How to Overcome
Sexual Blockages
In 4 Steps For
An Epic Love Life

Are you suffering from sexual shame, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, porn addiction, and performance anxiety? Even if it’s been for years, this is for you!

Your Dating And Relationship Problems Are Fixable By Harnessing Your Sexual Energy…

But not many of us were taught this. That’s why in this free training video, I’m going to show you how so that you can overcome your sexual blockages. You’ll experience a connection and intimacy with your partner or potential lover like never before.

overcome sexual blockages

What Are Sexual Blockages?

Sexual blockages are the physical and mental barriers that prevent you from enjoying the pleasures of sex. It makes it more difficult for you and your partner to reach orgasms and connect on a deeper level. 

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Sexual desire and sexual energy are beautiful. They are powerful elements of our humanity and are essential ingredients to a great marriage or relationship. 

However, men experience these common problems in the bedroom:

And even with sexual stimulation, some can’t sustain an erection…

Such problems cause anxiety between couples that could even lead to separation or divorce. And if you’re single, it can stop you from finding your soulmate.

There is a healthy, proven, and natural way to restore your own sexual desire…

Think twice before reaching for those pills from your local pharmacy.

Not only is there a natural way that’s proven to heal sexual blockages, but there is also a way for you to develop rockstar confidence. This allows you to transform all aspects of your life. 

Society has failed to teach these principles to us men…

It’s something that we should’ve known years ago. We wouldn’t have had to worry about overcoming any sexual blockages in the first place if we would’ve known how to prevent the issue from arising. 

But no worries, that’s exactly what this free webinar is for! 

In This Free Webinar, You’re Going to Discover…

How to overcome the feelings of shame and banish the fear that is holding you back in all areas of your life.

Natural methods to attract a soulmate to walk through life side by side without putting on a facade.

How you can save a relationship or marriage even when she is almost out of the door, where you and your partner have gone from lovers to roommates.

How to show up as a lover, husband, father, friend, and colleague that’s respected for who you are.

How to have a better sex life with more sexual satisfaction, and learn how to have mindblowing energy and whole-body orgasms.

Ways to channel and control your sexual energy so that you can overcome bedroom performance issues and anxiety.

This Free Webinar Is Especially For You If You’re Struggling With…

Negative emotions such as fear, guilt, and shame makes you feel trapped. It stops you from living authentically as a confident man and hinders your personal growth.

Never being able to find and attract your soulmate. Your own self-esteem prevents you from putting in the effort to build a deep, genuine connection with potential partners.

Reigniting the spark with your partner. The intimacy, romance, and sexual desire with your girlfriend or wife are dying. And, you’re slowly distancing yourselves from one another.

Getting acknowledged for your true self. You’re afraid to put away the mask you wear because you’re worried about what others might think of you.

Never being able to reach orgasm. You and your partner are never satisfied after having sex. You’re unable to perform or you’re worried she didn’t come but she always turns to tell you that it’s okay.

Lack of confidence in the bedroom. The lights are always off because you don’t like the way you look. And, the thought of not lasting long and not being able to maintain an erection can even overpower you to want to avoid having sex completely.

Aad’s sexual shadow transformation

“During the sexual shadow work, I found out that my sexual issues were linked to some very early childhood patterns. And this totally made me understand how I had built up this pattern. This program is not only about sex and lovemaking, but it’s also a deep inner journey.

- Aad Havermans, Netherlands, Wim Hof Breathwork Instructor

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Why Overcoming Sexual Blockages Matters

Sexual energy is a fundamental part of life. It’s something that’s part of each and every human being. Cutting off our own sexual energy means disconnecting ourselves from the very thing that makes us human. 

Having control over your sexual energy, which is the most potent life force energy, is powerful enough for you to single-handedly do the following:

  • Connect with someone new on a deep level
  • Increase arousal, pleasure, and intimacy in the bedroom
  • Save a dying relationship that’s heading toward separation or divorce 
  • Live a more fulfilling lifestyle as a confident man
  • Become the best father, husband, and leader you can possibly be

Overcoming sexual blockages and harnessing your sexual energy brings noticeable differences to your life beyond the bedroom. You’ll cast away the fears of failure so that you can show up when needed with a core of inner belief.

Society doesn’t want you to know this…

Too often in modern society, discussing sexuality remains taboo. 

Sexuality is in all of us. But apparently, sex education is a topic that not many people are open to talking about. We all choose to avoid it for all sorts of reasons such as not wanting to look weird or weak and worrying about not fitting in with everyone else…

If we are not connecting to our own sexual energy, then we can never connect with someone else on a deep level. 

In other words, it all starts with acknowledging yourself.

But again, society doesn’t talk about this…

Instead, what you might see or hear on social media are very different things. It leaves you feeling conflicted because you hear things like it’s okay for men to be feminine and for women to be masculine.

And it’s not that either of these are wrong. In fact, the reality is that men and women complement each other…

Harness the power of your sexual energy

Men are not better than women and vice versa. Both are equally potent life forces of different natures…

That’s why we must learn how to harness our own sexual energy. 

Not being able to control your sexual power prevents you from achieving great things. It could even lead to the destruction of society… 

On the other hand, it can lead to life-changing transformations. Sexual energy is compelling enough to turn your life around… 

That’s what this free webinar is for. I’ll be showing you the principles for overcoming your sexual blockages. Once you know these steps, you’ll become a confident man that lives a more fulfilling lifestyle. 

I want you to start seeing a transformation in your own life the same way my clients have like Austin and AAD…

Austin’s sexual breakthrough

“Sex was always a challenge. I learned a lot from the program. We hit a breakthrough. We ended up having sex 3 times in one week. And it was different sex, it was good sex that was emotionally healthy for both of us. I was just amazed at the change.” 
- Austin Sams, USA, Arizona, Entrepreneur

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What Causes Sexual Blockages?

There are many root causes of sexual blockages and sexual dysfunction. These can either be physical problems or psychological problems. Most of the time, it’s the latter. The underlying cause of sexual blockages usually has to do with one’s past experiences. 

Physical Blocks to Intimacy 

There are physical conditions for both men and women that can lead to sexual blockages. Here’s a few examples: 

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Prostate cancer
  • Vaginal dryness

Conditions like this can prevent intimacy, sexual arousal, and orgasm. If you’re concerned about any of these issues, seek professional help and advice from health care.

Psychological Blocks to Intimacy 

Psychological problems involve one’s experiences. This affects the way you perceive different kinds of sexual behaviors. A few examples of psychological blocks include anxiety disorder, depression, and sexual trauma. 

However, there are three particular factors that are the most common. We’ll go through each of these below, starting with the first: sexual shame. 

Side note: Healing sexual trauma is a process that requires working with the mind and body. If this is something you’re struggling with, I wrote a separate guide all about it which I suggest reading here.

Sexual Shame 

Shame is an emotion that affects your ability to access your own sexual energy and openly connect with someone else. When you’re unable to connect with your partner, it may lead to major relationship problems such as lack of intimacy and poor communication. 

Now, this shame often stems from toxic relationships and negative sexual experiences in the past. 

An example could be not liking the way your own body looks. It’s common for many women to wish they were curvier and it’s common for many men to wish they had a bigger penis… 

These feelings of shame can create sexual inhibition. This prevents you from having a good sexual experience and can even be potent enough to make you avoid receiving pleasure. Worse, you may no longer feel pleasure in the bedroom. 


A lot of men I speak to have fears of showing vulnerability and the real person they are deep inside. There are many other fears too such as fear of failure, commitment, and so forth. But whatever these fears are, they’re holding you back from stepping into your masculine frame. This stops you from being able to use your sexual energy to transform your life. 


Have the urge to do something that you can never say no to? Well, I also see many men going through the same problem. 

More specifically, I see people struggle with a porn addiction that leads them to a distorted view of sexuality. Not only is porn a mental block that stops you from releasing your erotic energy, but it can also actually decrease the physical sensation of sex. Studies from NCBI have even shown that pornography can reduce your ability to perform in the bedroom. 

Other unhealthy activities that you may feel a strong impulse to include alcohol, drugs, gambling, and more…

Being a slave to your addictions is a common cause of sexual blocks. It disconnects you from your woman, your family, the people around you, and your own reality.

How to Overcome Sexual Blockages: What You’ll Learn in This Free Webinar

Here are the steps to conquer feelings of shame, fear, and impulse that are preventing you from reaching your full sexual potential:

  • Identify your own root causes
  • Accept your flaws
  • Acknowledge your emotions
  • Let go

Side note: You’ll find most of your questions on sexual blockages answered in my free webinar. That’s where I’ll be showing you exactly how to find out where your sexual blockages are coming from and what you can do to overcome them. 

1. Identify Your Own Root Causes

Pinpoint what’s causing you to have sexual dysfunction. Ask yourself:

  • Are there any physical conditions holding me back? 
  • What’s the recurring thought or emotion that stops me in the bedroom? 
  • Do I have any bad habits or unhealthy addictions that could be affecting my day-to-day life?
  • Is there a particular memory associated with the way I behave or react? 

Don’t ignore these thoughts because they only escalate and postpone the problem. 

Before doing anything, the process begins with recognizing exactly what’s stopping you. Only then can you move on to the next step. 

2. Accept Your Flaws

Now that you have an idea of the root causes of your sexual blockages, the next step is to reflect and accept them. 

We all know that everyone isn’t perfect, though some might seem so from the outside… 

However, you’ll never properly appreciate who you are as a person without being able to accept your flaws. Why? Because it’s always going to be at the back of your mind. This stops you from unleashing your own power in its purest form from either a conscious or subconscious level. 

And I know, it’s not easy…

But once you’ve moved past those things that are holding you back, you’ll break past what you believed were your limits. 

And once you go beyond your own limits, it’s an amazing feeling. Everything changes. 

3. Acknowledge Your Emotions

What emotions are attached to the thoughts and memories that are linked to your sexual blockages? 

Again, don’t ignore these emotions. 

This is an ongoing process that helps you get a better understanding of your own sexuality. It’s also what allows you to empathize with others, communicate effectively, and build authentic relationships with confidence. 

After acknowledging the way your mind thinks and the way you feel, the next steps become clear.

4. Let Go

Muster the strength to let go of all the thoughts, emotions, and addictions you’re chained to. Forgive yourself, use tantric exercises, and accept that you are worthy of having a fulfilling sex life. 

However, don’t force yourself to resist otherwise it won’t be long until you return to your old habits. 

Transform Your Sex Life By Overcoming Your Sexual Blockages

Tired of running in circles and deciding whether you can change your current situation?

Or maybe you’re trying to force yourself to accept that there’s nothing you can do about it. It is what it is…

I can assure you that in my 10+ years of tantric studying and experience, I’ve seen thousands of men in your position. Men who were sexless often for these reasons: 

  1. They didn’t believe they were worthy enough of love
  2. They suffered from physical problems or anxiety that stopped them from engaging in any kind of sexual activity 
  3. They’ve lost their partner’s intimacy and trust, so the romance in the relationship or marriage is hanging on a thread

Watching this free webinar will reveal what you must do to put an end to your sexual blockages. 

You will learn about how you can use sexual energy to completely transform all aspects of your personal life…

  • Become a confident man that everyone respects
  • Fulfill your duties as a brother, father, and husband 
  • Step into your masculine frame and live your life as the leader you were meant to be

This is the only free training video you’ll need to understand the steps to conquer your blocks to intimacy. 

Jake’s self-love limiting beliefs breakthrough

“I believed I would never find a woman! What happened though the program was a transformation about my personal view of my life, sexuality, relationships, and intimacy.”

- Jake Frankel, New York USA

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My Holistic Approach to Overcoming Sexual Blockages

Steffo Shambo, Men’s Relationship Coach

I am Steffo, the founder of The Tantric Man Experience, the #1 masculine mentorship program in the world. I help single men attract their dream women and partnered men reignite the passion in their marriage or relationship naturally in a matter of weeks. I am on a mission to guide men toward intimate, meaningful relationships and end their struggles with their sexuality, so they can finally become integrated men, fathers, brothers, husbands, and leaders. 

Sign Up for This Free Webinar to Start Mastering Your Sexuality

Don’t be part of the population of men who believe nothing can be done to overcome their sexual dysfunction. These are the very same men I feel for the most because they go through the motions of life with a lack of burning passion and desire…

The worst part is that they find themselves hopelessly alone, or sleepwalking into a breakup and divorce…

I don’t want this for you. 

And I don’t want this for any existing man out there… 

You deserve more out of life than you might think

You don’t have to accept sexual blockages as an inevitable part of your life. 

That’s why I put together this free webinar training video. You’ll be able to finally identify and overcome your own limiting beliefs by connecting with your own sexual energy. 

Once you can connect with your own sexual energy, you’ll be able to channel it to achieve your relationship goals. 

Your sexual energy is powerful enough to attract a new partner, even if you have no dating experience. 

And your sexual energy is powerful enough to win your significant other back into your arms. Even if you’ve been separated for years and have kids together, you have the ability to single-handedly fix your situation. 

Open up a new world full of possibilities

This simple, short webinar training video will open up new possibilities…

Love is something we all deserve, including YOU.

Look, this is a proven method. Countless men from all over the world have already signed up for this free training. Why? Because they all wanted to transform their relationships and personal lives. 

I deliberately made this training free so that you have no more excuses not to turn your love life around. 

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What are the three attraction blockers?

Here are the top three attraction blockers:

  • Shame
  • Fear
  • Addiction

Each of these affects your masculine energy and self-esteem. These are important factors to attract women and build stronger relationships.

Why am I so sexually inhibited?

It happens to many of us at some point in our life. However, a lot of the time it’s to do with one’s perception of sex. Those perceptions trace back to your own experiences. Traumatic memories, insecurities, the content you consume, and a lack of understanding of your sexuality all contribute to sexual inhibition. 

How can I recharge my sexual energy?

Self-reflection, diet, and exercise are common advice. This works and it’s something I endorse. But, I teach my clients other natural methods to not only recharge their sexual energy but to also conserve it. A few of the main methods I teach men include semen retention as well as tantric exercises and yoga.