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Overcome Sexual Blockages

Sexual desire and sexual energy are beautiful and powerful elements of our humanity.

They are also essential ingredients when it comes to finding a great relationship or saving a relationship that is struggling.

A healthy sense of sexual connection can create deep and lasting connections with a partner.

But what happens when a man experiences sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation during intercourse, performance anxiety, or the inability to sustain an erection even with sexual stimulation?

Sexual problems like this can cause deep anxiety in a relationship and even result in a level of dissatisfaction that can lead to separation or divorce. Or they can stop you from finding your soulmate in the first place.

Instead of reaching for an erectile dysfunction medication from the pharmacy shelves, there is a totally healthy, proven, and natural way that guys can overcome their sexual blockages. Not only will this create new levels of connection and sexual arousal in themselves and their partners, but it will also create rockstar confidence that will transform your friendships, parenting, and business success.

Why Overcoming Sexual Blockages Matters


Sexual energy is a fundamental part of life. Yet too often in modern society discussing sexuality remains taboo. This is damaging and destructive. Sexuality is part of all of us, and if we are cut off from our own sexual energy then we can easily be disconnected from the very thing that makes us human.

Think about it. If you are not connected to your own sexual energy then how can you ever connect to someone else’s? That is why all of my training starts with you, helping you to uncover, understand, and harness your sexuality.

Tapping into this source of natural sexual energy is an incredibly powerful life force that can help you connect with someone new or save a relationship that feels to be drifting towards separation and divorce.

More than this though, harnessing sexual energy and understanding your own sexual power can also have a positive impact in all areas of your life far beyond the bedroom. Casting away a debilitating fear of failure will allow you will show up at work with a core of inner belief, be the best parent you can possibly be, increase arousal, improve sexual activity, reduce levels of anxiety, and improve mental health.

What Causes Sexual Blockages?

There are many root causes for sexual blockages and sexual dysfunction. Sometimes these can be physical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or prostate cancer in a man or vaginal dryness in a woman.

Most of the time, however, a blockage results from psychological causes such as sexual trauma, anxiety disorder, or an early sexual experience rather than something physical.

Sexual Shame and Fear

Shame is often the primary issue. Shame is an entirely toxic emotion that can impact your ability to access your own sexual energy and connect openly with someone else’s. This sense of shame may stem from sexual experiences earlier in your life or it may have been caused by a particularly toxic relationship. Increasingly, I see guys where it has been caused by an addiction to porn which has led to a distorted view of sexuality. This shame can create sexual inhibition that leads to major relationship problems.

Fear is also a major issue for many guys I speak to. This might be a fear of showing the real you to the person that you are with because that makes you vulnerable. Or it might be fear of failure, intimacy, or commitment. Whatever it is, if fear is holding you back it prevents you from positively accessing the powerful masculine sexual energy that you have and using it to transform your life.

Wherever this shame or fear comes from if you are going to overcome your sexual blockages you need to find ways to understand its roots and then need to develop strategies to overcome it.

How to Overcome Sexual Blockages

Too many men think that they just have to accept sexual blockages as an inevitable part of their lives. They think nothing can be done to overcome their sexual dysfunction. They then find themselves alone or sleepwalking into separation and divorce.

This is 100% wrong. If men are helped to understand and tap into their sexual energy, then they can:

Overcome the shame and banish the fear that is holding them back in all areas of their life.

Attract a soulmate to walk through life with, side by side.

Save a relationship where they have gone from lovers to roommates, even if she is almost out of the door.

Show up as a lover, a friend, a husband, father, or colleague.

Supercharge their sex life, increasing sexual satisfaction and learning how to have a mindblowing whole-body orgasm.

To help guys do this I have put together some free masterclass training that can help them identify the limiting beliefs that are affecting their lives and to learn to connect to their own sexual energy and then to connect with their soulmate’s.

Just by working on their own sexual energy, these guys have found ways to attract a new partner or draw their current partner back into their arms. Across the whole span of their lives this simple, short masterclass has opened up a world of new possibilities that they are now accessing with solid, unshakable confidence.

They can do this because they have learned that they are worthy of love. That love is something that they deserve.

Don’t you deserve it too?

I think you do.

Look, this is a free, proven method that countless men from all over the world have already used to transform their relationships and their lives. Click on the link below and start your own journey to overcoming the sexual blockages that are holding you back.

Steffo Shambo

Steffo Shambo

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