What Is A Spiritual Healer? How Spiritual Healing Benefits Your Life

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Apr 11, 2024
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Have you ever had those random 2 AM thoughts? And one of those along the lines of spiritual healing.

Perhaps you thought, “There must be more interesting things to life than just conspiracy theories.”

Well, I have something to say. This guide is for you.

Quite frankly, there’s a lot of confusing information online. It’s intriguing to know what a spiritual healer is and if they’re legit. 

Are the reactions you see real, or are they just really well-paid actors?

We’ll explore everything you need to know. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What Is Spiritual Healing? The Alternative Medicine

Spiritual healing involves a range of ancient healing modalities. These can treat the mind, body, and spirit. I’m talking about techniques including the following:

  • Breathwork
  • Energy transfer
  • Visualization
  • And more

These elements can draw out energy from a higher source in the universe.

Now, this is a holistic approach that leads to many benefits. Some of which are life-changing.

The path to self-actualization is complex. But spiritual healing (especially through tantra) can bring an individual toward enlightenment.

That said, spiritual healing falls under complementary and alternative medicine. As stated on MedicalNewsToday, here’s what this means:

“Alternative medicine encompasses a wide range of medical practices and systems from cultures around the world. In the U.S., people use the term to describe practices that are outside mainstream medicine.”

As expected, spiritual healing is not a conventional treatment.

What a spiritual healer does

Spiritual healers are the torchbearers of this practice. They focus on spiritual dimensions. This goes far beyond what you see in everyday life. They reach for your soul, spirit, and energetic layers.

Energy healers are more than just standard practitioners. They embody a high level of integrity, compassion, and grounding. This requires a rigorous amount of training and learning.

Not only can energy healers help others, but they’re also capable of working through their wounds. They are masters of their craft. 

Energy healers understand something better than most people.

And that’s the fact that treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It varies significantly from client to client. They’ll do what it takes to address their needs.

Do you know spiritual healers who help others through religious practices? They’re also known as faith healers. They do not seek payment while serving their church or place of worship.


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The difference between spiritual healing and traditional medicine

Spiritual healing puts more emphasis on your mind and spirit. It requires going beyond the physical world. This is the most significant difference.

In other words, traditional medicine typically only focuses on the physical symptoms. It is limited to the physical realm.

Spiritual healing draws from universal or divine energy. This energy is not limited to any particular religion, by the way.

The impact that a spiritual healer has on a person’s health is a topic that can spark debate.

Is Spiritual Healing The Same As Energy Healing?

spiritual healing and energy healing arent exactly the same

You might wonder if energy healing is synonymous with spiritual healing.

Well, let’s clarify this.

Both energy healing and spiritual healing draw from a higher source. It goes beyond the physical realm. They use various techniques to do the following:

  • Remove blockages
  • Restore energy flow
  • Encourage natural healing processes

Diverse practices, such as healing touch and crystal healing, may fall under the energy healing umbrella.

In that sense, they’re very similar to one another.

But here’s what was stated on NCBI regarding energy healing therapy:

“A technique that involves channeling healing energy through the hands of a practitioner into the client’s body to restore a normal energy balance.”

In another report on NCBI, here’s what was stated regarding what spiritual healing is:

“Healing prayer is one of the categories of spiritual healing. In healing prayer, the healer does not have any contact with the patient’s body.”

This could suggest that energy healing emphasizes the transfer of positive energy from the healer to the client.

Meanwhile, spiritual healing emphasizes non-physical techniques.

Both still aim to heal a person’s mental and physical health.

Chakra balancing

Another fascinating aspect of energy healing is chakra balancing.

The chakra stages symbolize different parts of energy. These correspond to different physical and mental components of our being.

Now, these roots typically stem from Indian spiritual systems.

Each of the seven main chakras aligns with specific endocrine glands. They govern functions related to:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Intuitive health
  • Spiritual health
  • Sensory health

This highlights the intricate connection between these energy centers and our body systems.

A spiritual healer can help restore balance to the chakra levels. When one of your chakras is out of balance, you may notice it daily.

For instance, let’s say your swadhisthana chakra is out of balance. Then, you may experience one of the following:


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

How Does A Spiritual Healing Session Work?

Every spiritual healer might have a unique twist to their sessions. This depends on their process and the client’s needs.

The first stage is typically preparation. From there, the spiritual healer will work their magic.

During the session, you may experience a range of sensations. Some have reported feeling warmth and tingling. Others even feel a sense of energy movement from within.

However, just because you don’t feel anything doesn’t mean the healing isn’t happening.


You may consult with your spiritual healer beforehand. Discuss your problems or concerns.

Now, are you the client? If so, there are things you can do to improve the experience.

Here are a few things I suggest: 

  • No alcohol for at least 24 hours beforehand
  • Stay well-hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Feed your body with a meal to prevent hunger from becoming a distraction
  • Reduce sugar intake and consume green leafy vegetables a week prior
  • Come with an empty and open mind

Mental preparation is huge. This can positively affect how spiritual healers do their work. 

Dress comfortably, too. If your session is online, create a distraction-free space. Ensure you can focus on conscious breathing exercises.

Common experiences and sensations

The experience is like an alternative medicine for internal healing.

That said, some report feeling things such as tingles. These can come from various parts of the body. Others have felt energy moving within them.

Alongside these physical sensations, an emotional release is common. This can show through tears or profound insights into one’s life. These aren’t uncommon experiences.

5 Main Benefits Of Spiritual Healing

spiritual healing can balance your masculine and feminine core

The benefits are like energy healing. But the main ones derived from spiritual healing include the following:

  • Spiritual awakening
  • Emotional release and healing
  • Improved mood, vitality, and energy
  • Sexual healing and fulfillment
  • Liberation from past traumas and karma

Moreover, spiritual healing pretty much supports natural self-healing.

Afterward, it’s not uncommon to begin moving in the right direction. Why? Because of the self-realization you may experience.

1. Spiritual awakening

Spiritual healing opens doors to an internal awakening. This allows you to do the following:

  • Connect with your higher self
  • Engage in self-discovery
  • Uncover new layers of understanding
  • Experience a divine connection with the universe

This awakening forms the foundation for personal growth and transformation. The result? A richer and more fulfilling life.

2. Emotional release and healing

Spiritual healing also has mental healing effects.

You may notice a release in all those emotions you’ve been bottling up. It’s unsurprising for some to improve their low self-esteem after a healing session.

When looking at the long-term effects, this can have a drastic impact on your love life. Most modern people are unaware of their blockages. These stop them from sparking sexual polarity.

3. Improved mood, vitality, and energy

Spiritual healing practices can improve your physical health.

It can uplift your mood by granting you a new perspective on life.

I know this might sound simple, but your friends and loved ones may feel a change. They might see some noticeable differences. Usually, this is in the way you act after a healing session.

I mean, it’s not uncommon. If you’ve constantly been feeling low and drained, then this can help pick you back up!

4. Sexual healing and fulfillment

Spiritual healers can pave the way for sexual healing and fulfillment. 

Well, this is probably not what many of you were expecting. Most people would overlook this. 

But know that divine energy can help ease performance anxiety or sexual dysfunction.

Moreover, it leads to fulfillment by finally being able to perform in the bedroom. Again, this may not be the main reason for most people to seek spiritual healers.

However, the deep healing experience can indeed help you resolve bedroom performance issues.

5. Liberation from past traumas and karma

Another benefit of spiritual healing is being free. I’m talking about finally letting go of past traumas and karma.

You might uncover sexual traumas and karmic patterns. This is normal when going through the healing process.

Your past can hold you back. Through spiritual healing, you can work on releasing these patterns.

You know those chains weighing you down? Free yourself from them. Use this opportunity to step into a future filled with growth.

Can A Spiritual Healer Still Work Their Magic From Afar?

remote healing sessions can still be effective

Healing is not limited by physical distance. Long gone are those days when you always had to come in for an appointment.

Welcome to the world of distant healing. A practice that allows energy work to be performed anywhere.

I get it. This might sound like a concept straight out of a sci-fi movie, but distant healing is real.

It’s grounded in the belief in a universal energy field that connects all beings. This connection allows healing energy to work anywhere.

Video conferencing tools like Zoom are useful. This makes it possible to connect with clients globally. This makes it so that as many people as possible have the opportunity to access this form of healing.

Remember, the universe connects us. Think of it as a string that passes through us all. 

You can channel healing energy regardless of physical location.

Are Spiritual Healers Real Or Is It Fiction?

So, everything we discussed. How legit is it?

The topic of spiritual and energy healing faces a lot of skepticism.

Skepticism towards spiritual healing comes from scientific beliefs. Again, there is no empirical evidence. It’s unmeasurable, and research is very limited.

Sure, there are people who claim to have experienced different things. But how credible are their claims?

There are lots of people who have a different say in this. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to measure this. Spiritual healing isn’t quite quantifiable.

The power of sexual energy and tantra

most modern research doesnot consider tantric warriors

There are men out there who thrive from such healing practices.

And most of these men aren’t included in research papers or reports.

To be specific, I’m talking about tantric men.

This is a group of anomalies that report abnormal growth and transformations. The results aren’t typical. They report experiences that most modern average men won’t ever see in their lifetime. 

And did you know that anyone can become a tantric warrior? The issue is that not everyone is aware of how which leads me to my final point.

Conclusion: Take The Next Steps Toward Mental And Physical Healing

There’s a lot of doubt about a spiritual healer’s true capability. However, the potential transformations shouldn’t be overlooked.

Spiritual healing belongs under complementary and alternative medicine terms.

But this alongside energy healing is more than just a practice. They’re not just a one-and-done type of thing—far from it.

In fact, it’s a path toward internal awakening and unlocking your inner power. Not many people get to experience it. However, everyone should. Those who don’t are seriously missing out.

Now, not everyone is ready for self-transformation.

But are you serious about taking action?

Are you part of the small population that’s more committed than the average person?

If so, I encourage you to enroll in my masculine mentorship program.

My program is designed for you to overcome your emotional and sexual blockages. It gives you a direct route to improving every aspect of your life.

The time to act is now. I hope to see you on the other side!


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.


What is a spiritual healer?

A spiritual healer channels energy to treat their patient or client. Spiritual healers aim to heal your mind, body, and spirit simultaneously. This works by transferring energy from a higher source to the receiver. Typically, the source of spiritual healing does not come from the healer but from a place of the divine.

What is a spiritual healer’s job description?

The ultimate responsibility of a spiritual healer is to treat the mind and body. You must be capable of transferring energy to enlighten people and improve their well-being. This requires extensive knowledge, focus, and discipline. Spiritual practices may be handed down through generations or evolved. You must learn many techniques to heal your clients.

What is the meaning of a psychic healer?

Psychic healing is a way of treating the mind, body, and soul. It’s almost similar to spiritual healing, with very few differences. It focuses on your aura and healing you internally.

How to be a spiritual healer?

Firstly, the most effective way to learn about spiritual healing is from spiritual healers. That said, a good starting point is to enroll in programs online. Do as much research as possible to find an accredited course or program, and learn as much as you can. From there, continue focusing on developing your skills and knowledge. Understand the theories, history, and applications.

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