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Recent Success Stories from my Students…

Jacob Reid, USA, Life Coach at Sacredphrenia

“Attending the Tantric Man Experience is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and that’s coming from someone who’s spent well over $100,000 healing himself over a decade. Women look at me differently. Did I mention my dick got bigger?”

Nick Lommer‎, Netherlands, Yoga Teacher

“If you can’t answer one of the following questions you need to join The Tantric Man Experience; Are you completely satisfied with your life that you are living right now? Do you feel that whatever you are doing is contributing to your purpose? Do you know your life purpose?”

Kevin Domingue‎, USA, The Handlebarred Healer

”I predict that you will, as I did, increase your confidence, your size (an extra bonus, but not what I was most interested in), your energy and your discernment for what you want to make the rest of your life look like. And my lady was very pleased that I took this program.”

Graham Donnelly, Australia, Business Accountant

“My sexual confidence and masculine confidence increased, and it helped me developed intimacy in my relationship to my wife. I think this program [The Tantric Man Experience] is a must for any man in this world.”

Patrik Wall, Sweden, Business Owner

”For me it meant a paradigm shift in life, both mentally and in practice. How to understand being a masculine man in a relationship and in the same time a loving and understanding partner who can meet the woman on the same level where she is and need to be to be relaxed and happy.“

Enzo Molina, Sweden, Recreational Instructor

”Before doing this program I felt a lack of energy even though I meditated a lot. Today I understand my shadow, and how my shadow created a lack of energy in me. 

Today I feel more confident about everything. In my work I feel stronger and believe more in myself.”

Dror, Israel, Software Developer

“At the beginning I did not understand the value of The Tantric Man Experience, but now I know the value is beyond what I could have imagined.

It was not expensive, it was rather an investment, because with the confidence I gained I’m able to create increased income [by directing sexual energy towards abundance.]”

Åke Dennås, Sweden, Business Owner

”I notice very early on that this was not bullshit! I gained the confidence. You proved yourself in my eyes.

I started feel more Tantric in my body. I have transformed, I notice that when I speak to my wife and children. I have more polarity in my relationship and feel more grounded.“

Richard Knight, Australia, Ex-Navy Military

”I spent 10 years in the Navy, living in a room with 15 other blokes. But it was never the honest feedback and communication that you can get through this groups and courses.

I changed a lot. I have more awareness of how I react. Showing more emphaty was a big change in my relationship. I’m not sitting there like a pole, but rather connecting instead of deliberately not connecting [with my wife].”

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