Lingam Yoga: Natural Penis Enlargement Course

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Enhance your lingam in a proven way with this natural penis enlargement online course.

Increase the size of your penis by 1-3 cm or half an inch to one inch in the next 90 days, in a proven and safe method.

Learn how to get erections on command by training your cock-mind connection.

Most men are skeptical that it’s possible to increase the size of their penis because of all the online spam that is out there.

It’s true that a magic pill or a porn site advertisement is snake oil that will not work. They’re trying to monetize on one of the biggest insecurities in male psychology throughout history – the size of his manhood.

This is such a big selling point because men attach their masculinity to their penis.

To the modern man, a big penis equals a strong and desirable man. And no man wants to be seen as a weakling who can’t satisfy their partner.

While this is not completely true, many guys, especially those watching porn, subconsciously believe this to be the case.

I get it, I was skeptical at first as well until I learned the natural methods from neo-tantra that increased my own size.

Honestly, most of my clients were skeptical in the beginning before they got pleasantly surprised…

“I saw tangible, measured results. I was not necessarily expecting that because I was skeptical. Just in 8 weeks, I had gained in Erect Penis Length 1/4 inch, Erect Penis Girth 1/4 inch, Flaccid Penis Length 1/2 inch. My commitment is to keep practicing for a full year, do the math, and that’s some nice results. You don’t know until you try it. If you make it a priority, it will work!” – Nick

natural penis enlargement

“I noticed a gain in width in my penis and increased strength in my erections (I didn’t even think that was possible.”

Benefits Of This Tantric Male Enhancement Course

Doing these tantric natural penis enhancement exercises in this online course will not only enlarge your penis, but it will also benefit your overall sexual mastery:

Stronger Erection

Treat Premature Ejaculation

Energy Orgasms

Treat Porn Addiction

Ejaculation Control


Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Boost Testosterone

Sexual Stamina

Semen Retention

Become Multiorgasmic

Boost Confidence

Correct Penis Curvature

Last Longer In Bed

Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms

Sexual Power

Kama Sutra Skills

natural penis enlargement

“Just did the measurements today after 8 weeks of the program with great results! Do the male enhancement exercises, brothers!” – Richard

Lingam Yoga Course Overview

Module 1: Penis Strength – Hard Rock Erections

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Learn how to strengthen your penis and control your ejaculation, retain your semen, and last longer in bed.

Say goodbye to erectile dysfunction once and for all.

In this module, we will work with pelvic floor exercises for men to strengthen any weak muscles in this area.

But also release any stress or hypertension that might cause chronic pelvic floor pain, weak erections, or even premature ejaculation.

Module 2: Natural Penis Enlargement

natural penis enlargement

Learn the best exercises and penis enlargement techniques for increasing penis length and girth of your penis shaft. All is done naturally and safely.

These exercises will also help to straighten any penis curvature or Peyronie’s disease. The fact is that some men have a penis that bends to the left, right, up, or down.

Module 3: Lingam Yoga – Penis Stretching

natural penis enlargement

Learn the best penis stretching exercises to increase blood flow and expand blood vessels.

This will result in a powerful, healthier, and larger penis.

It’s done by expanding the number of blood vessels to stimulate blood flow.

Which will benefit your overall male sexual health, but also gain a larger penis.

The penis stretching will help with increased length, and the jelqing and milking motion will help with gaining a thicker penis.

Module 4: Erections On Command – Mind Control

natural penis enlargement

Cultivate your cock to mind connection to be able to send signals from your brain to your penis to demand an erection.

So when you get in a sexual mood and want to have sex, you can get an immediate erection if you so wish.

Train your subconscious mind to your sexual advantage.

Module 5: Sexual Stamina – Last Longer

natural penis enlargement

Remove sexual blockages that are a hindrance to your performance.

Increase your lasting power before you have sex in real life.

Learn which natural remedies and dietary supplements are the best to support your sex drive.

Hint: it’s not horny goat weed, ginkgo biloba, or Korean red ginseng like most other tantra teachers would recommend.

So avoid any potentially dangerous ingredients. Mixing and matching are never recommended.

Learn a powerful practice to treat premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. 

Please understand that these techniques are not the norm of what most male sex coaches will teach you. But are for you if you have a very sensitive penis.

Many love coaches will tell you to use your index finger and press the million-dollar point. But that is actually dangerous and can have harmful effects. 

Module 6: Tantric Male Enhancements – Esoteric Penis Secrets

natural penis enlargement

Learn little-known tantric pranayama and energy practices that will enhance your lingam.

Understand the secrets of the Kama Sutra and apply them to your sex life.

Lay the foundation on how to experience multiple male orgasms and the activation of energy orgasms.

Learn secret tantric practices to increase the size and performance of your lingam.

Bonus: Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

natural penis enlargement

Learn a tantric practice that can increase your testosterone levels naturally. Plus, gain insight into the best natural remedies and dietary supplements for boosting testosterone.

This will increase sperm count and make you feel more confident and viral and have better self-esteem.

7 Powerful Modules In One Course

natural penis enlargement

“Until now I gained 29 mm in flaccid and 20 mm in erect [penis length]” – Florian

What’s Included In This Penis Yoga Course?

  • 38 video lessons
  • Follow-along guided practices
  • Explicit and high-quality training videos
  • Modern information and ancient in-depth knowledge
  • Holistic methods, including sexual, spiritual energetics
  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates
  • Get access to upgrading to 1-on-1 coaching at a 50% discounted price
  • Proven methods that have worked for men worldwide
  • Manual exercises, meditations, breathwork, yoga asana, subconscious programming, and pranayama
natural penis enlargement

“Increased 1.25 cm in my penis size (erect) and 1.5 cm in girth (54 days of Sexual Enhancement — without skipping any day)” – Victor

Why Listen To Me?

What This Course Is NOT

Luckily this course does not involve any of the following dodgy things:

  • Magic male enhancement pills
  • Risky penis enlargement surgery
  • Creepy or sleazy porn videos
  • Depending on penis enlargement devices such as a penis pump, vacuum pump, or a penis ring
  • Fake your sexual life with party tricks
  • Make a small penis size shameful or wrong
  • Temporary results that will make your penis stop growing
natural penis enlargement

“By the enhancement regimen, I have gained in size: EG: 0.24 cm, BPEL: 0.76 cm, BPFL: 1.25 cm” – Md.

How Does Natural Penis Enlargement Actually Work?

First of all, yes, it most definitely works. I have increased my own penis size, and so have many of my clients.

And it’s available for you, too, if you would only believe it to be true and give it a fair shot.

I know you might be skeptical because there are so much rubbish and shady information about penis enlargement on the internet.

But I hope you can see that this course is different from anything else online. 

I put myself out there with my face and personal brand to back up my claims that this is legit and valid.

Sure, maybe investing time and energy into penis enhancements is not for everyone, but it works for those who are willing to put in the effort.

Here are 5 of my methods I work with and why my approach to natural penis enlargement actually works:

1) The Sponge

natural penis enlargement

The penis is not a muscle; it is a sponge. The size of the erection is determined by how much blood the penis can hold. 

If you stimulate and enhance blood flow and the number of blood cells in the penis, you will have a bigger sponge that can be filled with more blood. Thus resulting in an increase in erection and size.

2) The Veins

natural penis enlargement

Just like a bodybuilder who’s not only making his muscles bigger, he is also pumping his veins to make them defined and pop out.

In the same manner, you can train the veins in your penis. 

A jacked bodybuilder was not born with those kinds of massive protruding veins, they were achieved by hard work and dedicated exercise.

Thus penis exercises and penis-squeezing methods are needed to make the veins pop and grow bigger.

3) The Shaft

natural penis enlargement

Did you know that the penis is actually longer than you can visually see when erect?

There is actually “more penis” inside of the body, under the pubic hair, the pubic bone, and the pelvic floor muscle group.

You can make this hidden part of the penis shaft come outside and make your penis a minimum of 1-2 centimeters longer… just with this method alone!

4) The Energy

natural penis enlargement

You can work on your penis energetics to charge your penis with vital life force energy.

This will enhance the energetic size of the lingam.

And make your penis feel bigger and more powerful when you penetrate your partner. 

Even though your physical penis may or may not increase in tissue size with this method alone, I think most men and women would agree that the important thing is the “feeling filled” sensation, which is the most satisfying.

“My wife noticed it, and she is not complaining.” – Dave

5) The Stretching

natural penis enlargement

Modifying the body by stretching has been performed throughout the ages in all cultures over the world.

For example, take the elongating neck rings in Thailand, the lip discs among the African tribal women, or the ear gauging and earlobe elongation in Native South America.

Just like it’s possible to stretch any part of the body, it’s also possible to stretch your penis.

But it’s essential that you do the right exercises in the correct and healthy way.

And absolutely stay away from the questionable exercises circulating on internet forums. 

Doing the wrong exercises in the wrong way may harm your penis and sexual function.

Please proceed with caution if you find some random information on the internet and apply it yourself.

But on the other hand: doing the correct exercises in a healthy way is 100% safe.

natural penis enlargement stretching

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

  • You will be initiated into my personal 90-day tantric male enhancement program, so maximum gains are to be expected after 90 days.
  • But it goes much faster, about four weeks, to start seeing and feeling the first results. 
  • After eight weeks, the average gains are about half an inch in actual length and girth.
  • After three months of practice, the increase in penis size is permanent, but maintenance every now and then is recommended.
  • So after the initial 3 months, you can slow down the practices and do them less frequently.
natural penis enlargement

“I forgot to include the penis improvement in the feedback form, so I will put them here: EG +0 cm (no change here), BPEL: +1,3 cm, BPEL: +1,4 cm.” – Alexander

Is There Scientific Proof That Natural Penis Enlargement Works?

natural penis enlargement
natural penis enlargement

“Did I mention my dick got bigger? I didn’t join for that reason but, hey, I ain’t complainin’.” – Jacob

How To Get Started?

To get started on your tantric male enhancement journey, simply select your preference below: Gold or Platinum. The platinum option comes with the added bonus of 1-on-1 coaching.

Whatever option you choose, you can rest assured that this is the most comprehensive, holistic, and in-depth course you can find anywhere on the internet on this topic. So you are in good hands! (no pun intended) 🙂


Will natural penis enhancement exercises help with erectile dysfunction?

Yes, it does not only help you get a better erection but also goes to the root cause of why you have erectile dysfunction. We will rule out if it’s for biological reasons or psychological reasons and then treat and heal it at the core.

Please understand that losing weight and weight loss may be a factor in erectile dysfunction.

I am not a fitness coach, and I will not force you to lose weight, but if that is the issue, you will have to address it. 

Why not just do a penis enlargement surgery instead?

The fact is that quite a few men are actually considering putting their manhood under a surgical procedure to get a bigger penis.

While I think penis surgery and penis implants are too risky and totally unnecessary, I do understand where the desire comes from.

But I am here to tell you that this online course can replace surgery any day of the year. 

Please don’t risk your sacred lingam and sexual health with the high-risk procedure of penis enlargement surgery.

In my opinion, it is not worth the risk! Especially since you can achieve the same results in a 100% safe and natural way.

Does penis size matter?

Yes and no. The fact is that most women only need you to reach their cervix to be fully satisfied on a spiritual level.

The average size of the cervix is about 5 inches or 13 centimeters inside the vaginal canal, depending on the size of the vagina, the waxing of the moon, and in what period of her menstrual cycle she is in. And the average penis size is about 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) long.

At other times, you are just plainly paired up with the wrong vagina; the size of the vaginal canal also matters.

So if you have a small penis size, you have a few options:

1. You can either change who you have sex with.
2. Enlarge your penis to match her vagina.
3. Teach her how to train her vagina to become tighter.

Yes, there are also tantric enhancement practices for women. So it’s all about genital compatibility, which you will learn in this course.

natural penis enlargement

Is big dick energy an actual real thing?

Absolutely yes. This is not just popular slang for having confidence, but it has a deeper meaning to it. 

If we do not understand how tantric energy works, we will overlook the energy in the lingam. 

You can have a small penis but a really big dick energy. 

So if you cultivate the sexual energy in your penis and charge your energy body with more sacral energy, you will be perceived as having a huge presence in the penis when you enter your partner. 

Most women will agree (except size queens) that it’s about the presence, energy, emotional intelligence, trust, confidence, and sexual skills of the man that matters most, and not solely the penis size that matters.

Many women would also agree that a moderate girth and length to make her feel full is a nice bonus, as long as the penis is not too big, that it will be hurtful when having sex.

Do I need a penis enlargement device to do this course?

No, the great part about this course is that you will not depend on or need any penis enlargement devices, penis rings, traction devices, vacuum pumps, stretching devices, or penis extenders for this to work. You might want to read about if penis pumps are safe here.

The penis enlargement methods and techniques I’ll teach you in this tantric male enhancement program can be done 100% organically. 

Are there nudity and porn videos?

No. This course is highly advanced and sophisticated. You will not find any sleazy pornographic videos or nudity here because this is not a porn site but also because I want to adhere to the policies of the course platform.

All the exercises are demonstrated on realistic dildo props. This does not take away from any of the effectiveness of the exercises or the precision of the demonstrations. 

Can I see before and after pics?

Again, there is no nudity, and I would never ask any of my clients to take a picture of their penis. The testimonials on this page speak for themselves.

If you really need to see before and after pics of other people’s penises, you can check these four images in this article if you scroll to “Jelqing Before and After Pics.” Please note those are not associated with my program in any way.

Do I need this course?

100% positively, yes. It’s not only an investment, but it’s an essential skill that all men should have.

It’s normal to pay for a personal trainer, business coach, and music teacher, so why should it be any different about our love lives? No one’s ever taught us about sex, love, and relationships. It’s completely okay to get guidance in these areas and to start somewhere, especially when it’s something you’ve been struggling with for years.

The right tantra teacher will help you get the sex and love life you’ve always wanted that most men will have never experienced before. Now, I would say that’s a result worth investing in, but more importantly, a sex coach is worth it because you’re investing in your happiness. And creating your most epic love life.

Lingam Yoga - Platinum

  • natural penis enlargement course

  • 38 explicit videos
  • Lifetime access
  • Manual exercises, meditation, breathwork, energetics
  • 6 modules
  • 90-day tantric program
  • Boost testosterone bonus
  • 1-hour coaching with Steffo