The Most Trusted Sex Therapist in Austin: 7 Experts You Can Rely On

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Oct 23, 2023
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Stuck in a sexual rut and scrolling through Google like it’s a bad dating app, hoping to find a solution?

Well, your swiping days are over. We’ve done the awkward first dates for you and compiled a list of Austin’s best sex therapists.

These sex experts will put you on track to becoming the Superman of Sex and the Hercules of Happiness.

That’s right, we’ve got your back (and other parts) covered.

With the expertise of a certified sex therapist in Austin, you won’t just be getting advice.

You’ll be gearing up for a standing ovation in the bedroom or wherever you like (I’m not here to judge you).

Anything you’re struggling with in the bedroom, these experts are who you can count on for guidance.

Who is the best sex therapist in Austin?

Here are my top picks for the best sex therapists in Austin:

  • Steffo Shambo
  • Enhancing Intimacy
  • Respark
  • Tiffany Stanley
  • Jami Lynn
  • Dove + Wolf
  • Louis Laves-Webb

Of all these people, who’s the best sex therapist? Austin has some top experts in sex therapy, but the best person depends on your circumstances.

After all, each therapist has their own area of specialty.

1. Steffo Shambo

steffo shambo

Steffo Shambo founded the Tantric Man Experience, a top-rated masculine mentorship program.

Although I’m not based in Austin, I have worked with many clients from Austin through personal online coaching.

Men choose to work with me through my online mentorship program or 1-1 coaching.

I’ve personally seen thousands of clients struggling with problems in the bedroom, such as the following:

The techniques and strategies I teach are primarily derived from tantric principles. Our ancestors used these for solving sexual problems back in the old days.

Sex therapy works. However, by combining aspects of therapy with the art of Tantra, the framework I developed probes deeply into five key factors:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Sexual
  • Energetical
  • Spiritual

These factors are responsible for a man’s transformation in the bedroom and life in general.

The holistic tantric approach

All sexual issues are curable by having complete mastery over your sexual energy.

You read that right. But unfortunately, most men go through bedroom performance issues unnecessarily.

There are several ways to overcome these problems without resorting to pills like Viagra.

The problem is that not enough people talk about these natural strategies. 

Some of these natural strategies include:

  • Breathing
  • Yoga
  • Homemade remedies
  • And more…

I teach my clients the same things I applied myself when I was at my lowest points in life, going through my darkest traumas.

The holistic tantric approach is the fastest, most natural method to overcoming your bedroom problems.

All so you can start living your best life in a fulfilling relationship because you ultimately deserve it.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

Get personal support from a sex coach

If you find that therapy hasn’t quite worked out for you, then this is your calling.

You’re only a few clicks away from becoming the next successful case study and having the sex life you’ve always wanted.

Since you’ll be working with me online, you won’t have to worry about parking or travel time. You can simply plug and play from the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, you can access a wider range of resources to transform your love life.

Want to start seeing a transformation within a matter of weeks?

Start by checking out my free intimacy masterclass. You’ll get all the foundational building blocks you need to conquer the bedroom!

2. Enhancing Intimacy 

enhancing intimacy

Do you need a licensed professional counselor? Here’s one place to add to your list.

Enhancing Intimacy is a therapy organization in Austin. The sex therapists at Enhancing Intimacy are all highly qualified professionals.

This includes practitioners who hold one of the following titles:

  • Licensed professional counselors (LPC)
  • Licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT)

Enhancing Intimacy is the place to go in Austin for couples looking to improve their sexual connection and communication.

They specialize in relationship and couples therapy. However, they also offer individual treatment.

So, this is one place to go in Austin for sex therapists with extensive experience. Their expert counseling services can help guide you toward a more meaningful relationship.

3. Respark


Respark is an experienced boutique group therapy practice. They provide personalized and professional support.

Their specialty lies in couples therapy and sex therapy. But they’re also well-known for their ability to address sexuality issues.

You’ll find all types of sex therapists and professionals here. This includes a licensed professional counselor.

Each therapist at Respark has had more than 200 hours of therapy training. Most therapists are AASECT certified, too.

With an office in Austin, clients can come for an in-person session. This is another place to consider for those dealing with sexual wellness concerns in Austin.

4. Tiffany Stanley

tiffany stanley

Tiffany Stanley is a fantastic licensed therapist in Austin. She offers sex therapy services to both individuals and couples.

Whether it’s about exploring your sexual desire or overcoming sexual trauma, she’s got your back.

She’s well-equipped with the tools to help you heal from past experiences and attain a healthier sex life.

Moreover, Tiffany is a professional professional counselor who holds several qualifications. This includes a Ph.D. in clinical sexology.

Working with Tiffany Stanley at her private practice is a good choice. You’ll be with an expert who knows what they’re doing.

She’ll help you improve your sexual health and overall mental well-being.

5. Jami Lynn 

jami lynn

Jami Lynn is a certified sex therapist. As an LPC and LMFT, she caters to a range of clients.

This includes individuals, couples, and groups facing any relationship concerns. She also helps clients with different backgrounds, kinks, and sexual orientations.

Her approach focuses on helping clients find solutions to their sexual wellness concerns. A few examples of issues she’s helped clients with include the following:

  • Low sexual desire
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Orgasm difficulties

6. Dove + Wolf 

dove plus wolf

Dove + Wolf is a therapy practice that offers sex-positive therapy services. They’re a small team based in Austin, Texas.

Choosing them as your sexual therapy practice is worth considering because of their expertise in the field.

Clients that go to Dove + Wolf are at different stages of their sex life journey. From those who have just started to those who have had multiple partners, Dove + Wolf serves all.

They provide a safe, supportive environment to individuals and couples.

7. Louis Laves-Webb 

louis laves webb

Louis Laves-Webb is an incredible licensed therapist. He offers sex therapy services to individuals and couples in Austin.

While based in Austin, they offer online therapy sessions to help a broader range of clients.

Working with Louis Laves-Webb will clarify your sexual blockages. The rates are also on the more affordable side.

This means his sex therapy services are accessible to more people.

How much does a sex therapist in Austin cost?

Most sex therapy sessions cost at least $100-$150. Some private practices may charge $250 or more. It usually depends on how qualified and experienced your therapist is.

Another variable in cost is the length of each session. Consider the problem you’re facing and how long treatment could take.

But again, this is a variable factor. For example, if you’re dealing with sex addiction, some may overcome this faster or slower than others.

Other therapists may charge more competitive rates than others for certain services.

For example, the price for group sessions with a licensed professional counselor may be lower.

To get the most accurate information on fees, you could contact a certified sex therapist you’re interested in for a quote.

Location can also be another determining factor for prices. Therapists in Houston, Los Angeles, and New York NYC charge a similar rate.

Is sex therapy in Austin good?

Austin is home to some of the most knowledgeable sex therapists. These practitioners excel in certain types of sexual concerns.

Others excel because of the framework they utilize.

The sex therapists in Austin are qualified enough to ensure you get a non-judgmental space where you can open up to them freely.

Many of these therapists are sex experts associated with the Southwest Sexual Health Alliance. This means they’re formally trained in the field of sex therapy.


Boost your confidence, master your sexuality, and find your purpose.

So you can reignite the passion in your relationship or attract your perfect woman.

Is sex therapy effective?

Sex therapy has been proven effective in helping people improve their sex lives. Although it may take months or years to see results, therapy can boost your sexual well-being.

The therapists treating you are often educated through the Southwest Sexual Health Alliance. Meaning they’re qualified to give you the support you need.

Here are the few main ways therapy can help when it comes to one’s sexual life:

  • Gain a stronger understanding of your sexual desires and sexuality
  • Identify your core emotional needs
  • Improve relationship communication and satisfaction
  • Treat performance-related issues such as pain during sex and premature ejaculation
  • Overcome porn or sex addiction
  • Increase emotional intelligence

All of this ultimately leads to a more passionate relationship.

Is sex therapy best for everyone?

Sex therapy works for anyone, regardless of background or sexual orientation. Everyone with an active sex life can benefit from sex therapy.

A certified sex therapist can tailor their approach based on your needs.  

in person and online sex therapy works for everyone

Is Tantra an effective alternative to sex therapy?

Tantra can be considered a holistic approach to sex therapy because it focuses on more than just the sexual elements.

Most importantly, Tantra incorporates mindfulness and spirituality. This is to activate your untapped potential.

Not all sex therapists may probe deeply into one’s spiritual connection.

While Tantra has some similarities to traditional therapy, it’s different from what you might learn in the Southwest Sexual Health Alliance.

If you find that conventional therapy or intimacy counseling hasn’t worked out, consider trying Tantra practices for beginners.

Next steps to moving your sex life forward

Now, you know a few of the most knowledgeable sex therapists in Austin. The experts listed are your sexual wellness dream team who can help you work on your love life.

If you’re still trying to figure out who the best-certified sex therapist in Austin is, here are a few things I’d recommend:

  • Self-reflect to identify the specific sexual problem you’re facing
  • Review the framework of the sex coach or therapist you have in mind
  • See if you resonate with any client case studies they have on their website

Now, you could take your time and discuss your problems with a sex therapist.

Or, you could jump straight into the actionable game plan toward restoring the love, trust, and passion in your relationship.

Here’s how:

Watch my free relationship masterclass here. This is your ticket to reigniting the spark with your partner, where you’ll get more than just a talk therapy session.

We’ll dive into your blind spots, identify your root problems, and go through practical strategies you can use right away.

So what are you waiting for? Take that leap and make the first step to transforming your love life!


What is the purpose of a sexologist?

The purpose of a sexologist is to diagnose and share solutions to sexual wellness concerns.

Like a sex therapist, they’ll help clients resolve their bedroom performance issues.

How? By providing emotional support to regain their confidence.

What is the difference between a sexologist and a sex therapist?

The umbrella term sexology covers all topics related to sex. This includes sex therapy.

A certified sex therapist is directly involved in helping clients address their sexual wellness issues or concerns. Sexologists also help clients in clinical settings.

However, a sexologist may be more involved with researching sexual health.

If it helps, you could think of sexologists as more like researchers and sex therapists as more like practitioners.

What exercises do sex therapists do?

It depends. Sex therapists may recommend self-reflection and simple breathing exercises for individuals.

For couples, they may suggest more physical activities such as hugging or lying close together face-to-face.

What does psychosexual therapy involve?

Psychosexual therapy is a talking-based treatment that focuses on providing a mental solution.

By focusing on the client’s emotions, they’ll simply discuss and talk through their issues.

It doesn’t involve physical activities or exercises. This primarily focuses on identifying a client’s root problems.

This is achievable in a safe, non-judgmental environment where clients can openly express themselves.

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