The Best Sex Therapist in NYC: Top 11 Sex Experts in New York

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Oct 10, 2023
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Had enough of sneaking around the internet whispering to Google about your bedroom performance issues? Perhaps it feels like you’re in a rom-com stuck in the credits.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

After reading this article, you’ll get a shortcut to reach the ultimate destination: a thriving sex life.

So, what’s on the menu? A list of the best sex therapy services in NYC that can help you overcome sexual difficulties.

This also includes the top online sex therapist in NYC.

Whether your love life is suffering from a case of ‘meh,’ or you’re dealing with the kind of issues that make even your libido cringe, we’ve got the perfect list for you.

These experts will tackle every intimacy problem you might be struggling with.

Who is the best sex therapist in nyc?

Here are my top picks for the best sex therapist in NYC:

  • Steffo Shambo
  • Dr. Megan Fleming
  • Dr. Kate Balestrieri
  • Cathy Beaton
  • Stephen Snyder
  • Dr. Logan Jones
  • Cyndi Darnel
  • Gracie Landes
  • Dr. Michael Stokes
  • Carolanne Marcantonio
  • Dr. Valentino

All these sex therapists offer sex therapy in NYC that you can count on. Keep scrolling to learn more about their approach to sexual healing!

1. Steffo shambo

steffo shambo

Here are a few facts about Steffo Shambo:

  • He is the founder of Tantric Academy
  • Delves into the best tantric practices and sex-positive therapy
  • Helps couples in sexless relationships or marriages restore the fiery passion
  • Guides individuals with an adverse sexual history toward a fulfilling sex life with intimate relationships

Now, my services aren’t based in New York. However, I do have several clients from NYC working with me.

Men worldwide sign up for my 9-week sexual mentorship program or 1-1 coaching session.

The advantage of online personal support is gaining access to worldwide resources equivalent to the best sex therapy.

That said, I specialize in providing a holistic approach that targets five levels of the human dimension: 

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Sexual
  • Energetical
  • Spiritual

The holistic tantric approach to building an epic love life

The framework I use to help my clients revolves around making a complete transformation. After all, this framework includes the following:

The holistic tantric approach I use isn’t just therapy. It’s a sexual and emotional renaissance that prepares you for an epic love life.

That’s why my clients are able to see results in a matter of weeks.

Now, this isn’t for everyone. It only works for men who are serious about making a change to their love life.

You must be willing to do what it takes to make a transformation single-handedly.

Collecting as much personal experience as possible by yourself also works. Except, this isn’t the most effective way when you’re looking to get results in the fastest way possible.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

Join hundreds of men who are already transforming their love lives

I’ve had the honor to work with hundreds of men. Many of whom have become successful case studies.

Tantric Academy delivers everything you need for an empowering romance.

From sexual healing and reigniting the passion in a stale relationship, all things essential to your transformation are taken into account.

The Tantric Man Experience is not limited to location.

Anyone from anywhere can join. Men from all walks of life across the US, UK, and Europe, are joining to embark on a life-changing journey.

If that’s you and you’re ready to make serious, lasting changes…

Then, you’ll be in for a ride that will take less time than you might think.

Join now by signing up for my free intimacy masterclass. This free training video will give you all the foundational tools to perform your best as a man in the bedroom and beyond.

2. Dr. Megan fleming

dr megan fleming

Dr. Megan Fleming is a licensed clinical psychologist offering sex therapy services.

Want to know something impressive? She has over 25 years of experience in sex therapy in New York.

Her commitment to helping couples experience through sex therapy is commendable.

She’ll help you address the complexities of human sexuality and deep-rooted relationship challenges.

If you’re searching for a professional with extensive experience, she might be the person you’ve been looking for.

3. Dr. Kate balestrieri

dr kate balestrieri

You may have seen Dr. Kate Balestrieri around a few times. After all, she offers sex therapy in other locations, not just in NYC.

Dr. Kate Balestrieri is the founder of Modern Intimacy. She offers sex therapy services that are highly sought after.

And it’s not surprising to see why. She’s a licensed psychologist offering various sex therapy services to transform your sex life.

Her approach to intimacy includes a few perks:

  • Face sexual dysfunction and trauma without blaming yourself
  • Empowering you to overcome personal intimacy
  • Reconnect with partners after devastating incidents like infidelity
  • Overcome trust issues
  • Improve open communication

4. Cathy beaton

cathy beaton

We’ll take the numbers up a notch. Not 10, 20, or 30. Cathy Beaton has 40 years of experience in sex therapy.

Based on the numbers, it’s clear that Cathy Beaton is a veteran of NYC sex and marriage therapy.

Now, she specializes in helping couples treat anxiety and sexual problems. Her focus is on nurturing a safe and compassionate environment.

You can come in and confidently share your relationship issues. She’ll respond with practical solutions.

Cathy Beaton offers a range of sex therapy services for individuals and couples. Come talk to her about any sexual concerns.

This could include erectile dysfunction, low libido, or communication barriers.

Her experience and passion make her an invaluable resource for those seeking guidance and support in their intimate relationships.

5. Stephen snyder

stephen snyder

Stephen Snyder is a specialist in sex and relationship therapy. He offers an approach that caters to treating relationship problems.

This includes any underlying physical and emotional problems that come with it.

He’s a relationship therapist who devoted his career to helping individuals and couples build a healthy romantic life.

In his 30+ years of experience, he’s treated over 2,500+ people. These credentials alone show that he has expertise in sex therapy.

Stephen Snyder could be the person for you to bridge the satisfaction gap in your relationship. If you’re interested, he also provides telehealth video sessions.

6. Dr. Logan jones

dr logan jones

Dr. Logan Jones is an NYC clinical psychologist. He’s also the founder and director of Clarity Therapy NYC.

His team of therapists specializes in different areas. Some focus on sexual wellness concerns such as bedroom anxiety and performance issues.

Others focus on mental health and personal growth.

Dr. Logan Jones combines a couple of different elements:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Psychodynamic techniques

This equips clients with the tools they need to face their issues head-on with bravery like Hercules. Perhaps that sounds a bit exaggerated.

Either way, he offers a secure and open-minded atmosphere to empower you to improve your love life.

7. Cyndi darnel

cyndi darnel

Cyndi Darnell is highly-rated in sex therapy as she has extensive experience in the field. She’s based in New York City and caters to all types of clients, including:

  • Individuals
  • Traditional couples
  • People in open, polyamorous, kinky, and non-monogamous relationships
  • Straight people
  • Religious people

Her genuine and straightforward approach to therapy makes her one of the best to work with.

She focuses on a no-BS approach using progressive sexuality and relationship models.

Plus, she doubles down on pleasure and connection in sexual therapy. This ensures you get a better understanding of their sexual essence.

It also helps you identify your desires and any barriers preventing you from having them.

8. Gracie landes

gracie landes

Need sex therapy based on the solution-focused brief therapy framework?

Here’s the expert for you: Gracie Landes. She’s an LMFT and certified sex therapist.

All the practical tools for improving your intimate relationships are included in her sex therapy services.  

Gracie Landes takes on a forward-thinking and empowering approach. Her emphasis is on present and future possibilities, not the past.

After all, the past doesn’t always define your future path.

Clients go to Gracie Landes to overcome intimacy challenges and achieve their goals. The best part? She cultivates a supportive and nurturing environment.

9. Dr. Michael stokes

dr michael stokes

Want another online coach? Well, I present to you, Dr. Michael Stokes.

He’s experienced in sex therapy and offers mental health counseling. Now, he’s not based in New York.

However, he does offer virtual visits in NYC despite being based in Rhode Island.

His expertise supports clients’ love lives, including sexual wellness concerns. He focuses on concerns related to the core of your sexuality.

Whether it’s for a couple or an individual, he can guide you towards a more passionate sex life.

Dr. Stokes is dedicated to helping all clients achieve their love life goals. He’s one expert considering those seeking guidance in their romantic relationships.

10. Carolanne marcantonio

carolanne marcantonio

Carolanne Marcantonio is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST). You can bet that she knows a lot.

The fact she has more than 15 years of experience in sexual health education and counseling is enough to show that she’s well-versed in sexual therapy.

She’s trained in attachment-focused EMDR. Moreover, her expertise and passion for sexual health make her one of the best solutions in NYC.

So, want guidance to achieving a satisfying sex life? Carolanne Marcantonio is an expert that’s worth adding to your list!

11. Dr. Valentino

dr valentino

Last but not least, we have Dr.Valentino. This is a highly esteemed professional in telehealth services for couples and individuals.

His services are specifically for those dealing with issues related to sexuality.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr.Valentino supports clients to achieve a stronger emotional bond with their significant other.

You can go to him for advice and guidance for whatever challenge you face in your intimate relationships.

Moreover, offering telehealth services comes with a few advantages. You don’t have to sit and wait in traffic or worry about parking fees.

Instead, you can access his expertise wherever you are in New York.

What’s the cost of sex therapy in new york?

The cost of sex therapy in New York depends on several factors, such as the years of experience the sex therapists have.

A single 1-hour therapy session can range from $150 to $300 or more. These rates are similar to sex therapy sessions in Houston and Los Angeles.

When considering the cost of sex therapy, consider the potential long-term benefits.

If budget is an issue, consider looking into alternative payment options that sex therapy organizations might offer.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

When should you see a nyc sex therapist?

You should consider sex therapy anytime you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction or relationship issues.

You can also see them when you’re struggling with sexual issues such as sex addiction.

If you want to improve your sexual well-being, sex therapy is an empowering form of counseling or talk therapy to consider.

However, a clear sign that you should see a NYC sex therapist is when you have sexual difficulties or issues interfering with your happiness.

If you’re at a point where it makes you feel dissatisfied and prevents you from being happy, it’s worth seeking professional talk therapy. 

Here are a few more common reasons why people seek sex therapy:

  • Overcome sex addiction
  • Be free from Porn addiction
  • To reconnect with your partner after incidents such as infidelity
  • Work on sexual arousal and reaching climax

Skilled sex therapists can provide sex-positive guidance and support to overcome these challenges.

Seeking help from sex therapists should be viewed as a proactive step towards improving your sexual life.

I understand that it’s a touchy subject. However, don’t hesitate to contact an expert. They’ll be there to offer support when it’s needed.  

seeking professional help can be one of the best choices you will ever make

Are there other services similar to sex therapy?

Other services similar to sex therapy include:

  • Relationship coaching
  • Educational webinars or seminars
  • Sex coaching
  • Telehealth services

Like couples sex therapy, these services all strive for the same outcome: improving an intimate relationship. 

Work closely with the person who resonates with your needs and goals. Review the sex therapy approach of sex therapists, including client success stories.

The next steps: work closely with the right sex expert

Kudos to you if you made it here to the finish line–well, at least for this article.

If your love life’s been more snooze-fest than Netflix-and-chill, you’ve now got 11 experts who offer sex therapy services.

They can guide you toward turning that frown upside down.

Over to you. What’s your next move? Either you can:

  • Keep reading through self-help articles aimlessly, hoping the sex gods will rain down some divine blessing
  • Reach out to that trusted sex therapy organization in NYC that’s been on your mind and kickstart your journey to becoming the rockstar lover you were born to be

Look–these sex therapists in NYC are great. But if you’re looking for a faster lane, I’ve got a shortcut that’s hotter than a jalapeño.

You’ll achieve sexual mastery and overcome the following:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Performance anxiety
  • Sexual shame and trauma

Check out my exclusive tantric relationship training masterclass to restore the love, trust, and passion with your partner.

Watch the training video and transform your bedroom game.

Take the plunge because your future self (and future partner) will end up thanking the heavens!  


What does a sex therapist do?

A sex therapist NYC is a licensed healthcare provider. They help clients pave the path towards a healthy love life.

How? By addressing any emotional, mental, and physical roadblocks that are related to sexual issues.

They do this by giving expert advice, support, and guidance in a non-judgmental environment.

Is sex therapy a good idea?

Sex therapy has been proven to be effective for many couples. Not just for overcoming sexual dysfunctions such as lack of arousal, painful intercourse, and never reaching orgasm.

But for improving communication and emotional intelligence. In other words, sex therapy can be tailored based on your needs.

This makes it an excellent option for many individuals and couples.

What is a sex surrogate therapist?

A sex surrogate therapist is an expert who assists in sex therapy. They’re called on to help by nurturing a harmonious environment.

Another way a sex surrogate therapist helps is by assisting with talk therapy.  

How to talk about sex in therapy?

Take it one step at a time. You don’t have to suddenly share everything about your sexual history if you don’t feel ready.

But you can start with your feelings and work your way from there. Sex therapists will steer the conversation when appropriate.

They’ll also ask questions and permission to ensure you’re comfortable talking to them.

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