5 Silly Things That Block Semen Retention Benefits

Steffo Shambo

Updated on Sep 20, 2023
semen retention benefits

Today I’ll spell out to you the 5 things that are blocking you from experiencing FULL semen retention benefits. It’s one of the most basic, yet also most challenging tantric practices. Master it, and you can experience unlimited, orgasmic energy that will leave you shaking and squirming from head to toe. Fudge it, and you won’t get any benefits at all. You might even hurt yourself in the process…

So don’t you want to find out what silly things are blocking your path to mind-boggling orgasms and endless, unlimited s£x-ual pleasure?!

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The many benefits of semen retention

If you’re looking for a guide on practicing semen retention, then I will direct you to the Semen Retention Power article. There, I go into great detail on the methods behind semen retention.

Today however, I’m talking to those of you who are already practicing (somewhat – more of that later), but not experiencing the full semen retention benefits.

I’m going to explain the top 5 silly things that are holding you back.

Doing any of these things will halt semen retention benefits. If your ultimate goal is to receive the many physical and mental health benefits of semen retention, you don’t just need to know what to do. You also need to know what NOT to do.

Some of the benefits of semen retention include enhanced sexual pleasure, increased energy, male multiple orgasms, and even overcoming premature ejaculation. This practice comes from traditional tantra and was originally used as a pathway to enlightenment. Therefore, it also has countless spiritual benefits.

If you want to achieve the superhuman qualities of ejaculation control without f*cking yourself over in the process, then keep reading.

Below I’ll cover how some of the ‘methods’ you see online and in men’s magazines can actually cause damage instead of helping you with non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Number 1: Anti-ejaculation lotions & gels

The first thing you may have found in your round of searches is one that is seen on many porn sites. They are always selling some sort of cream to help you control your ejaculation. The goal of this is not to stop ejaculation per se. They are meant to delay it by numbing your penis.

There are a host of problems with this, just from face value. However, let’s address what they are selling first.

The claim is that by numbing your penis you will control ejaculation frequency. You will enjoy sexual intercourse more, for longer, and even have a better orgasm.

Connection does not come in a tube

On its own, this is a tall order for something that comes in a tube. Toothpaste comes in tubes. Sexual pleasure and connection do not.

toothpaste tube with heart shape

And thinking about it logically, it simply can’t work. Numbing your penis simply means less pleasure, not more. Considering that you’d have to use it right before intercourse, you may not only be numbing yourself, but also your partner. Connection is one of the most beautiful benefits of semen retention. It will be gone if both of you can’t fully feel.

Enjoying sexual intercourse more is not about lasting longer because you’re numb. It’s about enjoying all of the feelings of making love. Ejaculatory abstinence, when done the tantric way, gives you so much more. It allows you to feel all the pleasure of multiple orgasms while also experiencing the connection with your partner. It also doesn’t have any side effects! Well. It has tonnes, actually. But they are positive ones. Not negative.

Let’s say you were only using a cream or lotion like this in your sex or masturbation sessions. What would the benefits of this be over time? Very few. If any at all. Certainly, it would not help you with sperm retention. You would not experience any of the benefits of semen retention. These benefits only come with the training that is involved in the tantric route to semen retention. NOT the easy, cop-out method.

The moment you stopped using the cream, you’d be back to the same place as before. If your true goal is to get all of the semen retention benefits, then these numbing creams cannot be a solution.

Number 2: what of the pill route?

The same can be said of the pills and supplements that are meant to stop or delay ejaculation. I have written before on the dangers of viagra in my guide to overcoming erectile dysfunction. But in short, it doesn’t work. And it creates a disconnect. Between you and your partner, and also between your heart and your cock. Don’t become a viagra robot.

Most of the other pills out there rely on the placebo effect. There are zero scientific studies confirming that they work. They count on marketing and hearsay to get people to buy their products. The Western approach is always to give a pill to fix any physical problem. By doing so, it remains blind to the root cause and simply masks symptoms, instead of providing lasting cures.

But the real issue with pills (AND numbing creams) is not even their potential side effects and toxic ingredients. It is the delay that they cause…

… This is the delay in you experiencing the true benefits of semen retention, done properly.

All the time you spend queuing up in pharmacies for viagra and other boner-prolonging lotions and potions, you could be spending on tried and true tantric practices. These practices have been used for thousands of years and there are zero counter-indications. In as little as 9 weeks you could be experiencing many, if not all of the benefits of semen retention. Just like the men in my tantric coaching program.

Pills, pelvic floor, and the perineum

Let’s go deeper into why these pills don’t work.

The ejaculation reflex is something that is stopped, at its core, with your pelvic muscles.

Pills can’t really help you control your perineal or pelvic muscles. Only strengthening and working that area with targeted practices, like pelvic floor exercises for men, will do that.

It’s easy to understand that men suffering from frequent ejaculation or even porn addiction may want to find an easy way to control their sperm. But as already explained above, the easy route will not give you the desired results. It will only waste your time.

Number 3: antidepressant medication

bottles and packets of prescription pills

So what about the class of medications that has been proven to actually delay or suppress orgasm?

Well, it’s true that many anti-depressant medications, those classified as SSRIs, can indeed cause this bodily reaction. However, this medication is prescription-based. It’s for those suffering from depression. Therefore, it should only be used by those individuals. If this is you, then continue taking them as prescribed by your doctor.

If you have not been prescribed antidepressants, you must not take them. These medications will affect the levels of serotonin in your brain. This could have very damaging effects, or even make you feel suicidally depressed, due to the chemical chaos unraveling inside of your brain.

Antidepressants come with an army of unintended side effects. Unless truly, medically necessary, you do not want these inside of your body, altering your biochemistry. Human health is about achieving equilibrium, and homeostasis. Swallowing a bunch of pills that alter your biochemical makeup is not how we achieve equilibrium or homeostasis.

Antidepressants and anorgasmia

Whatsmore, SSRIs may actually take away your ability to orgasm completely. Again, this is not the goal. Inability to orgasm is a medical condition called anorgasmia. It is recognized as a health problem, not a health benefit… Why would you want to do this to yourself?

We still want to be able to have orgasms and experience sexual pleasure. SSRIs can remove this entirely. They can even lead to erectile dysfunction, which can then trigger performance anxiety, and you will find yourself in a self-perpetuating loop of problems that are very hard to break free from. Trust me. You don’t want to mess with them.

The real goal is to master the art of non ejaculatory orgasm. This means having a dry orgasm. When you can do this, you’ll reap all of the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of semen retention. You can’t shortcut your way to these by going on anti-depressant medication.


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Number 4: mind games and party tricks blocking your semen retention benefits

These are so silly that we have no clue where they originate from. Many men have been advised to play games with their mind while in the midst of having sex. Things like counting, or thinking of something else to engage your mind. Others have been told to wear extra condoms(!), or to masturbate immediately before having sex.

These are all horrible pieces of advice. Each has its own particular problem. All that the mind tricks are doing is providing a distraction. But in doing so, they are removing the connection and pleasure that sex can bring. And along with connection, they’re also taking away the many other benefits of semen retention.

The vital essence of lovemaking: one of the best benefits of semen retention

Mind games will also rob you of the profound, spiritual, vital essence of lovemaking. The extra condoms because they leave you numb. All that counting because it distances you from your woman.

Numbness and distance are neither the goals nor the methods for semen retention. The goals are feeling and closeness. Numbness and distance also don’t guarantee that you won’t ejaculate eventually, and still lose all of the benefits of semen retention.

Layering on the johnnies doesn’t bring semen retention benefits

Banana with condom and papaya

Layering extra condoms may delay orgasm, but it doesn’t really give you control of it. Neither does masturbating immediately before sex.

Just as with counting and mind games, you will probably ejaculate at some point. And when you do, you will have lost the benefits of semen retention.

I’ll say it once more. Using these party tricks and mind games will not work.

The best semen retention benefits don’t come just from delaying ejaculation or orgasm. A lot of these silly suggestions seem to bank on you thinking that delaying orgasm is the same as semen retention.

I’ll say it clearly so there is no confusion. Delaying ejaculation is NOT the same as semen retention. This practice is about CHOOSING when, and IF you ejaculate. This comes with complete control, and the ability to make a non-impulsive, strategic choice.

Number 5: the million dollar point technique

One widely spread method for semen retention has been spread by Mantak Chia in his book, The Multi Orgasmic Man. The book, overall, is good. But this is where it falls down. I have written before of the million dollar point danger posed by this technique. Whatsmore, it does not even achieve true semen retention. It merely prompts a retrograde ejaculation. So you still lose your sperm. It is just lodged inside of you, instead of coming outside. Sounds a bit gross actually, doesn’t it?

Danger sign

I have a whole article dedicated to the dangers of using this technique, including serious health consequences. But to put it mildly, some of the side effects are pain, congestion in the pelvic floor, and weak erections. I don’t know about you, but this is the complete opposite of what most men want to experience when they come to me for help in experiencing semen retention benefits.

Semen retention benefits: the bottom line

The overarching thread of this article should be clear by now. If not, I will spell it out to you below:

There are no shortcuts to semen retention, or to the many semen retention benefits.

shortcuts spelled in scrabble tiles

If you want to use cheap tricks to skip all of the hard work then sure, go for it. You may have the ladies believing that you are controlling your ejaculation. But you will be cutting yourself a very poor deal. This is not how we achieve sperm retention benefits.

True semen retention benefits are only experienced when you take the hard route – and do the work involved in controlling – and stopping – ejaculatory orgasm.

It’s not easy. It goes against our most primal of instincts, after all. But the semen retention benefits are monumental. And very much worth the effort. You can be quivering around with ecstasy during lovemaking, experiencing non ejaculatory orgasm again and again and again. You can also call upon this ecstatic bliss during your everyday life – in AND out of the sheets. This is one of the most enjoyable benefits of semen retention.

Get expert guidance for full sperm retention benefits

If you want dedicated help and guidance with semen retention from someone who has mastered it, and taught hundreds of others, you are in luck. I have been practicing the art of semen retention for over a decade.

It is now my dedicated life’s work to share this life-changing secret, along with a few others from within the tantric system. I’ve been a men’s relationship coach, focusing on spirituality and tantra, for years. I have guided countless men through my tantric coaching program. And there is no reason why you can’t be the next man I help along this path.

If you want one of the best dating coaches for men who will not only upgrade your love life but also your sex life, work, and overall enjoyment of this life, look no further.

As a way to transform your love life, I’ve put together a free masculine masterclass.

There is one for single men and one for men in relationships.

Any and every man can benefit from this work. I want it to be available to everyone. So what are you waiting for – don’t you want to start your semen retention journey today?


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What happens if you hold your sperm for too long?

There is really no ‘holding your sperm for too long’. Within the tantric tradition, many men go for months and months without ejaculating, without any negative effects.

What is the best way to cure premature ejaculation?

Most cases of premature ejaculation are due to performance anxiety. This then creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and a vicious cycle. To cure it, you must overcome your performance anxiety. Training in tantric techniques will help you a great deal with this.

What is the point of semen retention?

In tantric traditions, semen is considered to contain our vital life force energy. When we ejaculate, we lose this life force energy. We become depleted physically, and our willpower and focus also suffer. When we don’t ejaculate and retain our semen, the opposite is true. Semen retention leads to increased vitality, physical energy, focus and willpower.

What physical steps can I take toward controlling my ejaculation?

If you are physically healthy, you can start doing kegels for men. These pelvic floor exercises for men train the pelvic floor. And a strong pelvic floor is vital when it comes to controlling ejaculation.

How does semen retention lead to multiple orgasms?

Semen retention means that you don’t have an ejaculatory orgasm. When you have increased your sensitivity to sexual energy, you will be able to hover just below the point of ejaculatory orgasm. Once you have practiced remaining here for a while, a man can go on to have multiple orgasms.

What is the best technique for semen retention?

The best technique is practice! Semen retention is not a skill that comes naturally to any man! It needs to be learned, practiced and trained. There are simply no shortcuts.

Is viagra bad for you?

Viagra is not bad for you per se. It is safe to use. But it doe create a disconnect between heart and cock. it also leads to dependence, which in the long run, will worsen any premature ejaculation problem that you may have.

Can antidepressants delay orgasm?

Yes. Antidepressant medications or SSRIs can delay orgasm. But they can also remove the possibility of orgasm completely. This is called anorgasmia, and it is a sad side effect of these medications.

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