Students talk about The Tantric Man Experience

by | Jan 9, 2018 | 0 comments


The year is closing, and I have recently finished another round of the 8-week transformational course The Tantric Man Experience.

Here are some words from the course participants.


“Steffo’s course is eye-opening, a paradigm-shifter, and an inspiring program.”

“I experienced a huge amount of growth from both the course content and connection with other men following a similar path.”

“I don’t believe there are many men that would not get a lot out of this experience.”

“I can highly recommend it to take care of your masculine power.”

“it meant a paradigm shift in life, both mentally and in practice, and I´m thrilled to maintain growing into a tantric lifestyle.”

“For me it was a new experience that made me aware of how close intimate contact with other men’s feelings and thoughts can wake up my own feelings and an understanding of how and why men function in certain ways.”

“It also gave me a lot of ideas, feedback, and understanding how to use the masculine personality and power in real life…. in the best way.” “During this life-changing course, Steffo was always present and supportive.”

“the course entailed a shift in the consciousness of energy, how to generate it, move it, and sublimate it.”

“…and use it for reaching happiness, balance and spiritual realization.”

“Now I am on a journey towards self-realization, both in this very world and spiritually.”

“I feel I have evolved as a man and look forward to continuing my journey.”

“the incredible knowledge and insight from Steffo was amazing.”

“It was quite incredible that a group of strangers at the beginning became so close in such a short period of time.”

“This course is an absolute must for any man, looking to find his place in this world, and generally for self development and improvement.” “We need more of us to know this and to practice the teachings of the Tantric Academy.”


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