What Happens If You Block Sperm From Coming Out? Why It’s Harmful

Steffo Shambo

Published on Apr 15, 2024
what happens if you block sperm from coming out

Here’s what happens if you block sperm from coming out: you won’t achieve ejaculation control.

I had to make that clear. But if you’re curious why, you’ll want to keep reading.

This thought could come out of curiosity or because you’ve pondered it before.

Well, it’s a bit like stopping traffic on a busy highway. Sooner or later, there will be some congestion!

Sure, the body naturally knows how to handle the odd traffic jam. But it’s a different story when looking at intentionally causing a blockade.

Naturally, this would raise some interesting questions about your health and fertility. And in your research, you might’ve come across terms like retrograde ejaculation.

In this guide, I’m going through everything you need to know.

I won’t just share what happens from a literal perspective. I’ll also share what happens in terms of sexual mastery and control.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed doctor or medical professional. I am simply sharing my perspective as a sex expert based on my experience and the experience of hundreds of men I have taught. If you’re concerned about your sexual health or retrograde ejaculation, visit a local doctor or medical institution. I do not advise intentionally blocking sperm, as it could lead to permanent damage.

The Physiology Of Sperm Blockage

Picture a journey where millions of microscopic swimmers travel through a labyrinth of tubes and canals. They have one mission: to fertilize an egg.

But what if this voyage is interrupted or blocked?

The travelers, in this case, sperm, don’t simply vanish. They’re broken down and reabsorbed by the body.

It may even work its way into the bladder instead. When this happens, it’s known as retrograde ejaculation.

Now, you might be asking, “What triggers this breakdown?”

Well, it’s when an external force prevents normal ejaculation where sperm comes out. This is where the body steps in to clean up. The body will absorb the sperm so that it doesn’t make it to the journey’s end.

So, if you were worried about those little guys being stranded, rest assured. Technically, they’re in safe hands.

Regardless of what you’ve heard about retrograde ejaculation and sperm blockage, it can be dangerous.

do not overlook the risks of sperm blockage

The Reality Of Blocking Sperm

Let me make one thing clear: blocking sperm can be dangerous. It can also affect your self-growth progress.

Regardless of what you might’ve read online, the topic of retrograde ejaculation isn’t so black and white.

From a scientific perspective, it might seem harmless. The body reabsorbs the sperm anyway. So, you may assume it’s okay.

Still, did you know that sperm blockage can lead to discomfort and at worse, male infertility?

Moreover, intentionally blocking sperm isn’t a good thing. Retrograde ejaculation can hinder your sexual development journey.

Some men do this in an attempt to control ejaculation. The truth is, it doesn’t lead to ejaculation control whatsoever. You end up suppressing sexual energy. This isn’t the same as increasing sexual self-control.

Blocking sperm is no different than trying to take a shortcut. It doesn’t lead to any absolute mastery over your sexual energy. In exchange, you’re making yourself vulnerable to lasting physical harm.

Above all, this can even prevent spiritual healing and energy healing.  

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Here’s What Happens If You Block Sperm From Coming Out

Now, let’s delve into the crux of the matter. What happens if you block sperm from coming out?

Well, there are some post-behaviors of men after sex. However, blocking sperm can be different.

What tends to happen is that you experience a dry orgasm. This is where little or no semen comes out. Also, this may happen after medical treatment. For instance, you might experience dry orgasms after the following:

  • Prostate or bladder surgery
  • Bladder neck surgery
  • Prostate gland removal
  • Bladder removal

Receiving any treatment that is related to orgasms (other than testicular cancer surgeries) can affect your ability to ejaculate semen. 

Some medications (like those used to treat high blood pressure) can also affect whether you can ejaculate semen properly. 

Now, another scenario is that if you do not ejaculate semen, it doesn’t disappear. It’s not as simple as where it vanishes into thin air. Instead, the sperm can stay in the body for roughly 74 days. Past that, the sperm cells die. Then, they’re reabsorbed. 

That probably sounds harmless. However, it can lead to male infertility.

Some men have had a few negative experiences from blocking sperm out. That includes me.

Before I get into the potential consequences, let’s dive in further.

blocking sperm is actually counterproductive

The body reabsorbs the sperm

If sperm is not released during ejaculation, the body has a Plan B. It breaks down and reabsorbs the sperm, sometimes releasing it during nocturnal emissions.

Were you wondering if the sperm gets wasted? Well, one way to think of it is that nature has its ways of recycling!

Even after a vasectomy, the body may continue to produce sperm. But since they can’t make their grand exit, they meet the same fate – reabsorption.

Retrograde ejaculation

Diving deeper into the topic, there’s another phenomenon linked with blocking sperm – retrograde ejaculation.

Here’s a description for this term from Harvard Health:

“In retrograde ejaculation, the muscle that shuts the bladder does not function normally. This allows all or part of the semen to travel backward (retrograde) into the bladder at the time of ejaculation. When this happens, less semen comes out the tip of the penis.”

In this condition, semen doesn’t exit the body via the urethra during climax. Instead, it detours. It enters the bladder, which can result in cloudy urine.

Imagine being all dressed up for a party, only to be directed to the wrong address!

The cause of retrograde ejaculation is often linked to nerve damage due to conditions like diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Plus, certain surgeries and medications can also contribute to retrograde ejaculation.

Generally speaking, many believe that retrograde ejaculation isn’t harmful. They may think that because it doesn’t significantly reduce sexual pleasure.

Sure, some men may agree. But some say otherwise (including myself).

Ultimately, retrograde ejaculation does impact fertility.

In some cases, it might require medical support when looking at how to treat retrograde ejaculation. If you’re in this situation, consult a doctor or specialist.

Why Would You Block Sperm From Coming Out?

The main reasons why men might block sperm is due to the following:

  • Birth control
  • Medical conditions (e.g., retrograde ejaculation)
  • To sublimate sexual energy

The third point is especially notable. Why? Because most men might be aiming for this without even realizing it.

Some individuals might intentionally block sperm release to try to intensify sexual pleasure. Or because they believe it’s a way to deal with premature ejaculation. In this instance, you’re blocking sperm for more personal reasons.

Blocking sperm won’t lead to improving your sexual performance. It also won’t lead to harnessing your sexual energy.

From a tantric perspective, you absolutely can learn to control your ejaculation. You can gain absolute control so you can decide when you want to ejaculate or not. However, the goal is to sublimate sexual energy for spiritual development.

In other words, you must learn to develop specific skills and mindset to control your libido and ejaculation naturally.

Forceful methods like squeezing your cock so that sperm doesn’t come out won’t lead to any actual development. It’s more of an unnatural process that means cheating your way out.  

most people want a shortcut to avoid doing the hard work

The Potential Consequences Of Blocking Sperm From Coming Out

Retrograde ejaculation can be harmful. It’s worth noting that it may impact your fertility. With that in mind, it’s crucial to understand the potential consequences.  

Firstly, it may lead to discomfort and painful intercourse. Sometimes, you may experience pain afterward. You may also notice weaker sperm quality and low sperm count.

In other words, there are physical consequences.

What’s more is that blocking sperm can lead to sexual health issues, as listed below:

  • Blue balls
  • Epididymal cysts
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Inflammation
  • Pelvic floor pain
  • Prostate gland complications
  • Testicular pain

I also discuss this in my guide on the dangers of pressing the million-dollar point. If you’re curious, I suggest checking it out to understand the risks of this method.


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Psychological effects

The most common impact of blocking sperm and retrograde ejaculation is related to your psychological state.

Some men may feel embarrassed or distressed. It can even affect intimate relationships. The inability to ejaculate can bring shame since it can affect fertility.

Are Dry Orgasms Related To Blocking Sperm?

The short answer is yes.

Remember, retrograde ejaculation is when semen enters the bladder. This happens when it doesn’t exit through the penis. The result of this is a dry orgasm.

Side Note: Do you want stronger orgasms? Then, stop ejaculating. I know it sounds wild. But it works. Curious? Then, watch my short YouTube clip about this below:

Again, retrograde ejaculation is not the only cause. There are other things to take into account such as the following:

  • Blocked sperm ducts
  • Diabetes
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Testosterone deficiency

Additionally, as mentioned, certain medications can lead to dry orgasms.

Does Blocking Sperm From Coming Out Lead To Sexual Mastery?

There’s a common myth that blocking sperm from coming out leads to sexual mastery. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You might think you are a master in ejaculation control. Worse, you convince yourself you can now control how long you last in bed.

In reality, you’re just cheating. You skip over learning the necessary skills for absolute sexual mastery.

So, instead of relying on blocking sperm as a route to sexual prowess, it’s better to focus on understanding your body, exploring your sexual responses, and learning proper sexual skills.

That’s the real road to sexual mastery!

forcefully blocking sperm wont lead to real ejaculation control

The Healthier Alternatives To Not Ejaculate Semen

Forcefully stopping yourself from c*mming isn’t the best option. It’s unnatural.

Blocking sperm might seem intriguing. It probably sounds good because you might believe it’s a way to help you last longer in bed.

Besides particular medicines like Ayurvedic herbs, here’s what I suggest:

  • Edging
  • Scrotal tug pull
  • Kegel exercises
  • Tantric breathing
  • Communication
  • Semen retention

All of these will help you address any bedroom problems, including a low sex drive.


Edging is where you build sexual stimulation until you are near climax. As the feeling of orgasm approaches, either decrease or stop stimulation to delay orgasm.

This practice requires a lot of discipline. It can be performed alone or with partners. If you do this about 3-4 times when having sex, it can lead to more sexual pleasure. Again, take it slow. Go one step at a time and work your way up.

The scrotal tug pull

The scrotal tug is a technique that allows you to last longer.

No, it’s not dodgy or artificial. It’s a natural technique that helps you last longer. This doesn’t require immense pressure compared to forcefully squeezing the tip. 

I could go on about it, but it’s easier to explain over a quick video. Hence, I suggest watching my short YouTube clip below:

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are one of the best things you can do to improve ejaculation control.

These exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in men. This supports your sexual function and bladder neck muscle.

I recommend practicing these regularly, whether you go to the gym or work out from home.

Tantric breathing

Tantric breathing techniques are yet another alternative to blocking sperm.

I know this one might sound weird. This revolves around breath control and mindfulness. Not only does this deepen sexual experiences, but it also leads to stronger control and intimacy.


The cornerstone of any healthy sexual relationship is communication.

Are you having trouble with fertility? Or are you struggling with keeping it up and under control?

A practical solution is to discuss with your partner openly. Share your concerns and needs. Empathy is critical here. This alone might solve your bedroom problems and lead to better sex and emotional connection.

Semen retention

Lastly, practicing semen retention improves control by a considerable margin. It’s the act of abstaining from sexual activity.

Nowadays, it’s normal for men to masturbate. Heck, some even encourage it.

There are numerous benefits to semen retention. The biggest is that it allows you to transmute your sexual energy.

Consider Paying A Visit To Your Local Doctor To Diagnose Retrograde Ejaculation

Dealing with issues related to sperm blockage can be challenging not just physically, but mentally, too.

Sometimes, the best course of action is to seek professional support.

If you’re seriously concerned to the point it affects your daily life, visit your local doctor. Speaking with a urinary and reproductive specialist to diagnose retrograde ejaculation can help. From there, they’ll let you know how to move forward. Whether it’s lifestyle changes and surgery or radiation treatment, a doctor can provide clarification.

Plus, their advice can help you manage the emotional and relationship impact of conditions like retrograde ejaculation. Professional counseling may offer valuable emotional and psychological support for couples facing infertility.

Once diagnosed, try to understand how retrograde ejaculation treatment can improve the situation.

Get professional support from an intimacy and sex expert

Do you want an alternative to visiting your standard doctor or GP?

Well, you could consider working closely with a men’s intimacy and sex expert. For example, my program combines modern methods with ancient tantric techniques. These tantric techniques are the same things our ancestors used to treat their sexual health concerns naturally.

However, I must warn you. You must have an open mind and be coachable. The techniques taught aren’t conventional.

Important Note: Just because you work with an intimacy expert doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek medical support. If you’re concerned or are experiencing symptoms, consult with your doctor!

Lifestyle Factors That Affect Retrograde Ejaculation And Ejaculation Frequency

Lastly, I want to clarify that lifestyle factors are significant in terms of how many times a man can come.  

Exercise and diet, for instance, are factors that determine the age you stop ejaculating. A healthy man is likely to be able to stay sexually active for a more extended time.

However, it’s normal for men to produce less sperm as they get older. Sure, retrograde ejaculation might seem harmless. Older men might be more vulnerable to this.

And no, I’m not talking out of my ass. Here’s what was even stated on NCBI:

“Men above the age of 50 were 2.2 times more likely to present decreased semen volumes than males aged 21-30 years.”

To prevent retrograde ejaculation, focus on the alternatives discussed in this guide. I also want you to focus on improving your physical health. This isn’t done just by exercise but also by fixing your diet.

Unfortunately, most men struggle with conditions like retrograde ejaculation needlessly.

You don’t have to go through any sexual health issues, including retrograde ejaculation. At least, not if you were actively practicing in the art of tantra.

you likely wouldnt seek medical treatment if you knew about tantra

Conclusion: You Can Treat Retrograde Ejaculation, And Sperm Blockage Isn’t The Best Answer

Alright, we’ve completed the expedition. Hopefully, your questions about retrograde ejaculation have been answered.

The journey might’ve been quirky. But now you know what happens if you block sperm from coming out.

People may believe that retrograde ejaculation isn’t harmful. But it’s not so black and white. It can be dangerous.

Out of everything, just know that using external pressure to stop yourself from ejaculating isn’t a good option. As discussed, it can be harmful and lead to severe conditions. It also won’t bring you closer to sexual mastery.

Using external pressure is pretty much cheating.

If you’re concerned about how to treat retrograde ejaculation, then speak to a qualified medical professional. They can diagnose retrograde ejaculation and provide adequate advice on what to do next.

Now, do you happen to be on this article because you want to reach the path of sexual mastery?

Perhaps it’s because you or your partner isn’t currently satisfied with your sex life.

If that’s you, then watch my free relationship transformation training video. I won’t just walk you through ways to strengthen parts of your body, like the pelvic floor and bladder neck muscle. This is where I share all the techniques to harness your sexual energy and masculinity.

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Is it wrong to block sperm?

You might’ve heard that retrograde ejaculation and blocking sperm itself isn’t harmful. After all, your body reabsorbs the sperm that doesn’t ejaculate. However, is it wrong? Ask me, and I’ll say yes. That’s because it doesn’t lead to absolute ejaculation control.

Is the squeeze technique harmful?

Generally, it’s considered safe when done correctly. In reality, it can be dangerous. Too much force can lead to damage and discomfort. Some people experience adverse physical conditions from doing the squeeze technique to block sperm. My advice is not to do it. The risks aren’t worth it. The safer way is to learn to control your ejaculation naturally through tantric training.

What to do if sperm is not coming out?

If you experienced this one time, it might not be a concern. On the other hand, it’s alarming if it’s a regular occurrence. It’s likely a retrograde ejaculation. If every time you ejaculate nothing comes out, then it warrants a visit to a healthcare provider. Don’t self-diagnose. Get advice from an actual medical professional.

What is it called when you block sperm from coming out?

One term this is known as is the squeeze technique. This works by forcefully stopping yourself from ejaculating. Another term is retrograde ejaculation. This is where the semen goes into the bladder instead of being released through the penis because of a blocked orgasm.

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