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Michael Coussement, Netherlands, Webdesigner

From being triggered, defensive, and separated from his wife to holding space, being present, and moving back in together in only 9 weeks. “After week one I really noticed how I showed up,” he tells me, “And my wife noticed too,” he says. “During week three she would lean more into me. Really feel more vulnerable and surrender.”

Austin Sams, Arizona USA, Entrepreneur

“By the end of the 9 weeks, we hit a breakthrough out of nowhere. It was not out of nowhere because I was doing the hard work and she was noticing that. She said: “Hey, I don’t know why I feel this way, but I want to have sex with you. In the last week, we ended up having sex 3 times in one week. And it was different sex, it was good sex that was emotionally healthy for both of us. I was just amazed at the change.”

Jon‎, USA/Japan, Businessman

Not only Jon transformed, but his wife sensed the change in him, and her feminine being responded to that by opening up and trust. Therefore, they cultivated a much deeper connection in their marriage and the bedroom, on a whole new spiritual level.

Alex with wife, Slovenia, Entrepreneur

Learn how Aleksander went from not being a man enough to stopping his porn addiction, becoming trustworthy, and moving in together with his girlfriend.
And his girlfriend said: “You are now the man of my dreams!”

Will Simbor Boston, USA, Bartender

“My girlfriend told me: I see the change in you. If it wasn’t for this program we wouldn’t be together today.”

Dave More, London, UK, Management Consultant

“It’s like we’ve gone back to dating, but with this connection, this connection that comes out of a six-year relationship. So it’s amazing because we’ve got that connection. We’ve got that sort of understanding and love for each other, but that playful, flirty dating is there. And it’s just, you know, it’s a fantastic place to be right now.”

These men worked very hard, perfectly followed the Tantric Man Experience’s techniques and steps, invested their heart, time, and energy, and overcame several challenges to succeed. Don’t presume your results will look the same. Your typology, relationship dynamic, and energy configuration are unique, and so your results will be different.

I’m very proud of all of them, Steffo Shambo

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