Why Are Libras So Good in Bed: Top 5 Reasons Explained

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
why are libras so good in bed

Have you ever wondered why are Libras so good in bed? You are not the only one thinking that way! Like many people worldwide, you also believe in astrology.

And why wouldn’t you? People have tried to figure out the zodiac signs and their connections with their love lives for thousands of years. It is an age-old question.

Libras have an extraordinary strength for being excellent in bed, no doubt, and it is not by accident it’s their inbuilt power.

Why are they so good, you might think? We are about to reveal these secrets to you in this article.

Let’s dig into these details, from their emotional connection to that little sparkle in their eyes. Let’s get started. Are you ready?

Decrypting The Zodiac’s Sexual Traits

Fast forward about 5000 years ago the ancient Egyptians, the Roman Empire, and the Medieval and Renaissance periods, and we are left with a rich history of studies and observations that many people believe even today. Carl Jung even put his name behind it.

Many look at astrology concerning love and sex for their ideal sexual partner.

It offers comfort and guidance, providing a framework for understanding their relationships and personal compatibility to next level.

Anyone lucky enough to have been loved by a Libra woman or Libra male will agree that they will offer more than just looks and charm.

Libra woman or libra man seems to take their symbolic scales to their heart in the bedroom, perfectly balancing intimacy and tenderness with the adventure and enthusiasm.

An ideal combination for a great time between the sheets. But why are Libras so good in bed? Is it because with balance that comes with reciprocation?

Is it their quest for harmony mixed with their charismatic charm? Well, it turns out many reasons on what make Libras lovers of distinction.

Seven Ways On How To Drive A Libra Crazy In Bed

how to drive a libra crazy in bed

Let’s get real for a moment, and I will break this down into bite-sized nuggets so they are easy to chew on. Come on, get ready!

1. Be honest

Don’t worry about others’ opinions about you. speak your truth always, even about someone different from you that doesn’t matter.

It is like wearing mismatched socks but still loving both pairs together. It is Different, but still, it’s fantastic.

2. Close those peepers

Much needed one. Just close your eyes and imagine the connection you have with your partner. Imagine being on a blind date but with all those feelings you feel. Exciting, isn’t it?

3. Work on that eye contact

When you do open your eyes, take some time and look into theirs too and start having a conversation. This makes you both get connected emotionally.


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4. Intense romance for the dirty

This can even work for the “dirty” ones, whatever that means. You have to take the initiative here.

Think of it as finding a pearl in an oyster. You have to be ready to go dig deep for that treasure!

5. Understand their love language

As you spend more time together, ensure you both speak the same language. You both are now at a level where you understand each other well.

It’s like learning to dance together; you might first step on toes by mistake, but it is pure magic to watch a loving couple dancing in the sink.

6. Set the mood up

Think of a candlelit dinner or a sunset beach walk. Setting the right mood is the key. It is like putting those sprinkles on a cupcake. Isn’t it Perfect?

7. Make it visually appealing

As discussed earlier, You should also focus on the event’s look, not just the sound. Pick the right time of day.

Sunrise or sunset, choose what makes your partner’s eyes sparkle. It’s all about making her comfortable.

Libra In Love And Relationships

libra in love and relationships

Libra season runs from September 22 to September 22, a never-ending celebration.

Libras are usually friendly, charming, and romantic, like the excellent neighbor everyone loves.

They have a style that grabs attention; think runway chic at the grocery store.

They have a sexy reputation, consistently wowing the crowd and standing out. Beauty and joy in relationships? That’s their jam.

They are natural flirts, effortlessly charming the socks off people. But it is not about looks; they love sharing hobbies like art or books.

Their symbol is an air sign, which is how they pick partners, light and breezy, just like a spring day.

So, channeling some Libra energy is the key whether you are on the hunt for love or want to reignite that spark. Hey, if it works for them, why give it a try?

They Value Their Partner’s Needs

Libra women like to balance relationships with their partners. it’s their in-built power.

They are the kind of partner who always gives respect to their partner and expects the same in return for them.

In a relationship, they believe in treating each other fairly, showing appreciation, and ensuring both are treated equally, like a perfect seesaw where both sides are level.

They will always encourage their partner to speak about their feelings, like a best friend who always has time to listen to their thoughts.

Libras try to understand what their love likes, getting to know them like a favorite book. They always make them feel comfortable all the time.

They will do whatever is possible to make their partner happy, whether it’s a special dinner or simply a smile. It’s like having a cheerleader in love, always on your side. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

The Libra Lover: An Overview

Decoding the characteristics of a Libra- Libras are romantics at heart. They love being around people and are known for their commitment, charm, and openness to displaying affection.

Their love of beauty and harmony makes it easy for them to create a romantic atmosphere, and their confidence ensures they use that atmosphere to their (and your) advantage.

Libra is an air sign and a sun sign, making them great communicators who enjoy intellectual stimulation as much as physical.

They also crave emotional connection. A Libra’s romantic skills enhance their bedroom skills; who wouldn’t want a lover as attracted to their mind as much as their body?

1. Balance: libra’s cardinal virtue

Libra is the only Zodiac sign that is an inanimate object. But there is nothing more fitting than the scales representing Libra’s approach to life, love, and sex.

They are constantly seeking balance and harmony. This means they are fair, considerate, and generous but are also passionate, justice driven, and virile.

Love honey, a reputable and well-established online adult store, surveyed 2000 adults earlier this year – determining which star sign was the most satisfied with their sex life.

And what do you know? Libras came out tops at over 80%. While some may disagree that this doesn’t imply anything, as it’s a two-way street, and nobody asks if their partners agree.

80 percent libras are satisfied with their love life

Libras are notoriously attentive and reciprocal towards their lovers. It’s all about give and take, and their bedmate’s satisfaction is equally important to them as their own (sometimes even more so).

Venus rules harmony in Libra’s Intimacy Libras, sometimes called the ‘Love Planet,’ insinuating they are natural peacemakers who value equilibrium and are therefore highly giving and open to compromise to ensure their partner feels loved and fulfilled.

According to Dr Terri Orbuch, a trusted relationship expert, “For many couples, emotional intimacy is the necessary precursor to physical intimacy.” This perfectly sums up Libra in bed and their approach to sex, love, and intimacy.

2. The art of seduction: libra’s charm

Libras are highly charming yet authentic – a rare combination. And their charm is another reason why Libras are so good in bed.

It is a delicate balance between being confident in knowing what they want and accommodating their partner. In short, a Libra knows precisely when to take the lead and when they need to follow.

This gives their partner a deep sense of comfort born out of mutual respect and equality, which inspires confidence and enjoyment.

In her book Love Signs, astrologer Linda Goodman says this about a Libra’s sexual personality, “The Libra charm is a magically persuasive weapon, which creates an irresistible aura around them. It’s a perfect blend of gentleness, assertiveness, patience, and initiative.” And this is just how a Libra’s charm balances their relationships, creates a seductive atmosphere, and lends itself to building deep connections.

3. Open communication: libra’s secret weapon

libras secret weapon open communication

Anyone in a successful relationship will tell you that the key to success is being able to communicate openly, express your needs and desires and understand and offer what your partner needs in return.

A Libra has a  knack for diplomacy and communication, indicating they easily open dialogue to determine their and their partner’s desires and boundaries.

This then contributes to a satisfying sexual relationship. Good communication improves understanding of each other’s needs and increases intimacy.

According to behavioral health scientist Dr. Kirsten Mark, couples who communicated more effectively about sexual issues experienced higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

This makes perfect sense – being open about your sexual desires and expectations in the bedroom eliminates the chance of misunderstandings, dissatisfaction, and resentment.

4. The pleasure of pleasing: libra’s giving nature

People born in Librans never turn down quickies except when they detect libra signs of no interest from their partners. This is because they strongly believe in kinesics – the interpretation of body language.

They observe patiently before approaching their partners and only move to open gateways for mutual satisfaction.

Contrary to popular belief, many enjoy giving sexual pleasure more than receiving it. Well, there’s an explanation for this trait too! A Libra’s intimacy is a huge deal for them; they like to control their sexual skill and power – igniting ultimate satisfaction for both!

5. Flexibility in bed: adapting to their partner’s needs

flexibility in bed adapting to their partner needs

It’s no secret that Libras are bedtime gods! But to put it into context, it all comes down to adaptability between the sheets. It’s all about bending (sometimes literally!) to satisfy their partner’s sexual needs.

Flexibility in bed, in other words, means that a Libra woman or Libra man, especially a Libra woman, is open to the idea of stepping out of their comfort zone, adding that zing to their sex life.

People born in Libras embrace adaptation, which may require diving head-first to explore each other’s sexual desires.

But why does this matter? Well, being flexible in bed can lead to mind-blowing fireworks. Those who aced the art of adaptability reported higher satisfaction levels, better sexual functioning, and healthier relationships.

Dr. Laura Berman, a well-respected sex and relationship guru, says,

“Adaptability in bed, whether you’re a Libra or not, is key to sexual satisfaction. It encourages open communication, mutual respect, and a willingness to explore each other’s desires. Ultimately, it deepens the bond between partners and increases overall relationship satisfaction.”

Libra’s Romanticism And Sensuality

There is more to great sex than what happens when you enter the bedroom (or the kitchen top;). What happens before and after intimacy creates the bond and desire in the first place!

According to a study by Penn State University, romantic gestures outside intimate moments are vital in developing healthier intimate life.

Confused? Well, this is where Libra’s star truly shines the brightest. They know the art of fostering romantic environments naturally, sometimes without even trying.

Well, they say you are sometimes born with inherent charm, in this case – romantic skills to nurture emotional bonds.


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Love A Libra The Way They Want

So, now that you know what fuels a Libra’s sexual prowess and gets them hot under the collar, I do not doubt you’d want some tips on returning the favor. It’s never too late to deepen your intimacy with your partner.  

Keep the spark alive by tweaking some of your gestures.

A Libra lover has an eye for spotting beauty and good taste. They are attracted to a well-groomed personality. Remember, it’s not about having the face and body of a supermodel; it’s more about confidence and how they present themselves.

Intellectually stimulating conversations always impress a Libra because the mind is an erogenous zone to a Libra!

To woo your Libra lover, create the right mood and atmosphere. They love it! Surround them with soothing scents, and approach gently and sensually, making foreplay a priority. Give them a chance to please you, enhancing their arousal and satisfaction!


Now you know, “Why are Libras so good in bed?” A Libra possesses the attributes of an ideal lover, thanks to their balanced approach to life and love.

They are passionate and ambitious but also sensual, compassionate, and romantic.

A Libra’s energy level is exhilarating, and its sex appeal is often irresistible. My advice? If you are hunting for a lover who will keep you smiling and satisfied, look no further than a Libra.

If you want to attract a Libra partner and keep them long term, watch my free tantric training on how to manifest your dream woman in record speed.


Are Libras dominant in bed?

You might have this question in mind: Are Libras dominant in bed? Let me answer this. Libra women or libra men love to find balance with their partner.

In a relationship, they can switch between being passionate and dominant to being gentle and passive. They know both sides of the dance and enjoy playing both parts as needed.

It’s all about connecting deeply with their partner and keeping things in harmony. Now you know that it’s that simple.

Where do Libras like to be touched in bed?

Always remember that libra women or libra man often enjoy attention on their lower back. It is a place where they might feel stressed, so a massage in that area can make them feel great.

A bit of a rough touch but not too much could be exciting. Also, they might like some focus on their booty. So, for Libra women especially, these areas might be the hot spots to watch out for her.

Why is Libra seductive?

Libra – one of the Zodiac signs, has Venus as its seventh sign ruler, and Venus is the planet of love.

So this gives Libra woman or Libra man a natural talent for flirting and being playful with their partner in their love life. They are like the life of the love party! Libras find that super attractive if someone is fun, energetic, and engaging.

So, with Libras, love, flirting, and dirty talk come as naturally as laughing at a good joke. They are passionate lovers.

What turns a libra on?

Libra women & Libra men are good at talking and listening. They enjoy having great conversations, especially about art, love, history, and food.

If you chat with them about these things, it can catch their attention. A good chat with a Libra women or Libra men might be the way to their heart!

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