Why Your Relationship Is Failing and What to Do About It

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Aug 11, 2023
relationship is failing

It’s only normal to have ups and downs in a relationship since not everything can last forever. The spark goes out, the magic becomes a distant memory, and it’s just not the relationship you once had. Many try, but it just does not work.

According to a study conducted online, approximately 40% of first marriages fail.

But it doesn’t have to be that way; there are ways to turn things around and have a wonderful relationship with the right person!

In this blog, we’ll share why most relationships can’t go beyond a certain pointand what to do about it before it’s too late.

1. You’re not communicating effectively

Communication is an essential component of any relationship, but it’s especially important during times of stress or conflict. Often men are found to be inexpressive about their feelings which can lead to different health concerns, including CVD, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and hypertension, all negatively affecting your relationship.

If communication is an issue in your relationship due to low self-esteem or confidence, you can try tantric yoga moves as it helps men maintainhealth and vitality by boosting testosterone naturally. These male tantric techniques consist of performing tantric breathing exercises, pelvic floor exercises, and jelqing exercises.

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2. You don’t trust each other anymore

Unfortunately, even the best relationships aren’t immune to troubles. In fact, all relationships will inevitably face troubles. The key is whether you and your partner can navigate through those issues with complete honesty or if you let them get the best of you.

When you commit to a relationship, trust is a major building block. If partners can’t trust each other anymore, it’s easy to see why the relationship is failing.

If you’re the one who broke your partner’s trust, the first thing you should do is acknowledge your mistake and apologize and try becoming a better version of yourself.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

3. You’re both losing interests

Another reason your relationship might fail is that you and your partner are both losing interests in the relationship. This can happen for various reasons, but it often happens because the initial spark and excitement have worn off, and the two of you haven’t found a way to sustain that level of passion and interest.

According to our relationship coach, tantra yoga training techniques can help men in tense and sexless relationships, build libido, develop masculine energy, last longerand enjoy orgasm to recover the passion and save their marriage from unfortunate circumstances.

4. You aren’t enjoying time in bed

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in our own lives that we forget to put our partner first.

We go to work, come home, eat dinner, and then sleep. It’s boring, but it’s comfortable. The routine is safe, and it’s nice to have predictability in your life. But if you’re not careful, your relationship can start feeling like another chore on your to-do list.

Carve out time just for the two of you — no matter how busy you are — and show your partner they’re a priority in your life.

Start by engaging in sex once or twice a month at first, and practice tantra yoga and meditation to help you unwind from daily stress.

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