Testicle Sunning: Sunbathe Your Balls To Boost Testosterone

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 9, 2024
testicle sunning

Yes, you read that right! Testicle sunning or “sun on your balls”– not to be confused with the viral trend of butthole sunning – is the practice of exposing your testicles to direct sunlight. This is done so as to reap the benefits of up to a 200% increase in testosterone levels, and is one of the best methods of boosting testosterone naturally.

Before we dive into this practice, let’s add some context, and first talk about the amazing thing called nature, and it’s extreme forces.

We owe so much of our daily lives to the power of nature. It’s pretty amazing how when we properly utilize the weather conditions of nature, we can grow and evolve as human beings.

For instance: Wim Hof, aka “The Iceman”, made it his mission to prove the health benefits of cold exposure. Ever since, cold showers and ice baths have gained tremendous popularity.

So we know that cold exposure can work magic. But have you ever heard about heat exposure? Or sunlight exposure? This is something that has roots in both ancient traditions and modern science.

The native Americans have been using sweat lodges in their culture for a very long time. They use it as a means to purify their body, mind, and soul. People often come away from a sweat lodge ritual experience feeling renewed and replenished.

The idea is spiritual…

The masculine principle is represented by the fire and the hot glowing stones that are used in the sweat lodge.

The feminine principle is represented by the tiny dark lodge itself; a womb where you curl up naked.

And from this merging and union between the divine masculine fire and divine feminine womb, you are born once again.

If you’re familiar and have already mastered the Wim Hof cold exposure method, and want to challenge yourself to the next level? Then heat exposure is where it’s at.

This method is not for the faint of heart. It literally feels like you are going to pass out or faint. It takes tremendous willpower and courage to stay amidst that fear and agony that shows up in the darkness of the womb.

testicle sunning

Heat Exposure Precautions

Let me start with a disclaimer: this challenge must be undertaken under strict supervision and/or knowledge. And this is because heat exposure is far more dangerous than cold exposure. Poor execution has lead to cases of people overheating, leading to hospitalization for heatstroke. Extreme situations may even lead to death.

So if you have any health conditions, make sure you consult your doctor before you adventure into heat exposure. Also, ensure you do not take any drugs or drink alcohol prior to exposing yourself to heat.

Benefits Of Heat Exposure In Sauna

With that said, new research shows undeniable and amazing health benefits of heat exposure via sauna. These include:

  • Increased athletic performance
  • Cardiovascular mechanisms
  • Fertility
  • Mental health
  • and a lower heart rate.

Longevity doctor, Rhonda Patrick has been at the front and center of groundbreaking research on the effects of a dry sauna. She concludes that using a dry sauna as an exercise can actually increase your overall health and lifespan.

You can find her research in mainstream media through big podcast platforms such as the Tim Ferriss Podcast and the Joe Rogan Experience.

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How To Practice The Sauna Exercise

Dr. Rhonda Patrick prescribes the following sauna exercise regimen:

  • 20-30 min per session (minimum of 20 min).
  • 2-3 times per week.
  • A temperature of around 73-80 °C (163-176 °F)
  • Dry heat sauna, Finnish style. (not the wet steam sauna).

Regimen for athletic performance:

  • Practice post-workout for enhancing endurance and gaining muscle mass. It works via the release of growth hormones .
  • Two 20-min sessions at 80 °C separated by a 30-min cooling session was shown to double the growth hormone.
  • Two 15-minute sauna sessions at 100°C (212°F) dry heat. Separated by a 30-minute cooling period, this resulted in a 5-fold increase in growth hormone above baseline.

Sauna Exercise Can Repair Damaged Cells

There’s a pretty cool phenomenon that takes place during this sauna practice. Referred to as the “heat shock response”, it helps stimulate the repair of damaged cells by exposure to stress from extreme temperatures.

We all have damaged cells, it is simply a way of life. The longer you live, the more of these cells you have. They are a result of exposure to everyday environmental stress.

And so, in order to combat this cellular damage, there is no question that both cold and heat exposure have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Becoming Superhuman By Mind Over Matter

There is a metaphysical bridge unfolding when we persist amidst pain and adversity. In this case, the pain and adversity come from exposing ourselves to nature’s extremes.

This unfolding can only take place when we don’t give in to our minds. Our brains are wired to quit because the mind is always seeking comfort and running away from perceived danger.

But if we can overcome this limitation of our minds, and who we think we are, we step into an unknown field of limitless potential.

It is at this state that we can reinvent ourselves and become superhuman. Similar to what the ancient yogis were talking about when referring to the practice of ‘tapas’.

So the next time you are up against a challenge – it could be a cold shower, a long run, lifting weights, or staying in the sauna. Try and persist beyond that moment of discomfort. Move past your inner voice trying to convince you it is time to stop.

You’ll find yourself at odds with your mind. Your brain will tell you to stop, that you have had enough. The mental chatterbox will come up with excuses on why you should quit. Or it will tell you that you can’t take it any longer.

But that is simply not true. Don’t listen to it!

The human body is magnificent in what it is capable of. According to the “baddest motherfucker on the planet”, David Goggins, we can endure 80% more beyond what the mind can handle.

So the next time you come across that naysaying voice, know that you are only at 20% of your full capacity. Keep pushing and you’ll go beyond your mind, to unknown territory.

This is when you finally become master of, instead of being a slave to your mind!

The Benefits Of Testicle Sunning

So, now that we have established the health benefits of hot and cold exposure, let’s take a look at why you need to sun your genitals.

We all know that vitamin D deficiency is detrimental to our health. But what most don’t know is that it is not so much a vitamin but a hormone precursor for boosting testosterone.

Even though vitamin D is classified as a vitamin, it actually functions as a hormone in the body. The liver and kidney take vitamin D produced in the skin or consumed in the diet, and convert it into an active hormone, called calcitriol.

The main source of our daily dose of vitamin D comes from the sun. This is why it is recommended to supplement with vitamin D during the dark winter months. This is because there is simply not enough daylight.

And so we come to the understanding of how exposing our nether regions to sunlight with testicle sunning has proven to help in boosting testosterone levels and sex drive.

Testicle Sunning Increases Testosterone

Abraham Myerson’s study in “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology” discusses sun exposure. The study found that men who exposed their torso – chest, and back – to UV light and UV rays saw their testosterone levels increase to 120%. And when they exposed your testes to UV light and UV rays, they were able to boost testosterone levels to a whopping 200%!

Now it is fair to say that this is an 80-year old observational study that hasn’t been repeated yet. So some people may want to wait for more modern studies on the subject to make any final conclusions.

This didn’t stop baseball player Gabe Kapler from writing about his own results. Kapler, who read the study, wrote about his experiences in his blog, that later went viral:

“If you want to be your strongest, get some sun on your boys. And by boys, I mean your testicles. Revealing your balls to nature will be freeing, and it might just help you be your strongest and fastest.”

There have also been studies on rats that show similar results with an average of 200% increase in testosterone levels.

And further research regarding light therapy also supports the idea of sunning.

Bright Light Exposure Increases Sexual Desire

A study by scientist Professor Andrea Fagiolini saw testosterone levels increase by 300%. This was followed by greater sexual satisfaction in men with low sexual desire.

The benefits were seen when men with a low sex drive were exposed to bright light in the early mornings.

This is also why some people suggest that even using a red light on men’s testicles for 20 min a day can do the job. But if you want to harness the power of nature the way a true yogic would – nothing beats the sun.

testicle sunning

Vitamin D Supplementation Might Increase Testosterone

Combine that with studies on how vitamin D3 and omega 3 fish oil supplementation have proven to increase testosterone levels in males.

A 2010 study of 2,299 men discovered those with enough vitamin D had more of the male sex hormone than those with less.

Ad Brand, from the Sunlight Research Forum in The Netherlands, stated that:

“Men who ensure that their body is at least sufficiently supplied with vitamin D are doing good for their testosterone levels and their libido among other things.”

This should, therefore, satisfy anyone looking for a scientific angle to these claims.

Moreover, other studies show how adequate vitamin d levels and sunshine are good for sperm motility, sperm count, leydig cells, sertoli cells, and overall sperm production.

Testicle Sunning Routine

But don’t take our word for it. Nothing will beat out experiencing the effects first hand. And the best way to do that is to try nude sunbathing yourself and see how you feel after a few days of doing it.

The ideal time of the day – in order to receive the full spectrum of UVA, UVB, and infrared – would be either early morning or just before noon. Most recommendations suggest around 20 minutes of sunning.

First-hand accounts from men (including me!) report noticing movement of the testes within the scrotum. It’s almost as if they are adapting and responding to the direct sunlight hitting them.

I mean, let’s be real. How often do our nether regions come in contact with nature this way? If you’re like most of us, not that often. Or maybe never even.

So, it might be time to let loose and allow for a little fresh breeze and sunshine.

The athlete and biohacker, Ben Greenfield reported the following in his blog, after 2 days of red-light therapy for 20 mins:

“That night was date night, and I was a rock star. I sat at dinner, horny, my penis pulsing, staring across the table at my wife and feeling as though I’d popped a couple of Viagra. Later, I blew the biggest load I could recall in recent memory.”

testicle sunning

Testicle Sunning Precautions

Now, of course, you might need more or less time under the sun, based on your skin tone and how strong the sun is where you live. Whatever you do, ensure you do not get a sunburn down there.

It can cause skin damage, skin cancer, and a dry sunburnt penis is not fun – no matter how impressive your testosterone levels are. Dealing with UV radiation must be done in a smart and responsible way. So if you’re planning on staying beyond 20 minutes in the sun make sure to apply sunscreen.

Now you may be concerned about the potential risk of damage and cancer from sun exposure. But I wouldn’t worry too much. From a yogic health perspective, you want to try to be as natural as possible. So I would suggest moderation rather than messing around with sunscreens and such.

The irony is that certain sunscreens contain carcinogenic chemicals that may cause cancer and in turn lower testosterone.

Nature in itself provides several healing properties to human beings. For example, walking barefoot on grass has been shown to reduce stress. And so I believe the positive health benefits far outweigh any risks associated with sunning.

Ensure you do it in moderation as several short sessions per week. Gradually build it up for a much safer and better approach.

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Butthole Sunning Is Not Testicle Sunning

If you came upon this blog while looking up butt sunning, I want to make it very clear that the two are not related at all. Butthole sunning has become a new viral health trend on Instagram.

Now just because something is viral, doesn’t mean there’s any merit behind it. Butthole sunning is where people lay down butt naked on their backs to do the happy baby pose. They then prostrate their anuses to the sun – talk about a shitty “sun salutation”.

A man calling himself Ra of Earth posted the original butt sunning video, also known as perineum sunning, that set this viral trend off.

He claims that:

“In a mere 30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole, you will receive more energy from this electric node than you would in an entire day being outside with your clothes on.”

Comedian JP Sears later picked up on this and made a parody video. He remarked about the lack of medical professionals backing this statement. He also mentioned that the claim that it’s an ancient Taoist practice is questionable.

Have you tried testicle sunning and experienced its benefits? Or you might be inspired to go out letting your boys free?

Either way, now over to you, leave your comments below.

Testicle Tanning

Alright, so you read this far and still wonder what this “tanning nuts’ business is all about. Well, I have the perfect sun bathing genitals podcast to answer your question about the recent media coverage about tanning your nuts. I was recently interviewed by Ireland’s biggest radio show, Newstalk, about Tucker Carlson’s “Bromeotherapy” piece about Testicle Tanning.

“The Fox News host Tucker Carlson has a new documentary in which he looks at various methods to halt the so-called ‘end of men’. One of the proposals he explores is testicle tanning. But what is this phenomenon and why are men doing it?”

– The Moncrieff Show


    What if I feel testicular pain?

    If you for any reason would feel any testicular pain in the left or right testicle go to the doctor and check it out. It’s most likely varicocele that can cause an enlargement of the man’s testicle size. But rest assured, it is benevolent and has no correlation to sunning your balls.

    Can sunning your balls cause testicular cancer?

    There are no studies showing that sunning your balls would increase the risk of testicular cancer. However, there is one study that showed that “occupational exposure to heat found an increased risk of testicular cancer in men exposed to both elevated temperatures and reduced temperatures”.

    But the conclusion, taken as a whole, is that there is no convincing evidence that heat would risk testicular cancer.

    What causes low testosterone levels?

    There is a pandemic of low testosterone levels in the modern man. This is due to our lifestyle we live in today. The pollution in the air and water. And all the estrogen in our diet, red meat, alcohol, skincare products, and daily use of plastic. This combined with living a sedentary lifestyle indoors, creates havoc in men’s hormonal endocrine system.

    There are plenty of natural methods to increase your testosterone levels, so I never recommend hormone replacement therapy (HRT), or using testosterone gel or cream.

    I put my clients on a natural testosterone booster regimen that works wonders. Men with low testosterone levels when they come to me double the amount in just 9 weeks.

    The first thing I have them do is test their testosterone levels. If you have not tested yourself you can’t know where you are o the testosterone range.

    Check your levels with at-home testing kits. Receive online results in 2-5 days. Order today and get 20% off with my unique code “Tantric Academy”.

    Click here to order.

    What temperature do testes have to stay for optimal testosterone production?

    The optimal temperature for sperm production is said to be around 95 to 98.6°F or 35 to 37°C. In other words, below 2-4°C below body temperature

    Does running lower testosterone levels?

    Yes, running a marathon or long-distance, or any other sport that you do until exhaustion has been shown to cause low testosterone levels.

    Does training legs increase testosterone levels?

    Yes, training your legs at the gym is great for increasing low testosterone levels. The best are squats and deadlifts. Of course, make sure to practice the right technique before lifting too heavy! In the gym, your ego is not your amigo.

    How can you boost testosterone at home?

    – Clean up your diet. Eat organic food, reduce meat, and eat plant-based.
    – Use organic skincare products like shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, etc.
    – Don’t use plastic Tupperware and tools made of plastic.
    – Drink purified water.
    – Lift weights.
    – Be in nature and sunshine.
    – Do my program The Tantric Man Experience.

    Can red wine boost your testosterone?

    Some studies claim that red wine can help boost your testosterone. This is of course in moderation, because heavy alcohol consumption is one of the biggest fertility and testosterone killers!

    Do saunas boost testosterone?

    Yes, it can indirectly help boost testosterone and your endocrine system. Especially if used with ice baths as contrast therapy (immersion therapy or hot/cold immersion). Just don’t sit too long in the heat.

    Can testosterone make your balls bigger?

    Having bigger balls have been associated with higher levels of testosterone and even greater sperm production. But there is no way to make your balls bigger except with a surgical implant.

    What are the benefits of sunning your anus?

    The benefits of sunning your anus, also known as perineum sunning or butthole sunning are:
    – Direct absorption of sun rays.
    – Vitamin D boost.
    – Energizing and invigorating experience.
    – Increased libido.
    – Balance sexual energy.
    – Sustains health and longevity.
    – Can promote better sleep.
    – Strengthens the function of the organs.

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