Tantric Astrology Reading

This is HIGHLY recommended to do, I can’t stress it enough, it will also help me to coach you on how to deal with your sexual energy in a much better way. Is your typology light or heavy? That information will make a huge difference in how to implement the exercises in this program.
Get an info-packed 10-min personalized astrology reading from an expert who understand the unique combo of astrology with tantra.

Especially tailored for you guys doing this course.
You can’t find this anywhere else.
You will receive an audio file of Ram to your email, within approx 1 week from registration.
The main point of focus are threefold:

1) Sexual energy,
2) Masculine feminine dynamic,
3) Personality temperament based on your dominant Element.

All of which will be the most important aspects of astrology, to you doing this course.
Payment of $80 $60 USD on the next page.

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Don’t know your time?

If you don’t know your time of birth, try one of the following things:

– Ask your mother.

– Try to find birth certificate.

– Call the hospital you where born.

– Estimate your time – was it either:

1. Before noon

2. After noon

Note that estimated readings will not be as accurate, but about 70% accurate.

Last resort: If you really can’t figure out your time, just write “unknown”.