The Importance of Processing Trauma

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Aug 11, 2023
processing trauma

We experience several things throughout our lifetime – some of them are like brisk moments that go by quickly, and we rarely remember them. Although some moments, despite being short-lived, can be so disturbing, they remain etched in your memory for years to come.

Most people learn to live with their trauma; they build up an internal coping mechanism to keep up with their respective traumas’ pain. However, not everyone processes trauma that well. Many relationship experts have said that trauma that isn’t addressed or processed healthily may hinder several aspects of a person’s life and start a range of reactions.

Let’s explore each of these reactions in detail.

Physical reactions

Most traumas affect your cognitive and emotional health, but some things leave a mark physically. These experiences make you more sensitive to physical closeness make you jumpy and afraid to come in physical contact with people.

Traumatic experience then shapes how you physically react around your friends, family, and other loved ones. It can shape your future relationships unless you take the initiative and process trauma healthily.

Cognitive reactions

Most traumas have a lasting cognitive effect. Your brain is almost always in overdrive, making you assume and contemplate situations that might never see the light of day. You tend to overthink and induce anxiety for yourself.



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To resolve these internal conflicts, you need to talk about them. Many people try yoga training to cool off their nerves and focus on the good things.

Social barriers

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When you deal with a certain degree of trauma, you become socially awkward and distance yourself from people. This results in you missing out on various opportunities in life that you would’ve been able to achieve had you been more social.

Hinder emotional development

Any kind of trauma that you endure will have a lasting effect on your emotional development. It affects how you interact with people emotionally; it can adversely affect your relationship-building skills. You may become a partner that is too distant and often aloof.

Sometimes, a dating and relationship coach is what you need to help you power through these difficulties. We offer a nine-week-long mentorship program to holistically help you develop your confidence, awareness of your feelings, and sexual awakening. So, get on board with the free training at Tantra Academy today!

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