What Does a Man With Feminine Energy Look Like? Top 10 Signs

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
man with feminine energy

Have you ever caught a man teary-eyed during a romance movie like The Notebook?

Or do you know that guy who listens so intently that he even makes Oprah look like an amateur?

Well, what you’re seeing is a man with feminine energy. He’s smashing stereotypes left and right.

Forget about the dumbbells for a moment because we’ll flex your emotional biceps.

Grab your favorite herbal tea—or whiskey, no judgment here—and prepare to dive deep into the realm of men with feminine energy.

I’ll explain everything you need to know in this guide, including the top 10 signs that a man is in his feminine element!

What is a man with feminine energy?

A man with feminine energy is someone who embraces the traits of a woman.

Men with feminine energy balanced with their masculine energy bring a unique blend to the table. One example is emotional intelligence.  

Put it this way.

Imagine a man with Oprah’s emotional intelligence and Mother Teresa’s nurturing skills. All wrapped inside a dude.

Now, that’s a man with feminine energy. He’s a real catch who embraces the best parts of being a woman while still rocking his masculinity.

Every individual possesses a unique mix of both feminine and masculine energy. Society often overlooks a feminine man who can show off his “lady-like” vibes.

However, accepting your feminine energy can lead to several benefits.

Finding that sweet spot between masculine and feminine energy does wonders in all aspects of life. This includes relationships, career, and emotional well-being.

Now, that brings us to one question.

How do you tell if your natural energy leans more toward the masculine or feminine side?

Take the masculine and feminine quiz to find out! You’ll get a detailed answer on where you’re more dominant.

Both forces are just as strong as each other but serve different purposes.  

Why men should embrace their feminine energy

Here are the top benefits of men embracing their feminine energy:

  • Healthier relationships
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Career success

Men can understand their sexuality and other wonderful qualities. How? By cultivating habits that foster a deeper connection to their inner essence.

Your feminine energy allows you to tap into your core energy and hidden creative potential.

the biggest benefits of men with balanced feminine energy

Healthier relationships

Men with feminine energy tend to be great communicators. They can cut past the surface and form deeper connections with people.

In other words, feminine energy benefits all types of relationships. Here are a few examples of how femininity is beneficial in relationships:

  • Deeper intimacy
  • Emotional connection
  • Mutual respect
  • Authenticity
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Self-care

This creates a healthier and more rad dynamic. Self-love is an essential aspect of embracing one’s feminine energy.

Emotional intelligence and availability

Emotional intelligence is a superpower. It means you have awareness of your own emotions and the emotions of others.

You’re also able to express your feelings appropriately without making others feel uncomfortable.

Balanced feminine energy in men helps them with doing the following:

  • Move in the opposite direction of traditional gender stereotypes, which masculine energy likes
  • Embrace their emotional intelligence
  • Improve relationships
  • Boost career success
  • Heighten self-awareness

Tapping into feminine energies is transformative for a masculine man and a feminine woman.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

Boost career success

The divine feminine can boost the success of a man’s career by simply being a better communicator.

You’ll also be able to tap into your creative potential, which can improve your problem-solving skills.

According to research, it’s been proven that women excel in management roles in the workplace.

It’s common for women to excel in management positions. And there’s a reason for that.

Imitating the same feminine qualities as successful female managers will boost your ability to collaborate with others. Empathy and communication are essential ingredients here.

Why men with too much feminine energy can become problematic

Too much of anything can become a bad thing. The same concept applies to guys who are too feminine.

Here’s why men with too much feminine energy can become an issue:

  • Nice guy syndrome
  • Avoids upfront confrontations
  • People-pleaser
  • Overly sensitive
  • Lack of authenticity

Understanding these issues is important to create structures that help you address them. I’ll explain each of them in more detail below.

Nice guy syndrome

There’s a reason why women are more attracted to bad boys than nice guys.

As the name suggests, the nice guy syndrome is when a man is simply too nice to others.

He’s too nice to the point that it leads to self-discrepancy and a reluctance to voice out his thoughts.

It’s unattractive to women because it shows that he’s unable to take the lead. Being too nice means suppressing your masculinity.

And in doing so, you’re preventing yourself from drawing out a woman’s natural feminine energy.

Avoids upfront confrontations

Notice a guy who dodges direct confrontations whenever they can? It signifies a man who hasn’t balanced his masculine and feminine energy.

men with high feminine energy tend to be pushovers

A man with masculine energy is one who confronts any issues stopping them from reaching their goals. Instead of running away from the problem, they face it head-on.

Women are attracted to men who are reliable and can solve problems. They need a shoulder to lean on when things get too heavy.

People pleaser

Too many people-pleasing leads to a lack of self-respect. You become used to serving others, even at the expense of your own needs.

Men who fall into the people-pleaser trap will find it hard to say no. They often get pushed around by others.

Anyone can take advantage of them because they know there’ll be no consequences.

People-pleasers often fail to take accountability and tend to blame anything but themselves.

Overly sensitive

Does he take constructive criticism personally? Is he sensitive to people’s opinions?

Taking everything personally can be a bummer. It leads to strained relationships full of conflict and arguments.

A man with too much feminine energy may interpret the actions and words of others as personal attacks.

They easily misunderstand people’s intentions and are quick to jump to conclusions.

As a man, being overly sensitive hinders personal growth. It’s essential to keep cool and not get worked up over everything.

Lack of authenticity

There’s a blur between being genuine and being fake.

A man with imbalanced feminine energy will find it difficult to express their true thoughts and feelings.

They’ve been fake around others too much to the point they’re unable to find their core values and authentic selves.

10 signs of men with feminine energy

Here are the 10 telltale signs of men with feminine energy:

  • He takes self-care seriously
  • Expressing his emotions isn’t a problem
  • Strong listening skills
  • Kind and compassionate
  • He can read people’s energy
  • Confidence to do what he wants
  • Seeks attention from those who are important to him
  • Enjoys creative pursuits and hobbies
  • Passive-aggressive behavior
  • He easily opens up to people about his problems

1. He takes self-care seriously

Men with feminine energy prioritize self-care and personal well-being.

They know the importance of looking and feeling good. So, it’s a priority to be physically and mentally healthy.

Self-love is the name of the game. From skincare routines to dressing well, they put effort into caring for themselves.

2. Expressing his emotions isn’t a problem

They’re not afraid of revealing his vulnerable side.

In today’s society, people think that showing emotions is a weakness. It’s the opposite. The reality is that it requires strength since it means you’re not insecure about yourself.

Being able to express your emotions to others is also a sign of self-awareness.

Moreover, expressing yourself allows you to form close relationships with other people.

he is not insecure about expressing his emotions

This goes downhill when his feminine side isn’t balanced. It may lead to his emotions controlling him more than he controls his emotions.

Worse, it could even lead to emotional dependency on others.

3. Strong listening skills

Feminine men tend to have strong listening skills. This means they’re able to empathize with others.

However, there’s more to it than just hearing what others have to say. It means offering genuine support and encouragement.

You can relate to others and put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

4. Kind and compassionate

Men with feminine energy are kind. They show a lot of compassion to friends and loved ones.

Offering a helping hand to others is something they genuinely care about. The happiness of others means the happiness of their own.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a pushover to show kindness. A man with balanced masculinity and femininity is gentle.

They’re understanding, nurturing, and have a lot of patience.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

5. He can read people’s energy

Grasping the vibe of the room is simple for men with feminine energy. This ability makes them quick to adapt to different social situations.

They have a natural ability to detect people’s underlying emotions and intentions.

In other words, they’re adept at getting along with people and ensuring everyone around them is at ease.

6. Confidence to do what he wants

Confidence in one’s actions is a sign of balanced feminine energy in men. It means that they can identify their desires and pursue their needs.

If needed, they can take calculated risks.

Their unwavering confidence enables them to make a few daring decisions occasionally.

7. Seeks attention from those who matter

Feminine men care about what others think.

When there’s a lack of balance between the masculine and feminine, they’ll seek validation from other people.

However, a man with balanced feminine energy will only seek attention from those they care about.

Ego doesn’t get in the way of leaning on those who matter most to them.

8. Enjoys creative pursuits and hobbies

Here are a few examples of creative pursuits and hobbies:

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Writing

Men with feminine energy find joy and fulfillment in expressing themselves creatively. These activities allow them to explore their core values.

Moreover, it’s a key outlet for self-expression and personal growth.

9. Passive-aggressive behavior

Instead of addressing issues directly, men with feminine energy may resort to subtle expressions.

They indirectly address issues, which can lead to misunderstandings. It’s not uncommon for men with feminine energy to avoid upfront confrontations.

After all, conflict makes them uncomfortable.

While they might be open to discussing a problem, they avoid being the first to bring it up directly.

is he always passive aggressive when there is a dispute

10. He easily opens up to people about his problems

Here’s what you usually see in a feminine person:

  • Willing to discuss personal problems with other people
  • Seeking advice and encouragement from loved ones is common
  • They’re not afraid to come across as vulnerable

It’s common to find feminine men passionate about the topic of personal growth and healing.

Side Note: There’s nothing wrong with opening up. However, it’s not a good sign when your actions contradict your words!

The myths and misconceptions about men with feminine energy

The biggest misconception about men with feminine energy is that they’re unattractive and weak.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. It makes sense why they might seem downright unmanly, but these are outdated stereotypes.

Let’s debunk both of these myths for good!

Myth 1: Men with feminine energy aren’t attractive

Masculine men are attractive. But do you know what women also find attractive in a man? Empathy.

If men only showed off their strengths, it could make them look conceited.

This can even make women fear him. She’ll more likely be attracted to a man she feels safe with. That’s where the qualities behind feminine energy come in.

The idea that feminine energy makes men unattractive is just plain wrong. Sexual attraction can be subjective.

It was even mentioned in a report by NCBI that some women find less masculine-looking men attractive.

Myth 2: Men with feminine energy are weak

This is another common misconception.

Embracing feminine energy doesn’t make a man weak. On the contrary, it makes them strong. It means they’re resilient and unafraid to express themselves to others. Men who never open up to their loved ones may fear doing so because of their reputation.

Now, I’m not saying you should always cry to your friends. But a man with feminine energy can connect with others on a deeper level.

men with feminine energy tend to have higher self awareness

Balancing masculine and feminine energy as a man

Having a balance between the masculine and feminine is crucial for a fulfilling life.

Finding that perfect balance allows men to release their full emotions and experiences. This leads to more life satisfaction and happiness.

Imagine a man who was always on guard.

It’s awesome that you have someone you can count on. But because they’re so stiff with the masculine frame, it’s hard to have a fun time.

Whereas someone with a healthy blend of feminine energy could be more playful.

Again, balance is key here. Too much feminine energy leads to mommy issues.

The role of masculine energy in supporting feminine energy

The masculine and feminine energy complement each other. Integrating both energies brings out the best in a person.

For men, it’s a game-changer for living a harmonious and balanced life.  

Let’s take a closer look at the role of masculine energy in supporting feminine energy.

Creating safe spaces

Safe spaces are essential for healthy relationships. This includes relationships with friends, family, and your significant other.

An example of masculine energy coming out of a person is when they do the following:

  • Set expectations for behavior
  • Establish boundaries
  • Provide resources and support

Encouraging the feminine energy

The masculine force complements its feminine counterpart by reinforcing self-expression without fear of judgment.

A man who can draw out his masculine energy can do great things. Not just in terms of career and personal life. But in terms of sexual relationships.

Regarding his sex life, he’ll be able to polarize women. The reason is that his natural masculine energy will draw out the woman’s natural feminine energy.

This is how they spark a sexual connection.

What if you’re with a man with unbalanced masculine and feminine energy?

Well, there’s a few options.

Open communication is worth trying. Share your concerns. Set boundaries for you and your partner to navigate the relationship challenges arising from this imbalance.

Encourage personal growth and self-awareness to help your partner find balance.

But if that doesn’t work, consider professional support from an intimacy coach or a licensed therapist.

Conclusion: the masculine and feminine energies

A man with feminine energy isn’t just someone sensitive and takes everything to heart.

It’s the opposite.

Men with feminine energy are powerhouses of emotional intelligence.

These qualities won’t only make him a top-tier partner, but they also pave the way for career and life fulfillment.

However, the key to unlocking your true potential lies in balancing both the masculine and feminine energies.

This harmony shatters outdated gender norms, empowering men to lead happier lives.

Ready to ignite this transformation in your own life or your partner? Don’t miss out on my free tantric relationship masterclass.

You’ll learn sexual mastery from both sides of the energy spectrum!


How do you know if a guy is in his feminine energy?

A guy in his feminine energy will prioritize others over himself.

He openly shares his problem without caring much about whether he looks weak or vulnerable.

Self-healing and growth are topics he often brings up in a conversation. He also empathizes with you and listens carefully to what you’re saying.

What does feminine energy mean in a man?

Feminine energy means that a man can bring out the best woman-like qualities in himself.

This includes emotional intelligence, compassion, and kindness. He’s forgiving of himself and others around him.

Can men have divine feminine energy?

Yes. Even a masculine partner will have a feminine side within them. These energies can be nurtured.

What does feminine energy look like?

The feminine energy is all about forming an emotional bond with others.

Another way to put it is forming meaningful connections through self-expression and empathy.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

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