4 Tantra Talks in Stockholm
by Steffo Shambo of Tantric Academy
Only in Winter 2017.

Taste of Tantra ۞  Tantric Relationship ۞  Art of De-armoring Massage ۞  iHero – Unleash the Warrior Within


Taste of Tantra (talk)

Wednesday 29th November 2017.

Come for a fun and insightful evening that touches on the delicate topic of Tantra.
Today a name that is abused and often replaced with “kinky sex”.

This talk will leave you with a better understanding of the forgotten esoteric, traditional, and classical Tantra from India and Tibet.

And discover of how sex becomes tantric conscious sexuality.

Sexual energy is the most creative force in the Universe.
Learning to cultivate and harness this energy in a conscious way can be life-changing.

Our lives mirror our beliefs around sexuality. Where we are blocked in our sexuality reflects where we are blocked in life.  When we are able to let go of fear, shame, guilt, and wounds around sex, we become able to open our hearts to divine grace and purpose in our daily lives.

Tantra teaches us about this sacred, alchemical process of turning fear into love and darkness into light.

All welcome, men, women, LGBT, beginners and seasoned tantrikas.

*** No nudity in these talks ***

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What students have to say:

“Steffo is a pedagogic Tantra Teacher, with solid education and experience. Which is noticeable in his presence and professionalism, where he radiates safeness and calm, and knows what he is talking about.”

– Lisa Salamon (Tantra teacher, Sweden)

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Tantric Relationships (talk)

Friday 1st December 2017.
Time: 18:30-20:30.

Your intimate relationship holds the key to your freedom. Learn to see your relationship as a safe place to consciously explore, heal, bring awareness to limiting patterns and take you closer to the truth of who YOU really are. Only when you become aware of and accept yourself can you truly share intimacy with another.

This talk will give you the keys to learn how to use your relationships as a tool for self-realization, the Path of Partnership. Understanding the archetypes of Shiva and Shakti. And discovering your sexual essence and how it’s related to attracting the partner you desire.

All welcome, singles & couples.

*** No nudity in these talks ***

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“I have immense love and gratitude for Steffo and his path, I wish him all the joy his heart can hold.
Thank you, Steffo, I am sending you love.”
– Jenny Alfia, USA,
 Yoga Teacher


“As I look back and count things to be grateful for this year, my experience with Steffo stands out! You were professional, kind, caring, and helped me release some things that no longer served me. I am committed to continuing the ongoing journey to learn more, let go, receive, and express.
– Stephanie Al Otaiba, USA

Spaces are limited.
First come, first serve.
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Art of De-armoring Massage (workshop)

Sunday, 3rd December, 2017.

An interactive bodywork experience – of exploring, both practically and theoretically, key trigger points to release stored emotions and set free the fundamental life force energy, kundalini, in the body.

Understand the knowledge behind it and learn basic skills of combined modalities of the de-armoring process, tantric energy massage and breath work to unlock the natural free flow of energy in the whole body.

Using the physical level to heal the subtler levels of the emotional and mental bodies.

Come by yourself or in couples, we will partner up in the workshop.

*** No nudity in these workshops ***

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What students have to say:

“Steffo Is a wonderful (hu)man being,
who makes you feel safe and who has the gift of holding a really good space for you, whatever comes up.”
– Sandra Denise (Sweden).

“I’m still feeling the integrative effects of the session:
more sensitivity to my etheric body, deeper states of consciousness, more awareness in my daily life, more transcendental feelings during my yoga practice, increased sensitivity, and some super sublime ecstatic feelings.”

– Chintamani

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iHero – Unleash Your Warrior Within Challenge (workshop)

Sunday 17th December 2017.
Time: 19:30-21:30.

The integration of the ancient archetype with the modern man, the iHero.

He conquers the infantile shadow within, and becomes the hero.

And from this place of the hero, his warrior within can rise.
The Spiritual Warrior.

He is on a noble quest, to end the reign of the macho man era.
To raise the level of the collective consciousness, of the current status quo:
The adult man stuck with boy psychology.

He never acts to reassure himself of his potency.
Neither a bully or a weakling.
But a truthful warrior of a larger trans-personal commitment.
Actively engaged – and not withdrawn – from life.

He has transcended the inflated ego, that exploiting others weaker than him.

Knows how to keep boundaries, when he moves through the world,with presence and centeredness.

He doesn’t accept being the victim of emasculation, by himself or others.
Consciously choosing the heroic way, with willpower and clarity.

He is the fusion point, of the legendary mature male archetype, and the 21st century contemporary man.

The modern Spiritual Warrior.
Lye deep inside every man’s blueprint.
Waiting to be awakened.
He is… the iHero.

Come explore this through honest communication, group exercises, nuggets of information, and some kickass challenge!

This is not for every man – only for those ready to take upon this challenge.
But If you do feel the call, better claim your throne (spot) now – places will be limited in this workshop.

What students have to say:

Steffo’s teachings are a goldmine, he shares his knowledge and personal experience with humor in a dedicated and caring way that makes you feel like you’ve been initiated into a secret society.
– Chris Duraffourd, Stockholm, Sweden

This course was a life-changing experience that gave me the tools to modify old patterns into new habits that help spiritual growth and physical and emotional health.
– Taurus, Italy

Steffo is a mature and seasoned teacher which will take care of you and also push you in a good way.
– Sigurd, Nowray

Spaces are limited.
First come, first serve.
Last event sold out!
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Who is Steffo?

Certified Tantra & Yoga Teacher (950-hours).
Certified Massage Therapist.

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