signs that show you’re in a self-sabotaging relationship:

  • Letting your fears and insecurities dictate your actions
  • Finding it difficult to communicate openly with your partner
  • Compromising too much in the relationship

Have you noticed any of these signs?

Then, there’s a possibility that you’re preventing your relationship from moving forward. It’s common for most people to engage in self-sabotaging behaviors without even knowing it.

That said, let’s explore each of these things in a bit more detail.

And if you’re curious about all of the other main reasons why relationships fail, I suggest watching my short YouTube clip below:

Your fears and insecurities dictate your actions

From the fear of abandonment to feelings of inadequacy, insecurities in a relationship can take many forms.

Now, I want you to ask yourself: are your actions governed by these fears?

If so, there’s a chance you reside by an insecure attachment style. For most people, these are the anxious and avoidant attachment styles.

You must embrace these fears. Acknowledge their existence. That is the first step towards overcoming them.

Open communication is difficult

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship.

If open communication feels like an uphill battle, it signifies a broken relationship.

However, if you’re refusing to communicate, then it’s a sign of self-sabotaging.

Let me paint a picture.

Do you constantly argue with your woman over something trivial, like household chores? Are you never on the same page and struggle to be honest with each other?

Bad relationship communication paves the way to separation.

You compromise too much

Compromise is a crucial aspect of any relationship.

But, like anything else, there must be balance. Otherwise, it only leaves trails for a troubled relationship.

From constantly making sacrifices to losing your sense of identity, over-compromising can lead to a lack of fulfillment.

establishing healthy boundaries is important not only for your relationships but for your own well being its okay to say no to things that you dont want to do

Is It Love, or Are Your Romantic Relationships Driven By Something Else?

In some cases, you may confuse genuine love with something else.

Other elements at play here include the following:

Any of these things can make it more challenging to distinguish true love from other emotions.

Map Out Your Future Together For A More Healthy Relationship

Regardless of your situation, you can push forward to a brighter future. To be specific, a more promising future with your woman. One that feels like genuine, true love.

Mapping out your future together involves discussing mutual goals and aspirations.

You and your partner’s success in the relationship can become a reality. It requires communication, empathy, and compassion.

Not sure where to start? Taking a self-sabotaging relationship quiz is one option.

The other is to have relationship check-ins. If you do a check-in, remember that it’s not just about what you say. It’s how you say it. So, create a safe environment for your partner. Do more than just offer words of encouragement.

Next Steps: Take The “Am I Sabotaging My Relationship Quiz”

The “love quiz” isn’t just any old quiz you complete because you’re told to. It’s the ultimate men’s guide. You’ll unveil the mysteries of what true love means for you.

Have you ever wondered, “Am I the hero or the villain in my romance story?”

Well, know that this isn’t about right or wrong answers.

It goes deeper than that because the “Am I sabotaging my relationship” quiz peels back the layers of your romantic soul.

So, dear reader, leap forward by diving into the depths of my quiz. The result will give you the knowledge to transform your relationship.

Don’t just stand at the pool’s edge, wondering what the water’s like.

Jump in, take the quiz, and swim towards a healthier, happier love story!


How do I know if I’m self-sabotaging my relationship?

Are you feeling upset and holding grudges or not communicating with your partner? Refusing to confront the truth with your partner could mean self-sabotaging your relationship. You must face your shadow. In other words, be honest with yourself. Communicate. Show compassion for your partner.

It’s worth spending time self-reflecting on a daily basis or even working with a relationship coach.

Can you subconsciously sabotage a relationship?

Yes. Unfortunately, everyone is capable of sabotaging a relationship. More often than not, it happens to many people without them noticing it. Ask yourself, are your decisions genuine? Or are they driven by fear, insecurity, and past traumas? If it’s the latter, then there’s a chance you’ll subconsciously push your partners away.

Why do I self-sabotage every relationship I’m in?

For most of my clients, it’s because you haven’t done the inner work. Or at least, you haven’t committed enough to your personal growth the right way. This means overcoming any unresolved conflicts or traumas from the past.

Insecurities are a massive blocker to a successful relationship. Without doing the inner work, you may struggle to experience true love.

How does a woman sabotage a relationship?

A woman might sabotage a relationship by not knowing how to harness her feminine energy. This leads to constant criticism, unrealistic expectations, and possessive behaviors. All of which can lead to the relationship’s downfall.

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