The Tantric Man Experience Testimonials

Attending the Tantric Man Experience is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and that’s coming from someone who’s spent well over $100,000 healing himself over a decade.

What good is any modality or any medicine if you’re continually wasting your precious life force through ejaculation?

I only wish I’d found Steffo sooner.

Increasing your life force through sexual sublimation is like changing your power source from a measly generator to a powerful jet engine, an analogy I’ve heard him use and that I like because it feels somewhat accurate.

When I do the practices and engage in sexual activity but prevent myself from ejaculating, I become a sexually empowered human being.

I quit playing by the old rules, in a sense.

Women look at me differently.

It’s like my pheromones have been upgraded.

I am more confident, more horny, more masculine, more yogic, more disciplined, more loving, and more clear on my mission, all as a result of this program.

Did I mention my dick got bigger?

I didn’t join for that reason but, hey, I ain’t complainin’.

Steffo helped me break through the mental barriers that were holding me back from sublimating sexual energy.

It took someone with an advanced understanding of the human energy system and also of psychology to listen to my sexual hang-ups and show me how I was sabotaging myself.

I could tell Steffo’s been around the block a few times.

I would recommend this program to any dude who is serious about fulfilling his mission on this earth.

It takes an exceptional person to make the decision to become Tantric, to stop wasting precious life force energy.

But once you do, you will never look back. And I can’t imagine a better guide than Steffo.

- Jacob Reid, NV, USA

Life Coach, Sacredphrenia

Finishing this course is maybe one of my best decision I did. Of course, it was not cheap to me, but that was good too because it helped me to keep focus, to finish the program and not to skip anything.

With this course, I created a lot of good habits which has helped me for the rest of my life. During and after this course I have more energy, I’m more focused, being more in the moment, increased presence, and I have more willpower.

I learned a lot about my body, to control my orgasms, and techniques for a better sex life. And although I didn’t believe in it before, with an erection I have a bigger Lingam.

But more important to me was to learn more about masculine confidence. I still know I have a lot of work to do there. But my inner communication is much better with myself now, and I feel that the girls look at me with different eyes because of it. They don’t just see a small guy, my height matters less, now they see that who I am is not only dependant on how tall I am. And that’s very important to me, and in the bigger picture, I learned it doesn’t really matter.

And the Sexual Shadow work was very important to me too. I know now what underlying shadows effects my sexual life. Which mask I wear and how I can deal with it. And there is a lot of potentials to work more on it.

I’m very thankful to Steffo for the amazing program. And I’m thankful to my brothers. I love you guys Zakir, Jacob, Fabien, Kevin, and Nick.

This is a strong brotherhood.


- ‎Marcel Schutz, Germany

The Tantric Man Experience was a GREAT experience and I am glad that I enrolled. Steffo is a masterful instructor. He has managed to put together a program that reveals itself little by little, so that each week, you will build upon what you have learned and practiced so far.

Some of the subjects and lessons in the program were familiar to me, and some were new. Which is probably similar to many people contemplating this course. But what I had been lacking before enrolling in the course was an experienced guide and other men to walk the path alongside me.

And Steffo is the perfect guide – knowledgeable, patient, supportive. It is clear to me that he has spent years studying and practicing in this arena, and this is clearly his PURPOSE.

A part of the strength of the course is the weekly ZOOM meetings where everyone shares about their week, their challenges, their failures, their insights, etc. All in a safe, constructive, and accountable space. A private online men’s group where we all get and give support along the way. The lessons remain available online for you to review after you finish the course, and I refer to them from time to time when I need to go back and review something.

Some of the men taking the course with me were in relationships (as I was) and others were not.
Either way works, and my lady was always interested in sharing each week’s lessons – and homework 

I predict that you will, as I did, increase your confidence, your size (an extra bonus, but not what I was most interested in), your energy and your discernment for what you want to make the rest of your life look like.


- ‎Kevin Domingue‎, LA, USA

The Handlebarred Healer (Healing Touch)

I joined the Tantric Academy about 3 and half months ago to help me develop my sexual stamina. I’ve been on the tantric path for some time, however there was always a missing link from the weekend training to retreats in getting me to the next level of developing my sexual stamina in terms of performance and quality of sex.

I didn’t know the exact formula Steffo used prior to signing up and I just went on my gut feeling that this is a course that I needed to do.   What sets Steffo’s online program apart from others is that he is available daily to answer questions and to give feedback as well as a weekly group coaching call. The brotherhood that is formed as part of the training is invaluable. They keep you on track and keep you motivated if you are struggling with something. 

The online course work, sets up an easy routine that is manageable to do week by week and also gets into deeper issues of what it means to become a sexual divine being.  His instructions are clear and easy to follow. 

What sets Steffo’s training apart is that he makes sure you are kept on track and holds you accountable for your own progress. He also teaches us a valuable lesson, that in today’s time we all want quick fix, however in learning to become a master of anything one needs to put their own time and dedication to see results. He teaches you on how to develop focus and willpower to achieve not just sexual mastery, but anything you wish to accomplish in life as the same focus and willpower can be used.

Have I become a sexual master during his 9 weeks?
That is still work in progress however I have achieved a few breakthroughs along the way such as improving my erection quality from a 3 out of 10 to 7 out of 10. I’ve become more aware of how sexual energy flows. I’ve become aware on how energy can flow in the spine. I’ve become aware some of my shadows in my own sexual psyche

My biggest achievement is developing my inner fire. The inner fire is a practice based on principles in Tantric / Tibetan exercises that can be used to refine the sexual energies and can generate a healthy body mind and spirit.

I delayed this testimonial on purpose as I wanted to see if I stick to his formula, how will my progress improve, over the months. I can clearly say that I will improve based on his formula. He is still giving me feedback and advice on the forum which is rare for instructors.

If you want change in your sexual performance and looking for an excellent program, Steffo (The Tantric Academy) has it.


- ‎Zak, South Africa

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- Åke Dennås Interview

I am really satisfied with the course.

It covers a very big range of tantric subjects.
And the teacher is sharing a lot of himself.

Steffo is a mature and seasoned teacher which will take care of you and also push you in a good way.

After having done the course I can highly recommend it as a door opener if you want to enter a tantric lifestyle and take care of Your masculine power.

- Sigurd Nikolai Winge, Norway

I have been interested into spirituality and Tantra for some years, but it is rare to find a real teacher who can guide you with consolidated techniques to find your best self.

This is what I have found in Steffo Shambo.

I have been wasting time and energy on repeating patterns that were taking me far from happiness and consciousness.

The whole course is a very logical path that gave me the tools that I needed to change those patterns, reset my habits and find my real priorities in life.

Now I am on a journey towards self-realization, both in this very world and spiritually.

The techniques themselves give me the energy and pleasure that I have been looking for a long time.

As a bonus, this came with techniques for real penis enlargement, in a completely natural and drug-less way!

This course was a life-changing experience that gave me the tools to modify old patterns into new habits that help spiritual growth and physical and emotional health.

By using both ancient and more recent tools, backed up by psychological research or medical science whenever possible, the course allowed me to have a better understanding and a broader view on my life path and on where I would like it to go, giving me the practical tools for transformation and transmutation.

Moreover, the course entailed a shift in the consciousness of energy, how to generate it, move it, sublimate it and use it for reaching happiness, balance and spiritual realization.

- Taurus, Italy

Complex, well-structured course that makes an deep impact in life and works in reality.

For me it meant a paradigm shift in life, both mentally and in practice, and I´m thrilled to maintain growing into a tantric lifestyle.

To reach a present mind with focus and awareness. How to understand being a masculine man in a relationship and in the same time a loving and understanding partner who can meet the woman on the same level where she is and need to be to be relaxed and happy.

For me it was a new experience that made me aware of how close intimate contact with other men’s feelings and thoughts, can wake up my own feelings – and understanding of how and why men are function in certain ways.

It also gave me a lot of ideas, feedback and understanding how to use the masculine personality and power in real life in the best way.

- Patrik Wall, Sweden

Steffo’s teachings are a goldmine, he shares his knowledge and personal experience with humor in a dedicated and caring way that makes you feel like you’ve been initiated into a secret society.

The workshop is filled with tantric philosophy, personal stories, hands on exercises and product recommendations (which for me added unexpected value!).

I can’t wait to receive my stuff, start the program and finally feel the power of being in control, super excited!

- Chris Duraffourd, Stockholm, Sweden

For a long time I was fixated on the idea of getting it bigger. I looked through internet, read about and bought some remedies, read about certain numerous exercises. They were all too complicated for me. On top of that, as I understood now, I had a disbelief which held me back.

Steffo’s training did several things for me. Firstly, it broke my belief that it cannot grow. This is a big thing! Secondly, the course taught a relatively straightforward and doable sequence of exercises. If one can’t do them and find time for those I would question if you really want to make your friend bigger…

Have done 5 weeks of my steady practice. Result: plus 1 cm.

Russ, London, UK

Yoni Massage Testimonials

Steffo is a pedagogic Tantra Teacher, with solid education and experience. Which is noticeable in his presence and professionalism, where he radiates safeness and calm, and knows what he is talking about.

- Lisa Salamon, Sweden

Tantra Teacher, Lustkraft

With Steffo as my guide, I was completely confident and trusting.
He is very reassuring and fully present in his work.

During our three sessions, I came in better contact and connection with my body, my beliefs, sensations and feelings.

I also had clear communication with consciousness and the throb of the universe.
I had powerful revelations and wonderfully, there was healing.

Instead of arriving at some finish line, I realize this is a part of my journey toward knowing and loving myself.
I was seeking assistance and did not even know of this practice.
It is beautiful how precisely the universe will bring us what we pray for.

I have immense love and gratitude for Steffo and his path, I wish him all the joy his heart can hold.
Thank you, Steffo, I am sending you love.

- Jenny Alfia, USA

Yoga Teacher

I just need to share that I’ve gone for a professional yoni massage twice now (have one more to go),

I knew already that as women we have an amazing body that apparently can experience so many different things but…
The female body never ceases to amaze me!! 😀

And my vagina just feels amazing now!
She is so relaxed (I didn’t even know she was tense!!) and smiling, and blissed out, and she is more in tune with what she wants/doesn’t want.

I wish every woman around the world could experience this!!
I’m so vagina curious right now. Did you know we don’t only have a G-spot but also an A, and K-spot? 😉

If you are curious but are hesitating, just take the leap and do it!
Steffo Is a wonderful (hu)man being,
who makes you feel safe and who has the gift of holding a really good space for you, whatever comes up.

- Sandra Denise, Sweden

I highly recommend doing a session with Steffo! He has a gentle & knowledgeable presence & really makes you feel safe & held.
His touch & his focus on you allows you to let go into your own experience & pleasure.

I first went for an abdominal de-armoring massage & had a good experience with it & realized I felt comfortable trying the Yoni massage.
I’m so glad I did!

What a unique & beautiful experience.
It felt so freeing, awakening, & releasing.
I had a lot of kalas & felt incredible afterwards.

So much more alive in my own body & energy field & the world.
It is truly a healing & harmonizing experience…

- Ceciley, USA

Steffo does a fantastic job of holding the space during these sessions.

I felt very safe and comfortable and was able to release what I think was years worth of shame and guilt that I had tied to my sexuality.

This was a very healing process for me and I am so grateful!

- Anonymous, USA

Steffo heals through pleasure.
I had 3 beautiful yoni massage sessions with him a month ago. I am still feeling the effects, as more energy runs through my body and healing happens effortlessly.

I feel very connected to my womb and my entire body, like it speaks to me and guides me.

I would recommend these sessions to every woman, as Steffo hold a very safe, sacred space for us women.

- Anonymous, Portugal

I can recommend a tantric experience session with Steffo. I felt my pussy in new different ways and was guided safe and nice to bring my divine feminine out in her dance of everything. Steffo is a beautiful, safe and clean support for your inner discovery of your own sexuality. Go there!

- Sanna Björkebaum, Sweden

Massage Therapist, Sanna Sessioner

Dearmoring Massage Testimonials

I received my dearmouring session from Steffo a few days ago now and I’m still feeling the integrative effects of the session:
more sensitivity to my etheric body, deeper states of consciousness, more awareness in my daily life, more transcendental feelings during my yoga practice, increased sensitivity, and some super sublime ecstatic feelings. ?

I wonder if this ‘upgrade’ will be maintained, I hope so, and if not I would for sure get another session anyway.

Steffo is a kind a sensitive practitioner who brings high quality loving awareness to his work.

As someone with a history of body violation in this personality I felt super safe and cared for in his presence and I could feel a trust in the deeper soul work going on.

I would highly recommend this as an energetic experience – to give yourself the opportunity to have an embodied experience of a state of genuine “who am I” wonderment ❤️

- Chintamani

- Medhi Del Mundo, France

I thoroughly recommend a dearmouring session with Steffo. I felt completely safe with him. He explained the process and made me feel at ease.

It can be a very vulnerable process, and at times there were tears, and I felt in safe hands. I do feel he has a great gift, and I have felt lots of release in my body in only 2 sessions. I will go back for more to continue the unfolding.

I feel my body is becoming softer and more relaxed. After our first session I felt very grounded and ’embodied’, tension deep in the muscle has released, and there was emotional release in the session also.

It’s hard to describe unless you have experienced it. If you feel drawn to this work, don’t hesitate, you’ll be glad you did, and your body will thank you for it

- Jay Diamond, UK

This was my first experience with dearmouring . I had 3 sessions with Steffo and I really recommend to have at least 3.
During the 3 sessions, Steffo worked on the same but also on different parts of my body. All 3  produced different sensations in me but in all of them I felt the energy in my body , specially in my arms and legs and   I was able to notice how the tension ( pain) felt on the first session started fading or was no longer there on the second and third sessions.
I had emotional release during and after the sessions, which was very helpful. I also had this very deep feeling of gratefulness at the end of the second time. During the sessions I was able to experience how the pain was  transformed as I expanded and I even went  from tears to laughter  and almost pleasure during that transformation.
My last session was the most special. I experienced how the energy raised all the way up to my head and for a moment , I had this  feeling of being floating in a deep state of unity with existence , which was magic.
I found Steffo very professional. He explained everything very clearly and I felt that he was knowledgeable about the areas of my body that needed to be addressed and knew how to lead me very smoothly throughout the journey.
I will be forever grateful to him for this wonderful experience and I hope I will have the opportunity to benefit again from his amazing work.
- Monica, Chile

My name is Ahna and I recently had a dearmoring massage with Stepho.
My experience was like nothing I have ever had. I was a bit nervous, but after talking with Stepho he made me feel at ease.
The guided meditation really brought me into my center. Through the massage it was painful, but I felt a lot of release especially in my hips.
I felt weak a lot and I began having an outer body experience. I felt energy flowing through so fast that it was hard to even move at this point.
At the end I felt Stepho standing above me and I went into this tramatic state. I couldn’t move my body, I was gasping for air and I felt something trying to hold on and take everything out of me. I finally was able to gasp for air it felt like a minute but was really only seconds. I began crying and was so out of it.
He guided me back from the other side. Once I was able to ground in I asked Stepho what he did. He expressed he burned Palo Santo over me. I have always hated the smell and when that happened I felt this demon take over.

It has been about a month now since my massage. I honestly feel so different like this being that was inside is now gone.
I can feel my body and my hips especially!
I am feeling more confident in myself and my sexuality. I feel transformed to the person I have always wanted to be.
So much is still unfolding, but so far its been such a positive experience. I would recommend the dearmoring massage  to anyone.
It was definitely a life changing experience! Also now I love the smell of Palo Santo.

- Ahna, USA

Waw… I just had a profound experience. I have to admit that I’ve been going through all kind of processes , workshops and treatments, exploring all kind of conventional and alternative methods, and it’s been some time since I had an experience like that.

I have just received a body DEARMORING massage from Steffo.

The process was quite intense. There was a lot of acupressure points in a very intimate touch.
I could feel very safe and open with the space that Steffo was providing and allowing my process to surface.

I’m taking the time to write this post because I find an incredible value in this kind of work specially for men, as it seems that generally in our life we are not necessarily the recipients of this kind of catch and treatments.
It is really remarkable to see what happen when you allow yourself to go there.

So here it is
Men and women
If you’re lucky enough to come across body DEARMORING massage, and specially if you have the possibility to get some work from Steffo, just go for it.

- Solar Bodhidharma, Israel

I felt very peaceful and happy, and something was growing inside.
Saturday night, I had some very strange experience going back home, a huge wave of gratitude and gratefulness overwhelmed me, and it was the first time of my life I felt so intensely the energy of the Universe.

Sunday I went to a yoni massage workshop with 5 other women to learn how to give (and receive!) a yoni massage.
During and after receiving, my 4 limbs were numb, exactly in the same areas as during the de-armoring massage, and I’m absolutely certain that your massage helped me a lot to surrender and release very deep things during this workshop.

I still have a lot of work to do to understand why my body is so numb when I try to let go, and what it is protecting me from.

So, thank you, I’m so thankful that you were on my path, hope you’ll help many woman to find more about themselves and their femininity.


- Claire Guillot, France

Swedish Testimonials

Jag har länge vetat om att jag inte känt till min vaginas alla punkter och att det finns så mycket mer att upptäcka. Genom yoni-massagen fick jag reda på både spända punkter i slidväggarna och var de sköna punkterna var. Det var inte utan tvekan jag valde att våga ta en yonimassage. Det hela är ju ganska ovanligt och ordentligt stigmatiserat. Glad att jag valde att gå utanför lådan.

Hela massagen började med att medvetet lugnt landa i sig själv, i sin kropp och att klargöra mina intentioner med denna massage.
Hade jag inte velat få massage in i yonin hade han inte gjort det, men det kändes helt rätt för mig att tillåta det redan första gången.
Steffo är väldigt ödmjuk, lyhörd och har en mycket fin energi. Kände jag så fort jag kom innanför dörren. Så även om det känns blottande med denna typ av massage så landar man mjukt i trygga händer.

Att bara få ta emot, vara närvarande i känslan och andas, utan att behöva prestera. Bara känna efter, var helt fantastiskt. Och så avslappnad efteråt. Iom med att jag dessutom upplevde en vaginal orgasm (för fösta gången i livet) inser jag att det verkligen finns mycket kvar att uppleva och faktiskt läka via sexualiteten. Att släppa förutfattade inlärda tankar och mönster.
Ser fram emot att lära mig mer nu om mig själv och min fantastiska vagina (allas vaginor är fantastiska såklart). Öka känsligheten, mjuka upp spända punkter och öppna upp.
Så skäm bort din yoni, ta en yonimassage! Finns även kvinnliga massörer för de som föredrar, men jag tyckte att det kändes väldigt fint med Steffo så rekommenderar honom.

- Teresia Berglund, Stockholm, Sverige

Tack för ditt stöd, hjälp och uppmuntran till energiandning och tack för alla omvälvande helkroppsorgasmer, energiorgasmer och G-punkts-orgasmer. Du skapar ett tryggt och säkert space, att få utforska nuet , själen och kroppen i. Fortsätt bidra till världen!

- Amara 33 år, Uppsala, Sverige