The First-Timers’ Introduction To Traditional Tantric Yoga

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Aug 11, 2023
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Yoga might be relatively new to the western world but the east has known it to be a lifestyle for centuries!

The earliest mentions of yoga extend all the way back to around 1500 BCE. The Rigveda is highly regarded as the first book to mention the word “yoga”, although the practice itself might be even older. Despite its ancient history, yoga continues to fascinate people worldwide. Today, there are many different styles of yoga practiced around the world.

One of these types comes from the Tantras. Traditional tantric yoga is becoming more popular, so if you’re looking to get started with it, here’s an introduction.

What is traditional tantra yoga?

In ancient Hindu culture, Tantra refers to a spiritual philosophy that was characterized by specific rituals and practices. One of these practices is what is now known as Tantric Yoga.

Traditional tantric yoga is a little difficult to define since it operates as a collection of various types of yoga. In tantric yoga training, you’ll likely be practicing moves and poses from Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Karma yoga, and other ancient types.

The purpose of tantric yoga in the traditional sense is to harness spirituality and improve your mental and physical wellbeing through it.

How is it different from mainstream yoga?

What differentiates traditional tantric yoga from the mainstream forms of yoga you see nowadays is its purpose. A lot of the most common yoga practices in the modern age, especially those practiced in the west, focus on fitness. While tantric yoga does massively help you stay active and healthy, its true purpose is to awaken the inner self.


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How to get started with tantra yoga?

You can get started with practicing tantric yoga in two ways: do your own extensive research and practice it by yourself, or sign up for tantra yoga training classes and learn with an experienced coach. The latter is a much more effective option since a tantric yoga coach can guide you through the process with more knowledge and skill than you possess. Check out these 10 essential asanas for male sexuality.

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