How To Make A Woman Squirt: Best 9 Steps

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 27, 2024
how to make a woman squirt

What would happen to your sex life if you learned how to make a woman squirt?


We’re talking about unleashing your woman’s primal sex pleasure and prowess — there’s nothing sexier.

Mastering how to make her squirt is not rocket science. So whether she’s squirted before or not, prepare to have her begging for more with these techniques and tips from a world-renowned tantra sex educator and relationship coach.

What is squirting?

Many guys will protest the existence of squirting, but I promise you it’s a real — and highly pleasurable — experience for women. It’s a uniquely satisfying, warm release. The skene’s glands, or paraurethral glands, release fluid during sexual arousal, particularly with g spot stimulation techniques. This female fluid release is known as squirting.

Let’s be clear — squirting and orgasm are entirely different. A common misconception is that it comes at the peak of pleasure. However, it tends to happen at the start of arousal, sometimes after female ejaculation. It’s rare for a woman to squirt and orgasm simultaneously.

Is squirt the same as pee?

No. Although squirting fluid comes out of the urethra — the same passage as pee. This clear fluid comes from her bladder and contains tiny amounts of pee.

However, if she pees beforehand, her kidneys will go into overdrive, and the squirting will be made mostly of water.

If you want to make your girl squirt, it’s crucial to allow her to relax. This is because the ejaculate comes from the urethra — which will give her the same feeling as though she needs to pee.

When it comes to women squirting, it’s helpful to remind her that she has had an unforgettable sexual release and not just wet the bed.

Can all women squirt?

Yes. But some women might have physical and emotional blockages that need resolving first; this is where yoni massage can help.

Psychological issues can impact squirting — it can feel daunting to be so vulnerable with a sexual partner.

Studies have found that 10-54% of women have experienced squirting in their sex lives.

Also, it’s interesting to note that squirting comes easier to those who’ve had a baby. That’s because the pelvic floor muscles aren’t the same as they were.

What surprises many men is that making a girl squirt is easier than making women cum. This is because women apply pressure in a certain way, use the same sex toys, or are used to the same partner when reaching orgasm.

All this means is that they’ve trained their body to orgasm under specific conditions. With squirting, their body is likely to be unfamiliar with the sensations, meaning she can allow your explorations to take her somewhere new and intensely pleasurable.

How to make a woman squirt?

Here are the nine expert steps to make your partner squirt. Follow them exactly as laid out and watch her arousal unfold before you.

man tickling woman on the bed

1. Help her relax

You have to relax your woman before you plan on getting her to squirt.

  1. Pour a bath with essential oils and candles for her.
  2. Tell her that you’re going to make her squirt so she knows to pee beforehand.
  3. Use transference —adopt a chill, confident vibe which will unconsciously redirect into her psyche.
  4. You know your woman best — take the time to prepare so she can feel safe and relaxed.

2. Environment

Women are far more aware of their surroundings than men during sex. So when mastering how to make a woman squirt, you’ve got to make the setting as sexy as possible. Here are my suggestions:

  • Go somewhere new. If a hotel is out of your budget, you can put on new bedding or a sex chair. These make it easier to introduce new sex acts.
  • Find the time when you can be alone — put the phones on silent. If you’ve kids, get someone to take care of them for the evening.
  • Boost the temperature — women release far more effortlessly when the temperature is warm and comfortable.
  • Drop the smokey, sensual beats — hip hop or RnB is more sexual, but go for whatever works for you both.
  • Tidy the room and house — a chaotic environment is distracting for women, which cuts her off from her sexual pleasure. Lay a towel down if it makes her more comfortable.
  • Remove blue light — a few soft, warm bulbs or candles only!

3. Regain sexual polarity in your relationship

Sexual tension increases when a man steps into his masculinity and a woman into her feminine energy. When figuring out how to make a woman squirt, a man needs to take the dominant role according to the natural laws of nature.

We’ve made this masculine and feminine energy quiz for you to determine your leading energy.

You need to start accentuating your masculine presence way before you reach the bedroom. Once you become the leader in your relationship, you can supercharge your sex life by introducing squirting.

Here are the five levels of dominance in the bedroom that leads to women squirting. First, see which level you’re at — if you introduce too much too soon, you’ll get a WTF response and freak her out.

Gradually, introduce the following levels of dominance starting tonight:

  1. Hair pulling — this exposes her throat, opening her vulnerability and feminine submissive release.
  2. Slapping — slap the side of the but, so it’s not too intense. Let it be playful and, of course, feel into her arousal levels.
  3. Pinning — hold your girl’s hand in place above her head.
  4. Choking — this is a symbolic form of choking and not actual choking. Place a firm hand on her neck, which is arousing for many women when the time is right.
  5. Squirting — finally, experience the ultimate act of sexual polarity together.


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4. Sensual massage

Sensual massage shows how much you appreciate her but helps her focus too. This allows her to focus on her own pleasure. Be sure to say, “this is just for you, babe. Relax.”

  1. Have your partner lie face down and massage lightly through her upper back and arms.
  2. Move your hands down her lower back, skip over her butt, and then down the backs of her thighs and calves using firm pressure.
  3. Once her arousal builds, spread her legs wide apart and massage her inner thighs using firm pressure.
  4. Glide slowly around your woman’s vulva using a technique called broaching. Then, dip your thumb into her vagina, and tap steadily on the sides of her vaginal walls.
  5. Now, flip your woman over and start massaging her front. Spend time around her clitoris but avoid touching her clitoris directly.
  6. Now you can move on to the fingering techniques we’ll describe next!

5. Fingering

naked couple making love on the bed

To build up to women squirting, you need to take time to finger her g spot. Start slowly to prevent her from becoming overstimulated. Here are some tutorial techniques on fingering your girl to insatiable levels of desire:

  1. Dipping— the area right at the vaginal opening is particularly sensitive. Gently dip your thumb or index finger at the entrance of her vagina.
  2. Explore depth — with her legs spread wide, excite and stimulate the front wall of her vagina by taking your fingers deeper.
  3. Widen — encourage her to widen by adding an extra finger to your strokes and a pumping action. You can also use silicone toys and lube here.
  4. Curling — curl your middle and ring finger in her vagina towards her belly button. The g spot’s texture is similar to an orange’s skin.
  5. A spot stimulation — if she enjoys ass-centered sex acts centered, you can explore the area around her asshole with your middle or ring finger or slowly slide them inside.

Once your partner is dripping and sufficiently aroused, you’ll feel the g spot erectile tissue.

6. Excite her g spot area

A face-down, doggy-style position is the best position for g-area stimulation. This increases her arousal like crazy!
For g spot stimulation, push your thumb in and press it down towards the belly. Try different depths and listen to her body. Then, rotate your thumb to find the g spot, looking for feedback  — with enough awareness, you’ll find it.

Now it’s time for the g-spot pump — see the image below to copy the technique.

Start by rhythmically pulsing her g area. To get her moaning in pleasure, use your whole arm to apply pressure, not just your fingers. Next, pull your index and middle finger back towards you in a “come hither” motion. Gradually increase the pace, letting her ride the waves of pleasure.

hand position for squirting

7. Best sex positions for how to make a woman squirt

With all of these poses, what’s crucial is that YOU can maintain the posture. For women squirting, she’ll need a lot of continuous pumping, so make that a priority.

  • Goddess pose — both of you take a kneeling position on the bed. Place your knees on either side of one of hers.
  • The locker — with your partner lying down, have her extend her legs up towards the ceiling using her shoulder to stabilize her as you lying horizontal with one hand supporting your weight as the other gets busy with pleasuring!

8. Escalate her pleasure

man holding womans hands above her head on the bed

Once you’ve found the exact technique to drive your partner wild, it’s time to ramp it up. The way to do this is by increasing pressure and speed on her g spot. Remember, it needs to be much more vigorous than achieving female orgasm. Again, consistency is paramount in this stage.

9. Trigger stage

Finally, you need to ‘trigger’ the squirting. Not all girls squirt in the same way, so here are five different techniques that you can use to make your partner squirt:

  • Have her unclench her muscles
  • A sudden burst of speed
  • Withdrawing your fingers in a pulling motions
  • Consistent stimulation
  • Have her push outwards, also known as bearing

Once she reaches her edge and releases, she will squirt, have a g spot orgasm, or both!

BONUS step

In this bonus step, we’ll show you how to give her an energy orgasm. With this, you’ll learn in five steps how to give her a tantric full-body orgasm that will have her never wanting to leave your bed.


So now you have the basics on how to make a girl squirt. But you might be looking for more than sex tips and techniques to please your woman.

And, maybe you want to completely change what type of man you show up as in your life.

I’m Steffo Shambo, a male relationship coach, and sex educator. My mission is simple: give men the power to create the life of their dreams and experience ultimate satisfaction in their relationships, sex life, and careers.

Gifting your partner the pleasure of squirting is one thing — being the man that attracts women effortlessly and potently is another. Want to reignite love and passion with your woman? Here’s my free masterclass for men in relationships.

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Real vs fake squirting?

Most squirting scenes in porn are staged. They either drink loads of water and pee or insert a turkey baster of water into their vagina and release it on command. In the bedroom, however, squirting is not an easy thing to fake.

How to finger a girl?

Fingering requires a lot of intuition. Read and sense her body, search for signs that she’s enjoying one technique, pressure, or depth more than another in that moment. Remember to have fun with it and read step five for more inside knowledge on how to drive a woman wild with your fingers.

How do you squirt yourself?

Most of the tips in this article will apply to vulva owners wanting to learn how to make themselves squirt.

How to squirt?

When learning how to make your girl squirt, you need to have her fully own your masculine energy. Female ejaculation requires the woman to surrender and release fully. After finishing this article, you’ll be an expert on how to make her squirt.

Can all women squirt?

Theoretically, all women can squirt, but some women have physical, emotional, or mental blockages that prevent squirting. In those cases, the blockages must be addressed before a girl can squirt.

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