Why are Aquarius so good in bed? Top 5 Reasons Explained

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Updated on Aug 16, 2023
why are aquarius so good in bed

You might be wondering why are Aquarius so good in bed. Let me answer this question for you in this blog. Aquarius is well known for being temperamental, aloof, and independent. So, at first glance, they may not seem like ideal lovers.

Nevertheless, as with all zodiac signs, Aquarius has its layers, and one of the hidden layers of Aquarius Zodiac is the “secret sexpert.”

Either way, navigating through their complex personalities to reach the pot of gold can be quite a task. But don’t worry, If you want to dive deeply into these sexy connections, here’s what you need to know about Aquarius men and women.

Aquarius men in the bedroom

Aquarius men and women are similar with many differences as well. As far as the male Aquarius is concerned, they can be a tad stubborn sometimes. However, the right partner can bring those traits out of them effortlessly.

Aquarius man is highly reflective and may not be straightforward at first. But delve into the world of Aquarius sex, and you’ll find an ocean of deep, passionate connection waiting to be explored.

Still, there is nothing like a sexy lady companion to make him feel comfortable expressing his innermost sexual desires openly.

Either way, since they are so private, most likely an introvert, the best way to get crazy with Aquarius man is by becoming best friends first. Being too forward too soon doesn’t help here.

So, ensure you know him well enough before making the first move. Otherwise, he will usually come around eventually, but remember that this free spirit is hard to tame; sexual life is one thing, but a relationship is another deeper connection.

Ensure they feel the same way as you are before discussing anything or being exclusive unless you want to risk chasing them away altogether. All I want to say is that don’t rush.

Aquarius woman in the bedroom

aquarius women are fantastic sex partner

Well, Aquarius woman is fiercely independent as partners. This often intimidates potential suitors because they don’t know how to approach her.

While she may seem distant and uninterested, she always looks for a reliable partner to share intimate conversations, romance her socks off, and just be herself!

To understand the complex dynamics of Aquariu’s sex with her, you must identify her desire for intellectual stimulation patterns, emotional connection level, and innovative romance.

After all, once you have gained her trust for you, she then becomes a fantastic sex partner or partner in general.

Her unique approach to life often extends to her sexual practice, where creativity and a willingness to explore can create an advantageous connection.


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Unlocking the secrets: What the aquarius woman truly seeks in her sex life

Now you know she is highly adventurous in the bedroom and is looking for a partner to keep up with.

She needs a partner that makes her feel safe and secure while freeing her without constraints or premature demands.

But trust me, when you get all these right, she will open up to you as a new sexual world.

She will then show you things you may have never experienced before and may never find again from anyone else.

What makes aquarius so good in bed? Top 5 traits to consider in this zodiac sign

They have numerous traits that allow them to be masters of their bedroom domains, excelling in top sex moves. Some of them are:

1. Fierce foreplay

If you prefer to get right down to business, Aquarius is the wrong partner. They treat foreplay like the coming attraction before the cumming attractions.

This is because they love to know as much about their partners as possible, and foreplay is one of the best ways to learn what turns you on. When loving on Aquarius, be prepared for lots of kissing, touching, nibbling, etc.

2. Domination

Aquarius loves to dominate

If you’re uncomfortable being submissive, this is not the sex sign for you. Aquarius loves to dominate. They may even lead you into uncharted territory, like anal sex, with their penchant for exploring the unconventional. But they’re not too keen on being dominated.

So, be prepared to let them take the lead and just enjoy the journey. Otherwise, this may be your last stop in Aquarius land.

3. Forbidden fruit

Aquarius, an air sign, loves to try things that are taboo or off-limits. They’re always ready to try a new sex position (they’re often into anal!), whip out a new toy or anything else they think may bring both of you pleasure.

If you’re more of a traditional sexer, you will not want to jump in bed with adventurous Aquarius.

4. Emotional lovers

aquarius are emotional lovers

Although they’re aloof and somewhat emotionally unavailable outside the bedroom, sex life with Aquarius brings out all the emotions you can handle. Aquarius views sex as one of the few safe spaces for emotional expression, and they take full advantage of this intimate time.

When engaging in any sex act with an Aquarius, be prepared to receive all the deep emotions.

When banging an Aquarius, be ready to receive all the feelings they’ve been bottling up for days, weeks, or months! Talk about a release!

5. The wetter, the better

There’s a reason Aquarius is represented by fish and water, despite being an air sign. Aquarius is often considered the most forward-thinking sign in the zodiac.

These land fish love to get super wet in the bedroom. Men are known for producing so much semen they’re confused with seamen.

Women are known for gushing or even squirting across the room. So, even if you go raw, you may still need a raincoat!

Aquarius – The air sign sexual compatibility

Aquarius loves to get freaky, but they also value quality over quantity. Generally, Aquarius is sexually compatible with whoever puts enough effort into getting to know them and is deep enough to understand their complex nature.

In this digital age, some Aquarius individuals even find cyber sex appealing to explore and build intimacy with a partner willing to venture into unconventional terrains.

So, before you try your luck, you should know whether you’re sexually compatible. If not, you will probably have to work much harder to get your golden ticket.

However, they are most sexually compatible with the following signs:

aquarius are compatible with gemini leo and aries

1. Gemini and Aquarius

If you’re a Gemini looking to get frisky with an Aquarius, you’ve got a great chance! Gemini and Aquarius have great chemistry that is hard to ignore. Gemini and Aquarius are fast friends.

So, this dramatically cuts down the time it takes for Aquarius to become comfortable enough to get it on.

Best of all, you’re both sapiosexuals and love to get kinky with those who can hold an intellectual conversation. This means you can talk all night and go from discussing politics to kinks before screwing each other’s brains.

And the conversation doesn’t stop when you get between the sheets; the conversation just gets a lot dirtier.

2. Leo and Aquarius

Another great sex partner for Aquarius is Leo. Leo loves to give affection, and Aquarius loves receiving it from these untamed beasts.

Also, Leos brings out Aquarius’s more playful side, as they love to use toys, and Aquarius is always up for a new adventure.

Lastly, they have a friendly competition over who gets the most attention in the bedroom. With Aquarius’ love of foreplay and Leo’s freaky displays of affection, they win.

3. Aries and Aquarius

Lastly, Aries and Aquarius have an undeniably unique sexual connection. Spontaneous Aries helps Aquarius get out of their head and into bed.

The highly passionate Aries lowers Aquarius’ defenses, leaving them powerless against their sexual advances.

Also, they are one of the few signs so domineering that Aquarius will allow them to take charge…at least for a little while.


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So, why are Aquarius so good in bed? Well, it depends on who you ask. Still, if you like to be dominated by a deep, complex soul who loves foreplay, adventure, and to leave the bed as wet as possible when you’re done, Aquarius is probably the perfect sex partner for you and turn your sex life colorful!

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